5SOME! Hair and Makeup

Words: 2.8k

Warning: 5some! 69, blowjob, eating out, anal, grinding…I just

Request:  Another 5some?? Where you walk in on the getting changed after a show and it escalates from there? Sorry if it’s a bother :/


I placed my pen onto the clip board and sighed. I was working with the boys from 5sos, I was there make-up and hair person and they wanted to dress up as Kiss today. So not only did I have to do their make up, I had to make them look half decent with Black and white face paint. Not that it was a hard thing because lets be honest they could wear any make-up and they’d all look hot still. 

They’d done the interview and show and managed to somehow get to there dressing room without consulting me. I had a lot of things to do and them not checking in with me was pretty hard because I have to get them ready for the award show tonight. I walked into the dressing room where the boys are and looked down at my clip board.

“Ok so for the award show Michael you’re going to have a slight hint of eyeliner on as it makes you look hot and-”

I looked up and gasped. “S-shit I’m so s-sorry” The boys were changing into their clothes and i’d never really seen them in just there underwear, even though they’re know for walking around naked, I had never been blessed enough. I held my hands over my eyes and turned around.

“Never seen a boy in a pair of underwear before?” Michael snickered

“No no I have but I was dating him and stuff” 

“Stuff?” Ashton asked

“Y-yeah, please put your clothes on” 

“What do you mean by ‘Stuff’?” 

“I think you know, clothes on please”

“But Y/N, we want to know stuff” Calum spoke, I felt someones hand grip my waist and I removed my hands from my face and turned around. It was Luke and his piercing blue eyes were travelling over my body. He stroked up and down my sides and his hand went under my shirt rubbing circles into my hip.

“W-what are you doing” I stuttered

“You’re supposed to help us right?”


“Well pretty lady, we’re all so horny and we want you to help”

“Thats unprofessional, I can’t” 

“Please Y/N” Michael whined, I looked over to him and he had a pout on his lips, I looked into his eyes and I saw them twinkle. Luke kissed down my neck and Michael and I were in a trance as he walked up to us. Michael tilted my chin up and kissed me, his soft lips pressed against mine. Luke sucked onto my sweet spot and I moaned into Michael’s lips. Michael swiped his tongue against my lips, taking control of the kiss. I reached around running my fingers through the back of Luke’s head as he licked over the spot he’d been sucking on. Michael ran his tongue over mine and sucked onto it, feeling the smoothness of his tongue. They both pulled away from me and I kissed Michael a couple more times before he stood up straight. 

“So do you want to help us?” Michael grinned, I scanned down his half naked torso and the waistband of his boxers, there being small black hairs above where his dick was. If I knew any better my eyes were probably in the shape of hearts right about now. I walked forward slowly, swaying my hips and kissed in the middle of his chest, looking up.

“I would love to help” I whispered, brushing my lips against his. He ran both his hands over my cheeks and through my hair, to the back of my neck. He pulled me forward and kissed me again, this time getting straight to the point and sucking on my lips and swiping his tongue over my teeth. He tilted his head to the side kissing me at a better angle and pulling me close to his chest. I placed my hands on his collar bones and moved to wrap around his neck. He moved his hands to my waist as he moaned into my mouth. He kissed over my lip and pulled on my lip between his teeth. I could already feel myself getting wet, the way Mikey was looking at me. His green eyes blown with lust, the pupils wide and just shimmers of green. 

“Fuck” I whimpered, licking over my lips and tasting Michael. I looked over at Ashton who winked at me as he lent up against the wall. He motioned his hand for me to go over to him and I did so. Ash ran his hands under my shirt as he peeled it off my body. Ash stroked over my breast, the skin just above my bra and he leant forward kissing the skin. I pushed Ashton’s hair back as he sucked on the skin. I let out a mewl as he licked over my collar bones. Ashton’s lips were definitely under appreciated as he sucked onto my skin. I bit my lip and walked further into his face so I was situated between his legs. His hands came underneath my skirt, to my ass as he massaged it. I leant down as Ashton sucked on my neck. Ashton stroked up my body and unclipped my bra. I held my boobs up as he pulled my bra from my chest and placed it next to him. I let go and he held them in his huge hands.

“God they’re so perfect” He moaned rolling them around in his hands. His thumbs and forefingers squeezed my nipples as I leant down into him. I kissed over Ashton’s jaw, one of my favourite things, it was scattered in brown hair’s which complemented him very well. I felt two hands on my ass and they weren’t Ashton’s as his were tweaking my nipples. The hands on my ass pulled down my panties under my miniskirt, dragging them tightly against my skin. I stepped out of them leaving me in just my Black high heels and mini skirt. 

“Look at this ass” Calum groaned. I giggled into Ashton’s neck sucking on the patch of hair just below his jaw. Calum’s plump lips kissed over my ass, sucking small love bites into the flesh as I sucked onto Ashton making hickey’s. I bent into Calum’s face wanting him to do more to my ass. He kissed the dip of my back and down my ass nearing my back hole. He licked a stripe from my entrance up to my back. 

“Eat her out good” I heard Luke say from the side of the dressing room. Ashton latched his lips around my nipple and sucked onto it. He flicked his tongue over the brown nipple and moaned around it sending vibrations. Calum spat onto my back hole and ran his fingers across it, lathering up the hole. I grinded my body into Ashton as twirled his tongue around my nipple. Calum slid one of his fingers into my ass hole and I parted my lips. Ashton kissed my lips at my discomfort and pinched both my nipples bringing my face closer to his. Calum pumped his finger in and out of my hole. I breathed deeply shutting my eyes and leaning my head onto Ashton’s. 

“I want her to ride me” Michael whined. I was getting used to the feeling of Calum’s finger and opened my eyes. Ashton stood up from the desk and Michael slid down into his place. He gave me a cheeky smile before taking off his boxers. He let his cock free and I looked at it, it was a lot redder then I imagined. I kissed the tip of his dick bending down before I reached up pecking his lips. Calum entered another finger into my hole as I stroked Michael’s cock. Michael ran his fingers down my body towards my ass, he pulled my ass forward, Calum’s fingers slipping out my ass. Michael brought me towards his lap and I sat down over his thighs. I placed my hands on his shoulders and lifted myself over his dick and sat down. 

“Shit” I stuttered, feeling his large cock fill me up. I ran my fingers  over the dip in his body between his collar bones and shoulder and dug my nails into him. I slowly started grinding on him, rubbing my clit against his tummy. I wrapped one of my arms around him and my other one caressed his small chub underneath his armpit.  I dug my nails into him rolling my hips and 

“You’re always running after us, you need to be treated like a princess. How’s about I fuck your ass whilst you keep riding Mikey?” Calum whined, kissing my shoulder. I reached round my arm running my hands through Cal’s hair as he sucked onto my skin. 

“Answer me Y/N” 

“Yeah” I breathlessly moaned, I rotated my hips on Mikey’s. Mikey leant his hands on the side and I ran my hand over his tattoo’s. Calums stomach was now flushed up against my back and I felt his dick pushed up against my ass. I felt Calum press his tip against my ass. His mushroomed tip prodded my entrance and I shut my eyes, waiting for the impact of being double penetrated. I slowly moved my hips on Michaels, his dick rubbing against my walls, I felt my pussy’s juice drip onto Michael as he smirked rubbing my clit. 

“You fuck me good Mikey” I moaned resting my head on his as Calum edged his cock inside my back hole. Calum gripped my waist as he slid slowly inside me. I stopped riding Mikey and focused on the small pain coming from my back end. Michael sensed my discomfort and kissed me. His red lips slotting into mine and moaning onto them. Calum held me tight, wrapping his arms around my chest and clinging onto my breasts. Calum slowly grinded into me, my ass clenching every time he would fill me up. I started moving my hips in time with Calum, rocking myself onto Mikey. I stroked over Michael’s chest and held his shoulders in my hand. He kissed over my cheek and under my jaw, sucking onto it. I ran my fingers through his hair as his tongue swiped over my sweet spot and his lips tugging on my skin. 

“Feels so good” I moaned, pushing his face closer to my neck. Calum sped up his pace, digging his nails into my ass. He gave my ass a light slap and groaned into the other side of my neck. I leant my head back on his shoulder as he pinched my nipples in his hand. I groaned running my hands over his as he twisted them in his fingers. Calum started groaning louder in my ear, biting down on my shoulder. Both there cocks were filling me up at the same time and I never felt so much pleasure pushing against my inside walls. 

“Fuck” Calum groaned pulling out of me. He jerked himself off next to us as I bounce on Michael’s cock. Calum came over the table and groaned holding his cock in his hand. I whined wrapping my legs around Michael’s waist tightly as he stood up pushing me against the wall, he pulled my legs up against the wall, bending them slightly. He thrusted his long hard cock into me, it hitting new angels. I hit my head against the wall letting out a raspy moan as Mikey hit my g-spot. I looked down watching him roughly pound into me, him dragging his cock all the way out just to get a couple of harsh thrusts. 

“You close?” he whimpered. I nodded my head clenching my pussy around his cock and pulling on his hair. He growled, his thighs shaking. I reached my orgasm, cumming around Mikey and falling limp. Michael pushed right up against me, holding me still as he came inside me. I placed one of my feet on the floor and Michael let go of the other one, his cock slipping out of me. Michael backed away from me giving me a sexy grin, gripping his cock and squeezing it.

“Baby girl, you think you can cum again for me?” Ashton said, his hands going straight to my core, spreading the juices and dipping his fingers into my entrance. I whined being sensitive from my orgasm and Ashton smirked. He took his fingers out of me and put them in his mouth, sitting on the table. He pulled me in-between his legs and laid back. 

“Sit on my face and suck my cock” he rasped. I smiled to myself climbing on top of him and turning around so I was met with his cock and my pussy was hoovering over his face. I grabbed him in my hand and swirled my tongue around his tip as he did the same to my clit. I moaned and dribbled over his tip and sucking down onto it. I took my mouth off him as he nuzzled his head into my pussy and slurping up my juices. I grinded my heat onto his face, his tongue pressing harshly down from my clit to my entrance. 

“Suck” Ashton groaned, licking over my entrance. I took him in my mouth, all the way so my nose touched his balls. I swallowed around him and bobbed my head.  Ashton moaned into me his tongue circling around my entrance, licking up my previous orgasm. Ash dipped his tongue into me and flicked it around tasting me. I tucked my hand around by my face and started rolling Ashton’s ball’s in my hand. I started lightly bouncing on Ashton’s tongue, in sync with sucking Ashton’s cock. I ran my tongue over the vein pushing onto it and sucking down hard. Ashton’s cock started throbbing in my mouth and I squeezed the base and his hips thursted upwards in my mouth. I coughed around him and pulled off, I pumped his cock in my hand the sound or squelching coming from the wetness created. 

“Mm close princess” Ashton said sending vibrations through my pussy. I sat up straighter and rolled my body onto Ash’s mouth, feeling his lips drag across my pussy.  I fisted his cock quicker, Ashton’s moans picking up and his breathing getting heaver as he sucked on my clit faster. 

“Fuck” he rasped, hot spurts of white cum came out his tip and over his thighs. I jerked him off whilst he groaned underneath me. I got off his face and and Ashton tucked his hands under his head smiling lazily. I looked over the sofa for Luke and he was sat there in his boxers. I sauntered over to him as he looked over my body. I stood in front of him and stroked up his thighs. He patted his lap and I swung my legs over him. I sat down on his bulge and ran my fingers through his fringe.

“You’re so good to us princess” Luke admired, stroking down my sides. I rubbed my clit against his bulge loving the feeling of it pressed up against me. Luke rested his head on the back of the sofa and looked at me with his dark blue eyes. I ran my fingers over his beard and swiped my tongue over his lips. He sucked onto my thumb as I grinded onto him. He moaned around my thumb shutting his eyes and moving his hips up into mine. I felt my clit flutter on him and he grabbed my hips, pushing me down harder onto him. 

“Are you close?” Luke moaned. I bit my lip and leant forward brushing my nose against his. Luke kissed my jaw as I clawed at his, my fingers running over the stubble. I tucked my legs around him and pressed my chest up against his. I pecked his lips and he smiled bringing one of his hands down to my thigh. He stroked up my thigh to my core, he rolled my clit between his fingers and I let out a whine grinding into him. I felt my second high approach and Luke knew I was about to cum by the way he sped up his movements and had a smirk plastered on his lips. I shut my eyes and came on top of him, my legs shaking as I slow grinded. 

“Shit” I heard whimper against my chest. I opened my eyes to be met with blonde mop of hair leant against my breasts.  I caught my breath back and Luke looked up at me. 

“Oh my god” I said giggling, I moved back off of Luke who was now breathing heavily leant back against the sofa. I looked down at the wet patch on Luke’s boxers and smiled to myself. 

“You think I look hot in eyeliner?” Michael breathed.

So I finally watched the merc episodes, and I maybe still have complicated feelings about it but as for the episodes themselves I loved them ;-;

So here are The Boys, in all their pre-Chorus Glory! I maaayy have put elements of my merc faces in them just for comfort’s sake ^^;

But ye!! Good eps!! I hope that anything else involving the mercs stays as safe as that, pls that’s all I ask

Transparent version here

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above- several article headlines telling us what we “really” are, only one (maybe two) of which are of actual substance. guess which.

why are people so obsessed with studies proving ashkenazi are “actually white”? i don’t understand why people can’t trust our own narratives about ourselves as a people. i mean, it might be true that the large part of ashkenazi mtDNA comes from europeans, but that’s likewise true of non-ashkenazi jewish populations- the maternal lineage is mostly from the host country. but the paternal lineage is pretty clearly from the levant. anyway, i’m no geneticist and i know the literature isn’t always clear-cut, but. still.

this isn’t a discussion on certain jews benefitting from white privilege, or passing as white, or anything else like that. it’s obvious that a lot of us do, and that this means we have certain social responsibilities- but that’s an entirely different discussion. this is about the endless work done to discredit our own stories about ourselves, purportedly in the name of science.

i’m tired. i realize a lot of us are tired of the “are jews white” question, or more specifically and realistically, “are ashkenazi jews white” question, but like. i’m more tired of being told how to feel about my heritage than i am tired of that question, so.



run era’s still my fav look for them :’)

(also if y’all have requests on anything bts/kpop related that i should do next lemme know :> hoping to spin out more work from now on!)

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I'm gonna repost you shit on other social media you can't stop me

Look, i understand that! I cant fully stop people from reposting my work, no matter what because its the internet and some people are jerks. But the sheer fact that even after asking you guys to not repost my art to other social platforms you still decide that you want to do it? thats just disappointing. 

I may not have the power to stop you guys from reposting, but you know what I do have the power of? i can stop posting to tumblr and lock my twitter. 

not to be pedantic but

autism rights advocates need to be extremely careful when linking aba therapy to trauma. i’m not aware of any case where researchers have actually studied people who have gone through aba therapy and evaluated them for signs of traumatization. in fact, i don’t think there are any studies of adult outcomes in aba at all.

yes, point out the connection between aba therapy in autistic people and lgbt conversion therapy. yes, point out that aversives are still considered acceptable among individual practitioners and on a systematic level, and that the people who have used them historically are still uncritically praised. yes, point out that normalization is not a good goal. yes, point out that autistic people do not learn well from repetition or “appropriate play” and that 40 hours a week is too much work for a child, that teaching “play” in such a stringent manner defeats the point of play.

even point out that claims of its effectiveness at producing so-called “optimal outcomes” are overhyped.

but “aba has been proven to cause ptsd” is a patently false claim and repeating it only hurts our credibility.

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so it’s really a party y’all got my top two right off the bat wow

shops for groceries

i mean i covered it p fully in my riarkle grocery shopping headcanon but after that they still do it together for the most part but one will take over for the other when life gets in the way (i.e. a big chem lab/reading assignment/thing for the kids/work stuff/etc.)

kills the spiders

riley wants farkle to kill them but also doesn’t want him to it’s a difficult choice you see but he just rambles on about how important spiders are to the environment as he gently carries it to the window they have sectioned off especially for spider removal

comes home drunk at 3am

honestly neither of them. farkle is so focused on work bc what he does is so particular and exact that he needs to be on his game at all times, and riley wouldn’ dare be out that late lol sometimes in college they let the parties get the best of them but for the most part they don’t do the whole ~alcohol thing~

makes breakfast

mostly riley since farkle usually has to rush out the door in the mornings to get to work and she can just barely get him to grab a yogurt and some fruit as he runs out (she starts stocking his car with granola bars and bottles of water so he’ll eat) and on special occasions farkle will surprise riley with breakfast in bed

remembers to feed the fish

riley matthews will never let harm come in the way of chelsea #183 mark my words

decorates the apartment

riley, but farkle has a clear influence with science books out on the coffee table and a huge mural of the solar system (done by miss maya hart) on their living room wall

initiates duets


falls asleep first

i mean farkle went to bed at 7:30 for the first 12 years of his life lol they pretty much fall asleep at the same time but farkle reallllllllllllly likes playing with riley’s hair until she falls asleep so he’ll do that sometimes

send me a ship and i’ll tell you who…

about halfway through this post i realized this is a kind of a semi hiatus announcement

I’m tired

I’m really tired. I’m tired of defending myself and trying to help out other people. I’m tired of explaining myself and my stories and my characters and my writing over and over and over again. I’m tired of not feeling good enough

It’s not a good summer. It’s really not.

I’ve got some asks to answer tomorrow, which I’ll do. I have like three that I’ll answer and then I’m going to ignore the rest for now. Of course you can still send asks, just please don’t expect a fast response (not that I’m good at responding) I’m going to delete tumblr from my phone because I have music to memorize. I have a college portfolio to work on. I have to play pit next week for Sweeney Todd. And mindlessly scrolling through here whenever I don’t want to deal with my life or my brain isn’t working

So for the next week or so consider me on semi hiatus. My queue will probably run out very soon.

This is something you’re not supposed to say to someone with mental illness, but I’m going to say it about myself anyway. I need to get over myself. This isn’t WORKING and if I’m not going to ask for help I need to do SOMETHING different. This is all I know how to do right now

If we’ve talked and you want somewhere to talk to me, because I’m really going to try limiting my tumblr time on desktop. I’ve got skype, text/iMessage, discord, a bunch of stuff.

I might regret this in the morning. So who knows how hiatus this might be. Whatever. Good night

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Have you completely finished the snk storyline? I was wondering because it seems very hard to write an amazing chapter for an amazing manga in only a month.

Of course I do some writing beforehand! It’d be impossible to do all the work for one chapter in a month. Although I still do writing during my usual working schedule the most crucial stuff is pretty much planned already. Though I often change stuff here and there.

Please use “Coping Link”

I refuse to reblog and spread false information. I hate how Tumblr works BTW. This is what I’m responding to ( ).

@kinpositive Learn some history of our community, before you go changing the meaning of terms that have been used since the 90’s. Being Therian or Otherkin has never had anything to do with mental illness or coping with mental illness. I can’t speak for the first Otherkin, but the first Therians (early 1990’s) were mentally healthy collage/university students in their twenties who were living normal lives. It’s never been a coping mechanism. It’s not a coping mechanism!! Looking back at what the term has meant historically is not ableism. Mental health has nothing to do with identifying as non-human. Not the same thing. Never has been.

Want another reason why? Being Therian or Otherking is not a choice. When you pick an alternate persona, that’s a choice. And that’s exactly what it is, just call it an alternate persona or “comfort character” instead of appropriating words coined in communities not related to mental health or mental health issues/conditions. Have some respect for our communities’ words and language. I don’t know who came up with the term “coping link”. I don’t actually think it was older members of the communities. So what if it was? Why is there so much hating on the older, more experienced, possibly wiser members of the Therian and Otherkin communities (greymuzzles) who are desperately trying to preserve what our communities originally meant and stood for? Trying to preserve our communities, their words, and history is also not ableism.

No, coping link is not a useless term. It is a useful one. There is nothing derogatory about using “coping link”. By using coping link instead of copingkin, it means you have some damn respect for other people and the communities that those people belong to, because you aren’t trying to turn their 20 plus years of community history into worthless, meaningless Tumblr shit. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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okay but you know angelica james thomas and aaron are bitch friends and they get together and just talk shit right like cmon

they are!!! they really are!!! and that’s why they always know everyone’s business!! they just gather up all the gossip that goes on at work and with their other friends and just all the bullshit in general and then they go to someone’s apartment (they alternate every week) and open Jefferson’s ridiculously expensive wine and just talk shit about everyone and gossip bc they have nothing better to do, but also bc it’s fun and they’re bonding!!

and when they get real drunk, they start talking shit about each other!! Thomas is the one that goes Too Far™ every time, but still lowkey gets his feelings hurt. James doesn’t say shit unless someone says shit about him first 👀 and when he does it be so Extra™ and he’s the one hurting everyone’s feelings tbh it’s so sad. Angelica brings up old shit from years ago that she refuses to let them forget about and drinks more and more when they start airing out her dirty laundry and it’s nothing but #fax so she can’t even say anything /: and Aaron is the one who gets his feelings hurt ten seconds in and just sits back listening to them all drag each other, making mental notes of shit he can use for next time

And it repeats every week (((:

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your ship is disgusting die pls they see each other as siblings and always will pls die

Aww.. You’re so polite! Since you asked nicely with a please, I am feeling like I should indulge you, but you see I have prior commitments.. Life to live, work to do, people to be with and stuff.. Nothing much. But I’d still have to decline on the dying request.

As for my ship… you know you might be right. They might be disgusting. They might see each other as siblings and might always do so. But I still ship them and will always do so. I am so sorry for your grievance, but you see internet is FULL of disgusting shits like me shipping disgusting ships and most frustrating part of that is you can do NOTHING about it.

Again sorry for your grievance and thanks for your politeness, dear anon.

PS: Again, won’t die. Not for you :)

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imagine the farmer seeing Shane walk into the abandoned Joja Mart and discovering that Shane still goes there because Jas doesn't know he's unemployed

The farmer follows Shane into Joja Mart.

“What are you doing here?”

“Hiding from Jas.”

“What? You playing hide and seek?”

“No. She thinks I still have a job, when I don’t.”

The farmer laughs.

“Come work for me. Take care of my animals for me.”

“You’d do that?”

The farmer pulls some money out, handing it to shane. Shane stares at it.

“This is more than I was ever paid here.”

“Come work for me. That way you’d be closer. She could come to work with you, if you want.”


“You’re welcome, Shane. Come on.”

Shane smiles a bit as he follows the farmer to his new job, happy that he doesn’t have to lie anymore.

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What do you think of Pokemon Go???

Aside from all the bugs they have to work out I think it’s really great. I basically hop on every Nintendo trend (I own probably 50 amiibo and it’s still not enough) and I’m excited to see so many people paying attention to Pokemon again. But if the 10km egg I’m incubating hatches into an eevee I revoke this whole statement and the game is trash.

Assuming that one Altean year is of a similar enough length to one Earth, then the Alteans live for a lot longer than people from Earth do. Coran mentions that the Castle was 600 years old when it was settled on Arras, and he also mentions that his grandfather worked on building it. That’s about twelve times the number of years between a human and their grandfather hypothetically built a castle. Even taking into account any other discrepancies between Alteans and humans, that’s still a big difference of time. If Earth and Altea have a similar enough year length, Alteans live a LOT longer than humans.

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First, you're an incredible artist Tara, second I believe I'm in love with all of your artwork. And my question is if their is any chance on drawing the squad from ACOMAF all together, because that would be fantastic? Wish you all the best and keep on with the amazing work. 😘

I’m not sure, that is a lot of characters :p I still have to do some of them alone/in twos, so probably not for a while.