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Omg did you see that Bangtan Subs(the only subs I trust on youtube) wrote "Yoongi, this feels weird! It feels like pudding!" in their subs. So he was saying Yoongi :))))

fffccckkkk it’s confirmed then :”)))))))). i actually found it out a few days ago that he mentioned yoongi’s name when my friend who has good korean ears said that he was talking to yoongi in that part and it sounds like “윤기야 느낌 이상해 푸딩 깥에!” / “yoongi-yah neukkim isanghae pudding ggate” / “yoongi it feels weird like pudding!” i event posted it in my vine lmao

bless bangtan subs for confirming this because from other subs i’ve watch i didn’t see yoongi’s name being mentioned there which is SO IMPORTANT :)))