There’s something heroic in a flapping coat, but at the same time, I need to get rid of it sometimes and just be a scrawny guy in a suit that doesn’t quite fit. So there was a sense of authority to him, but it’s undermined by his own carelessness. He wears a suit, but doesn’t wear it with proper shoes.
—  David Tennant (2009)

grown-up Mikasa lovingly protecting her precious heicho, just the way he used to in their early days (ch 30 edit)

for rivamika week, dedicated to fuku-shuu: it’s ages I wanted to make something special for Mika involving the strongest fierce majestic Ackerman duo.. it’s a simple edit but I hope it will make you smile (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Hey! I’m Vondell, I’m an illustrator, character designer and visual development artist. I’m currently working as part of StarTeamGO! on Starhammer (, an all-ages superhero sci-fi comic set for release later this year. I freelance on the side of that.

I’m opening commissions because, like many people, this is how I stay afloat financially, at the moment. What I make through commissions generally goes directly toward paying my rent and buying food, both of which I still regularly struggle with. If I make enough I might also use some to resubscribe to Amazon Prime. Just transparency for transparency’s sake.

The important thing is: you want some cool art from me and I can make it happen! To keep things simple, I’ve organized some basic commission tiers based on work time involved:

- Full-Body Character Sketch  (single character, no color)
- Page of Doodles (page-sized, content up to you)
- Vehicle/Prop Design (single page of sketch exploration, no color)
- Environment Sketch (no color)

- Full-Body Character Art (single character, full color, you can specify either flat colored/shaded lineart or painterly render)
- Environment Painting (full color)
- Vehicle/Prop Colored Lineart (flat colors with simple shading)

- Character Design Full Exploration (for writers/RPG players/etc; includes sketch exploration and colored lineart)
- Complex/Multiple Character Painting (fully colored or painted, up to three characters)
- Complex Scene Painting (featuring prominent/multiple characters as well as detailed environment)

Prices are general guidelines, I’m flexible if you want something that seems in-between.

All art will be produced and delivered as a digital image file, .PSD available on request (let me know in advance so I work cleaner :) )

It’s easiest for me to handle payments upfront, through PayPal, at the address Shoot me an e-mail about your commission at to confirm details before you send over payment.

Commissions will be finished more or less in the order the payments are received, and I intend to get all of them finished and delivered by at latest the end of this month, July 31st, unless I get an unusual amount of responses this time around. If your commission is time dependent (for example: it’s for someone’s birthday) let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate that! :)

Feel free to ask any other questions you might have over e-mail or through my blog’s inbox.

This is the first time I’ve opened such a broad range of commissions publicly, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of it!

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

this headcanon turned out wayy longer then i expected to

t'is i, the one who said i had steven falls over headcanons a few hours before (had to get two hours of sleep to rearrange my head first actually).

so i was thinking that at first mabel and dipper were tasked by bill cipher (their boss) to go and investigate earth to see if the natural resources were good enough for their home planet and speculatively most of it were located in gravity falls but the twins had to disguise in order to avoid suspiscion from the earth’s government (who probably would waste more natural resources if they were alerted) and disguised themselves to live among the humans. thus they met the two stans (who were working on a portal based on the “gem anomalies” happening there, the portal is actually a warp pad that could be a gateway between earth and the gems’ home planet but it isn’t complete yet) and lived among the two.

while mabel was seamlessly adaptable because she was a pretty rebelious gem, dipper adaptation process was long and he would secretly read up the stans’ research to sabotage the making of the portal so that humans don’t find out about the home planet. but time went on and both dipper and mabel ended up being pretty attached to the stans and the citizens of gravity falls and at one point didn’t dare to give a vital information to bill because they didn’t want bill to destroy gravity falls (and earth).

meanwhile, amy was one of the higher ranked gems and heard about what bill was planning and didn’t like the fact that they were taking natural resources from a planet that still needed it (maybe so far the home planet gems just took it from planets without living beings like humans) and decided to rebel. wirt used to be a technician class sort of gem who used to be under mort that was pretty undervalued until amy came in and liberated him, she invited him and a handful of gems to rebel against the main government of the gems (and the face is bill cipher, maybe with those other shapes the gf fandom had thought about like tad strange) and went to earth (situated in the outskirts of gravity falls but the opposite side of the mystery shack).

mabel and dipper heard about the coming of amy’s army and decided to give their knowledge of earth to help her win the war and thus they met wirt too (who used to not stand any other gem except amy, thus finding how dipper and mabel are already in touch with earth’s culture as annoying or smth).

at first they refused to leave the mystery shack because they thought of it as their home but one of the stan twins (probably grunkle stan) was killed during the war and mabel and dipper knew that they needed to get away from the humans for a while if they wanted them to be safe.

the war ends in amy’s victory with lots of casuality from both sides (thus a handful of monster gems that added into gravity falls’ anomalies) and the portal being destroyed. the stan twin who lived ends up having a lineage of family with dipper and mabel feeling responsible to protect them so his lineage referred those two to something like guardian angels but dipper hid stans’ research from the lineage.

on amy and wirt’s side they didn’t interact with the residents of gravity falls as much as dipper and mabel did (more of admiring on the sidelines in amy’s part and more of disgust in wirt’s part) but amy met human jonathan and fell for him and ends up destroying her current physical form to have greg.

though wirt spited the boy, he is very protective of him because the gem belonged to amy before. mabel knew that it was pretty toxic for wirt to be overly protective like that (especially with /that/ reason) and with jonathan, tries to introduce the young boy to earth’s culture and is pretty lax with him - acting like an older sister instead. the one who teaches him about gem culture (reluctantly at first, but mabel insisted) is dipper and wirt (once he has warmed up to greg though he ends up getting more homesick than expected) and the two boys ends up acting like greg’s (gem) parental figure.

and thus the four of them go on missions to bubble up the defective gems and learn more about the why gravity falls seems to have more potential for gem power than any other places in earth whilst teaching greg on how to control his gem powers. but little did they know that this generation of stan pines’ lineage (who might’ve been twins again with the same name as the ancestor who met dipper and mabel?) seems to have uncovered the two stans’ research and has the intention of turning on the gateway/portal to homeworld without their guardian angels knowing. and maybe, just maybe this would open up the chance for bill to get even with the rebels… (or reinvade earth? i dunno)

wow this took longer than expected. i was expecting a few asks but this turned into a submission. and there’s still a lot of plot holes anyways like where does the other gf and otgw crew fit in and all especially since i just basically made a “reincarnation” of the stan twins to be greg’s friend. this is probably more gf related than ever but i really don’t know how to fit the unknown in this, yet. so enjoy reading this mass of headcanons and feel free to add some of your own!!! (maybe i’ll return more when i’ve thought out about it more) and hope you stay healthy skim!!

and i cross my fingers so that you would receive this submission, amen.

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You said before that cody knows about your ED so does that make eating out with him easier? Like does it take some pressure off of you to act "normal" around food? Before i told anyone about my ED the thing i hated most was going out to eat because people judged me when I said i didnt feel hungry or just wanted a small salad

I usually feel a lot more comfortable eating around others than I do alone. Probably because anytime I’d eat/binge it was in private.

He always asks me how everything tastes and makes sure that I’m comfortable. Whenever we’re driving around he asks if I’m hungry or if I wanna get ice cream if I’m feeling it, and doesn’t get mad if I say no. He lets me make the food decisions while he just pays for it. I can tell this is gonna be something great 😊

you know that moment when one person is doing something dumb and then another person looks at them like, oh this dork, I love this dork, even though they might not even admit they love them yet, but you know you can see it by the way they look at the dork that they love them and it’s sO CUTE THAT YOU EXPLODE! I am sorry I am just very emotional about cute things like that. Have a nice day

why are people so against the Minions? Like I have no general feelings positive or negative. but i have seen some fucking pissed off as fuck people who have given no discernible reason for why this movie angers them


is it the color yellow????

the fact that they’re shaped like pills and it reminds you of your pill popping days???

what is it????

it’s a kid’s movie. 

and like all kids’ movies is supposed to be ridiculous and nonsensical and just generally meant to entertain a younger audience

but this movie has made some people really angry

i just want to know why 


  • art supplies will be the death of me and my innocent bank account
  • monday-thursday i don’t get out of class until 5:30
  • monday and wednesday i have to be in class by 8:30
  • drawing class will make me question my life
  • critiques i just want everyone to love each other 


Five Things on a Friday

Just finished an awesome weights workout followed by fifteen minutes of cool down yoga.  My entire body was covered in sweat and I feel like a spaghetti noodle–always a good sign.  :)  It felt good to get back on my mat for a bit.  I have been neglecting my yoga practice lately.  Not good.  I’m thinking of committing to one of these 30 Days of Yoga things I see people talking about.  I will not be able to make it to a class everyday, so that will mean coming up with something myself or finding an online program that doesn’t make me want to claw my ears out–too many times “soothing” yoga instructor voices make me want to scream.  Recommendations?

Tomorrow’s menu: grilled steaks with blue cheese and herb butter, roasted asparagus, and goat cheese mashed potatoes.  Heaven!  I rarely eat steak, but I do enjoy it on occasion, and I always enjoy when the husband helps make dinner!

The Boo Boos (our cat) is never sick, but he has a mild infection and has to take antibiotics.  Today was the first time we tried administering them.  I have never regretted choosing not to declaw my cat…but a little part of me did today.  Holy crap this is going to be a long ten days…Time to invest in some body armor perhaps?

We went swimming this afternoon and I was weeding the garden in my bikini when the husband walked out.  He whistled and said, “You are looking damn good, Babs (he mistakenly said ‘Babs’ instead of 'Baby’ one day and it ended up sticking)!” He said you can really see a difference since I’ve been incorporating daily strength/toning work.  All the heart eyes!!

As I’ve probably mentioned on here before, I do NOT cook breakfast except two or three times a year (major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years).  There’s just something about generating that many dirty dishes first thing in the morning that I cannot deal with.  And, the husband doesn’t do cereal.  So, we go out for breakfast every weekend–it’s our family thing.  In the past, I’ve gotten totally burned by forgetting that most of our favorite places close on holidays, and then everywhere else has a crazy wait.  Not this time!  Reservation at Chez Zee has been confirmed for tomorrow.  It’s where my bridal party had our brunch and it’s the first date brunch place that Nick and I went when he started at Samsung and moved out here seven years ago.  :) So, even though it’s not the most delicious brunch place in Austin, it is really good and it has all kinds of happy memories for me. 

jaune-chat asked:

Headcanon - Because Immortan Joe doesn't, Miss Giddy makes sure she remembers the name of of every War Boy who dies for him (in battle or otherwise). They are not just grains of sand, but people who could have helped rebuild the world. That's why the Wives didn't want to kill Nux when he tried to kill their savior Furiosa right in front of them, because he was also Not a Thing.

This makes me sad but also happy and it makes sense

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luna by bombay bicycle club

i like that song the bridge makes me feel like im an indie film character who’s young and in loove but also i havent listened to bbc in a long time?? idk i have a lot of things that i unknowingly stopped following once i stopped wanting to be white like SNL and bluegrass music if that makes sense

One thing that makes me believe the end is really near is that nothing in this world makes any sense at all. Everything is already pointless, I can’t find any meaning with everything I do. Things already go wrong and people, even if they claimed they are for God, are already compromising. It doesn’t make any sense and I don’t want to live in this world anymore. I’m tired of seeing people mock Jesus and His followers, I’m tired of hearing people shout at each other because of religions. I’m exhausted with all these drama the world is throwing at us. I’m looking forward to being with Jesus already and leave this world full of things that don’t really satisfy. Come Lord Jesus, Come!
—  Ray Jean Jakosalem 

anonymous asked:

Hello, I think I'm lithsexual, one of my dreams is to get married and have a family but I just can't! I feel really uncomfortable when I'm in a relationship and this is driving me crazy, I nearly crying because I don't know what to do, do you have some advice for me?

I have two different approaches you might consider.

  1. Don’t enter into a romantic relationship. Try a queerplatonic relationship instead. Maybe the removal of romantic attraction from either party and the romantic elements will make the relationship everything you want, and you can still get married, have a family, all that jazz.
  2. Find a new dream. There’s so much more to life than marriage, and if romantic relationships don’t make you happy, then don’t waste your time on them! Find new things that do make you happy and pursue them. Leave this dream behind and build a life that you truly enjoy.


Big Thanks

Hi I just wanted to give you a big thank you. When making college decisions I ran across your blog and it defiantly played a factor into my choice to attend SFSU this past fall. I had an amazing time at SFSU and the city brought so many nice and genuine people into my life. Being back home makes me realize how much of a great thing I had living in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I miss it so much and can’t wait to be back home this upcoming semester. So for now I’ll just look through the San Francisco tag and at your amazing blog(:
Thanks again iloveyousanfrancisco

iloveyousanfrancisco says: You’re so sweet for saying that. Thank YOU so much. This made my day!  =)

Damn, you know, the first day of having my mom out of my apartment has been well – boring and quiet as fuck. I’m gonna miss having her around to call me that awful nickname she refers to me as, and I’ll miss her throwing wooden spoons at my head when I make stupid decisions. Those things may sound stupid to appreciate and miss, but it’s those little things that your parents/parent do that, for some reasons, grow on you to love. Kids may want to leave their parents now because they ‘make them do the dishes’, but hell, wait until you’re about 30 and cry over the fact you don’t have your mom to throw inanimate objects at you.

I never wanted to be perfect. Not even close. I just want to be me—what you see is what you get. I don’t have the most contagious smile. I always have a bad hair day when I go out. I’m so insecure with my weight and my face, but nah I dont care. I don’t wear make-up and all. My outfit would always be a pair of sneakers, my favorite shirt and jeans. I don’t usually hang out during Friday nights and get wasted with my friends. I just stay inside the house and read my favorite novels or watch series. I enjoy the little things that most girls don’t. I’m simple and I’m contented with it. I never wanted to be complicated, cause I don’t want to stress myself. I have my friends. I have my family that makes me happy all day. I’m truly happy and being authentically me.
—  my flaws make me who i am

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Question about comps/outliers here! Just curious what makes an outlier an outlier exactly - is it basically if a book is insanely popular and has a movie? And then if you wanted to use a movie as one of your comps does that outlier thing not apply in that it's fine to use huge blockbuster-y movies? I just read the question about Inception meets so-and-so, so it got me wondering. Thanks!

Outliers in this context are books that have sold so well that they don’t make good comps. 

What I mean by that is that no editor could run a Profit and Loss statement with those comps. For instance, if I’m pitching a MG SF manuscript I can’t comp it to Enders Game (even if it’s a good comp), but I can’t do it because that’s a book that’s been around for a while, and is a HUGE bestseller. And editor can’t go to her boss and say, here’s my P&L for this MG SF–my numbers are based on Ender (the comp title). Boss would make the editor go back and use a recent title that would actually be a good prediction for how the book will sell. 

That’s why you want comp titles that are recent titles that have sold well.

Another issue with outliers is that EVERYONE uses them. Every person who doesn’t know things about the industry and reads a few books a year (or doesn’t read at all) says they’ve written the next Harry Potter meets Twilight meets Dan Brown. And they pitch agents and say things like “I’m going to make you a millionaire.”

So if you’re using a book that’s spent a year on the bestseller list or has sold millions of copies or has a movie (or is all of the above), then you’re not portraying yourself in the best way. Because agents will see that and worry maybe you have unrealistic expectations or maybe you don’t know books in the genre your writing.

That’s why, if I were you, I’d go for comps that are books and have been published in the last 2 years that have sold well (goodreads ratings are a pretty good indication of what’s sold well).

If you want to use a movie or TV show go for it. But maybe add “for fans of AUTHOR and AUTHOR” (again, to show you’re well read, and again avoid the outliers–everyone is a fan of JK Rowling except like the 1% that gave Harry Potter a 1 star review on goodreads). Big blockbuster movies are okay although I’d try not to do two together (TITANIC meets AVATAR). 

Now, your comps aren’t going to break your query. I’ve never NOT requested something because of a comp alone. I HAVE however requested things I was on the fence about BECAUSE of the comps.

hiatus update:

thank you to those folks who decided to stick around and continue to follow me!
my break hasn’t necessarily been too long, but it has definitely been enough for me to feel overall better and less… pissy, for lack of a better word.

getting off of my school schedule officially and having things sorted out for my future helped a lot in relaxing, alongside generally cleaning up ; u ;

however, after some thinking, i might be rebooting this blog.
please do not unfollow yet if you still want to rp with me, since i’m not sure what i’ll be doing!

i want to refit mandus’ character–nothing major to his personality, but i have new ideas and some improvements.
i’m really tentative about making a new blog since i have 600+ followers here, buuuut i’m here to make meaningful relationships and rp with folks, not rack up a huge follower count.

again, thank you for your patience, those who are still around.
ilu lots ok <3 <3 <3

in the meantime, my skype is skinjacket if you want to contact me