You wouldn’t break
a bird’s wings
just to make it stay.

That’s the reason why
you should let a heart go,
when it feels suffocated
in your embrace.

—  ma.c.a // Free Will

RED WAVE - model: Alisa Ahmann - photography: Gianluca Fontana - styling: France De Jerphanion - hair: Benedicte Cazau-Beyret - makeup: Dariia Day - Air France Magazine October 2017

style gaze: red the color for fall


She stared up at the starry sky from the park bench, pondering what lay beyond.

A man walked past along the trail, giving her a friendly smile. “It’s a beautiful night. Looking for peace and quiet?”

She glanced at him, a twinkle in her eye. “Wishing for a little chaos, actually.”


In a medieval/fantasy setting, two healers from opposite sides of a war work together to treat an innocent, wounded peasant that healer B cares about. However, almost as soon as they are finished, healer A is captured by warriors from B’s side and becomes a prisoner. This leaves B at odds about what to do, especially as they form a connection with A.