you know how the assholes sounds, children? 

like that:

if you have a family, if you have a siblings, if you rent an apartment, if you use a public network access, if you have a wi-fi router in your home, if you have only one laptop and only one ip for a few people - don’t fucking think about playing flight rising!

because i spent a year of my life to create a nice nest and then my younger sister appears and plays for a 3 or 4 times from my pc. haha they banned me because of few dergs i send her to start. their support ignored me almost a month.

why did they do that exactly after i took commissions for ~800k of treasure? i don’t even take part of all this golden hoard out of my messages!

now i need to draw for free. they refuse Ferrates’s idea of returning payments back to my customers also. for me it looks like 

haha fucking russian bastards shall to serve haha

no one should work for free. but no one should pay for nothing… so i sure will make my commissions, but… 

i dissapointed in everything. my life is completely meaningless burden for me now. as always before i found fr ;.;

i going to listen for Turmion Kätilöt. finnish songs make me a bit more happier.

anonymous asked:

I only recently got into Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks too (about a year ago) and I was lucky enough to see them live a few months ago. I really do hope you get to see them at least once, your blog is stunning and you do such great work here, you're definitely one of my fave blogs and you absolutely deserve to see FM/Stevie live! <3

Anon, I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply, I wasn’t online much during the weekend.

I’m happy you got to see them, I am sure the concert made you love them even more. ♥

Thank you for the kind words on my blog and wishing I get to see them/her… Anything can happen, right? I’ll keep on dreaming.

I hope you have a fantastic week. :)

Rye Waffles

The last week of July has been shitty mess: I made an embarrassing mistake at work (I accidentally sent a typo-ridden draft, not a finalized document, to someone), I had very little sleep because I had multiple deadlines, I had to deal with the tooth situation (and the fact that my dental insurance decided to not cover the antibiotics for some reason!), I couldn’t eat the foraged mushrooms because of the tooth-related pain…the list of first world problems goes on. *whine whine whine*

Things can only look up from now on so happy August!

Rye don’t we kick off the month with some tasty waffles?

(You have no idea how long it took me to come up with that pun.)

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Dark Shadows Challenge Day 38

You’re throwing a dinner party, which 4 DS actors/writers/production staff (living or dead) do you invite?

John Karlen, Grayson Hall, Humbert Allen Astredo, Lara Parker

I’m not very good at being a socially interesting person, so I chose these people because they could carry the conversation on their own and I wouldn’t have to say much. (Also because they’re all awesome amazing people and seem really fun to be around)

I wouldn’t invite Jonathan Frid, because by all accounts he was an introvert who didn’t enjoy parties with people he didn’t know, and I respect and empathize with that.


Logan. 22. nonbinary trans boy thing. almost 3 months on testosterone. he/him/his.

gender euphoria for me was the moment when I took off my glasses and finally felt comfortable just seeing my face. I’ve been going through a lot of dysphoria lately, and I think it’s due to me focusing too hard on my appearance being only 3 months on T. some days are better than other, but I remember this instance was one of pure euphoria. I love how things feel like they just fit sometimes. I can’t wait to feel like that more often.

It’s Gender Euphoria Weekend here at Ways to Raise. From July 31st - August 2nd. Trans and nonbinary folks should feel free to submit those selfies that make you feel great, or any stories and thoughts you have involving what makes you euphoric/what Gender Euphoria means to you!

anhedoniacally asked:

Rewatching s5, hit The Real Ghostbusters, and it reminded me of something I wondered a few months ago. Chuck telling Sam and Dean that "last names were never in the books" in 4x18. What were the books' titles for 4x02, 4x07, and 5x07, then? I know some were published online, but still would've had titles. And those titles without Winchester at the end don't feel as complete.

Chuck said that back in 4.18 and at that time none of the books had been published on-line, the only ones available to the public were seasons 1-3. After Chuck disappeared, Becky took his unpublished manuscripts (which covered seasons 4 & 5) and put them on-line. Chuck said he’d never even written down the last names, many writers have trouble coming up with titles and put it off for a while. Since he wasn’t being published anymore it’s perfectly believable that he hadn’t titled 4.02 or 4.07 yet. It’s also possible that he had titled them but later changed the titles to the ones we’re familiar with.

In Fan Fiction 10.05 Marie talked about the Winchesters and used their last name in the play, it must have been put in the books at some point. I think it’s perfectly believable that Chuck didn’t decide to start writing down their last name until after he met them. When he met them he also found out that he was a prophet and writing a real gospel, adding in the last name could have helped remind him that these weren’t his characters, they were real people. 

shamy-shamy asked:

Hello ! :) What do you think about a prompts where in the 8x23 Amy's here and she met Sheldon's mother officialy !! Also I love your blog, so I give you a giant hug :D

WELL, that only took about three months or so to whip up. But thankyouthankyouTHANKYOU, I’ve actually wanted to do a Mary-meets-Amy fic for a while, and your suggestion to place it in the 8x23 timeframe really helped me solve some story issues I was having. :D

I’m gonna be starting on a quick original story, then it’ll be back to prompts (four of ‘em!), which I am super excited about, so patience, my pretties! <3

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i know i’m only 18, but i took an unprepared gap year after finishing school and didn’t actually plan to do anything interesting in it only work for the full year and earn some money, however it got to the point where i should’ve applied for jobs a lot earlier so with that i managed to land on a temp christmas job which started late october - early january (i had such a good time and got attached, didn’t want to leave but there was no choice :/). after that i was unemployed for 3 whole months and was sick of applying to jobs and getting rejected and i was so bored at home doing nothing, and i wasn’t earning any money either to be able to do fun things in my day. i also applied to university in december 2014, and in those three months of being unemployed i was still waiting to hear back from them regarding interviews, and some also rejected me so i didn’t have a clue what was actually happening with my life as i had NOTHING to look forward to and was starting to lose hope. 

anyway, i got offered a place at university at the end of feb so i had that to look forward to but i still had no job and was still bored and just waiting for the days to go by. 

but i managed to land on this job interview and it was a long process for such a casual job, and i managed to get a job there starting on the 1st April and ever since then i’ve been so happy, i’ve made SO many new friends, i go out more often, i enjoy working there and everything just seems to be working out now!

i’m writing this because if anybody is in the situation i was in i just want to let you know that it will work out in the end, if it did for me, it will for you. 


bambi-mama tagged me to do 6 favourite selfies, and admittedly some of these aren’t selfies but I love them!

1. After James and I had climbed the tallest waterfall in Tasmania

2. Selfie of me when my hair was my version of perfect and my dreadlocks were like a lil beehive on my head

3. A selfie I took on the porch of our cabin in Tasmania

4. James and I at a friends wedding. I was really really overweight then as I had gotten into a bout of extreme depression-but the way he looks at me here makes me so happy.

5. James and I smashed drunk in the grass, only 6 months after photo 4 was taken. We were homeless, broke and living in a tent when this photo was taken but we were rather happy despite how shit life was.

6. We had just moved into our new house and I found out I was pregnant.

I tag untamedasthesea takenwhore oneprofounddawn sophiestelfoxgameart the-witchy-herbalist indiakemp covertheriver


this is so embarrassing but grandvolleyking and rainbow-tobio tagged me for the 6 selfie challenge like a month ago ( ahhh sorry for the long wait guys! D: ) so here it is!

okay so i’ll tag these wonderful people: iwaizumid, karasunah, fuxurodani, volleythemballs, haikyuusettershananapeel, and yakumorrisuke

and of course you guys don’t have to do this if you don’t feel like it or aren’t comfortable with it but i look forward to seeing your lovely faces! uwu

so your life has changed.....

September 2021


Today I was going on the Ellen show to promote my newest album. It’s been 4 years since the last one was released and almost 3 years since I was last touring.

I released by 6th album in August 2017, when I was about 3 months pregnant, and decided not to tour it till the following summer when our first child would be a few months old. Caleb Angus Swift-Wiles was born at the beginning of April 2018 and immediately took a liking to music, especially the lullaby remixes of Adam’s songs which he had produced especially as soon as we found out the baby was healthy and I was in my 2nd trimester. That summer Adam followed me around on my whistle-stop world tour, only playing a total of 50 shows across 4 continents. I would have loved to do more but having a newborn was difficult. After I finished tour we settled into a comfortable routine, with Adam working in his studio a few days a week and me writing and recording as and when inspiration hit. I had also started writing a lot more for or with other artists. At the beginning of 2020 we found out we were expecting another baby, with me surprising Adam with the news on his birthday. This time it was a little girl born at the end of September, who we named Annabelle Rose Swift-Wiles.
Having a 2 year old and a newborn in the house proved to be more difficult than I had expected for the first few weeks, but soon it all settled down and I was able to finish recording my latest album. Adam had become one of the most in demand music producers in the world, especially after he produced some of the songs on my last album and co-produced the majority of this one. This meant he was also DJing less, which he was happy about as apparently ‘those late Las Vegas club nights do not go with daddyhood’.

At the interview E=Ellen T=Taylor

E= So, our special guest today hasn’t been on the show for about 3 years. She is one of the top artists in the world, with her new album projected to sell over 2 million copies in the first week! Please welcome, our very own Taylor Swift!

*crowd errupt in applause as Taylor walks into the stage*

T= Hello everyone! How are you all doing today?

E= So Taylor….you haven’t been around here much in the last few years….how about you tell the audience what you’ve been up to.

T= Oh you know, a bit of this and a bit of that.

*crowd laughs*

E= Do I need to bring out pictures? I’ve got plenty.

*photos start appearing in the background, crowd cheers and claps*

E= You’ve sure been busy there! 2 kids and you look like that? Plus a gorgeous husband. And a petting zoo worth of animals.

T= Haha, yeah I guess I have been busy. It does seem a little like a petting zoo, but actually it’s just 2 sheep, a few chickens, and a horse on our farm in Pennsylvania. Those two aren’t animals really *pointing to a picture of Caleb and Annie* but they sure are cute.

E= So, the big news is that you are releasing a new album next month…..

T= Yeah! I’m so excited about it! Some of it’s a different sound than I’ve previously done, and of course the subject matter has changed a little. I’m really looking forward to everyone hearing it.

E= Well I’ve had a sneak preview of a couple of tracks - your husband couldn’t resist backstage- and I’ll go out on alimb here and say it’s the best yet.

T= Aww, thanks for saying that! That’s awesome!

E= So will you be touring for this album?

T= Definitely! I’m still planning it all but the aim is to be touring on and off for the next year. Adam and the kids will come along while I’m in the States and for some international dates….but those will be spread out quite a lot to allow family time and as normal a life as possible for the kids.

E= That sounds great! Taylor’s new album will be out on October 20th! Thanks for visiting us! Next time bring the munchkins!!

*end of the interview*


I had driven Taylor to Burbank for her interview, while the kids stayed home with their grandparents who were visiting. I was so proud of her out there….my girl was rocking it!
We were mainly based in LA, having bought a house together a few years ago. Taylor still had her apartments in Nashville and NYC, as well as the house in Rhode Island. Last December I had purchased the farm that Taylor had grown up on in Pennsylvania as a combined birthday and Christmas present for Taylor. We were planning to spend as much time there as possible in the winter to give the kids an authentic snowy winter. For now it was OK to hop around between houses….but in a couple of years Caleb would be starting school and we had to decide where to properly put our roots down. I would be happy anywhere….but we both agree that keeping the kids out of the spotlight as much as possible is best as they grow up. Apart from Instagram posts of the kids they aren’t in the media and we don’t talk about them in any detail that often in interviews.

“Babe! You killed it out there!” I said as Tay came out of her dressing room.

“Aww thanks! It was just an interview…. But thanks anyways!” She replied smiling and leaning on me slightly. “Now take me home to see my babies please!” She said, with her voice muffled by my tshirt he had her face buried in.

“Right away my dear!” I replied, grabbing her hand and walking towards the doors of the studio.

As usual, super late to the party.

Things have been crazy at work so I haven’t really had much downtime- which is why I am so late to the party in the questionnaire things that I was tagged in.  Thank you to the beautiful meesharose & sherjan for tagging me in your super fun questions :)

Round one from meesharose:

1.  If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cookies.  Hopefully this means all types of cookies- but if I am forced to be more specific, I would say M&M cookies.

2. Favorite mode of transportation?

Flying- because that usually means that I am going on vacation :)

3. Best vacation you have ever been on?

This is a tough one.  The vacation that Kevin & I took to Las Vegas last month for my 29th birthday was by far my favorite vacation that the two of us have ever taken together.  We had such a great time raging our faces off.  As a whole though, I think my best vacation was in May 2011 when we had our wedding out in Las Vegas and legitimately every single one of our friends and our closest family members were out with us for five days celebrating.  I don’t think we will ever be able to top that!

4. Song that makes you cry?

Honestly, I can’t think of anything because I don’t really listen to songs that make me cry- I’m pretty shallow when it comes to music.  I am more of a teeny-bopper pop upbeat music kind of gal.

5. Last show you binge watched? 

Re-watched Suits with Kevin- just as good the second time around!  Before that, we were super into Damages.  If you haven’t seen either of these- get on it!  Damages is on Netflix while Suits is on Amazon Prime.

6.  If you could only have one type of alcoholic drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably beer (I know- *insert grimace face emoji*).  If I need to be specific, Corona Light.

7.  If you could only pick coffee or alcohol, which one would you choose to have?

I don’t drink coffee, so alcohol it is!

8. Least favorite color?


9. If you could punch one celebrity in the face with zero repercussions, who would you pick/punch?

This is a tough one.  It’s a toss up between Kris Jenner and Donald Trump.  Can I do both? :)

10.  Where do you like to get your books…. library, digitally, store, stolen?

Amazon, always.  I switch it up about 70% ordering digitally for my Kindle and 30% ordering actual real books.

11.  Most embarrassing Pandora or Spotify station?

Justin Bieber holiday station (eeeeeeeeek)

Round 2 from sherjan:

  1. Do you brush your teeth first or eat breakfast first in the mornings? If you don’t eat breakfast, explain yourself. If you don’t brush your teeth, lie to me.   Brushing my teeth is literally the first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning- before I even jump in the shower.
  2. What do you do on a daily basis that makes you feel “accomplished?”  Honestly, just getting out of bed in the AM makes me feel accomplished.
  3. What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow? Depends how big of a pot I won.  If it was one of those giant mega millions, I would quit my job and go on a super long bomb ass vacation.
  4. Would you rather spend a whole day binge watching something on Netflix or reading? Netflix all day, err day.
  5. If you could pick anywhere in the world to live for the rest of your life, where would that be?  As cliche as this sounds, probably where I am.  While I would love to be somewhere warmer, I would miss my family and friends.
  6. Do you pronounce it “pecan” or “pecon”?  Pee-can
  7. Which fictional character do you think you relate to the most?  Hmmm, this is a tough one.  I’m not sure if I 100% relate to her, but I absolutely love Hermione Granger.
  8. If your smoke detector went off in the middle of the night and you only had time to grab one thing, what would it be?  If I’m being completely honest, it would probably be my phone (which is pretty sad).
  9. Have you ever left Target with ONLY what you went there to purchase? (Honestly…)  Yeah, I actually have.  Don’t shoot me- but I’m not a huge Target person.  I get WAY too overwhelmed.
  10. What is your worst irrational fear?  I don’t really think it’s irrational, but I am terrified of cancer- for me and for anyone I love.
  11. What was your most memorable meal?  The first time Kevin & I went to Las Vegas (right after my 21st birthday), we ate at the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris.  At the time, we didn’t have much money at all so this was a HUGE splurge for us and it was such a special night.  My mother in law had some sort of hook up so we got the best table in the restaurant, the food was spectacular, and we just had overall the best time.

I think at this stage of the game, almost everyone has already been tagged.  But if you haven’t- consider yourself tagged by me :)  Feel free to answer any and all of the great questions from meesharose & @sherjan!

July 28th

I did it. I hiked from Mt Fløyen to Mt Ulriken! Yesterday evening I played The Settlers (Catan) with some guys and one of them was Dutch. It’s crazy, because he apparently lives in a town very near me (20 minutes by bike). He also studies in the same town as me now, and here’s the freaky thing: we live in the same building in Utrecht!!! What’s also awesome is that he’ll be studying the next six months in Bergen! Yesterday evening I asked him to join me on my hike and he didn’t have plans for that day so it was a deal.
We left the hostel at 9:30am, went to the supermarket to get some bread and then continued our way to the train to Fløyen. We took the train up and started our hike. It was truly gorgeous. It took us 5,5 hours to get to the other mountain, only stopping like 3 times to drink some water. We were rewarded by an amazing view over Bergen. But the views we had while hiking were actually even more spectacular. I actually found ‘the most beautiful place on earth in my opinion’. Some parts were really steep and I was happy that I wasn’t alone. I’m afraid of heights so to be honest I’m a little proud of myself that I did this. Then we went with the cable car down, which was he scariest part for me and pretty expensive but we didn’t feel like walking for another hour. We did have to walk 20 minutes to the hostel and it doesn’t sound like much but my feet hurt the most at that part :p
Then I took a shower and cooked some macaroni which turned out to be the worst I’ve ever made but even this tasted good after a long hike. Afterwards I played some Yahtzee with two other Dutch guys and a Swiss guy, and it was really fun. I ended up playing Rummikub with the two Dutch guys until 1am, while having very philosophical conversations about whether or not God exists, evolution and also Linguistics. It was an amazing day.

anonymous asked:

My husband is so stupid. Yesterday i asked him to put our baby to sleep but she was fussy and kept crying so I took her and gave her my boob so she can eat and sleep. Then my husband told me that the only reason our 3 months baby needs me is because I have boobs. I'm EBF. That was very mean. I'm a SAHM and he thinks that takin care of a baby is a game. For him the baby only needs to eat, poop and sleep. He doesn't realize how much it's hard for me especially that I got no help from anybody..

👿 rudeeeeeeeeee! Seriously that’s not an ok thing to say to anyone let alone the mother of your child who takes care of them by themselves most of the time! I’m so sorry that he said that! Maybe he thought he was being funny? Regardless though.. not cool or funny or ok!!



Just Gold


And like that … the Purple Man lost his mind.


PHEW! That took me *Looks at her calendar* NEARLY 2 MONTHS TO FINISH?! HOLY F*CKING SH*T! How lazy AM I?!

Then again … I had to break this Comic down in 3 parts, everytime the chorus started was a part, so yeah o3o

But anyway! I wanted to draw something with this song for a LOOOOOOOOONG time now! Not only because it is my most favorite Song of the FNAF Community, but also I thought that it fits Vincent pretty well … even if it’s not really about him XD

In this Song I ‘hid’ some headcannons and ideas about the Purple Man, like the fact that Vincent was the one who HELD the Security Guards in the Restaurant, so that he can continue his killing spree and all that stuff. Also the fact that he thinks the Security Guards were 'too kind’ in a way that he liked it when they cursed him AND the fact that, yes, the Guards were NICE, TOO nice in his’ opinion.

Or the fact that Vincent could manipulate the Animatronics to not go after him, mess with them, breaking the Security Guards he held there and get them fired in the end by Scott.

But as every Mastermind … he got pulled down into his own InSaNiTy.

And yes … I poured my blood and tears into this, this is the biggest Song-Comic I did thus far so please … please tell me how you like it … ^^;

The Song.

On DA.

I went into town. I bought myself the body butter. It smells so good and I love being covered in sparkles. Self care product of the month!!! Plus I bought a seaweed night treatment for my face reduced from £12 to only £3, yay. Thank you body shop.

But then a man in asda touched me on the escalator, and then denied it. I literally just just asked him to respect my personal space and he made a big scene and called me a liar and repeatedly told me to check the cameras. It was really awful and embarrassing and the security guards took his side and spoke to me like I was the one in the wrong, and(!) one of them was a lady ffs.

So I walked round the supermarket dissociated as anything, I literally kept going back on my self and having just to stand still because I was so confused and didn’t want to start crying. I felt like they were watching me the whole time. I hate that supermarket. I hate that security guard and I’m a bit scared of bumping into that guy again.

I’m glad to be home and I’m glad I got a bunch of laundry done today. Going to try and forget about that whole shitty thing.

So, I used to play on a Minecraft server called ‘translucent42′, it was a faction server and it was quite small with only 24 or 23 player slots.

I had my own faction called ‘toastopia’, unfortunately I can’t find any early screenshots of it so my giant tree building that was located in the middle is missing.

MOST of this was built by me, a few building were built by one of my friends. The giant wall surrounding everything was built by me and had water surrounding it to keep people from blowing it up, there was also going to obsidian inside the walls to further protect the land but this never happened. The wall also had 3 block high cacti surrounding it to protect even further.

I spent MONTHS building this. The wall I built around it was created early in the morning after people had attacked us and took only a few hours.

This server was fantastic, we build so much stuff and after the wall was built, Toastopia was never really attacked because it was pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get in, the water walls had blocks blocking the top to prevent people from climbing up, and the only time people got in was through fly hacking.

Amazing times.