Can everyone chill tf out with Calum’s hickey. The boy’s 19 for God’s sake he can make his own decisions and have sex. Idc where he got the thing from, maybe it was from one of the boys (*cough* cashton asf *cough*), maybe it was from a member of the tour crew, maybe it was a fellow songwriter, maybe it was a producer, maybe it was someone from Hey Violet/State Champs, maybe it was some goshdarn genderqueer/non binary telemarketer for all I care but we don’T BLOODY KNOW ANYTHING AND DANGIT JUST LET THE BOY BE SEXUAL IF HE WANTS TO BC HIS PERSONAL LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN

Mountain Dew online voting contest gone wrong

PepsiCo wanted was to get the Internet community to come up with a clever new name for a Mountain Dew flavor. When Mountain Dew tapped its Internet followers to help christen a green apple-flavored drink, the disastrously short-lived 2012 “Dub the Dew” promotion was pretty quickly shut down when the suggestions that rolled in proved to be incredibly offensive.

In what was called “Operation: Gushing Granny,” 4chan users allegedly flooded Mountain Dew’s “Dub the Dew” contest with suggestive titles and eventually crashed the contest site. In total, it appears the 4chan community created about 510 different contest submissions.

Mountain Dew bailed on the promotion and issued a profuse apology to its fanbase, conceding that the company “lost to the Internet.”

“Just wait. Sooner or later, one company will just say ‘Fuck it, print it.’ And people will freak,” a Reddit user commented on this fail. “Then, I bet their sales will spike.”. 

Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll see when this day comes. Until then the lesson is pretty simple - do not give Internet communities the power to name products. Use some kind of moderation or other safeguards.