Proof that Markiplier is secretly a yandere!

Spotted wearing a yandere shirt in Fast.EXE

Look at it. looK AT IT

Yandere apparel and dialogue nothing more than harmless inspiration from his exposure to yandere simulator?

Or perhaps……..

This is his true self!!!1!!1!

Look at this sexy yandere trash

Clearly psychotic

Need more proof??

His ‘acting’ is too good to be just that, an act

Surely you remember Best Friends Forever

Go watch it and refresh your memory. Video

Also Mark can activate shadow panel creepy af mode

I’m on to you Markiplier. Or should i say….Yandiplier!!!!!

The signs as Markiplier aliases

Aries: Ed Edgar

Taurus: Squirrel King

Gemini: Santiplier

Cancer: Babyplier

Leo: Wilford Warfstache

Virgo: Googleplier

Libra: Dr. Iplier

Scorpio: Darkiplier

Sagittarius: Sexiplier

Capricorn: Danciplier

Aquarius: Captain Falcon

Pisces: Sanic the Hedgehog
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