• Betty: What do you wanna do for your birthday Jug?
  • Jughead: Something really small plz. I wanna pretend it's not even my birthday.
  • Betty: k.
  • Jughead: oH nO
pll characters on their birthday
  • aria: let's do some crafty shit and bake a cake while we're at it
  • spencer: realistically speaking, birthdays are meaningless since nobody takes into account the fact that a year is actually 365.25 days, so it's probably not even really my birthday BUT THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ATTENTION
  • hanna: LET'S GO SHOPPING!!! all i really want for my birthday is this expensive ass pair of manolo blahniks come on let's go
  • emily: OH SHIT TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY??? i forgot whoopsie lol
  • alison: let's go to a fancy restaurant and drink wine and gossip and be #winemoms
  • mona: thank you all for coming to my birthday party, you can leave your presents there and go away now
  • toby: thank you for all the birthday wishes, it's really not that big a deal *secretly loves all the attention/being with friends*
  • caleb: let's just netflix and chill and drink some beers and stuff, idk
  • jason: i'm just a year closer to dying, who cares about birthdays anyway
  • ezra: WHERE IS THE PIE CAKE?!?!?!?!
  • sara: *nobody shows up to her party* *eats a whole cake by herself*
  • charlotte: i love my birthday, but i feel like all of them get messed up somehow *cries at night alone in her room*
Imagine Edward Kenway telling you "I love you" instead of "Happy Birthday"

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It wasn’t even noon, and Edward Kenway was running from the British guards.

It’s not like he meant to get into trouble. It was just that Y/N had her eye on a very particular, and very expensive, necklace; a necklace he could not afford, but would get her anyway. And he did get it, only he got spotted taking it.
“Blast it, boys, get that thief!” A scout shouted from behind him, leading the pack of guards, all in bright red coats. Edward sprinted towards a lift, and, using his hidden blade, cut the rope and shot up until he was on top of the tile-roof house. Glancing down for a moment to check that his pursuers could not follow, he took off toward the harbor, where the Jackdaw sat. But he wasn’t trying to reach the Jackdaw. He wanted to give Y/N the necklace. It was her birthday, and Edward would not let her think he had forgotten like he had last year.

The sounds of the guards yelling at him grew quieter until he could no longer hear them over the sound of his feet hitting the tiles. Nearly there, He thought, I hope Y/N hasn’t wandered off.
He would have never put such effort into getting any other person such a gift- except maybe Adéwale, but he probably wouldn’t ask for anything expensive. Maybe a drink.

But you were special. You were different. You were Y/N.
And he loved that. He loved you.

Not that he would openly admit it. No no, an assassin, no, a pirate admitting he had feelings deeper than lust for someone like you? That would be insane! Yet here he was, running from the law, for you.

You, on the other hand, were relaxing on the beach near the docks. In one hand, you held an unopened bottle of rum (You would thank Anne once you saw her again) in the other, a pistol (You had already thanked Ed). You were waiting for a certain blond pirate to uncork the rum, and you were killing time by idly fiddling around with the pistol. You hadn’t seen head nor tail of him all day. You knew he was somewhere nearby- Kingston wasn’t all that big- but you were beginning to think he was in a bush somewhere trying to get over a hangover (Wouldn’t be the first time!) or worse, dallying around with a prostitute (Wouldn’t be the first time for that either).

“What’s got you looking so glum? I thought it was your birthday!”
Ed plopped down next to you, his own bottle of rum open and half gone. You smiled a bit, “Just waiting. Don’t want to get drunk before noon, you know.”
“Why not?!” Ed asked loudly, “I’ve done it plenty of times!”
“I know, but… I was hoping Edward would… I don’t know… Be here?” You tried to explain your dilemma without giving away that you secretly loved being with Edward and wanted to spend the day with him. Ed chuckled heartily, “Ah, I see! Waitin’ on ol’ captain Kenway so you can both get drunk together, yeah?” He patted you roughly on the back, “Good on ya! Get him drunk enough and he’ll do anything. Trust me when I say ‘anything’. That is, if you can keep him conscious long enough.”
“Ed! I wasn’t… That wasn’t my…”
“No need to be prudish, lass. We’re pirates!”
You laughed a little, “That we are. Or lunatics.”
“Why not both?” Ed suggested, taking a big gulp of rum before standing up and tottering away.

You shook your head with a smirk. Ed Thatch, the notorious Blackbeard, had quite the knack for taking your mind off certain things, Edward being one of them. Shortly after he left however, your mind drifted back to Kenway. “I hope he hasn’t forgotten again…” You mumbled with a sigh.

The sound of feet on sand and panting made you turn around. Edward Kenway was jogging towards you, nearly out of breath. Why was he out of breath? He came to a halt a few feet from you, sweat running down his face. It certainly was not what you expected to see so early in the day. “Hello Kenway,” you greeted, “Where were you?”
Catching his breath, Edward reached into a pocket and pulled out a small box. You stared at it curiously. He handed it to you, his hand shaking a bit. You set down the rum and pistol, “For me?” You asked, your eyebrows raised a bit in surprise. “Aye,” He nodded, no longer panting, “Open it.”

Gingerly opening the box, you gasped when the light glinted off a beautiful necklace. The one you had mentioned looked nice a week or two ago. He had remembered? You held the necklace in your other hand. “Wow… It’s beautiful, Edward. How did you manage to buy it?”
“Right, well… About that.” He seemed like he was about to elaborate, but then he shook his head, “Nevermind that, it’s not important.”
You turned back to the gift, “Why did you get such an expensive gift for me? I love it, but it must have cost you.”

“Because I love you.”

You nearly dropped the jewels. Did he really just say…? You felt your face get hot. Did the sun just come out…?

“I… I mean… Because it’s your birthday.” Edward quickly- and awkwardly- tried to cover his slip-up. You stood up and proceeded to hug him, tightly. “I love you too, Edward.” You nearly whispered. You felt him tense up, like he had no clue what to do, but then he wrapped his arms around you. “Couldn’t resist my charm, Hm?” He asked quietly, and you could practically feel his relieved smirk. You laughed softly, “Couldn’t resist mine either, Kenway?”
A few moments of warm silence later, Edward piped up again, “You know Thatch and the rest are gonna make fun of us, right?”
“Ed suggested much worse than hugging.”
“Oh? Like?” He inquired with fake innocence.
You glanced at the rum bottle lying in the sand.
“How about we uncork that rum bottle and find out?”


Raju the elephant spent over 50 years in India as a tourist attraction. He was beaten by his handlers, forced to “beg” for money from pedestrians, and was bound by painful chains. Elephants are highly evolved in their emotional intelligence, so this life had detrimental effects on Raju’s mental health. Luckily, Wildlife SOS obtained all the required paperwork and staged a covert rescue of Raju last summer. On July 6th Raju celebrated his 1 year anniversary of his freedom. Look how happy he is today, he even got a cake!!

Image source: Wildlife SOS

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im watching pacific rim rn because of you and honestly im loving it.........

um what the fuck its not even my birthday?? anon i hope you have a great time, please tell me how you feel whos your fave what part you liked best!!!!