I know a girl so adorable,
To do any less than adore her
Should surely be a crime.
How adorable is she, you may ask?

Cuter than a sleeping-on-its-back-
Slightly-open kitten.
More stunning than a jellyfish.
More miraculous than a ladybug.
Otter-ly awesome.
Radder than a reptile.
More musical than a meadowlark.

She even makes marvelous moodboards;
Draws her friends with a loving hand;
AND pens pretty haiku!
Is there anything she can’t do?
I’m sure not!
She’s Mega, and my words
Can’t begin to do her justice.

—  Happy birthday, mega Meg @betarrinisisters 🎂📦💐🎉💜

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite btob group interactions? I know about btobap and now I have witnessed gotob show me more beauty.

btoapink is my personal favourite…. they trained together and they are really like real brothers and sisters changsub and chorong are known to be the best friends of best friends i can go on about them forever ilhoon and bomi cohost weekly idol together and they are so cute and they are really good friends minhyuk and chorong are best friends too bomi and eunkwang minhyuk are the best hayoung is close with changsub nayoung and ilhoon are family friends lol namjoo is the only girl in sungjae’s 95line and they argue so much lmao and hyunsik is the only one who remember and congratulates everyone in apink on their birthday lmao 

every time they get together its just a chaotic super noisy out of control mess and i liveeeeeeeeeeeee for that

honorable mention 

  • btobeast/btohighlight (do i even have to explain this lol)
  • btob1a4 (simply the best this post will never end if i have to say some of my fave moments of them just look them up the best sandeul are btob’s fave and they wont stop arguing funny and pure af also changsub and jinyoung are best friends)
  • btosuju (minhyuk and eunkwang are ryeo-line and he invented all of them to go watch world cup in the suju dorm…. heechul and eunkwang are close too uwu)
  • btoboyfriend (sungjae’s 95line 😭👌🏻 “we see each other 8 days in a week” “they are the friends that i can call and meet up with anytime”)
  • btoinfinite (do you know changsub and hoya are bffl)
  • btoivxx (hyukyeon coparenting the 10 chaotic kids with minhyuk eunkwang, changsub wont stop putting booger on ken, ilhoon and ravi the bestie)
  • btobangtan (ilhoon and namjoon were in the same fashion club in high school 😂 taehyung and sungjae’s toilet friendship, angel jimin who is the #1 angel eunkwang fan)
  • btosf9 (eunkwang and his 189cm son rowoon)
  • btoblockb (P.O. whose eyes gleamed upon meeting eunkwang and keep saying he wanna befriend him)
  • btomx (have you watch that monsta x show where btob guested 1 ep…. funniest…. they are all so close but peniel & minhyuk? eunkwang and shownu? minhyuk & minhyuk?💯)
  • gotob (peniel always introduce bambam as his son and he said he raised him since he was a baby in which bambam said i am still a baby how cute is that, have you seen peniel helping jackson to wear his namtag in isac most pure most wholesome, mark and peniel who are best of friends, eunkwang and jj projects, changsub and eunkwang are always spotted eating with jackson, yugeoum who has been adopted by eunkwang)
  • btomamamoo’s collaboration are always gift from gods (also changsub and solar are coffee friends)
  • btoredvelvet (red carpet had red velv5t shooketh & just watch that bbyu @ amusment park wgm ep… dumb meets dumber…. i love btorv )
  • bto9muse (chorong apparently introduced changsub to 9muses and they become friends and you can see them taking selfies together in isac)

for my birthday this weekend stephaine caroline and elena and i are going to my favorite chinese restaurant even though they dont even like chinese food and i said we could go somewhere else when i found out but they said no bc its my bday which is so sweet to me and also elena is getting me a gift even tho i said dont bother if she was going to dinner with me bc she would have to buy her meal like she still wants to get me a mini bong which i think is also sweet. im going to try and buy wheet so we can kick back ands stephaine and i are going to do shrooms as soon as we can find some and caroline said she would babysit us. its so nice to have friends. and my parents are buying me classic canvas vans for my bday i think which is good bc my every day shoes are falling apart


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


“I think life is just like a movie, and that you can be the director of your own life. Do you get what I mean?” 

                                       - Happy 20th Birthday, Even Bech Næsheim!


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”


Please tell me just one little theory.


We live in a society because we need each other. People need people. 


Haise’s various styles =w=
Happy birthday, @fortaine!

how the hell could you want anything more

or, even’s birthday, as told through a fuzzed, 8 am snippet.

  • even bech naesheim was not a fanciful boy; well, man, formalities included. 
  • holidays bored him more than they should
  • it wasn’t necessarily his fault, though
  • years accustomed to wine drunken, mouth curdled would you rather’s and sonja’s seemingly unlimited supply of recorded hell’s kitchen re-runs, the boy had something akin to a routine
  • and so, much to his disgruntled chagrin, it was an oddity to be awake with isak at 8 am on a sunday, cooking breakfast simultaneously 
  • see, it wasn’t exactly unheard of for isak to cook
  • he just rather despised it, and thus left it up to even 
  • nonetheless, he got to work whipping the eggs and setting aside the dough for cinnamon rolls; courtesy of his lover’s endearing whining 
  • isak looked so cute like this, all sleep-fussed, a boy constructed altar of babysoft february
  • electric thrummed through even’s veins, made a home in the hollow of his ribcage spelling love, love, love
  • isak mouthed along to tlc’s no scrub as it played, and even found himself reminded of sonja’s spice girls seemingly endless spice girls cd’s
  • it was enough to put a smile, hesitant and soft on his face, because, whilst he would never love his ex-girlfriend romantically, he would always cherish her endless companionship 
  • ‘’c’mere,’’ even mouthed, sweet like saccharine, beckoning his boyfriend in for a kiss 
  • and oh, even would never get tired of isak’s mouth, soft and wet and so impeccably him; enough to send the blond possibly reeling, hues fluttering shut as he savored that taste, like lavender and chamomile
  • the bacon sizzled quite angrily within its confinements, and isak let out a squeak that sent his elder’s heart pounding, ribcage like a mantra
  • as they dished up, they talked; talked about everything and nothing and how they slept and even wanted to do today
  • ‘’just wanna stay in with you. can we do that?’’
  • isak, bless his heart, giggled a breathy sort of giggle, smiling soft and sweet like scorched winter and yes, if they did end up missing any sort of activity the shorter had planned regardless, it was no thanks to even’s desire to kiss that pouty mouth bruised
  • all even wanted wanted for his birthday was his boy, to which he was starting to realize, and the fire in his lungs so tender had everything and nothing to do with it
  • ‘’we can.’’ 
The end after END

This is a really late birthday present for @fleet-of-fandom-ships @lonestorm and @wordsofawitheringwriter​ I wrote all this last night at midnight and it has no editing or anything so sorry for all the mistakes that are bound to be in there. Anyway, without further ad, the end after END. (beware angst)

Lucy browsed through the little market. She mentally checked off items that she needed as she put them in her her bag. One item after another, she did this every saturday, refilling the things she went through in a week. She nodded to the shop keeper, they both knew each other well enough. He even gave her a discount, every single time. Lucy wasn’t sure if it was because of her situation or if it was because of her still very present good looks.

Either way she was happy for the discount. She moved on to the next stand, than the next, and then to the final one. Once she had everything paid for and packed away in her bag she started walking home.

Down the street, across the canal she stopped. The building that stood before her was much more worn than when she first came to Magnolia. There were cracks in the paint, chips in the door, broken roof tiles, but it still stood. But this was not Lucy’s destination.

She patted the door frame, which she swore that it was only used by her and her landlady. None of her friends used it.

She continued on to her destination.

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