zatannazs replied to your post: “and here’s me getting emotional abt sibyl vane again”:

i’ll be honest it’s been a long time since i read the book or watched the movie but i still remember staring at the screen when sibyl died clutching my chest with betrayal whispering “how dare you movie”

i just… i love her so much and that movie didn’t do her any justice i wanted to scream. plus that movie is just awful in general lmao


#614-Beartic, The Freezing Pokemon

Beartic has become much tougher after evolving, and will almost immediately migrate north. Beartic can withstand nearly any temperature, and with its breath can even freeze waters, and walk on the ice it has created. Using this technique, it will hunt in the frozen waters of the North, and can be found in Alaskan bays.


Tiberius getting homemade dog ice cream treats (half yogurt, half peanut butter, with whatever you want added in!), then licking the remnants off my fingers for handsomedogs Meal-Time Monday!


Our first stop in Alaska was McCarthy. We drove in too late in the day to explore much so we hit the local Pizza Bus and chatted with some locals about the area. We ended up meeting one of the rafting guides (Ben) who offered to hike with us the following day. We took the shuttle into McCarthy and then a little farther into Kennecott where the old mines are. Kennecott is an old copper mining town, they mined some of the richest copper ore ever found. We hiked up to the old Bonanza mining site, a grueling 9 mile 3,800ft elevation gain leg burner. Shawn did great and the view was totally worth it. We found our way inside and sifted though some incredible history. People built this huge site on top of a mountain 100 years ago, through the winters they continued to mine in freezing temperatures. Its crazy to imagine while standing up there what life must have been like back then.  


I’m seriously considering moving south … somewhere warm … far away from Canadian air – maybe Ecuador? Seriously, Canada, you can keep all your air. I’m sure you need it more than we do!  ;-)


Erron, don’t you dare ...

Erron, no.

Erron, I know what you’re thinking, and I know we all want to do the same thing, but don’t you dare go anywhere near precious Takeda’s booty otherwise Jacqui will blast you.

I’ve looked at very few things as longingly as I’ve looked at my bed on the way out the door to work every morning.