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so I've been having a really hard time with heads and faces recently, especially the head shapes and eyes. Ive been trying to change it up a bit but I just can't get it how I like it and I was wondering if you had any piece of advice? Idk if its a style thing or what but its starting to really frustrate me (for some dumb reason ;u;) Thanks in advance!!

there’s such a good exercise for that, actually! It works especially well with differing the head shapes, but can work for eyes as well! You take your hand a draw a random shape. Then filling it with features. Say, you draw a potatoe-shaped object. It doesn’t have to be precise of anything, since it’s just your carcass. 

then, whatever comes to your mind about that shape. You can change it slightly if you want to, or you can leave it the way it is and just draw features (and extra volume to the head if necessary)

here’s just a few examples i could come up with 

they are fast so don’t look for too anatomically correct stuff, but you get the idea! Draw a lot of shapes and fill them in.. SOmetimes you should draw many to figure out what fits your character best.

I had the file with quite many shapes somewhere but I’m not sure if it’s on the laptop or pc so..without that. But generally, try it out! It’s not only fun, but can help you decide on the features and differ the shapes. You can do the same thing for eyes as well;) 


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it’s kind of (((rly))) bad.

Something that I’ve been wondering about for a long time: why is it that I sometimes watch something in Arabic and it has English subtitles and there’s a really simple sentence and I read the subtitles and think ‘wait I know every word in this sentence’ and then suddenly understand what they said in retrospect but I couldn’t understand it while they were saying it? I just don’t recognize the words even though I know them? What’s up with that? Is that something any of you have experienced before? 

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I somehow can't wrap my head around the passive and it's really frustrating the heck out of me hh

the passive voice means the subject is not DOING an action (to an object) aka it means an action is done unto a subject.

It’s the difference between…

“I hit you” (I am actively doing something)

“You were hit” (You are receiving (passively) the action of being hit)

In Korean, the passive voice is indicated by the use of changing

하다 ~> 되다

(저는) 제 방을 청소했어요. I cleaned my room.

방은 청소됐어요 (되어 can contract to 돼 if you want). The room was cleaned.

Notice that “room” is the object in the active sentence, but the subject in the passive sentence.


This can be used with other  하다 verbs, you kinda have to memorize them, but I’ve noticed that they usually pertain to people/ when someone is kinda recieving something in a way?? You’ll see…

존경하다 to respect

저는 저희 부모님을 존경해요. I respect my parents.

저희 부모님은 존경받아요. My parents are respected.

Non-하다 verbs

SUCKS but you’re probably gonna have to memorize the passive version of the word; HOWEVER,…

a lot of verbs end with 히다 이다 or 지다 for there passive forms if that helps?


켜다 = to turn on
켜지다 = to be turned on

끄다 = to turn off
꺼지다 = to be turned off

닫다 = to close
닫히다 = to be closed

붙다 = to be attached
붙이다 = to attach

끓다 = to be boiling
끓이다 = to boil

쓰다 = to write
쓰이다 = to be written

보다 = to see
보이다 = to be seen

(got these verbs from

Sorry I took so long to answer you 익명님 bb

Too much school; brain machine broke. 

Felt good to make a post again though. Keep sending asks!!!

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This is just kind of a general vent: it's really frustrating when congenitally thin/attractive people post "any body is a bikini body," etc type posts. I understand embracing your body can be hard at any size (especially if you have an ed) but at the end of the day you're still considered thin and society is going to accept your thin body more than they will ever accept my fat one. Idk it's just really frustrating and a lot of it feels so false when you know people won't treat you that way

Absolutely. I think this runs in the same vein of thin people trying to be a part of the body positivity movement. It’s one thing to BE body positive, because yes everyone has insecurities, but thin people will NEVER experience the systemic pitfalls and social stigma that surrounds fatness—especially fat women.

Fat is an identity, and compounded with other oppressed identities, becomes something society makes you apologize for in a variety of ways. Not to mention the lifelong internalized hatred that can accompany people from a young age.

The majority of thin people arrive at their teens or twenties and realize “Hey, beauty standards aren’t cool.” Good job. They’re not cool. But trying to step into a movement that does not belong to you does more harm than good! Fat bodies are further erased! Imagine how much more fat bodies would be loved if thin people had not stolen “thick” and “curvy” ~aesthetics~ in order to establish brand spankin’ new beauty standards that are even MORE impossible to achieve: not just thin, but thin in the waist with an ample bosom and a huge butt and even big thighs.

Thin people: absolutely post pictures in bikinis posed however you want. You do you. Just don’t claim to be FAT just because you gained five pounds in a year. As if your conventionally attractive body is a huge slap in the face to a society that already. accepts. you.

(P.S. gaining weight and then saying you’re “still” healthy and fit devalues fat bodies because you’re essentially saying that 1) to be fatter ISN’T to be fit and healthy and 2) a body that happens to not be fit/healthy is not valuable.)

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As someone who grew up in Vancouver but now goes to school in Toronto, it's so easy to see how much the rest of Canada kind of just... shuts out the west. No one in the east is talking about Vancouver's fentanyl problem, the real estate issue, the tuition issue, or how our "liberals" are pretty much conservatives in sheep's clothing. It's really frustrating to see how little people know/care about the west. Any thoughts?

As someone who lives here, I agree. BC is Canada’s 3rd most populated province, but our issues rarely get much attention outside of BC. I’m not saying that BC is the most neglected province (the North/Maritimes get even less attention), but for a largely populated province I see it being ignored nationally on a lot of issues.

Its frustrating, but I’m trying to bring some attention to these issues through this blog at least.

Like the Federal Government seems almost apathetic towards the Fentanyl crisis in BC. If 1000+ people were dying of fentanyl overdoses in Ontario or Quebec, I know there would be a national emergency declared and serious action taken. In the 2017 Federal Budget there is zero new money to help with the crisis.

M-spec people can refer to themselves as gay if they want to. Whether it feels more comfortable for them or it’s more convenient than having to explain a more complex identity, whatever reason it is they are allowed. It is not appropriation, it is not them stealing gay/lesbian culture, it is them making use of a term that gets used as an umbrella term including them anyway.


M-spec people are also allowed to not want to refer to themselves as or be called gay. They are allowed to be uncomfortable with how gay is used as an umbrella term for so much in the community. And they (and anyone else who gets put under that umbrella) are allowed to talk about erasure of their identity without people going “well actually you’re being erased by people in your community calling themselves gay so don’t you dare complain about a lack of visibility when this is clearly your fault”

I really don’t like the changes to Mercy. As a player, it doesn’t make her more fun to play, it’s just more frustrating. Her Rez cooldown is too long to make a difference and can hardly help anything.

For me, the appeal of Mercy was that I didn’t have to aim. It makes me feel like im actually helping the team rather than popping an ult and being useless.

Few actual Mercy players hide only in a corner during a whole game after getting their ult. More times than not, the Mercy is in the heat of battle flitting from person to person trying to stay alive. Her ult is mostly used for 2-3 man rezzes, any more and she is incredibly lucky.

Overwatch is catering to the people who insist that support isn’t all that necessary to win. Its catering to a population of people who think DPS is everything in a game, ignoring healing, tanks, and defenders completely.

Its really frustrating that Blizzard doesn’t seem to take into account the people who love playing these characters and that, if people are complaining, they need to learn how to counter those characters.

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So i followed this blog and their drawing is DIVINE. Its really good and i recently learned that they are 16. This made me very self concious because i am 16 ! Why cant i be like her ? Honestly i havent really found my style yet in terms of drawing digitally and its really frustrating to look at someone ur age (especially younger) who can draw better than you. Do u have any advice ?

I do.

Try not to compare yourself to other people, especially in terms of age. Age in someone’s drawing journey has literally zero importance.

This person you followed… You never know how much time they have put into learning how to draw. It’s not only how many years they have drawn, because the person might be drawing for five years say once a week, and someone can draw for five years drawing every single day making a bunch of sketches. You never know someone’s background. 

Sometimes people are going to be better than you, sometimes you’re going to meet people much younger than you who are much, much better. Maybe they are naturally more gifted, maybe they have drawn extremely a lot, much much more than you yet have. 

Take your frustration and put it into the right way, practice more, learn more, draw more often. Try to not self-pity yourself and get self conscious because you “can’t be like her”. Someone’s success never diminishes yours.

And don’t forget that you are already better than someone else. There is someone who is worse than you, there is someone who is better. It’s life and the only way is to accept how things work. 

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hey, when you were learning to draw, did you ever feel like you constantly had no idea what you were doing? Like you were feeling around for a light in a pitch black room? I feel like I draw the same thing twenty times and it still doesn't look right, and it's really frustrating and discouraging.

hello anon ! I have that now too sometimes, and it’s okay. I wouldn’t say constantly, but yes, I definitely felt this before many times. I’m sorry about how you feel, but this is what I would recommend..

  • Find an artist/s that really inspires you. and no, it shouldn’t be someone who draws nicely and just looks ‘good’ to you. It has to be an artist that every time you see a drawing done from them, it almost feels like a sudden push to draw at that moment. You’ll get what I mean when you find that artist, maybe you just haven’t explored your ‘aesthetic’ or style enough to know what you appreciate!
  • Draw what’s around you. There are infinite number of things around you that can be drawn, draw your backyard, your room, flowers, shoes etc.
  • Make an inspiration blog. reblog photos and things that have the same effect as what I mentioned with finding an artist, here is my inspiration blog to see what I mean or give you ideas.
  • Find a tv show/comic series/film. Whenever I watch a really good cartoon i’m into, I feel so inspired to draw the characters (fanart) and sometimes inspired enough to create my own characters or world etc. Animation does a really good job with inspiration.

I think it’s a matter of time and ‘finding yourself’. I understand my influences in art, what I admire, art styles that I love, and because I understand what I like, it is easier to really narrow down my path.. if that makes any sense. You just need to find a system of realizing this I think, because once you do, I find it easier to want to explore different styles / expand. Creativity requires inspiration :)

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Hii don't you think it's really frustrating when someone says some weird shit about yoongi being a top?! Like he's daddy or he's broad or big in anyway?! I'm like ew wtf kinda daddy is thay smol is y'all blind????? I seen this post an someone said yoongi is bigger than kookie like WHAT?! First off he's way shorter is more skinny an bony while jungkook is muscly an taller lmao I jus please answer this an talk to me about it I need someone who loves bottom yoongles to have this convo with aha

The words “top” and “daddy” don’t belong in front of yoongi’s name, and I don’t really see how someone can think yoongi is bigger than jungkook. I mean their size difference is pretty obvious, even from a distance. They might need to get their eyes checked.

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all my friends seem to prefer hanging out with each other over me and its really frustrating bc not only can i not tell if its an actual Thing or just the Mental Illness(tm) but also this exact thing has happened to me before and all my friends left me and i was alone and that was the worst time of my life and idk if i can, like, survive going through that again. idk i guess im just asking for what anyone who sends an ask like this wants -- a little comfort from a nice karkat.