theyre so tiny, i love them and you can love them too in their tiny tiny toothy glory. Pins are on an antique nickel finish which makes them look silver to dark silver in different lights and angles. They’re about .75″ and slightly larger than a penny.

***(they’ll be shipping for two weeks before my store takes a break for two weeks while i go to PAX West and Rose City Comic con but then be in my store afterwards!)

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The s boys react to a s/o who really liked art museums and would drag them there often (if you already did this could you do antique stores instead) I love your writing (´•ω•`)♡

Shu - He would find it a bit tiresome, but you seem to really enjoy yourself and it is mostly quiet in the museum. He can tolerate it.

Reiji - He enjoys looking at the pieces with you, discussing art history with you like a pro.

Ayato - Boringgggggggg. Let’s go to a basketball game now pancakes!

Laito - He would find it fun sometimes, but he would expect she enjoys other things too, otherwise he will get rather bored looking at the same paintings…

Kanato - He minds it. He prefers you stay inside. Where you can only pay attention to him.

Subaru - Tch, really? He would go with you sometimes, enjoying the way you light up around the paintings, but jesus, something else too-

Kino - He would be an annoying wild child in the museum, you should have just brought the maids.

Properly sewn-on patch.

For the curious, the pins are, starting at topmost and going down:

Nasa pin (almost sure it’s vintage cos I got it from an antique store), “Voyage to the Moon” pin (can’t remember the French name which is weird), “Too weird to live, too rare to die” (line from Fear and Loathing), the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

I also just realized the shelf of my collection of Pote Usa Loppy plushes (and Rilakkuma aka “the Pillbear”) is visible in the background

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i just moved into a new apartment too!!! do you have any advice/resources for decorating?

I got nothing! most of our stuff is either from ikea, garage sales or stuff we found in our parents basement. i’ve heard antique stores and stuff occasionally have cute decorations and if you need furniture i would totally check craigslist and stuff before buying new expensive things

Blue Button Beauties From Mid-Century

These carved buttons came to me from the booth of the Indiana State Button Society at the American Sewing Guild’s annual conference held in Indianapolis this year. You need to be flexible when using vintage buttons because often you won’t find a large number of them in a given style. Partly, this is because coats from the 1950s and 1960s might have only 3 or 5 buttons near the top, and sometimes it’s because part of a set was destroyed or lost on a blouse. But they are worth hunting down because you can find some beauties. Look for vintage garments at thrift stores (I have found badly stained jackets with lovely mother of pearl buttons in perfect shapes)  and try antique stores too. Of course, people collect and sell them too.

Turns out there is a National Button Society and here is their website

Hi, I’m Katy! I’m 19 (turning 20 in a month) and I’m from Oklahoma, USA. 

I’m currently in school, and I’m majoring in theatre. I also love music (I play violin and classical guitar) and my music taste is pretty eclectic. I love Harry Potter, Big Hero 6, The X Files, Marvel (especially Daredevil), reading, and dogs.

I’m looking for snail mail penpals ages 18-25. I love decorating my letters and sending little things with them and I’d love someone who does that too. 

Random fact about me: I LOVE antique stores. 

My tumblr is
and my email is kathrynerynsullivan @ gmail dot com

eberronsona: clunky-lookin warforged scout with the Unarmored Body feat and colorful steampunk-ass wizard robes. got made by Cyre towards the very tail end of the war.  lives outside High Walls, owns an antiques/junk store, appraises magic items. either that or a Cannith Siberys heir who just likes casting True Creation way too much. GUESS WHAT MOTHERFUCKERS SPELL-LIKE ABILITIES DON’T TAKE XP DIAMOND FOR THE MASSES

wodsona: exogeologist Void Engineer with a bit too much interest in how Hermetic magic works—thinks so much more would be possible if the two opposing paradigms could be convinced to cooperate! this causes them no end of headaches

Wire Wrapped Solar Quartz Necklace | $25 Beautiful green & blue dyed solar quartz stalactite slice on 18" long antiqued copper chain. Stone measures 1" tall. Comes complete with hand drawn stone & metal meaning card. Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. Stores, transmits and amplifies energy - it’s also excellent for unblocking it too. Balances the emotions. Stimulates the thinking process. Aids concentration & helps memory. Turns negative thoughts into positive ones. Brings balance to the body. Spiritually, it raises energy to the highest possible level. Copper “The Healing Metal”. Copper is known as a lucky metal. It is believed that copper has the power to amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communications. Copper conducts spiritual energy back and forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. Any stone with Copper, in or around it, is said to have enhanced properties. Copper is said to increase energy and mental agility. It is also used for its healing properties in improving circulation of blood, increasing energy and detoxification of the body. Each piece of Drunken Mermaid jewelry arrives in a pretty cotton lined box, ready for gift giving! Care & stone cleansing instructions included. #wirewrapped #solarquartz #necklaces #quartz #mandala #crystalgrid #crystals #gypsy #hippie #boho #mermaid #jewelry #accessories #mineral #metaphysical #jewellery #beauty #gem #meditate #gemstone #shopsmall #shop #etsy #loveandlight #energy #drunkenmermaidoddities

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Speaking of nostalgia, here’s the first (and so far only) book of Barbie patterns I owned: Sy tøy til Barbie (sew clothes for Barbie) by Mette Riisgaard Ternsøe. She wrote another pattern book too, which I think I’ve seen at the library some time but don’t remember much about.

I bought this as a young teen who refused to outgrow her Barbies, probably from the tiny crafts and antiquities store in my town. They sold a lot of products from Panduro, which is the major crafts store chain in Scandinavia. The company is danish, and I always assumed that’s why the book is in danish too. This proved a bit confusing at times, but on the other hand I learned a bit of danish sewing terminology. 

My copy is in a box somewhere, but here’s a couple of pictures from someone who tried one of the simple knitting patterns from the book (a swedish translation of the book! I’ve been living a lie!). The patterns were ranked with shoes, one for easy and three for difficult. There were photos, like the one on the cover, but also black and white lineart illustrations of the fashons - they weren’t exactly terrible, but I was always slightly annoyed by how inaccurately she rendered pleats and fabric volumes. #drawnerd 

These patterns are mostly pretty simple, but as I advanced to the 3-shoe, more complicated ones I was gradually disappointed by how …not very well-designed they were. A bit clumsy, imprecise, too big - sleeves and legs ending halfway down the forearm/shin for no good reason, stuff like that. Then again, it could have been some kind of 80s fashion thing - this was the 90s, and some designs like the top-heavy, big-shoulder pattern for a fur coat was already hopelessly passé by the time I bought the book. 

Anyway, a bit of a throwback to my early days in the doll hobby.

I just started watching Beta and now I’m hyped for human Lapidot living in a small studio apartment in some big city living off the money they earn from Lapis’ art and Peridot’s street music.
They colab all the time and all the antique store owners know them and give them the best deals on anything they find.
They also have a dog named Alien.

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u always look like a rock star and I have been obsessed with ur style for a long time and I was wondring about where you shop and how you come up with outfits I guess?

awww thank you so much. Well, I only really shop at thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops and vintage shops because I’m really dramatic and hate nothing more than seeing other people wearing the same thing as me lmao. so unless I’m buying band shirts, everything is at one of those kinds of stores. and you’ll save a lot of money shopping at thrift stores and flea markets too. my other secret is that I use pieces from costumes as regular wear. Like wearing a Columbia from RH corset to somewhere or wearing my yellow Freddie jacket out to dinner or one of my John Waters character costumes as a full, regular outfit. I do dumb shit like that. Ummm. My other advice is that if you see something and think it looks really ridiculous or outrageous, buy it. I’m also really inspired by the films and artists I like so I’ll flip through a bunch of photos of freddie or bowie or Divine and then go shopping with them in mind, or even watch something like an old vivien leigh film so I can get their kind of aesthetic going on.