Thank you mashima for Fairy Tail and all of its amazing characters :’))))))))))))

And thanks to all the wonderful people i’ve met in making Fairy Tail more joyous 

Hopefully this will not the last time we’ll be seeing them <3<3<3

Me 2 days ago: Joseph is a DEMON and THE WORST he DUMPED ME that ASSHOLE AND HE’s CURSED THE TOWN 

me today: Joseph is a normal fucking human being who has made some mistakes but overall is a kind person with good intentions and is actually pretty fucking hilarious & anyone who calls him or his wife abusive are .3 seconds away from getting slapped

really though, game of thrones became an order of magnitude better once it was able to diverge from the books. the last two seasons have been tight, thoughtful, character-driven stuff, and the streak of nastiness I always hated is nearly gone. what’s a feature of the books has, in the long run, turned out to only be a bug of the show.

anyway this season is aces, plus last night we got the most sensual, tender love scene I’ve seen on tv in a while, and you can tell grrm didn’t have anything to do with it because it was romantic as hell.

The episode’s success lies in its ability to excavate and illuminate the emotions of its characters, which has always been “Outlander’s” strong suit. The separation between Jamie and Claire is keenly felt; […] their connection — and the severing of that bond — is felt in every frame. […]

And though the situation is dire for Jamie and the few other survivors of Culloden, it’s hard to imagine that he won’t make it through the post-battle crises — there’s no show without Jamie.

That said, I won’t give away how Jamie survives. All in all, the cast’s work is uniformly exceptional throughout, especially from Heughan, who must convey a lot of grief, physical torment and psychological pain with very few lines of dialogue. Balfe’s performance is similarly both poignant and tough. Through it all, both Claire and Jamie remain rebels, in two very different worlds but still connected emotionally, across the centuries.

one of my fav moments during CA arc is when pitou starts crying after meruem commands them to heal komugi….

such a small but powerful moment imo….

CA arc has a ton of moments where characters do things without knowing why they are doing it, like their instincts are so strong that it drives them to do things they would normally never do, or just experiencing an emotion so profound that words cannot be put to it

i love CA arc!!! it’s great!!!


kind of losing my interest in ML. still had a weird dream bout it tho. Where Mari is a half fairy/half human? adrien was a fairy, so was nino…that or he is a shapeshifter who shifts into a turtle o-O? alya was human. something bout mari can’t be with adrien cuse she’s not full fairy or something IDK I TWAS WEIRD AND FULL OF STUPID DRAMA AND

@thelastpilot you were in my dream and THAT was freaking weird too. I dont dream about people I don’t know in RL usually unless its cartoon characters so it was just a whole lot of weird.



Mari makes a cute half fairy tho 

I found out Dream Daddy had a trans man character so I went to the characters tag to learn more (listen there are literally two gay trans man characters in existence besides him- I’m desperate) and L I T E R A L L Y the first thing I saw was one of you fucking gremlins referring to him with she/her pronouns like r u fuckin’ wit me rn?????????????? 

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i hate when people talk about ships like canonicity is the end all be all... like the canon has never mattered lol

oftentimes canon is full of pain and regrets, even from the creators themselves ((remember how j.k. rowling said she regretted the way she ended HP??)). i’m grateful to canon for providing the plot and its wonderful characters, but a lot of the time i’m unhappy with how canon worked out–i’m hoping that won’t be the case with bnha horikoshi i’m trusting you.

I think both the MCU and DCEU are overrated.  My favorite comic book movies are the stand-alone projects by auteur directors that don’t need to connect to any larger cinematic universe like Logan, Deadpool, Dredd and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.  I really wish studios would get the message:  the thing that makes those movies the best isn’t that they were violent and dark (although they are) its that the violence and darkness is correct for those characters and stories. Those are the movies free from meddling by corporate executives and they also turned out to be the most interesting, most creative and emotionally resonant.  Also, they’re the ones that wasted the least amount of time, money, and effort on soulless CGI bullshit and focused the most on character elements.  Its time for studios to learn the right lessons.

PSA seeing as I’m getting comments about it again: a character specifically written as queer, or a character written as being uncomfortable with labels or not wanting to label their sexuality is different from an author being uncomfortable using the term bisexual to describe their character and refusing to give them a label because of potential backlash.

The first is a valid choice and something I, as a queer person who does not label, want to see more of. The second is biphobic.

Learn the difference.

That’s true and Melvin being too young for romance is a good point. But Harold was the only one wearing the tux, George was dressed like he does every day because he already dresses like he’s ready for a job interview. And that’s also true, since Melvin has power over them he could make Harold and George dress however he wanted them to, so he could finally make Harold dress nicer for him. Also, Melvin imagined girls swooning over him. I’m not making that part up. But you’re also right, he’s definitely too young to get into romantic relationships with people, but it seems like he can feel affections for other kids his age. Heck, my first crush was on my best friend in kindergarten. But I didn’t act on it in a romantic way or recognize what my feelings were yet, I just occasionally talked about how cute she was and gave her my favorite barbie and that was it. But thats just me projecting and making headcanons anyway.


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how many ships does myrtle have?

  • HappyxMyrtle - for those incest lovers. Not my cup of tea but I do have lovers of that ship.
  • TickxMyrtle - Is one of my favorites.
  • TangoxMyrtle - They are really close so I totes see it. @scarredlove
  • MezzoxMyrtle ( CadyxMyrtle ) - Since these beautiful characters keep getting thrown into ships as well I dunno if they will be canon BUT I do really love MezzoxMyrtle, I love Mezzo so much that I wanted a childhood friend to be his first crush. If it sails amazing, If not then its character development. Of course asked these things before making it.
  • MyrtlexViper - This is one @jacksasksblog wanted. They asked and I agreed it was fine
  • MyrtlexThought - This is one with @lilgrunt303 They asked and I agreed it was fine.

Ones I haven’t spoken really about but I personally like.
CocoxMyrtle - ( @sweetfox21 )
RexxMyrtle - It would be such a forbidden love ( @weezy-pup )

You know, Iron Fist is really getting the short end of every stick here. And while I get the criticisms (oh yeah there’s no denying there are issues), it was the one Marvel show I burned through the fastest and enjoyed immensely on a character level. (Seriously. If there’s one thing Iron Fist doesn’t skip out on, it’s character-building for its side characters in particular.) I feel like a lot of folks have just been ignoring it because it’s #problematic, and a lot of other folks have been listening too much to all the critiques and aren’t even willing to sit down and give it a chance. 

Is it show-stoppingly brilliant? Hell nah. Is it good? On occasion, most definitely. Is it entertaining? Why don’t you watch it and find out? 

bnha is like a schrodingers cat thing right now because on the one hand i love many of its characters much deeper than i have with others in a long time but on the other hand…. its ongoing and it could either continue being good or go Bad gradually like many other shounens. it also doesnt give its female characters as much depth as its males… so whether thats going to improve or worsen is up in the air too