Who I thought was powerful in Adventure Time as the show progressed:

  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Billy
  • Hunson Abadeer
  • The Party God
  • Death
  • The Lich
  • Cosmic Owl
  • Magic Man
  • G/G/G/G
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • King Worm
  • Gunter
  • Prismo
  • Maja
  • Lemonhope
  • Joshua
  • Golb
  • Orgalorg

It’s such a bizarre range, from heroes and adventurers to ancient powerful deities from before time and from unknown realms in between universes. I keep wanting to eliminate characters like Billy, but he was the one who imprisoned the Lich. He must have been insanely powerful in his time, we just didn’t get to see any of it. And GGGG is responsible for Orgalorg becoming Gunter, but he was only doing that because Abe Lincoln commanded him too. If Orgalorg had absorbed the catalyst comet, how powerful would he have become then? Is Golb the one behind the catalyst comets? Or is nobody behind them, and everyone just reponds and interacts with them the best they can?

On another note, if catalyst comets come once every 1000 years, at what point did Orgalorg try and absorb the yellow one? That could have been the one right before or after Finn’s spirit comet. Could Finn, Orgalorg, and the Lich all be Comet Boys? Who else? Who’s the Comet Boy fast approaching?

And finally, why the hell is the cartoon that started so simple now so mind bending?

title: mistaken.
word count: 2219
requested by: two anon peeps o v o
prompt: jealous yatori. (very loosely like that, anyway.)
rating: pg-13. really close to M, though. fufufufu.
notes: wow, this probably makes no sense and is riddled with typos. oh well, hehehe. this is set while hiyori's in college and is very likely to have a... sequel. 
It was when she was able to notice him at all times– even when she had been sleeping– that Yato realized that maybe he… had been mistaken.

Her eyes were still closed, she was still laying down in her bed, but her voice softly inquired, light as air, “Are you still giving me the cold shoulder?” Yato stalled in his movements, his body half through her window and half out. He settled for merely sitting upon the window seal, but otherwise, he didn’t make a sound.

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Title: Apologies

Rating: uhm…well sex happens 

Summary: Takes place when Rick wakes up after Michonne knocked him out. It’s basically everything we wished would happen in the aftermath of the mess Rick caused. 

Author’s Notes: keep in mind I finished writing this at 4:00 am so there’s probably typos and inconsistencies, idgaf I just wanted you guys to read it even if it’s riddled in errors hehe. This is like therapy. 

“God, he gives and he takes, he takes, takes, takes until you’rebled dry. You just have to see how far you can go without losing faith, without losing it…

It’s beyond whether or not there’s some being up there, because believe it or not, there probably isn’t. Especially in times like these, I don’t even know why he comes up in the first place. I guess it’s Hershel right? Always reading his bible, huh? Took it to his grave, he never lost sight of who he was.

Hah.” Rick chuckled. 

He was sat at a table across from Shane who was smirking as well. There was a silence between the both of them before Shane finally spoke.

“Look at us, men who were walking the straight and narrow. Look at how far off we are now.”

“No no,” suddenly Rick looked visibly shaken, staring at his sweaty palms, “I did this for my family, so we could be safe.”

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