Favorite Hollstein Moments 1/?

“Unless you’re going around kidnapping girls for some ancient unspeakable evil, nothing that’s happening right now is your fault.”
“Yeah. Former minion of the evil? Yeah.”

Second piece of advice, assuming that choosing a person is a thing you need to do, is this: in my thirties I came to understand that picking a partner was as much about their faults as their virtues. Someone can have the most exciting good qualities, things that light you up all the way to your toes with how much you admire them, but if their faults don’t turn out to be ones you can live with it doesn’t matter. Of course you will want strong upsides, but let me just assure you right now: the downsides must be things you can roll with to some degree.

The faults (or mismatches, or however you care to construct it) cannot be things that trigger your fears and insecurities. They cannot make you feel diminished or invisible, not if you hope to live a happy life with that person. They can make you furious, they can make you exhausted, they can make you frustrated beyond the power of language to communicate – those are all actually totally acceptable ways to feel in a relationship sometimes, even if they’re no fun. With someone who has great and delicious virtues, someone who makes you feel emboldened and enlarged, you can probably be happy and satisfied for a very very long time with faults that (occasionally) make you feel white-hot with anger.

Faults or mismatches that make you feel unseen, or afraid, or small in the bad way (not tended to and cuddled, but condescended to and belittled) are… they’re awful. They erode your sense of yourself over time. That’s one of the ways powerful, thoughtful people end up staying in no-good relationships for too long; their confidence gets washed away bit by bit as they get habituated to a steady trickle of being undermined. So it’s vital, Brave Correspondent – absolutely critical – that you evaluate this boy and this girl in the light of not only what about them makes you feel fizzy with joy and hot with wanting. Also please look at how you feel when you disagree. This is so, so important.

Okay, I’m just downright curious now.

What makes Naoto so popular? Is it her gender issues? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike her or anything.

But after seeing people in the P5 tag saying that they don’t want to hear about p4 ever again except if it’s about Naoto I don’t know how to feel.

The other characters are important too… I’m not the only one who feels that way right?

I had my official interview this morning for the bookstore job I’ve been wanting and I THINK it went well

but I know they’re interviewing a SHITLOAD of people bc the interviews are like 11am-4pm FROM TODAY THROUGH ALL OF NEXT WEEK GODDAMN 

and bc i have good old anxietybrain i’m obsessively thinking about what else I could/should/shouldn’t have said and catastrophizing and generally doing myself no good at all bc no matter how much i think about it i can’t change anything now

also i got my period unexpectedly yesterday if by unexpectedly we mean ‘actually right on schedule which is super weird’ and i am in pain and full of hormones and emotions

someone just put me out of my misery holy shit

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i work at a girls rock camp in upstate new york, and today i led a workshop on the history women and trans* folk in popular music, in which we introduced the campers to lots of different musicians in different genres in order to challenge mainstream society's idea of what musicians should look like. just wanted to let you know that you were one of our last slides -- i'm asian american, and i wanted other asian american campers to see you and be inspired by your work. thank you for everything!

HELL YEAH GIRLS ROCK CAMP! you’re doing such important work, it’s an honor to have been included in one of your slides. thank you for thinking of me to show to the campers, sometimes honestly the 1 thing that keeps me doing this, through all the weird shit that comes with making yourself vulnerable to people in this way, is remembering i didn’t have anyone to show me i can do this as an “othered” girl, and i fucking need to make sure other younger non-boys know that they can totally inherit the earth and make it better, much better in fact that i will ever be able to make it. thank *you* for everything, keep on keeping on!!!!!

It’s pretty important to me to be treated like a person with worth and meaning by the people who matter in my life–I want to be, at the very least, a person to the people who are most important to me. And now I’ve gotten myself out of what rapidly became a pretty bad situation where that wasn’t always exactly happening, or at least it didn’t feel like it was, and I’m on the road toward getting a place to live and I’m starting to work on paying off student loans and, oh yeah, I made the dean’s list my last semester! I wouldn’t say that I’m proud of myself, exactly, but it finally feels like I’m on the road towards getting things right. Now I just need to figure out an early warning system and an extraction plan for these unhealthy situations I apparently have a knack for getting myself into…

Himmatt was never a cute puppy, his ears were floppy, he was oversized, and his paws were so big, he would trip when he walked. I remember dragging him down the sidewalk for the first few weeks because he never wanted to go for walks, eventually as he got older, he would lead me on our walks, and not even need a leash. 

Dogs listen to understand and don’t really speak (a quality we would all benefit from practicing more), they seem to be able to sense your emotions, and really want nothing more than to be in your company, if not all up in your business at all times. That’s what make dogs so wonderful, they can make you feel like the most important thing in the world, and they have this magic ability to convince you that rubbing their tummies is actually therapy for you. 

By his 10th birthday, he was developing hip problems (which is very common with German Shepherds). The next year saw one hip go, and then eventually the other, to where he wasn’t able to walk much anymore. 

The most difficult thing we ever had to do was made the decision to put him to sleep, who the f*ck were we to decide when someone should die? Where we doing him a favour and putting him out his misery? Or were we selfish from Day 1 to even develop a relationship with someone we knew we’d most likely outlive. 

As I said, Himmatt rarely spoke, and at this point, he was barely listening. I remember looking at him and asking him how he felt, just hoping for him to turn to me and say “It’s OK, I know what has to be done, it’s not your fault” But that didn’t happen, he just looked off into the distance as if it was any other day, 

When it was clear that he was going to be unable to go another day independently, the decision was made. As the first injection was given, I buried my face into his fur screaming “I’m sorry” That was 2007, and the tears still roll down my face when I relive it (as they are right now). 

Maybe things are only valuable because they’re temporary, but if that’s the case, please appreciate them while you have them. I will be forever grateful for the years we had Himmatt, and for gifting us with a love we’ve yet to see ever again. 


Replies & wcif.

1 & 2. Ellie’s cute outfit is from the amazing tok–sik, here.

3. It’s a mod that gets rid of the censor grid. You can grab it here. I had to be cautious because, he has a private parts mod too :P (nsfw)

4. Well, new cc keeps poping up daily, that inspires me for certain things. And if i want to something on my own, i make it happen. Either creating my own poses or cc that i need. Like the Alex’s accident stories.. or the little escape to the mountains (skii cc and all the snow stories). Doing a side cc blog for keeping track of everything helps me a lot. my memory is awful and makes me a little more organized. good luck!

Someone left a lovely review on my fic on

“I haven’t really read any Red Cricket stories before, but I have to say this is great. It’s well written and I’d love to see more:)”

I feel like I’m one step closer to converting new Red Cricket-ers (Cricketeers?) :D

Ok, so I’m probably reading into it…

…but new Red Cricket shipper! Maybe!

The comments on the new Troylr collab literally make me cringe. Like ugh. So much false information is being spread about Troye and Tyler’s relationship. If you follow either of them on social media at all, you would know they never dated. You would also know that Tyler is never open about his relationships, making Troylr even less plausible. You would also know that it is very likely Tronnor could actually be a thing(not saying it’s real… but cmon). There are some people in the comments that don’t even know Troye and Connor interact. Like what???? I guess I just don’t understand the people that claim to be fans yet don’t know anything about the people they claim to be fans of. I pride myself on being someone that doesn’t comment on Youtube videos because arguments on there are pointless… but right now I need someone to Hold Me Down by Halsey.

P.S. This is not an attack on Troylr, don’t get it confused. This is me complaining about dumb people in the comments.

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heavy rain sucks, its made by that asshole who is a creep and a shit writter

I always find funny how people send these opinions/hate messages to people who actually like the thing being discussed, without giving any reasons. like, what do you want me to do with this? applaud you? you’re not gonna make me change my mind

I know heavy rain is far for being perfect, it has lots of flaws and plot holes but that doesn’t make me love it any less. as for david cage, I know nothing about him so I can’t tell but to be honest, I don’t care. I like what he created, not him.

Someone in my family just laughed at me for my anxiety. I have food anxiety. I can’t eat new things. I’m scared to do it because of an allergic reaction I had a while ago. He just tried to make me eat something then laughed when it made me cry.

Please. If you know someone with anxiety. Be fucking understanding and don’t laugh. We can’t help it. We don’t want to be this way. Honestly feeling like this makes me want to punch myself for being so stupid but I don’t know how to change.

Well, this is it.

So, after numerous hiatuses and just general lack of presence on here, I’m finally deleting my blog. 

I don’t want to make it seem like I’m giving a speech or anything, but there are some things I really want to say.

Firstly, I love this place and I love you all, honestly. Making tumblr was a spur of the moment, but definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. Unknowingly, I started something I really needed at that point in life, nearly two years ago. I am so grateful for all the people who have followed me and have continued to put up with me, all 800 of you, even though I barely made gifs, wrote text posts or reblogged anything. 

There are so many things I wasn’t aware of and probably wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for tumblr: all those things media hides from us and all those things media shoves down our throats, sooo much positivity and beauty in things I didn't even know existed, FANFICTION OMG. And so much more that I’m drawing a blank at the moment.

Where do I even begin with the people I’ve met on here?!!! Everyone has been nothing but loving and welcoming and crazy! I’ve met some truly amazing and awe-inspiring ladies here, ladies who are so dear to me right now that I’m getting emotional. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. And I don’t follow many people, 18 to be precise, but thank you for making my dash my happy place, my safe escape.

So, yes, tomorrow, I will be deleting my entire tumblr, main blog and all side blogs, so I’m extremely sorry to those with whom I share blogs. =(

Am I likely to remake? Who knows, maybe on Saturday I’ll be like, “bun this!” *makes new blog* But that doesn’t seem to be an option at the moment.

I will miss you all more than I can explain right now, but I wish you all every happiness the world contains! Take care, everyone, and pray for your sister. <3 x

Senior Sunrise

I feel really old now. Dropped off my oldest son this morning to help set up senior sunrise for his highschool. Holy shit……a senior! Where does the time go sometimes? I don’t know why it hit me today. I knew it was coming. But life picked today to make me reflect on the past and future. Now I have all kinds of shit in my head. Regrets, wants, things I still want to do and accomplish. Wondering how I can make up for lost time. I just want more time.

(This was too long for an ask, so I did it like this.)

As far as I can tell, I’m an Infj, but there’s a few things that don’t make much sense to me.

1. Why are Infj’s stereotyped as social justice warriors? I care, and I want to help, but think about social issues for long periods of time makes me depressed.

2. I have a goal, and a plan, but I’m not sure of the specifics? Like, Infj makes the most sense for me. I’m pretty sure I’m not a Ne user, but I could be wrong. See, I have a goal for the future, and I have the steps, but I don’t know what I want my job to be? I see my goal as happiness, and that requires a job that will make me happy. Like, is that Ni or Ne? I’ve had the plan in mind for 2-3 years. Plus, I’ve never been very good at things like chess. (That might be because I keep using Se, which, not a good idea, but I could be wrong.)

3. Also, why is another stereotype for Infj’s the martyr? I guess this is less of something I don’t understand, as annoying. I gets old.

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Hey kitty! I was just curious about the "gere" tag (^~^;)ゞwhat is it for?

Gere(unagi)  is this magical being, she loves the color pink and if you thought it can’t get any better she loves stuffed animals. I vowed that I will protect her, like a prince protecting their precious princess, in anything. I will wipe away her tears, and try my best to make her smile, because seeing her smile is what makes her irreplaceable! I want her to keep that smile, even when she’s down, so I dedicate a tag just for her, with things she loves. That will include aesthetic cats, much dogs, smol dogs, and flowers (because in all honestly, shes the rarest flower in my book) and one day, her and me will meet again and we will catch up on the tastiest foods and the softest bears she can get her hands on. 

I don’t have any finished photos of this hammer build, but she is done and she is beautiful and she is leaving me. Off to her forever home. The client was super amazing to have waited this long. What shouldn’t have taken more than a few days took me a few /months/ due to me being a human crap sack and failing at life. BUT! I have to say, she looks good, feels good in the hand, and barring something happening in shipping, should make her owner very happy. If not. Well, I’ll accept a return, and refund the money, and keep her for myself. LOL.
Here were have a collage of the build. If life would just LET me, I would love to build more hammers. Make it my business. Y'all want hammers from the official Lady Thor? I could make that a thing! It comes with a personalized appearance, and I can even sign the shipping receipt for you to keep bc I’m so #CosFamous 😗 LOL. Hammers. If you want'em, I can make'em but Nothing for Nothing, prices start at 150$ and average 200$ and go up if you are determined to have me crying over your project.
I will take finalized pictures of this hammer when I get home before she ships out. Pray to the gods, for me, that she gets to her home safe!
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