okay but like. remember when someone took red beanies to a book signing and got dan and phil to wear them and the blurry pictures taken from a distance were everywhere because beanies. remember when dan apologised every time his hair was even the slightest bit curly. remember when he’d insist he looked absolutely terrible when a fan told him otherwise. and now dan just casually did a liveshow in a pastel beanie with his hobbit hair. like it’s not the biggest deal but he just looked really soft and comfortable and happy and it makes me feel all warm inside and i’m just really grateful for dan howell

Reaction (NCT): When they have a crush on a trainee and try to flirt with them

Taeyong: “She just smells so good, like this rose.” *laughs at how lovestruck he’s being*

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Taeil: *Checks the person out* “Looking good there sweetheart.”

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Johnny: *Snapchats his crush* “Look, I’m already your puppy, now I wanna be your man.”

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Yuta: *Tries being cool* “Sup baby.”

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Doyoung: “Here, I brought you this so you wont get hungry while you train.” *Cutie’s way of flirting*

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Ten: “Hi there. I think that you’re really cute.”

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Jaehyun: *Crush says something* *Too awestruck to say anything back*

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Win Win: “Hello, I’m WinWin. I bet your name is as beautiful as your face.”

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Mark: “Hey there… cutie.” *tries to act cute and gets shy*

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Renjun: *gif explains itself*

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Jeno: “Hyung go talk to her for me. Pretty please. I’m too shy.”

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Haechan: “She just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

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Chen Le: “I’m just gonna eat and pretend that I’m not super shy in front of my crush.”

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Jisung: “Sending my heart to you.” *hearts to his crush*

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REQUEST: I Will Be [Ravus/Reader] Part 1

0.o Wow, you guys really love Ravus, huh? :D I don’t blame you! And I’m glad that you like my depiction of Ravus! >///< Just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside that you trust me with writing him! The request details are under the cut. This is the continuation from QED.

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~ Quick note: You asked for a headcanon, but I raise you one and give you an entire fic.

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Steve Rogers X Black!Reader Headcanons Part deux

This is a mish mash of many requests i got, part is about steve calling out microaggressions another is another request i just there in so yeah hope you enjoy this (also don’t be a PUSSY, REBLOG THIS…plz)

-‘why is this person always saying the n word, theyre not black’ -steve

-‘i love you baby youre so woke’ -you

-‘love you too honey’

-steve calling out the microagressions that the avengers commit towards you, sam, rhodey and/or tchalla

-natasha: “can i thouch your hair”

-Steve, in response: “You dont have eyes natasha?”

-natasha: “sorry damn it just looks…exotic”

-Tony:” you dont act like a normal black person, Y/N”

-Steve, in response “so what does a ‘normal’ black person act like then…?”

-Bucky- “i dont think you would know much about this Y/N”

-Steve, in response “She fucking majored in this James.”

-Steve honestly always calling people out and exposing them

-Steve constantly on twitter exposing these hoes

-Tony, “swing those hips for me fiery latina”

-Steve in response, “should i even have to say anything like really tony?”

-Steve loving your body so much 

-reporters making the supidest comments about you, your body, your race

-Steve and the whole team defending you all the time

-you being offered roles on shows (not as an actor but as like a guest t be interviewed or as a judge on like project runway or some shit)

( honestly its my dream to be a judge on project runway so i had to put ^ that on there)

-The public loving you (aside from the *shudder* conservatives)

-being offered like modeling jobs and all that shit

-becoming like a guest public speaker for a lot of things

-you speak about fat-shaming, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia and a lot of other stuff

-companies and organizations ask you to be the cover firgure of their groups cuz youre so lit

-everyday we lit you cant tell me shit

-steve supporting you in everything cuz hes the littest white boyfriend ever

-yall just lovin ech other a lot and unconditionally

-”i love you pookiebear”

-”i love you more, doll” also whoever says doll is fuckin sexist i give no shits its fuckin cute and it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside

-”no i love you more captain”

-”we all know it it i that loves you more my lovemuffin”

- Sam: “Shut the fuck up we allllll know yall love each other a lot can yall get a fucking room or better yet a new house so we dont have to always hear yall fucking in the early mornin like damn can a nigga get some peace in this place”

lol i loved making this and now that its summer i have a lot of free time so get ready

anonymous asked:

Thinking about Connor taking care of Oliver makes me feel all warm inside. Like just imagining him coming home from a long day, exhausted and ready to complain about Annalise but finds a sick Oliver and drops everything to help him.

(a/n: i love this but i also love the idea of connor being kind of..i can’t think of the right word. let me explain…)

Connor took two steps inside and then two steps right back out. 

“Why are you home?” 

Oliver’s brows knit as he lifted his head off the couch. It was so heavy. He was so tired. “I’m sick,” he tried to say but, with the congestion stuffing his nose, it came out like, “’M snick.” He rubbed at his nose with the back of his hand. “Why you here?” 

“Study group. Forgot my notes.” Connor took a few slow steps into the living room, eying his boyfriend suspiciously. “When’d you get sick?” With midterms and server migrations, they’d been like ships passing in the night the past few days and Connor couldn’t remember if Oliver’d mentioned he wasn’t feeling well. He’d complained that he thought the season changes were messing with his allergies but that wasn’t anything new… 

“’fore lunch. Donna sent me home.” Oliver let his head fall back on the pillow and peered up at his boyfriend. “Do I have a fever?” 

Connor’s grip tightened on his briefcase. “I don’t know.” 

Oliver frowned and arched his neck a bit, leaning closer to Connor. “Can you check?” He watched the hesitation play on Connor’s face before the man turned away and walked to the desk across the way. 

“I think you can check for yourself,” Connor said absently as he dug through a pile of papers and notebooks.  

“Connor–?” Oliver began before Connor stood, holding up a notebook like a prize…or a shield. 

“Okay. I gotta go. I’m going to be late.” 

Ollie’s mouth dropped open a little. “Con–”

“I’ll see you later.” 

And just like that Connor was gone. Oliver frowned at the closed front door for a long moment. He hadn’t pegged Connor as a Florence Nightingale type but even so he’d expected a little bit more from his boyfriend. Turning back to the TV, Oliver bundled under his blanket and actively tried not to be upset. 

Forty minutes later, Ted Allen and the judges were picking apart entrees when the door opened again. Oliver lifted his head to watch his boyfriend all but stumble into the apartment, laden down with bags upon bags, which he dumped on the coffee table. 

Eyeing them, Oliver raised an eyebrow and glanced up. “Did you buy a CVS?” 

Ignoring him, Connor stared to dig. “Are you coughing?”


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[fic recs by your fav nobody]


please send me fics to read !! i have no life i will definitely read them !!

NOTE: some of the links no longer work due to the fact that the author has either deleted the story, their account, or changed their url - i try my best to fix it or remove them from the list so bear with me !!

1. @an-exotic-writer ; literally anything she writes is perfect. she’s lowkey the one who inspired me to write. stan talent, stan missy. i love her all of her works but my all time favorites are

> atomic number 47: fucking silver
> 100 ways to say i love you
> drunk in love
> sugardaddy!jimin

p.s. if you read this missy, i am lowkey your biggest stalker and im just too scared to say anything hahaha bye

2. @noir0neko ; oh my god, the creator of smut and all things sinful. all i want in my life is to be able to write smut this well. 

> 3rd hour: bad behavior
> black magic
> below zero
> billiards boy

3. @dreamscript; hi your writing is flawless and you make me wanna cry

> accelerate 
> sunshine
> execute

4. @yoongink ; !!!!!!!!!!!!! kill me !!!!!!!!!!! your writing is perfect !!!!!!!!

> gang au drabbles

5. @fairyjeons ; the longer i make this list the more my self esteem plummets wow

> mr. and mrs. jeon

6. @seokline ; i don’t know you but i just really love you

> pout
> match maid in heaven (this is actually my religion)

7. @evangelene ; you are not forgettable

> when the paint dries

8. @park-jimeme ; when i first got into bts fics, you were like the second author i discovered and i still love you very much

> dizzy day
> i need u


> accismus

10. @the95liner ; IMPALE ME IN THE FACE

> strangers
> heartthrob 


> why i hate you
> first, last
> should i

12. @sugajpg ; hnnnnngh adjfdlaskfjdsa

> among monsters and men
> underground king
> incandescence 

13. @workofteaguk ; here’s the entire fucking masterlist because there isn’t a single story that isn’t pure art so 

> mlist

14. @bxebxee ; i meant to add you on here a while ago but my dumbass is just now remembering anyways i love you 

> cats and dogs
> i flirt in my calvins (uM???? this fucked me up more than it should have)

15. @versigny ; hello send nudes 

> the stork
> ceo!yoongi drabbles: valentino , sleeping in
> (12)7 minutes in heaven: trouble for the taking (this is a nct fic but still some Good Shit)

I was listening to Suddenly Wheatley again the other day for actually the first time in a while, and I have to say, one of the things I love most about it is how Wheatley’s part all but revolves around how genuinely devoted to Chell he feels right now.

-“You’ve given me purpose, I know what I’m for”

-“I used to guard humans, but now I will guide you”

-“Wheatley’s your core” (x2)

-“It’s what I’m for!” <— (After Chell’s line about him guiding her through this floor)

-“Right by your side, dear”

Like? Idk, I just can’t get over how he’s basically saying that he considers helping Chell to be what he was made for.

This core, who it’s implied has literally forgotten (or was just plain never told) what his actual purpose was supposed to be, believes he has finally found it in simply helping this one amazing individual win the freedom she deserves. Hoping also that perhaps he can share in that freedom as well.

It’s so pure, I tell ya! ;w; Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time~.