Welcome to Tumblr Masterpost

I had some formatting problems on my old version of this post, so I’ve decided to redo it for ease of future reblogging. the content is the same - but from now on I’ll be updating this version!

How to Use Tumblr

Intro Post 1 
Intro Post 2 
Change Your Icon 
Using Tags 
Post Shortcut 1 
Post Shortcut 2 
Keyboard Shortcut Tip Window 
Shortcuts to Format Your Posts 
“Read More” on Mobile 
Unpredictable Asks Solution 
What is “Saving” URLs? 
How to Format HTML in Your Posts 
HTML Codes 1
HTML Codes 2 
Searching Tags Tip 1
Searching Tags Tip 2
Searching Tags Tip 3 
How to Search Your Whole Blog 
Mass Tag Replacer 
Tools to Organize Already-Used Tags 

To See Tags on Reblogs (Retags) 
Tumblr Savior 
New XKit 
XKit Mobile 

For Chrome:
#wrap tags 
Tumblr Savior 

Intro Posts

Be Careful What You Share 
Don’t Believe Everything You Read 
Don’t Believe Everything You Read: Reblogs 
Don’t Burn Out (Take Care of Yourself) 
In Case of Anon Hate 
Keep Your Tumblr Private 
What Does “Hiding” Your Blog Really Do? 

Tumblr Etiquette 

Reblog-Not-Repost 1
Reblog-Not-Repost 2
Reblog-Not-Repost 3
Reblog-Not-Repost 4 (And Tagging)  
Tumblr Layout Repost Problem
How to Request Repost Removal
Real Source vs WeHeartIt
Post/Reblog Etiquette 1 
Reblog Etiquette 2 
Add Someone Else’s Tags to a Reblog 
Commenting vs Tags
Be Polite When Shipping
How to Use the #NSFW tag 

For Gif/Graphics Makers

Old vs New Dimensions 
Photo Post Dimensions 


How To Find Audio Posts 
How To Find Untagged Posts 
Shouldn’t Be On Tumblr? 

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Updated: 02/08/2016

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