THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days, when I was very visibly trans. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

June 16th, 2016: My beard shadow was (and still is) a source of dysphoria for me. I still have a ways to go with laser to get rid of it. I minimize it as much as possible by doing 3-4 passes on my face against the grain every morning. It’s not great for my skin. It doesn’t show up in pics but hot dang is that ever still a thing

I don’t let it invalidate me like it used to though ✌️️

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My first infidelity

Only a week after I got married my military husband deployed. He and I still hadn’t officially moved in together and I was going to stay in Texas working until he got back. About 3 months after that my friends took me out dancing to cheer me up and make sure I had some fun. The fun I had isn’t what I think they intended.

While at the dance club i ran into an old guy friend of mine (we’ll call him J). He would occasionally but is drinks, hang out with us, and I danced with him several times. As the night wore on my friends were leaving but I wasn’t ready to go home. So J offered to take me home when I was ready.

At about 1 am he takes me back to my apartment. Our conversation got more flirtatious on the way, and at one point he puts his hand on my thigh - and I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the fact that I hadnt had sex in months - but I didn’t stop him, and was starting to get turned on.

As soon as the doors closed to my apartment, he made his move and kissed me, and I kissed him back. J is a little taller than me, cute smile, and a nice body - I melted in his arms as we kissed. He started undressing me and I had no resistance - my marriage vows were the last thing on my mind. It felt so good for him to cup and suck on my breasts.

As he took his clothes off he pulled out his cock - much bigger and thicker than my husbands and made me suck him. His hand went behind my head as he pushed it down on his stiff cock. “That’s a good slut” he said. I tingled a bit as he called me names. He pumped it deep into my mouth - and before long I was swallowing the thick ropes of his load.

He took me back to my bedroom and lay me down, spreading my legs and burying his face in my pussy. I hadn’t realized how much I missed the touch of a man down there. He furiously licked my pussy and I was in heaven. My first orgasm came quickly, but he licked me until I was screaming in pleasure from a second.

Finally he climbed on top and slid his thick cock deep into me - it felt so much better than my husband. He put my legs up on his shoulders and fucked me hard. As his thrusts increased in speed my moans increased in volume. “Mmmm you’re just a whore aren’t you?” It was all I could do to moan out a response. I couldn’t believe it, here I was in bed with another man! He was pumping with determination now and I couldn’t hold back any longer, I came again. I could tell it wasn’t long for him either - and then he came - shooting his cum deep into me, he stayed inside me for some time until he pulled out, his cock covered in our cum. We kissed and then he made me clean his cock up.

I found out later that he had wanted me precisely because I was married. I was a mixture of emotions, regret, excitement, confusion. But it was only the beginning of my adventures with J.

Are you telling me that Regina - the Regina Mills who rightfully didn’t want her son’s birth mother to suddenly be in her kid’s life, and who took a long time to get used to the idea of sharing him with her - is okay with Henry living with the sleazy pirate and being close to consider him a father figure?

Are you telling me that Henry - the Henry Daniel Mills who took 2/3 seasons to finally forgive his own mother - is forgiving the pirate after literally 5 minutes, and not only that you have him say “he would never hurt this family” when he literally tried to kill them all just the month before?

Are you telling me that Emma - the Emma Swan who could always see right through everyone’s lies and took crap from no one - can’t recognize the multiples times in which her bf is lying to her face, and keeps buying all the bullshit he throws at her?

And finally, are you saying that Snow - the Snow White who could immediately see that Ruby shared true love with Dorothy, and who is quick to point her finger at Rumple for treating Belle badly - can’t see how much Regina and Emma love each other, and how horrible H00k is being to her own daughter?

I went on my first tinder date after only having been on tinder for 18 hours and it was with the first guy I matched with. He’s got quite a bit of baggage and he was honest and upfront about it, so I gave him a chance and we talked on the phone for 3 hours before he came and picked me up. He took me to a movie and we held hands the entire time. He was so respectful and adorable. I am happy to say that we have been together 8 months and I’ve never been happier and neither has he. I’ve found my match. We are getting married next year.

meanwhile x2, some SHIT is going DOWN. speaking of shit going down… you guys… do you know what is extra special about this page? IT’S PAGE 100!!! ISN’T THAT AMAZING!? (at the same time it’s kinda hilarious that 3 days took 100 pages to draw)

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Grantaire and Enjolras met online. They have been dating for months, almost a year in fact, and they finally want to meet. The only problem is, they’e a thousand miles away. 3,625 miles to be precise. Grantaire, an American from New York, had the luck to fall in love with a boy from Paris.

It took months of saving and optimism for Grantaire to finally buy a plane ticket for France, Enjolras so excited he’s shaking. However, there is yet another problem; language. Enjolras can speak english, yes, but not the best. They had been using a translator to communicate and Enjolras is worried that R’s reaction to his broken english will be less than pleasant. And yet, without Enjolras’ knowing, R had prepared for this.

When Grantaire gets off that fateful plane, he says only one thing to Enjolras.

“il fait chaud au ici, ou bien c’est toi?”

It took about nine months from first approaching my GP about constantly feeling suicidal before I began psychotherapy. At that point I was told I would need 2-3 years of therapy. I was also told the NHS would only provide one year. I am now approaching the end of that one year and wondering, given that my suicidal thoughts have not departed for any prolonged period, where that leaves me. I work for a mental health charity and on that salary certainly cannot afford to go private. Could you imagine the outcry if cancer patients were told they needed three rounds of chemo but would only be given one?

My daughter sent me this and it is all of the truths. 

People ask me why I “spoil” my daughter by not making her pay half of everything and it frustrates me so much. 

1. She took on her entire college education, and has never asked for my help. She is down to owing $30k.
2. When I wanted to get her a new car, she instead only let me pay the down payment and makes that payment every month. 
3. Being a recent graduate with no experience she gets paid a VERY low salary for the job she works her ass off at, and every SINGLE TIME she gets a raise she takes on another bill.
4. She does all of this while battling bipolar, anxiety, and ADHD, and fucking rocks at it.

Why do people think putting your kids through more stress than they need is the best way to “help them grow up”????

I love my beautiful hard working mess of a millennial, and if I want to fucking “spoil” her it’s my choice, because I can! 


In case of some of you didn’t know, this time last year I was a nanny for 3 months to 5 kids in a Jewish community on Long Island. I took the job that offered pay only in the form of board and food because I was homeless and at that time, felt like I had no other options. When it comes this quote from the below article, it all rings true; 

“Mothers talk about who much they love these women and they’re part of the family yet when it comes to money they tend to be much more tight.”

The mother definitely tried her best to make me feel part of the family, but refused to part with money as a form a payment. This ultimately led to me leaving for a better situation along with me simply having struggled with a lot of negative situations there. (Also, I just want to focus on my creative stuff!) Never at any point did I feel sub-servant to the family and because of my brief experience as a nanny combined with being a now naturalized black immigrant, I have a new found respect for the dignity these women carry among themselves while taking care of someone else’s child(ren).

Black Nannies/White Children: Photo Series Reveals the Racial Divide in Child Care

12 here and
1 there and you’re only going to stumble in at
2 i wish i couldve stayed up until
3 to hear you but for the past
4 months i havent been sleeping at all and i guess it caught up to me, because now i have a reason to stay awake and not being able to makes me want to break all
5 of my fingers in
6 different places the sun is rising and ive been crying for
7 hours it took
8 punches to the wall to make my knuckles bleed im on my
9th shot im trying to drown myself by the
10th ive lost track of the time and my name and why im crying so hard and by
11 ive lost count
—  numbers are the only concrete things in my life right now

Wedding Dress

Bruce Oldfield


This dress was worn by the fashion model Lisa Butcher for her marriage to celebrity chef Marco Pierre White on 15 August 1992. The ceremony took place at the Brompton Oratory, London, following a whirlwind three-week romance. The ceremony was covered by Hello! magazine.

The bride’s choice of gown proved controversial. It was designed by Bruce Oldfield, a British couturier known for his dramatic and glamorous designs. The dress, in clinging white crêpe, has a low neckline and cutaway sides, and apart from a bra style fastening, is backless. It reportedly cost £3,000. The bridegroom took an instant dislike to it, considering it inappropriately sexy and revealing. In interviews he later said it was “more suited to the catwalk than a church aisle” and “I think a woman should dress for the man she is marrying only, and her choice was wrong for the occasion. It was sexy for the world but not for me, and I told her so.”

The marriage lasted four months. After the divorce, Lisa donated her wedding dress to a charity raffle to benefit ChildLine, where it was won by a relative of the donor.



this….is a real post. like someone took the time to write this out. this is someone’s honest beliefs….like…..i just???? i mean i??? what?????? what the fuck??????????

a mass majority of people not only have their periods every month but also suffer from PCOS, endometriosis, and a slew of other issues that create massively heavy flows and other problems and you’re tryna say that tampons/pads “aren’t a necessity”

try bleeding out of your cock for 3-10 days and then tell me it’s not a fucking necessity. sit for 20+ mins on the toilet petrified to move because you’re passing literal blood clots. what the fuck.


Hi my dear friends and followers :3 Thank you all so much for following me and making this whole thing worthwhile! I’m so glad you’re baring with me since I only update my simblr every other month or so. 

Anyway I saw these cute pants by Pollination Tech today and fell in love with the mesh by Skeleton Tea

So I hope you guys enjoy your Gift, a studded jeans with cool sneakers (which took FOREVER) and a sporty tank top.