Yeah the fact that Dirk just full on punches Jake in the face makes me think they’re just weird bffsies and not dating, but john and jade bein like haha aww (dorks) at the picture of them together makes me think they are dating
Now that’s what i call #ambiguous



ALLÔ → ‘hello’
↳ appropriate for answering the phone
BIENVENUE → ‘welcome’
↳ appropriate for greeting guests
BONJOUR → ‘hello’
↳ literal translation is ‘good day’ (‘bon’ good + ‘jour’ day)
↳ appropriate in formal and casual settings
↳ appropriate for morning and afternoon
BONSOIR → ‘hello’
↳ literal translation is ‘good evening’ (‘bon’ good + ‘soir’ evening)
↳ appropriate in formal and casual settings
↳ appropriate in the evening
 → ‘hey’
↳ when used in conjunction with ‘là’ (hé là!’), it means ‘hey there!’
↳ appropriate in casual settings
SALUT → ‘bye/hi’
↳ appropriate in casual settings

A BIENTÔT → ‘see you soon’
À PLUS TARD → ‘see you later’
↳ informal, but can be made even more informal by just saying ‘à plus’
ADIEU → ‘goodbye forever’
↳ used for people you’ll never see or speak to again
AU REVOIR → ‘goodbye’
↳ literal translation is ‘to see/meet again’ (‘au’ to + ‘revoir’ see/meet again), so you’re really saying ‘until i see you again!’
↳ appropriate in formal and casual settings
BONNE NUIT → ‘goodnight’
↳ literal translation is ‘good night’ (‘bonne’ good + ‘nuit’ night)
↳ appropriate in formal and casual settings
↳ appropriate at night
PASSEZ UNE BONNE JOURNÉE → ‘have a good day’
↳ formal, but can be made informal by just saying ‘bonne journée’
SALUT → ‘bye/hi’
↳ appropriate in casual settings


‘vous’ and ‘tu’ mean ‘you’. the difference is the context in which you use them. to put it simply: ‘vous’ is formal and used for multiple people, and ‘tu’ is informal. read here for more info.


ÇA VA? → ‘How are you?’
learn how to respond here
COMMENT ALLEZ-VOUS? → ‘How are you?’
learn how to respond here
COMMENT T’APPELLES-TU? → ‘What’s your name?’
COMMENT VOUS APPELEZ-VOUS? → ‘What’s your name?’
ELLE S’APPELLE → ‘Her name is…’
ENCHANTÉ → ‘Nice to meet you.’
↳ used when the speaker is a man
ENCHANTÉE → ‘Nice to meet you.’
↳ used when the speaker is a woman 
IL S’APPELLE → ‘His name is…’
JE M’APPELLE… → ‘My name is…’
JE SUIS… → ‘I am…’
MON NOM EST… → ‘My last name is…’
MON PRÉNOM EST… → ‘My first name is…’
MON SURNOM EST… → ‘My nickname is…’
VOICI → ‘This is…’


C’EST PAS GRAVE → ‘No problem.’
EMBRASSE-MOI → ‘Kiss me.’
FERME-LA → ‘Shut up.’
JE NE SAIS PAS → ‘I don’t know.’
JE SUIS DÉSOLÉ → ‘I’m sorry.’
↳ used when the speaker is a man 
JE SUIS DÉSOLÉE → ‘I’m sorry.’
↳ used when the speaker is a woman  
JE T’AIME → ‘I love you.’
JE T’AIME POUR TOUJOURS → ‘I love you forever.’
JE TE DÉTESTE → ‘I hate you.’
QU’EST-CE QUE JE FERAIS SANS TOI? → ‘What would I do without you?’
T’EN FAIS PAS → ‘Don’t worry about it.’
TU AS DE TRÈS BEAUX YEUX → ‘You have beautiful eyes.’
TU ME MANQUES → ‘I miss you.’
VOUS ME MANQUEZ → ‘I miss you.’



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pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs