things are so good but so bad at the same time. i just met with my academic advisor and shes kinda crazy but also really really nice and after that i hung out with my house governor and she like took an hour to help me figure out how to arrange my class schedule. everyone here is nice but im just having so much trouble making friends. im really different from most of the other freshmen and so many of them already have friend groups. i made 2 friends in my hall but its really hard being in a group of 3 and i feel like theyre kinda annoyed by me and lately theyve been like ignoring me. like i just went into garrisons room and kat was sitting in there and as soon as i got there they seemed really annoyed so i left. and my roommates really like each other but not me and they always hang out and come in really late drunk and im already like half asleep in bed. i just feel really really alone here some of the time, but then i know that theres so much support and that im not alone at all. i just want to make some good friends who are also first years and not just hang out with my floor gov all the time. i dont know. my counseling session is at 1 and im really hoping that that helps because i feel so overwhelmed right now and its really scary. i havent eaten yet today and that scares me so so much. i dont know. 

Bangtan in gym class

Gym teacher: ok kids today we’re going to be playing basketball
Jin: ugh are you serious, I might break a nail….. sports are for peasants. Excuse me teacher Im feeling kinda sick can I just sit down
Gym teacher: suck it up and play the game
Jin:*pulls out $20* I said I was feeling kind of sick *slides twenty into teachers hand*
Gym teacher: Fine…you dont have to play but you have to participate somehow
Jin: can I be the cheerleader?
Gym teacher: sure
Jin: yaaasssss
Gym teacher: ok, enough of this lets start. The teams are Namjoon, jungkook, and hoseok and Yoongi, jimin, and taehyung
Yoongi: are you shitting me coach? Im the best player here and you stick me with two halves of a whole idiot. I might as well break my own damn ankles and give them a ten point start
Gym teacher: just play the game kid
Yoongi:*mumbling obscenities under his breath*
Jimin: excuse me teacher, can we play shirts vs. skins? *already has his shirt halfway off*
Gym teacher:Sure, go nuts
Jimin:*proceeds to rip his shirt off at the speed of light*
V: Teacher I dont want to take my shirt off…..
Teacher: ok you know what, only jimin can take his shirt off, the rest of you just play the damn game
Yoongi: listen here you little shits, the only thing you have to do is get the ball and throw it to me
Jimin&V: uh huh
*game starts*
Rapmon, jhope,jungkook: /beating the others by 20 points/
JHope: yall are gonna need some hope after we crush you guys
Jungkook: yeah you suckers are gonna lose to this tough kookie
Yoongi: *proceeds to break both of their ankles in the crossover of the century* whose tough now bitches *throws the ball to taehyung*
V:*gets hit in the face with the ball*
Yoongi: oh shit
Jimin: OH SHIT
V:*looks around* nose starts bleeding *starts crying* ahhhhhhh hyung h-hit me ahhhhh
Jimin:/trying to calm him down/ its ok buddy its ok,
V:*still crying*
Jimin:wanna go be cheerleaders with jin?
V:*cries even more*
Jimin:*has to escort taehyung to jins cheerleading section*
Namjoon: since you broke jhope and jungkooks ankles and lost your team mates lets go me and you 1 on 1
Yoongi: fine next person to score wins
Jimin and Jin: YOONGI YOONGI HES OUR GUY GAME SO RAW MADE TAEHYUNG CRY!!! *spirit fingers and kicks*
Jhope and jungkook:*booing and flipping off jimin and jin from the bleachers*
Rapmon:somehow miraculously scores
/gets dragged off the court kicking and screaming by the gym teacher/ /ends up biting the gym teachers hand then running after namjoon/
*chaos ensues*
Namjoon:/seeks refuge under the bleachers/
Jhope:/recording this shit for snapchat/
Jungkook: /on the floor laughing his ass off
Jimin:/trying to capture yoongi/
Jin:/internally reflecting on his decision to join the group/
Yoongi: /gets taken to the principals office/ ANd I SWEAR WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU-
Gym teacher: Im fucking done

anonymous asked:

what would happen if you walk into one of your classes senior year and hansol is talking to your teacher bc he's a new student :o

next thing you know he is sitting beside you and asking you for the homework and you’re like do it yourself nerd and he’s like listen im an idol please help me out so you do and then he starts sitting with you at lunch time and you’re like ok cool and you two talk about cool comics and webtoones and long story short hansol vernon chwe catches feelings and you can decide if you’re with that or nah 

My life is pretty awesome so why am I so damn sad

im reading an article by a christian abt premarital sex for my christian ethics class and like 80% of it is “premarital sex is BAD because then people feel GUILTY” and im just sitting here like

they feel guilty, do they

jee i wonder … i just… i really wonder… where that mindset comes from… tell me, Very Christian author…. why do you think…. these people feel guilty

anonymous asked:

hi i really need ur advice!! today was my first day at college during the day & after my class, i sat down on a bench to wait for my ride. i was listening to music when suddenly a guy walks up to my bench and sits down and started talking to me. I WAS SCARED OUT OF MY MIND BC THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. im a really considerate person and i didnt shoo him away bc i was scared to hurt his feelings. idk if i did the right thing to be nice or should i be tougher next time ?? what would u do ??

Well, it depends. What did he say to you? Because, that happens a lot in college, it’s a lot more of a social environment because it’s not like high school where most people grew up with one another and didn’t have to meet new people so that’s what a lot of people do. Me, I’m pretty straight forward, if I don’t want to talk to someone, whether they’re hitting on me or not, I just politely say, “I’m sorry but I just don’t really want to talk right now” lol which is really awkward and might come off very strange but I really like my personal space and beating around the bush doesn’t usually work lol

i feel safe with you (jennifer/kate)

💮 prompt fill for jennifferblake 💮

[read on ao3]

The sound of gum smacking between teeth echos in Jennifer’s ear, causing a shiver to run down her spine. Out of the thirty odd people in her history class, why did she have to get paired up with Kate? The popular girl who Jennifer may or may not have had a crush on for the past six months.

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anonymous asked:

So I often fidget in class. Sometimes I feel like I annoy others because I cant sit still. Is something wrong with me? Do you have any tips or products that could help me not be a burden when im in class? - Jay

Hey nonny,

There’s nothing wrong with you! Some people just like to be moving. Of course it could be a sign of something along the lines of ADHD, but that would be something for you to consult a physician about. I too am a fidgeter and boy do I have some good ideas just for you.

  • Get a rubber band ball. You can take it apart, put it back together, toss it to yourself, squeeze it, or roll it around on your desk.
  • Get a ring with a spinning track on it. (or any other type of fidget jewelry)
  • Amazon has some awesome pencil fidgets.
  • Get a cool stress ball type item and squeeze it throughout class.
  • I found that listening to nature sounds during lessons, reading, and school work helped immensely. (there are lots of studies to back this one up) There are tons of free apps.
  • There also make some pretty nifty key chains that I am dying to get. Do a little looking on line and I’m sure you’ll find one for you.
  • For a short period of time I carried around a little container of that stress sand stuff, but that can get a little messy.
  • They also make these phone cases that are like never ending bubble wrap. That one would be noisy, but I just love the idea.

I think that fidgeting is a sign that your brain is working faster and the stimulation from lessons isn’t enough to keep your mind busy. This causes your body to move, tapping a pencil, bouncing your leg, or something else. Fidgeting isn’t a disability. Some studies show it’s positive. A team of researchers at the University of Hertfordshire, England, found that children who fidget with their hands learn more quickly than those who stay still. The researchers believe that hand movements and gestures help children to think, speak and learn. 

I think you should also talk to your teacher(s). There are tons of studies on this and they might just have some more ideas for you as well. They are there to help you, they do want to see you succeed. Also be sure that they are cool with whatever you choose. Some teachers are weird about it, but once you explain yourself it generally works out. Be open with them, they might just surprise you. My chem teacher would let me take my tests outside so I could listen to the nature sounds, my math teacher was totally cool with everything and he was actually really interested in my research, and my ap history teacher actually let me walk around the back of the class during lectures.

If you have any more questions please let me know.

All my love,


konohura asked:

Hey, want to talk a bit?

hi babe, i was really upset yesterday and sad at the same time bc i was required to attend a tree plating activity somewhere far and i invited my friend to come with me bc i dont know anyone in our class but she refused so i was all alone in the bus and everyone have someone to sit beside them and i dont have. and when i get back home everyone went out to eat and i felt like they all dont want me. so i was alone the whole day yesterday. but im feeling a little better today and i painted yay! how was you day?

irukajpeg asked:

what was the first thing that made you really love kakairu??

send me a naruto question and i’ll rate ya blog

sLAMS MY HANDS DOWN ON THE TABLE DURING THE CHUUNIN EXAMS WHEN IRUKA STOOD UP TO KAKASHI IN FRONT OF EVERYONE INCLUDING THE HOKAGE HIMSELF thats what started it but honestly its just been growin since then esp that one episode where iruka is iffy abt having naruto in his class and kakashi was waiting in t he goddamn tree he KNEW iruka was coming and was willing to talk to him about teaching naruto and he offered to listen to iruka’s worries and helped him out with it im so WEAK kakashi doesnt like talking about feelings with ANYONE but he did for IRUKA he waited in that tree for iruka to come and sit in that spot and i DIE

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anonymous asked:

Ahhh I've been having such a bad first day back to school. So... the group of ppl I "hang out" with are such a weird mix of hot and cold with me, nd even tho i have been going to this school for the last three yrs i still feel like an outsider and its just ugh. Like this one girl who can be super nice, and we text and she offers me a ride home but in this one class, she doesnt even talk to me as im sitting RIGHT next to her and just talks to this other girl next to her and suddenly i dont exist

sorry for only replying to this now, i was at school all day and i didn’t see this until now! (i have a queue set up so sometimes it might look like i’m online when i’m not.) anyway though, that sounds horrible and i’m sorry you have to go through that. it can be tough to feel like you’re not really close to the people you hang out with, and i’ve had people like that girl you mentioned in my life too. i’m not really sure if i can give you any advice on what to do other than the typical stuff (like going to clubs or whatever to find people with similar interests, that sort of thing), but maybe when you text this girl you could ask to hang out or see if you guys have anything in common you could bond over? i’m sorry this is super unhelpful but i hope that things go more smoothly for you from here on out and you find some people that you can feel like you’re definitely friends with instead of that hot and cold feeling. 

violetoblivionn said: i mean, ur not paying thousands of dollars to sit around and discuss stuff? i think that should b part of it but at uni u dont even have a whole load of class time so…lectures r importa

that’s how i feel as well. idk im a third year so i guess this is to be expected but even if my first two years so many professors were obsessed with Discussion and you can literally say the most nonsensical bullshit and the professor will bel ike Wow! great point just because they’re glad someone talked. idk. i want an actual education, this class is just going to be us sitting in a circle and ranting about religion and learning random stuff that might be interesting but isn’t actually contextualized into a meaningful structure so its essentially trivia! Whereas in STEM classes, the material actually builds on each other from one class to the next. idk. im mad 


The young Ravenclaw was sitting in the back of the class like she always did, not wanting to draw attention to herself. It wasn’t that she disliked DADA, but she knew how many Lannisters where in this school, and many knew she was a cousin, one that avoided fits her cousins got into on and off school grounds. 

And when it can to Charms or DADA she tried her hardest not to shine through the class. She could feel the others eyes on her whenever her uncles called out her name to ask a qestion she knew the answer to. 

She sighed softly as she watched two students work on some defensive spells, ones she only was having pronoucing issues with, and it seems that she wasn’t alone. 

anonymous asked:

My school starts September 9 and I'm freaking out because I don't have any offline friend and Idk what to do

ok im actually the worst person to ask for friend advice but 
try to make friends with the people that you sit next to in classes bc you’ll have a lot of conversation starters (like asking for hw or help)
i also feel like it’s easier to make friends during pe bc you’re kinda forced to do activities together
and if you’re new at your school there’s probably someone there that’s willing to show you around so you can talk to them!!
it doesn’t take a tremendous effort tbh friendship just kinda happens 
you’ll make at least one friend this year i promise (^ω^)

anonymous asked:

I just noticed that when i'm stressed or worried, i tend to pull my hair. I don't even realise im doing it, i'll sit for hours with my hands in my hair, or pulling at my eyebrows :/. Then i snap out of it and stop, but the second i become distracted i start it again. Now my eyebrows and scalp are sore. Have you or any of your followers ever gone through this?

Oh wow really? You know, I read about that in my childhood development class, like when a child does that its because they haven’t found a way to express their emotions. It’s like the world is closing in and they feel trapped so that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Also biting someone…

You know in the Office when Robert California makes a list of the Winners and the Losers of the Office and Toby is on the Winner list and then at the Winner Lunch he just gets up and says “Im sorry I don’t belong here” and runs out.

Thats how I feel in my art classes. 

Not only talent wise but also just with the other girls in my class. The girls I sit with are all so talented and pretty and they listen to me talk and like my art but I just feel like I should be sitting at a different lunch table.

anonymous asked:

hey it's the pledge anon from earlier and while my mom doesn't like me not saying it she supports me. the principal is the one who called ny mom and said it's a disruption. I don't wanna make a big deal out of something of it isn't tho

how is you sitting quietly a distraction? have the teacher move you to the back of the class or a corner desk or something, or NOT. 

its up to you how far you want to fight this, babe. i know how i feel about it, and i support your right not to stand 1000% but if youre worried youll be harassed or ostracized for standing up for your beliefs, well, fuck those ppl… im all for NOT being a sheep, but then again, im not in grade school anymore, and i dont have to put up w that bs anymore…

but i think its punk af to follow your OWN heart and mind on what you feel is the right thing to do. and yeah, sheeple will try to drag you, but that doesnt mean youre wrong…

#anon asks #the effing pledge