I was listening to NCT Dream and

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Idk why everyone is sendings you cats but here is my son

one person asked me if i liked cats then everyone started sending me pics of their cats lmao its gr8,,, but i  luv how defiant ur cat looks sitting on that suitcase,, almost majestic,, bless



Heaven-sin Follow Forever

July 1st marked me being on this shitty website for a year and even though I’m late, I decided to do a follow forever for all of the amazing blogs I’ve found since then. Some of these blogs I’ve been following basically since the beginning of time and others since last week. Each of the blogs below are amazing, kind, and I love seeing each of their loss on my dash. Anyway below is a complete list of my all time favourite tumblr blogs, I did my best to organize them alphabetically so that they are easy to go through!

@109-degrees @5sostastic @affablesam @amidcla @ashtonscreams @beauty-guns-death @citywalkluke @coffeesheeran @foxboroughswift

@haditfiguredout @hclyground @htdws @joshsfrend @kaleidoscope-of-l0ud @ouutofthewoods @passinnotesinsecrecy @prettyheathen @rockalbum6 @rumorflys

@sheskindaswift @speaknowhealy @stereomuke @teylors @thatsickbeat @tr-u-ce @tylorswft @weak-sunlight @weareaddictswithapen @yourfangsandmysparetime

don’t let them see you’re afraid / paranoia and horror 

main theme - in the mouth of madness ost / muddy waters - lisa the painful ost / flood ii - sisters of mercy / gehn’s theme - riven ost / mrs. bagwell’s rhumba - mirrormask ost / ballade 4, part 2 - waking life ost / vroom vroom - lisa the painful ost / the book comes back - in the mouth of madness ost / end title - constantine ost


yo i’m eve (and the pokemon i’m th proudest of) and i’m incredibly passionate abt pokemon go even though i’m a p low lvl, feel free 2 hit ur girl up !!!

arvallen replied to your post “or maybe bismuth was a different kind of occult forced by the vampires…”

Got a good idea. Bismuth is a powerful vampire/demon hybrid that can imbue the weapons she crafts with her own blood, making them extremely powerful. Forced into slavery by (Whatever the Diamond Authority is in your AU), she works on weapons until Rose saves her and eventually imprisons her for having too many violent tendencies.

i really like this, but i want to stay away from the idea of demons especially when it is tied to bismuth. as in the show, she is complex and morally grey. if i can maybe come up with an alternative to demons or maybe something tied to dark magic etc.

y’all needa do yourselves a favor and watch Cats Don’t Dance

if you have, GR8 watch it again , if you haven’t YOU GOTTA