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Hey there! I'm a beginning witch, and I have limited access to herbs and other magical items. I was wondering what kind of magical properties cilantro would have, if any? I feed my bearded dragon cilantro, so it would be easy to obtain for a spell. Thanks in advance!

Cilantro is used to make coriander, so think of them as having the same properties, just with cilantro having slightly dimmer effects. Coriander is typically used is lust magic and love spells, healing, and divination. Cilantro is considered good for helping stimulate the heart chakra aka things involving love, especially self-love, compassion, and emotional balance. Because of its green, leafy-quality, cilantro could also make a good component in money spells.

There are a ton of ways that you can use everyday household items in spells! To see what I’m talking about, search my #witch game tag for some examples of how far you can make just three simple ingredients go. 

DAY 5, Entry #1 "LEFTY" ✂ - wet-monsoon
"Literally I've been following him around for weeks... 
and I've never once seen the right side of his face... 
and neither has anyone else. But why? 
Mabel? Theories?"
DAY 5, Entry #2 "TOOTH"
"I don't know, I've been looking for... there it is.
Okay, after it attacked us, that giant head thing just
sunk back into the lake, and it lost another one of its teeth 
trying to eat our boat! But the important thing is, we survived. 
"Hide Behind? Oh, he's real alright. Real as my beard! 
He was behind me once; made this sound: tchktchktchktchktchktchk.
Mighty spooky."

"Oh, the Hide Behind is definitely real. 
He might even be behind me right now! Let me see..."

"Don't believe every legend you hear, kid. The people in this town 
are literally the dumbest people in the world. 
“20-15 13-5. 20-8-5 4-1-18-11-14-5-19-19 9-19 14-5-1-18.”
Joe Trohman

y’know, sometimes i feel people dont realise how effing awesome joe is

he has beautiful hair

he can pull off any hair style, from long to short

even fricking bald

he looks fucking flawless in a beanie

and other hats

his tattoos are works of art,

he is beard goals a f

even his cute fetus chin beard

and is still just as beautiful clean shaven

he looks really great in a suit

hes super sweet; he gives out hugs and is so social and loves meeting fans

hes a really great singer too

hes so passionate about his job, he loves playing guitar and learning all the tech


his hair has a life of its own

fricking trohmania

hes such a dad (or he’s “in the biz ide) hes just a scramble of dad jokes and awesomeness. hes so proud of ruby 

he has a beautiful wife

he looks fab in glasses too

he has a dream house

he is a meme



hes such a massive dork 

a bit of a derp

great at participating

but lets get cereal

joe trohman

is fucking


this man has inspired me for so long now. Hes taught me to be confident  Hes taught me to be weird and most importantly:

Hes taught me to be me

each and everyday this man helps me be happier and gives me something to live for.

So thank you, mrtrohman for being awesome 

the signs as random drag race things

Aries: the leaning tower of ornacia heads

Taurus: saying “IVVYYYY WINTERS!” instead of just “ivy winters”

Gemini: mimicking alaska’s voice

Cancer: Tracey Martel

Leo: making fun of Mimi Imfurst

Virgo: pearl face

Libra: fighting over who should have won which season

Scorpio: “willams beard” jokes



Aquarius: laganja death dropping



I know I have made a post like this before, but seeing Jensen’s full beard picture has really sparked this theory again, so bear with me. 

Look at these pictures and tell me what you see.

Now let me tell you what I see. I see two dignified grown men. I see two hunters who have grown up and are no longer the boys they once were.

A beard is practically a hunter’s trademark, just look at their fatherly figures. Both Bobby and John had beards. I think that it was great having the boys clean shaven for their first 9 years or so, but I think by now they should have Jensen and Jared stop shaving. Its a matter of character development. They aren’t the children they were when they first started this. The beards make them look older, harsher, like they’ve seen some things in their life. I honestly find it very suitable for Sam and Dean, and even more than that I think they are worthy of the hunter’s beard, do you?

Just look at Jensen in that picture, now look at it as Dean. He looks like a spitting image of Bobby, and if we are going there if you minus the long hair Jared has the same beard as John. I see nothing more perfect then my Sam and Dean with beards, point closed.


I can finally call this project finished, and put it up on the shelf.  At the start I built this while siting at my coffee table and watching a movie. The kit is 40+years old and yes it is dated but I think it holds up very well.  

The Figures are a whole new thing to me as I have never attempted conversions, The driver is nothing big, its the original tamiya figure I just swamped it with a hornet head.  The Gunner I used the patrol cap from a masterbox set then filled in the hair with Miliput. Same with his beard I don’t currently have sculpting tools so I had to improvise with my hobby knife an fingernail.  The Officer kinda came into play last min and had me digging through my figure box of doom. He is two separate bronco figures, tamiya, miniart and a hornet head. I think he certainly adds something to the scene. 

I have a StuG group build that starts next week, I have two months to complete it. So we will see how adventurous I get with that one. 


i dont understand how people can look at a preppy white boy and find him attractive. no offense at all, preppy white boys, but i just find it so boring. theyre so plain and typical. preppy white boys are the definition of vanilla. like zamn @boys who got color in them and boys with beards and boys with long hair and boys who dress in things other than khakis and polos. yall need more credit, yet every hot rich guy in a movie or a book or a magazine or fuckin anywhere is white and preppy. it aint right. representation for the colored boys, representation for the hippie boys, representation for the feminine boys, representation for the boys with things more interesting to discuss than golf or the stock market. thanks for not being plain ass low-fat vanilla frosting. yall keep me goin. end the mainstream belief that a boy gotta be preppy and white to be cute, cause that shit simply aint true and i feel so bad for the people missin out on quality non-white non-prep dick.

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Can I request Ventus with colors #2 and emoji E6? OuO Maybe my headcanon of older Ventus if you want a challenge?

Vens face when he wakes up, realises its been over 10 years and  he’s already gone through puberty. O


IM SORRY I READ IT WRONG AND I DIDNT SEE “MY” headcanon  of VEN. SO I JUST DREW MY OWN. D: I’m sorry! I might draw him another time tho!

Personally, I imagine Ven having hair long enough to tie into a little ponytail when he wakes! 8D  And maybe a scrappy little chin beard ;D

Want to request a character?? Just follow this link! :P  

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If they wanted to clear Harry's past and the co is near in time, why are they letting this rumor run? I really don't get this! I thought better times were coming but ... Idk I feel discouraged :(

If they hadn’t wanted to clean Harry’s past they wouldn’t have done it. Simple as that. PR people don’t clean people’s pasts by accident. Just as much as they didn’t unfavorite that pornographic picture on Harry’s account for a REASON.

They could’ve done the denials anytime in the past, all it would’ve taken was a single tweet from their PR team yet they never did it. Only in the last few months.


Just to get another beard? In the past it was not a problem to put a new girl next to him. If they wanted him to be presented as het they would’ve left every single story run its course. They didn’t. They even stopped a fan-fabricated story. Cleaning his past took more effort and energy than organizing stunts.

You’re focusing on a one off thing too much that can be simply explained as bullshit orchestrsted by Danfiction or the pap itself instead of looking at the consistent big picture.

Dan will always be Dan and tabloids will always be tabloids. I know the fandom is not used to tabs writing articles just for the sake of writing them but that’s what they do 90% of the time.

Remember, the lothario image has never been stopped up until recently and the tabs are much to blame for this for supporting the *Harry Styles fucks everyone with a vagina* narrative.

The analytical and critical Larry fandom is used to seeing every article as approved by 1DHQ. I believe they couldn’t have cared less, the only important thing for them was to hide the gay. Why do they care now and why is the media even allowed to speculate about his sexuality?

It might be a stunt, ok? But it’s not consistent to the 7-8 denials/clean ups made recently.

It’s the same as Louis’ partying. If they wanted to present him as het they would’ve done it. Honest to God the kid has been a bouncing delight since Singapore (first officially beardless day), and if he had wanted to fight the gay war he very much would’ve. Just as much as he rebelled with wearing clothes with LGBT support, and he was very convincing with rebelling against his beard. If you think Louis Tonlinsom doesn’t want to come out then we have a huge disagreement here. If you put together the het theories and compare his own actions when he undermined his closet as much as he could, all you see is this loud raggedly handsome manly leader with a constant smile plastered on his face, even the girls have been removed from the picture when they became touchy feely. Alberto was even letting him know to be careful there’s girls in the car. No, this is not how I’d expect Louis Tomlinson’s mood if he went from one hell hole to another.

Same with Harry. He rebelled the heck out of his closet but nothing lately. I don’t see fighting, I see two happy boys so very much in love, I see hope in their eyes and a free flamboyant leader Louis Tomlinson. The gay-one Louis Tonlinson whose mannerism and flamboyancy were controlled to the level that a robot had more facial expressions. This previously controlled Louis Tomlinson has been himself for months. Either they turned straight overnight or they very well know something is coming and there’s no need to rebel because there’s no big gay war anymore.

The fandom has been trained to explain everything with old patterns but you can’t explain things with the old thinking anymore.

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Hey! I was wondering what it means when a creative is "fired up?" Is it a mating response? I've seen some comparison photos of fired and non fired geckos and sometimes it's hard for me to tell if it's the same gecko!

Its a very odd thing and we don’t really know for sure why some do it! Crested geckos, for example, have a “fired up” color where their colors are brighter, darker, or more contrasted. Some will do it under UVB light, some when excited over food, some when stressed, some when sprayed, and some even just when awake. There doesn’t seem to be a real reason why they do it. However, other reptiles like bearded dragons and leopard geckos ALSO do this, though not as big or a change. Bearded dragons when inside or cool will have lighter colors which helps them hold in their body heat. When in a hot area or under direct sun they will darken to help absorb heat. Leopard geckos will have a bright crisp color to them when warm and relaxed. When they are stressed pr cold they will turn a dirty or muddy looking color. Ill add some photos for examples in a reblog in a second since tumblr is a big butt and wont let me add them in my response 

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"#its dark now #how's he gonna shave huh" jfc. dying.

season 11 budget cuts: they’re not using cameras anymore. it’s just going to be like an old cartoon bit where they dance floating eyeballs around the screen while jared and jensen and misha do voiceovers. when they finally bring the picture back like 20 episodes into the season, everyone will have full beards and be wearing their plaid inside-out.