i feel like harry and louis are involved in a rapidly escalating war to one up each other with the shitty fast food chains they go to for fan service, like, “oh, you went to chipotle? FUCK YOU I’M GOING TO MCDONALD’S.” / “CLASSIC MICKEY D’S? OKAY, I’M GOING TO BASKIN ROBBIN’S YOU CAN EAT 31 FLAVORS OF MY ASS WHEN I GET BACK AND YOU KNOW I HAVE ADULT ONSET LACTOSE INTOLERANCE.” / “STILL DOESN’T BEAT MCDONALD’S.” / “I AM LITERALLY IN A 711 PARKING LOT WITH A PACK OF ORBITZ GUM YOU CAN’T TOP THIS I ATE CHEESESTEAKS IN PUBLIC YESTERDAY.” / “FUCK OFF I’M AT ARBY’S IN A GAS STATION IN ME SOCKS.”


late night photo shoot 💁

I want to work on building more mass in my back and triceps! I’ve been eating lots and lots of food lately soo I’m gonna do a mini “bulk” to try to add some more muscle. and then I’ll work on leaning out later!

college is great but I’ve never been this tired 😴 I also need to work on going to bed earlier 😂

goodnight tumblr 😘

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That post is disgusting, it's called respect for other cultures and to force a food that a culture does not eat upon them is just giving you a reason to hate them. Somehow I feel you are inherently racist.

Respect for other cultures? ARE YOU FOR REAL?

They brought them what they had -eggs, pasta, decent, edible food. How the fuck is that disrespect???? 

And I don’t know what culture you abide by but if I know someone is doing their best to accommodate me, I wouldn’t fucking show such ingratitude. Especially if I’m a “hungry, desperate refugee fleeing a war torn country with no where to go”

Europeans don’t eat halal food. You should’ve known that beforehand. So you expect them to cook halal food just to feed you? WOW. Who are you???

And ps, they turned down the food because it had the red cross mark on it. How incredible intelligent! 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re coming to a host country and expect aid from them, shouldn’t you be showing respect to the host culture? 

When we travel to Muslim countries, don’t we abide by their rules and laws????

So fuck right off with your rhetoric.


My boyfriend just got back from Europe and broke up with me in a pretty cold, shitty way that has my friend group in an uproar because it was out of the blue and really poorly handled. I’m doing okay and kind of in shock but now taking applications for bae (kidding obviously this is really hard and I joke about hard things but at the same time if anyone wants to go get tattoos with me and eat ice cream I’m down)

clear lakes 44 fandom i have an idea

so the theory going around right now is that we, the fans, are being watched or monitored by the thac boys, and our ideas are influencing clear lakes in some way( example: tim re-appearing, hoodie 2.0 with the face that people drew him with before broadcast five)


if this theory has any truth to it, maybe we oughta test it.

like start drawing conclusions or come up with something to be reviled about Noah character ect ect.

maybe decide that Noahs character like to eat pineapples idk

if this theory holds water then it will be the coolest thing ive ever seen

i’m sorry i haven’t been active lately – i’m going though a lot right now, and i haven’t exactly had many replies to do. so! if you’d like to plot with me, please like this post! (i’d rather create some kind of plot than give you some random starter, especially since i’m not that creative :’)) i’m getting my hair done today, so when i get back i’ll go and message whoever liked this post (you don’t need to have any kind of idea in mind)!

i also hope everyone’s doing well!! you are all super amazing, please remember that!!

Shipping in the new generation
  • Himawari:Metaru-kun! Be a good horsie and run a bit slower -taps his head while sitting on his shoulders-
  • Metal:Understood, Hima-chan! Where do you want your little hoursie to take you now?
  • Himawari:To the Sun!!!
  • Metal:Understood, Hima-chan! We might not make it back though...
  • Himawari:Just keep running, pretty horse! But not too fast!
  • Metal:Understood, Hima-chan!
  • -
  • Mitsuki:Chocho, would you like to go out with me?
  • Chocho:First tell me where and then we'll see.
  • Mitsuki:There's a new barbecue restaurant in the village. They're not even opened yet, but I want us to be the first ones in line.
  • Chocho:I accept!!! But what will we do while waiting?
  • Mitsuki:Order some barbecue from the old place and maybe make out after we finish eating...
  • Chocho:You're my type of guy!
  • -
  • Mirai:Shikadai, you're late for your training again!
  • Shikadai:Stop yelling at me, troublesome woman!
  • Mirai:Stop calling me that and start working harder if you ever want to become a great shinobi like your father!
  • Shikadai:Troublesome...
  • Mirai:You came late for your training all this week, may I know why?
  • Shikadai:I helped Ichiraku washing dishes at night... That's why I was waking up late. I needed the money.
  • Mirai:What for?
  • Shikadai:To take you out on a date on your birthday...
  • -
  • Boruto:-picks up Sarada's notebook that fell on the ground- Why did you write my name so many times on this page, Sarada?
  • Sarada:Give it back!
  • Boruto:Must be... that... you're into me?
  • Sarada:No way! Why would I be into an annoying brat like you?!
  • Boruto:You think I'm annoying?
  • Sarada:Very!
  • Boruto:Well... Here's your notebook back. By the way, I love the cute hearts you draw next to my name. -smiles blushing-
  • Sarada:Baka! -blushes-


Aries: hahahahah, I’m such an attention hog


Gemini: i cri everytim.
why are you so r00d to me.
i love you ally,



Virgo: fuck God fieri or however you spell his name

Libra: i’m going to sleep because i love sleep more than you

Scorpio:you just insulted Hannah fans will hunt you down.

Sagittarius: YA’LL NASTY AS FUCK

Capricorn: auto correct knows you so much I ship you guys

Aquarius: 24/7 I EAT DICKS

Pisces: wth does the ™ mean?? is it like a hip cool trend the teenagers do nowadays???


Ophiuchus:all the boys go to me


  • i have a interview tomorrow for a possible promotion. i am very nervous, but also very excited. it would really be nice to finally be in a full time position. oh man i am so nervous. 
  • i have some so very excited news that i can’t wait to share with you guys, it has nothing to do with me, but i don’t want to say it out loud until it happens, just incase anyone i know irl reads my blog. 
  • i’m going to start getting strict on the weight loss front again. i’ve been intuitively eating for the past few months, but i need to clean things up for a little bit. this doesn’t mean i am going to start counting calories again or any of that, i am still going to do the intuitive thing, but i am just going to clean things up a bit. 
  • i’ve been in a really good mental state for the past week. things got really foggy there for a bit and i am finally getting back to my healthy place again. i’m really hoping that this feeling is here to stay. 

Yesterday, shortly after my post, I decided it was going to be a mental health day. No workout, no laundry, no dishes. I just couldn’t find it in me to run and fold and wash. I *did* find it in me to sit on the couch for six hours watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: SVU, then have a massive cry, then binge eat. Not my plan for Thursday, but it happened.

The good news is that today is a new day, and a Friday at that. Early wake up for a workout. Since I missed yesterday’s run, I did it today, and then 15 minutes of extra cardio, a workout and a half, if you will. On the stairs, I started to feel like DJ Tanner in that episode of Full House where she gets invited to a pool party and thinks she is fat and she doesn’t eat and work out really hard.

Featured in  my picture is my “I forgot my water” face and a little bit of gunnage because I feel like the tiny bit of definition I had is coming back.

Also me and the Os, because today is his birthday and I want to give him all the social media love, because he deserves it. He is a trooper, that guy.

I am in two Fantasy Leagues this year, and my first draft is tonight, so I need to get my research on. 7/10 in this league are Die Hard Pats fans (..because I am related to them, obvi) so it will be interesting to see who gets which Pats players. And because of the recent glorious news, vernalkettlebell, I am thinking of changing my team name to #GOAT.

Now, I pop a coffee in a to go mug and hit the road to the coast for the three day weekend.

29496) I left my boyfriend’s apartment to go home and eat dinner by myself because I didn’t want him to judge me for the low amount of calories or my bloated stomach afterwards.

flippincraycray asked:

you obviously eat very healthy but aren't you concerned about variety? like if two of your meals were sweet potatoes you're not really getting a variety of nutrients just what the sweet potato has to offer among your other food (LOTS of vitamin A not to mention the carrots too!)

Nope I am not concern whatsoever… :) Do you realize how nutritiously dense sweet potatoes are??? They are literally a perfect food!! But that was just one day of eating… Watch all my what I eat in a day videos and you will see I get plenty variety! The way I eat doesn’t get boring to me. And my perfect blood test results show that there is no ‘lacking’ going on… :)

This tweet has been on my mind and i though hey, why don’t I write a smut about this? So here goes my very first Luke Hemming smut.

Rating: R


AN: This is so long and sucks balls so I’m sorry


I took another long sip from my beer before returning my unconvinced stare to Luke. “You’ve never lost a game.” I raise my eyebrows as Luke rubs the back of his neck.

“Nope. Cal always loses at parties and no one dares to challenge the master.” He grins and shoots me a shit eating grin. I snort loudly and put my bottle down.

“Okay then, I challenge you.” Luke laughs and drowns the remainders of his drink before picking up a paddle.

“You’re going down princess.” Another smirk plays on his pink lips and I am already regretting this. If I lose, he’ll never let me live it down. But if I win, hell, I’ll be the queen of the world.

I pick up the plastic ball from it’s spot on the table and am about to serve when Luke yells “Wait!”

I look at him with my eyebrows raised, “Are you worried I’ll kick your ass? There’s still time to back down.”

“No, I just think we should make this more interesting.”

I roll my eyes and cross my arms over my chest, the paddle resting uncomfortably on my chest. “What’s more interesting then the reigning champ getting pummeled?”

Luke grinned, “Every time the other person gets a point, loser removes an item of clothing.”

My laughter rings through the house,”This was all just an elaborate scheme to see me boobs wasn’t it.”

He smiles, and I nod my head. “Fine, fine. We’ll play strip ping pong. But be aware that I’m only doing this so I can remove your title, and see your abs. 

So the game started and the first round went on for what felt like ages. I was in the zone man, and I finally got the first point.

“Yes! Haha, sucks to suck Hemmings.” I gloat wiping my forehead to find sweat.

“Okay,” He giggles, “What should I remove?”

I return to my beer and tap the rim to my lips. “Hmm… I’m feeling shirt.”

Luke bites his lip ring while pulling his shirt over his head. I have to stop myself from gasping because damn he’s gorgeous.

I openly admire his broad shoulders until Luke clears his throat, “Like what you see?”

“Who wouldn’t?” I ask honestly and smile meeting his eyes. “Are you ready to finish this?”

The game goes on until we’re both down to our underwear. I’m not going to lie, Luke was distracting. He knew it too, the little shit.

We were both sweaty and laughing but there was something else in the air, and I’m really hoping it’s sexual tension. Because I would not be opposed.

“Final round Luke, this is the end all be all. Will I take your title? Or will you stay on top?”

Luke smirks and look me right in the eye, “I’m starting to hope you’ll top.” My eyes narrow and I laugh as I feel more core dampen.

“Me too.”

We both stare at each other, and I can 100% confirm that sexual tension is what is being felt at this moment.

Luke breaks the silence with another innuendo “Don’t screw me over okay Y/N?”

I spin the ping pong paddle on my palm, “Oh I plan to.”

“Fuck it.” Luke mutters and suddenly he’s around the table and is pressing his lips to mine. He kisses me hard and I can feel the cool of his lip ring. What I wouldn’t give to feel that between my thighs.

I groan into his mouth and bite his bottom lip, “You just know I’d win and take your title.”

Luke smiles against my mouth before removing his and placing open mouthed kisses along my jaw. “Can’t risk it.” He admits before sucking on the side of my neck.

I grab a fistful of his hair and tug lightly, gaining a moan from Luke. He brings his lips down to kiss along the tops of my breasts. “Do you want me to fuck you babe? Fuck you so good you can’t walk tomorrow?“

I sigh out a “God yes.” before whispering “Couch.”

“Jump.” Luke replies as i lift my legs. He reconnects our lips and my hands find his hair again as Luke carriers me to the couch.

The cold leather is a welcome feeling on my back, but it doesn’t last long as Luke rubs up my core and my back arches. “Already so wet for me.” Luke groans.

“Only for the ping pong.” I tease. My breath catches in my throat as my underwear is removed and Luke’s hands find the back of my bra.

“You’re beautiful.” Luke whispers in my ear before trailing more kisses down my body. He licks a thick strip up my slit and immediately sucks on my clit.

 I throw my head back and grip his hair again, earning another moan against my core. “Fuck Luke.” I groan as his tongue enters me. I can feel the firm grip his hands have on my hips, and I want more.

“Beg for me baby girl.” He mumbles against my core.

“Fuck Luke I need your hands, please make me come! Please, please baby I love how good your eating me out.”

My stomach tightens just as he reaches up and adds two fingers. “Sweet Jesus Luke.” His eyes flash up to meet mine.

“Come for me baby.” He whispers in my ear. My release hits me hard and Luke watches as my eyes screw shut and I scream his name.

I pull Luke’s lips back to mine once his fingers have left me. I can taste myself on him. Luke’s hips lift up to mine and I hear him moan into my mouth as my legs wrap around his waist, drawing him closer.

His bulge presses into my core and I want him so badly. “Luke,” I breath out.

“Yeah princess?” he rests his forehead to mine as he grinds himself on me.

“What do you want?” Luke smiles and flip me over effortlessly. “I wasn’t kidding about you topping.”

I press my palm to his cock and grin, “I mean, I am the Queen of ping pong. It’s only fitting that I’m on top.” I sit up and roll his underwear down his legs. Luke kicks them somewhere, and they join the rest of our discarded clothes.

I almost come at the sight of him. Luke’s eyes are shut and his arms are behind his head. I grab his cock and he lets out a sigh. I lick the tip and Luke’s eyes fly open. “Sorry, did I disturb your nap?”

He smiles, sits up and kisses me again. “No foreplay babe, I need to come inside you.”

I grab hold of him again and position him at my entrance. I let my hips sink down slowly and let out a long string of profanity. Luke fills me up and I clench my walls around him.

As soon as I’ve adjusted, I start to bounce up and down relentlessly on him. Luke\s hands find my hips again as he brings me down harder and harder. My nails drag down his chest as I watch his mouth open in ecstasy.

Suddenly he flips us over and starts pounding into me. “Luke!” I scream as his lips attach to my nipple biting down lightly as his hips meet mine for each thrust. My nails drag down his broad back, no doubt leaving scratches.

“I’m so close baby girl.” Luke groans and picks up my right leg to get a better angle.

I let out a gasp as he hits my  g-spot. Luke chuckles darkly between his moans and whispers “Found it.” into my ear. It’s enough to make me come.

“I’m coming Luke, fuck I’m coming.” I tighten around him.

“Me too babe. Ready to com with me princess?” He reaches his hand down and rubs my clit and I come. Luke follows right after me and I can feel the hot cum inside me.

He pulls out and we both catch our breath. “Holy shit.” I mumble staring at him.

“I’m pretty sure we can call this one a tie.” Luke laughs and kisses my forehead. He pulls me to him, my head resting on his chest. Luke traces small circles on my arm as I place three small kisses in the center of his chest.

“I guess we’ll just have to go for a second round to figure out the winner.” I smirk, admiring the long nail marks down his chest before placing my head back down.

“You’re so on.”

A lady at costco just now tried to trick me out of a pack of the absolute most perfectly ripe pears ive ever seen and hot mad when i wouldnt put them back and said i was going home to eat thw entire crate right now.


In honor of the Queen’s birthday I decided to bake her a cake… that I will be eating. 

I wanted to bake one from scratch but then I remembered I still have a business to run and lol what is time!? So I ran out to the food stores in my area and gathered the supplies. Can you believe I had to go to four different stores? Come on Fort Greene! (I realized later after Gabi told me that I could have gone to Target) 

Scotus stuck his face in the vegetable oil bowl while I had my head turned, but I should have expected that.

Happy Friday everyone I hope you have a nice long weekend!


Kokomo has gotten into the habit of taking walks before and after dinner lately. Here he is waiting for me to finish cooking my dinner outside the kitchen and then here he is reminding me that it’s time to go out. I was eating at the dining table and he flung my sneakers around to tell me it’s time to put them on and take him outside.

I was going to post something along the lines of, “life is too short. Eat the donut.” And leave it at that. But I started thinking. About how I don’t really believe in dieting. How all dieting did was make me sad. Thin. But sad. It didn’t make me stronger or solve my body issues. I love food. Dieting just made me feel guilty and like somehow less of a person every time I ate something not in the plan. I obsessively counted calories and felt tired all the time. But for the first time the number on the scale dropped below 125 so I felt justified. It was working right? But not fast enough so I added in running. And luckily for me, I’m über competitive. When my calorie deprived (but thin!) body couldn’t keep up, couldn’t handle it, instead of quitting running, I listened to my family and friends (who had been concerned about my situation) and started eating more. I started eating enough to carry me through a full marathon in my second year running. I fell in love with bike racing and I saw women built like me who ate real food and were strong and confident and I started to forgive my thighs and love my calf muscles even though many tall boots won’t zip around them. I’ve found a balance between my donut Friday and my workouts and I try not to be wracked with guilt when I take a day, or a week, off. I still look at my thighs and wish they were smaller some days and I still hate my grandma arm jiggle. I look at bikini pictures and immediately suck in my stomach. But I’m working on it. Trying to find the balance between what society throws in my face daily and the realities of my body and what I want from my life. So go eat your donut. And enjoy every bite.

ice-bringer asked:

For the drabble thing... Erzajane for 46, if that's okay?^^

“Hey Erza, have you seen the- Oh.”

Mirajane stopped in the middle of the room as she watched Erza with amusement. She had not anticipated that Erza would eat the cake before the party, but apparently she was wrong.

“I see you found you’re birthday cake”

Erza’s head suddenly turned towards Mirajane, her eyes sparkling.

“Mira! This cake is the most heavenly thing I’ve ever eaten and you were going to keep it from me until the party how could you!”

Mirajane retrieved what was left of the cake from Erza before she could eat it whole, and grabbed Erza’s cheek still full of cake. Smiling, with a voice as melodic as an angel’s she spoke.

“If you ever do it again I will not hesitate to punish you”

With that she kissed her lover’s brow and proceeded to exit the room. under the door frame she paused momentarily,

“Or Perhaps I will punish you later tonight"
I hope that was ok It’s my first time doing this ^-^