This entire scene told me a lot.

First note that Emma and Killian really enjoys his rum. In the end, Killian really cares about Emma’s relationship with her parents. He knows that she won’t go dark but he also knows she’ll regret letting her spite for their betrayal make them leave her. He understands her parents and tries to get her to understand why they did what they did. He can understand wanting to make Emma happy and proud. He knows she doesn’t want her parents attempts to be failure. Emma was also very stubborn in this scene. She really didn’t want to hear what Killian was saying because she knows deep down he was right. Then she tell him she would’ve accepted them and liked them more if they had told her the truth. She likes watching people find their good hearts. She looks at him with a smile when she says that. She always gets a proud smile when they talk about his change or accomplishments. She likes how much Killian has grown. She likes that he worked on it instead of pretending to be someone he wasn’t. She knows how much he worked on finding his good heart and acknowledges it. Then Killian is bashful. He always gets that way whenever he is given praise. He didn’t really know how to respond to it. He just gave her a smile and went back to what mattered. All he wants to do is protect her heart/happiness and that is why he tried so hard to get her to listen. Also when he says he wants it to be his job to protect her heart, she didn’t protest or confront it. She isn’t bothered by it or have any issues with Killian trying to protect her heart whether physically or mentally. Then after everything had been said they just soaked in the conversation and continued to let the horizon calm them.   

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Emotionally, Danganronpa 3 Despair arc is going to be so much worse then I thought it would be. It was sold to people as how the DR2 cast turned into Remnants of Despair but it’s clearly going to be so much more then backstory.

They set it up with the happiest episode they could with silly antics, bright color palettes, all the students exactly as they were in DR2, essentially putting them at their very peak, the happiest of happy just so they can come crashing down and everyone knows it which actually makes it worse??

Everyone who is (chronologically) watching this knows what will happen leaving everyone to speculate how it’ll happen. I don’t know about you guys but this is KILLING me and has made me think of it tons ESPECIALLY with the involvement of Chisa and Chiaki.

On their part, it’s actually really smart of them and with this setup it’s clear that they care about the emotional impact and the shows overall image. At this point, I would surprised if this anime didn’t turn out good.

Our Incredible Journey?

Hi all, Jason here. I am not at all excited or happy or thrilled to announce that Stellar has been shut down and will not be coming back. This was not an easy decision to make. Building the site was some of the most fun I have ever had and watching people use and love it, well, it was very satisfying both personally and professionally. But as the reasons for discontinuing Stellar piled up over the past 2-3 years, it became obvious even to me that it was the only way forward.

Stellar never caught on the way I had hoped it would, and the cost (both in dollars and in even more precious time) doesn’t allow me to give it – and you – the attention that’s deserved. The site has been unstable since late 2015 and non-responsive since April, and it’s well past time to make it official. It’s better to be a fond memory than an on-going frustration.

But straight from the heart: thank you thank you thank you all for being a part of it, and I’m very sorry it can’t go on longer.

Your data

For all users, a list of URLs for the tweets, photos, and videos you faved will be made available at some point in the next few months…I can’t say when exactly, but I’m committed to making it happen. I’ll provide details on this blog and on the Stellar Twitter account when it does. If there is interest, I can also make a list of the accounts you followed on Stellar available as well.


For those of you who helped support Stellar with Fun Pass memberships, I’d like to thank you sincerely for the support. All memberships were permanently suspended earlier this year, and I have already issued full refunds for passes purchased after Nov 1, 2015, a few months before the site became inaccessible. If you didn’t see a refund on your CC statement or if you’d like a full or partial refund for any pass purchased in 2015, drop me a line at and I’ll get it sorted.


I’m not good at quitting things. When I die, that will probably be on my tombstone: “Jason Kottke. Not good at quitting things.”  I’m trying hard not to think of Stellar as a failure, and I hope you can, too.  I’m grateful for the time, care, concern, and enthusiasm you’ve given it over the years, and I hope the site brought you some measure of the same in return.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for using Stellar.

P.S. Thanks also to everyone who offered to help out with Stellar (that’s amazing!) and to those who I actually suckered into pitching in. In particular, I’d like to once more acknowledge Greg Knauss, currently beavering away on Talkshow. People say things like this a lot, but in this case it is actually literally true: Stellar would not have existed without Greg. Period. Thank you so much, Greg, for everything.

Next episode

Sooo, 2 weeks until the next episode?!
I just watched the promo for 7x06 and I think Archer sounded a little like Wren. Not because they’re both British, but I thought “Wren” as soon as I heard the voice. Maybe he’s the masked police officer.

I know many people really want him to be A, but I don’t. Never liked him (don’t hate me). I hope he is involved with some things because he has been very shady from time to time, but I want A to be someone I care more for.
Like a liar, a boyfriend/girlfriend, Ashley, Alison, Jason or Melissa. I want it to be a real betrayal, I want to be shocked. Because of that I would also be happy with Jenna or an undead, like Wilden.

With that said, if Wren turns out to be A, I will be totally fine with it as long as the story is good and makes sense. The story is way more important than the who.

Positive Things about GMTrue Maya.

Maya is back and she’s maya again, this was a pretty nice episode. very cute and lovely. and things were pretty much as i thought they were going to be. Maya getting back her strength and attitude but keeping all the good that Riley has influenced in her. so here we go.

  • Just when i start getting afraid Riley might start being more serious and sad because all the things that are happening they make her even cuter and lovely, Riley singing alone in her window brushing her hair that is so amazing! i would watch a whole episode of that. i love happy Riley so much. This is why i watch this show. things that make me smile.
  • I like when lucas does stuff that has nothing to do with the “triangle”, like this when he trust in farkle even though he knows something, he knows farkle can say things better. 
  • “my safety buddy is maya” how can people not love this two. I like Riley wanting to help Maya, this whole episode she is worried that maya would do something too bad but at the same time she just wants maya to feel comfortable and do things. that’s why she keeps thinking that maya is doing everything. is some sort of conflicted stress, but i like it cause it means that Maya is just so important to her.
  • Even Maya is really cute in this episode, is great how she can be cute and really strong in the same episode. “No explody” “wide awakie”
  • I like that Dewey is back (Remember, is pronounced Doy), he’s cute and funny, and with him at auggie side you can see how much auggie is growing!
  • See! this is where Lucas Character exceeds! when he is nice and comfortable with everyone. Making jokes and laughing with everyone. 
  • Riley (Most likely Rowan) Just losing it! at Lucas accent, laughing so much, i love to see people so amused and happy they can’t hold it. 
  • Does anyone else thinks how funny and a bit ironic is that the one that understands relationships better and how things go and change is Farkle? he knows that what maya said is important “woah”, he knows things can be unpredictable, he is so comfortable in his relationship with smackle. and he was the one that said “please don’t ever let me not understand love” Farkle is so great. 
  • is great that they are involving Katy more. 
  • “The job of being somebody’s best friend is to make sure that even when you’re not with them, you’re still there” Riley will always be with maya, and maya will always be with Riley.
  • I liked the policeman, he is serious because a policeman needs to be, but he is nice and understands. He is nice to Dewey and To Maya too in the end all while being serious so they can learn. 
  • i lost it at Rileys’ “i’m a hoodlum” i laughed so hard, love when she does things like that, also the Lemon pie thing xD
  • In the End it was all i hoped, Maya learning she can be strong, and brave and badass, without having to give up all the good things she has gotten too. keep her individual values, but learning from the best of others specially Riley. 
  • (oh and this episode had a lot of Rilaya stuff but i try to keep that low on these posts xD)

ladiesinshiningarmor  asked:

I’ve got a question for you. Most places claim the being good and a paladin is about being selfless. My desire to help people isn’t selfless, it’s fundamentally selfish. I will help people because watching them smile makes me happy. I will go leaping at the call because I want to be a hero. Even when no one else is watching I’d still be doing it because my sense of self, my ego is empowered by doing good. Does this make me less than the people doing good because they’re selfless?

Certainly not. If you derive satisfaction and pleasure from being virtuous, then all the better. It’s a very human characteristic, to derive pleasure from seeing the goodness we do reflected in the world around us. There are philosophies that would disagree with that, quibble that unless your motivations are completely lacking in any sort of self interest, that you are lacking somehow morally.

I couldn’t disagree more. The bedrock of community, of our ability to unite and assist one another, trust and be good to your neighbor, are the very root of what makes humans human. Think about it, would the word community even possess meaning if people couldn’t find that helping others helps yourself? Do you understand what I’m saying? There’s nothing wrong with feeling good for doing good. Take what strength you can from that, and don’t be afraid to share it.

Being good doesn’t have to be a long investment, or done perfunctorily out of duty. Sometimes you wanna see a smile, the love you have for the world reflected right back at you. And that’s alright.

So this video was made by someone I care very deeply about @haveyametkenzie and I think it’s a wonderful video and a glimpse into how gender fluid people feel. Not often enough do we all recognize that gender fluid is a thing and to be perfectly honest I didn’t even know what it was until I met Kenzie either but I’m learning more about it from her and I embrace and accept her as she is because to me what gender you define yourself as doesn’t change what’s inside of you and she is a beautiful person inside and out. If everyone who sees this would please watch the video it would make us both very happy. We all need to be more conscious of the people around us and just spread more love and stop all this hate in the world especially within our LGBTQ+ community. Get to know the people you talk to online more and the people you spend every day with more because you never know if they’re hiding something life changing and they’re having problems coming out. Be nice to everyone and be happy. You’re all so special and beautiful and important and I don’t want any of you to forget that. Thank you for your time in reading this and watching her video if you do, it means a lot to me. 😊💕