“feels like you’re standing on the edge
looking at the stars
and wishing you were them” 

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I don’t think some of y’all understand swing dancing is not easy and is so cute and fun and romantic and it involves a lot of lifts and is very fast and is usually seen as one of the more fun, flirtatious dances and I cannot believe that Matthew Daddario, out of all the possible types of dances, can swing dance like it literally makes me swoon how nerdy and adorable is he like swing dancing is like Danny and Sandy in Grease dancing with all the lifts and the spinning and the laughing and smiling like I want to swing dance with him so badly and do a hip lift with him and have him twirl me around and see him laugh and smile because he said people want to dance with him because he looks like he’s enjoying himself and I’m so emotional over this guys more emotional than I should be but Matthew Daddario can swing dance

I’m so proud of him. I’m so, so proud. Over the years, we all know he’s gotten so much flack over his voice. Having people cut him down, erode his confidence, tell him he needs to change. On a normal day, I’d be worrying about that when he stepped on a stage by himself the first time. For the first time on a live broadcast even! Not because I don’t think he can stand on his own (I absolutely do) but because I know he’s had so many people implying he’s less, trying to break his faith in himself.

But he’s so strong. He’s such a strong person. He stepped up in one of the worst times of his life, under a weight I can’t even understand. When anyone would be struggling with the added flood of grief and sorrow and pure emotion… and that’s when he gave his first solo performance. And it was an amazing job, it was his voice so clear and strong. He believed in it and trusted it and gave an incredible performance. Whatever people have tried to tear down, he’s built back up.

I will live with his belting out “The sun goes down and it comes back up, the world it turns, no matter what” ringing in my ears from now on. Louis not only faced every obstacle I would have guessed, he faced so much more than I had no idea he would need to… and he shined so bright. Sang so proudly. We’re all so proud, we know just how proud Jay would be.


This song is the embodiment of you don’t always have to be strong. Of some days you won’t get up. Of some days you will. Of some days you’ll look back and smile. Of some days it’s too hard to breathe. Of some days will be oblivion. Of some days will be a clarity you never knew before. Of the bills still must be paid. Of the postman still comes. Of some days you’ll work. Of times you’ll lie in bed not asleep. Of all the firsts. Of recalling the lasts. Of it’s okay to laugh. Of it’s okay to live. Of some days all you can do is get through that day to the next one. Of just holding on.

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One thing that is starting to bug me about how they're writing Isak is why does he only ever do something after someone tells him to? Like his actions and opinions recently are being way too influenced on what other people say (everyone's actions are, but I feel like with him is too much and way too obvious). I get what they're trying to do, he has misconceptions that need to be destructed, but the whole story development is like this now: [Part 1/3]

something happens, he does nothing, listen to the wrong advice, until the new amazing guru (Jonas, the School nurse, Sana, now Magnus) comes and saves the day. If it continues like this, Isak will turn out to be a pointless protagonist, since the issues are happening to him, but the supporting characters are the ones keeping the story going (if that makes sense). [Part 2/3]
Like, it’s hard to cheer for a character that is so impressionable with everything everyone says, ‘cause it feel like he’s there to be a puppet. Idk, do you see where I’m coming from or I am just being crazy? Lol [Part 3/3]

Reply: So this is all going to be my opinion obviously, but since you asked me I guess that’s what you wanted?

An impressionable teen does not make for a bad character, but a realistic one. Even more so when this is a 17-year-old kid who’s been doubting himself for the better part of his teenage years. All of the things Isak has been corrected (or influenced, if you prefer) on are things people honestly and truly feel and believe. Everything from internalized homophobia to the stigma around mental illnesses.

“Why does he only ever do something after someone tells him to?” - Because they offer a different point of view. Isak is very set in his ways and his beliefs (especially in regards to homosexuality and mental illnesses, but also when it comes to things such as religion) early on in the season. He’s all but a pointless protagonist. To me, he’s one of the better one’s I have seen on television ever because there is actual growth. And not the kind of growth many tv shows need 5 seasons to work out, but a realistic development. It’s one of the more progressive character developments I can remember having seen in media, ever.
He’s still the protagonist because everything is happening to him and he is ultimately the one who “solves his own problems” (he’s advised on telling someone why he’s struggling by the doctor, but he’s the one actually telling Jonas. Magnus is giving him the advice to talk to Even and not listen to Sonja, but Isak is the one who is ultimately going to talk to Even), with some help from the people around him - but all superheroes need a sidekick, right?

I don’t see him as a puppet because he doesn’t do as he’s told, but rather listens and considers other people’s beliefs and point of views - something that is really important! Something we can all learn from! 

You’re of course more than welcome to disagree with me, and it doesn’t make you crazy! Not at all. :)


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an anon requested some christmas iphone wallpapers! i hope these are festive enough. these ones are made for iphone 6+ dimensions, but as far as i know, they should fit most phones. please don’t repost; these took awhile. happy holidays!!