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how do you "lizard proof" something?

lizard can get under stove! so what do we do? we tape cardboard across the bottom of the stove so lizard can’t get under!!!!!! same with dressers. desks. stuff. things.

pick curtains up off floor LIZARD MIGHT CLIMB THEM

make sure no mouse or insect traps or ant killing things are on the floor where lizard will be going

vacuuming helps. nice clean floor for lizard to venture on. no crumbs for lizard to eat when human not looking.

eliminate crevices that lizard could shimmy into and get stuck sideways like dumb fool

there’s other things but can’t remember rn

“Your son has very soft lips”

Brent, how was it telling your friends and family the direction of the character?

BA: Adam actually met my parents. It was the filming of [last week’s episode] and my mom and my dad were sitting outside. I remember him just walking and I just knew Adam was going to say something.

He just looks at my dad and goes, “Your son has very soft lips” and we just started cracking up.

And I remember kissing Adam in the limo and looking at him and rubbing the top of my lip and just going, “Dude, I totally get why girls prefer clean shaven now. I totally get it.” Beard burn!

from “Hit The Floor” Star Brent Antonello And Creator James LaRosa Talk About The Show’s Hot Gay Storyline, The Backlot, Logo NewNowNext, 1/15/2016

Edit: Adam’s version (your son has sweet lips)

I heard that Portland is just full of like, the ugliest people.
—  white woman, in Boulder

just cut the prequels so the only scenes are the ones which include obi wan and its a trilogy about an increasingly distressed and confused man whose beard keeps growing longer

The feel good about myself train continues to roll on - so I am just going with the flow!

I took this photo earlier today as I needed a reference for the hand position (imagine I’m holding a heart on my chest) for an illustration piece I am currently working on. 

Anyway - after I took the photo I realized that even though I have a slightly goofy half smile on my face - I once again liked how I looked here.  Maybe its the beard, maybe its feeling healthier and being active, maybe its feeling less stressed as I am making some great progress on projects again (after some stumbles last week).  Not really sure but I just like it!

As for other things going on today - my swim coach sent over the final set of swim workouts and this time around she even has me doing some speed training where I have to pay attention to my time and get faster in certain laps.  I am looking forward to that as we had not done that before. 

I have been looking into some waterproof books/cards that have swim workouts on them that I could use to continue training on my own for now.  While I still debate on joining the swim team.  I am just really enjoying going in the middle of my work day - its a perfect break from sitting at my desk, right when I need it.  And mentally I like that I am doing it on my own.  So I am not really in a rush to give that up and join the team at 5:30am a few days a week - where I would then have nothing to break up my afternoon later in the day.  So still working on what to do about that.

But these are good dilemmas to have because no matter what I do - both options involve continued activity and that’s all that really matters anyway!

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Hey sasha u mentioned James franco is still with Vince. I knew abut James but had no idea who vince was.. I Google him and saw he had a kid. Is that his and james? Or is it a stunt baby? And do u know anything on his brother dave? I'm a fan of his but his engagement has me questioning a bit bc it's a bit shady but idk I could be wrong.

Imo, Vivian is James and Vince’s daughter. The bio mom just so happens to be an ex-classmate and employee of James. Very convenient. When she was born, a family friend congratulated all 3 of them on Vince’s mom’s Facebook. 1D isn’t the only fandom with its share of detectives. LOL Fun fact: James once had a beard who was a hometown girl from the same school. Another fun fact: This year James and Vince will have been together half of James’ life. Relationship goals.

I don’t know anything about Dave’s engagement. *shrugs* I like all the Franco brothers, though. They’re the good kinda weird.

blessed inspiration.
Free to use Valentine’s Day Card for all the beardie owners(or people who just generally like lizards) out there

It’s fun because they eat bugs geeeeeeeddit?????? 

Murphy’s Law

(I got carried away. Please don’t take this too seriously. Um. This is fenhawke’s fault but they aren’t really in it much. Counting it anyway.)

The Hanged Man was always quiet in the middle of the day, most of its patrons sleeping off the effects of the vile concoction that passed for ale in Lowtown, while the barmaids busied themselves scrubbing down the tables and tossing a fresh coat of hay on the floor. They were used to ignoring Varric where he usually sat, manuscript spread out before him atop the scarred table.

Today, the bulky bearded Champion that had joined him, as well as the sound of the dwarf’s laughter, drew more than a few glances, however.

“My unasked for advice,” Varric said when he could at last hold his mirth, “Is that you should stop worrying and just enjoy your time together.”

Hawke’s frown could truly be a fearsome thing, those heavy brows drawing down, jaw setting, eyes fierce. By now, Varric knew there was no bite to it; the face of Leopold Hawke’s true fury was much more potent than a mere dirty look.

“Neither of us has ever had an anniversary before,” Hawke attempted to explain after a long, thoughtful moment. “I know it’s only been a month, but it’s…important.”

Varric chuckled. “Hawke, buddy,” he said, “I know it feels as if Kirkwall would break off and fall into the ocean without you around to glare at it, but I promise – we’ll survive one weekend. Go and enjoy your crazy elf sex in peace. You have my blessing.”

Still, Hawke hesitated. “It’s just…Fenris deserves so much more than I can ever give him,” he said. “The least I can do is provide a few perfect days away.”

“Andraste’s ass, you’re pathetic,” Varric laughed, and earned a hint of a grin.

Pathetic or not, Varric agreed to help keep anyone from finding out the Champion of Kirkwall had whisked his lover away to the Amell country estate for a long weekend of elf-on-human debauchery.

“I promise – Kirkwall won’t burn down while you’re away. You won’t be disturbed.”

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Gets the job. First day at work and a guy in a faded class vs swag shirt shows me to my cubical. I ask what exactly I should be doing, the job description was vague and no one has explained anything to me. He says to wait here. 10 minutes pass and I get an email from him with a link to The Oatmeal; a 10 page comic about how awesome Bolivian Crunk Turtles are. I am left alone for 2 hours. The boss comes round. “You seen the turtles” he asks “so what did you think”. I tell him I think its okay, “just okay, huh”? He brushes back his suit jacket revealing a revolver holstered at his hip and takes a sip of coffee from a mug with a beard on it. He walks away.

When I get home I receive another email informing me I am not a good fit for the company and they will have to let me go.

In The Flower Bed

So haha ^_^” I kinda wrote a short thing for @dejamew of Asgor Fluff/Smut. Im not sorry, if its not your thing just keep scrolling you dont have to read it ya boobs. 

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@haggisandneeps was sweet and messaged me about my absent blog. Its been a busy few weeks. My first round of writing report cards burned up a ton of my time. I just wrapped up a storyboard for a music video for an artist named Holly Pallium. In fun news, I started playing Yokai Watch…and I shaved my beard off today.

So really, things have been uneventful.