today was such a good start to feb for me bc honestly i was feeling really down and unmotivated the other day but so much positivity came my way today! my sister-in-law sent me a progress pic of my sister who just entered her 3rd trimester and shes getting sooo big im so excited to be an auntie like its getting so real now (shes due in may!) i actually had a rly good school day too this one guy i sit with in one of my other classes is also in my 8am philo and hes funny + consistently high so it makes class more interesting also the hot philo guy was there he was literally 40 min late but hes so PRETTY then me and my friend met up and went over anatomy work and im picking up the material so much faster and easier than micro thank god and finally im so excited about a new month bc i’ve been sticking to all my goals that i set last month rly well. im starting new little challenges so i dont get bored maybe i’ll share some! i hope u all had amazing days too and even if u didnt you’ve always got tomorrow dont stress 💖 happy february

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#(Mob) Sans I don’t trust my teacher. He creepy, He know he creepy but he doesnt care. He dated a student! He’s like 38 and MARRIED! HE HAS KIDS! HE CHEATED ON HIS WIFE! He admitted he cheats on his wife in present tense. HE STILL CHEATING ON HIS WIFE! He flirted with my friend in the creepiest way possible. He called me kitty and I died a little bit inside you don’t even know. Look I’m sorry for ranting but can you do me a favor? Can you sit with me during his classes? It’ll make me feel safer.

*hands glow with magic* believe me, kid, if i had it in my power, i’d do more than just SIT with ya. that teacher wouldn’t even wanna get within thirty feet of ya after I’M through with ‘im. he’d be so unwillin’ to do his job, they’d have to fire him.

and THAT’S if i’m feelin’ generous.

but because of certain circumstances, none of that stuff’s physically possible. so i’ll have to settle for keepin’ watch, maybe givin’ you the strength to tell ‘im to back off.

just don’t be alarmed if ya see me on some kinda white fire. it’s there to keep ya safe.

I’ve been sitting outside of the classroom for like 15 minutes because i’m trying to see if i’ll find a classmate from other class to get back a notebook
A classmate walks out of classroom and literally trips/stumbles on me and curses and then looks down and sees me and is like SORRY MISS I DIDNT SEE YOU
Boy what a way to start the day

i get a lot of nervousness behaviors when im not even nervous

like i will stumble over my words all the time with whoever im with bc my brain i swear goes too fast for my mouth and i just get really exciting and i sound stupid lol

ALSO when somebody will touch me and i wasnt expecting it i get so shaky but like i dont mind that they did but like one time someone put their arm around me as i was trying to draw a line and omfg it was the worlds worst line ive ever drawn HHAHA

Also ill be just sitting in class or on the bus and i will suddenly feel anxious and nauseous and ill start getting warm and idgi but its been happing since 2012

but i tried to explain to this guy a yr ago but he didnt understand and i was like i dont rlly either !!! And ah its annoying

Me: *sits next 2 the elevator and presses the button when someone physically disabled comes 2 use it*
Me: I am a good egg

okay so there’s this really gorgeous girl i sit next to in my maths class and she is so nice and every time we speak we’re always smiling/laughing and wow i legit have a crush on her. she is sooo hot. she’s probably straight though but ye i feel like im a lil kid bc i get all nervous when i talk to her😂

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I HATE catcher in the rye so much holy shit

catcher in the rye is literally the worst fucking book i have ever read UGH I STILL REMEMBER SITTING IN MY LIT CLASS FORCING MYSELF TO READ IT fuck im having ptsd flashbacks

like im all for cynical protags and all that but theres an extremely fine line between “cynical and jaded due to various circumstances” and “whiny dill hole that got expelled from school”


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So im sittings class and I just read walking her home, I'm legit struggling not to tear up cause omg that was so good and sad and just the feels!!!

Awe! Thanks girl!
Ha-ha… I used to do the same thing in class. Lol

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I've been trying to not think about it but yesterday in chemistry the girl that I like was sitting next to me and was talking to her friends and they were talking about their gym classes (I'm also in her gym class) and she said there was no one in her class and that hurt so much and I feel so so bad lmao..........

hey bud i know how much hearing something like that can hurt & im really sorry she said that b/c i am sure youre a great person who is incredibly lovely & talented & charming!! my best advice is to remember that she probably wasnt thinking when she said it and im sure she wasnt thinking about you, she mostly likely just said it off-handedly w/o thinking at all. try youre best to stay positive and remember that you are loved & treasured :-)

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haley!! I'm that anon that told you about introducing myself to my crush. we share the same class 2 days a week so on tues, he waited for me after class and we talked a bit. I decided to sit next to him in class 2day and afterward we went to get coffee. it was v natural, we didn't plan on it or anything. and then we met up with his friends and they're so cool! even tho his friends were around, he mostly spoke to me and made me feel comfortable. we have so much in common!!! im so excited for this

YES YES I AM SO HAPPY U HAVE NO IDEA…. this is so cute i have high hopes for u 2 pls give me updates as often as you want i am #hereforthis 

Oh my god. Soooooooo..
Im walking to class. And right before i walk in the building my stomach start actin up. Im like oh lord no..ive been up for the longest and didnt have to shit until i got to the damn building. But i ignore it. I get to class and its getting worse.

Now, i HATE using the public restroom. Ive only pooped in a public restroom twice. One time I actually started to shit myself before i realized i needed to take that L. I just hate public restrooms. Plus im a shy pooper too…

So im sitting in class debating on if i should just go home or pull through this lecture. Meanwhile my stomach doin flips and shit. But i skipped last class so i figured i shouldnt skip class AGAIN cause who knows what we’ll be talkin about. He dont put his lectures im in class..spacin out..takin notes. The feeling started to go away so it was all gucci.

…until like 20mins left of class. My stomach came back with full force. It was horrible. I figure i could just leave class early nbd. Im right next to the door..the door is open..just squeeze past these couple of people and go, gurl!!

Well as soon as I mentally prepared myself to leave, a group of loud ass white girls decided to reunite right outside the goddamn door, causing a distraction to everyone. So the TA got up and shut the door.


So now im like well damn..cant make that smooth exit anymore..oh well we got like 10 minutes left i can do this.

I could NOT stay still. Like i was really gonna shit myself. Im like okay Denae..just listen to the goddamn lecture.

What do we start talking about? Fucking sewage system. And how Thomas Crapper helped invent the flushable toilet or whatever.

I ALMOST FUCKING LOST IT. I KNOW people around me were looking at me crazy. I didnt even care if they could tell that im squeezin my bootycheeks together. Survival was all that was on my mind at that time.

Then we get let out. The people in front of me of course are going slow af. After i get from around them i HAUL ASS. I almost got hit by a car LMFAO but ya girl was on a mission. Luckily i made it. My stomach feels like its tryina have a round 2. I just hope its before my next class starts at 1 😩

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Hi lara!! So i think this Pisces guy might like me and i reallyyyy like him and i kinda wanna step it up and be official, like bf/gf but idk! Like just today he came over and sat next to me before class started and then in gov class he put his arm around my shoulders and asked where i wanted to sit and told me to sit next to him. But i know he talks to a lot of ppl and idk if hes just really friendly or lowkey talking to other girls😅like i feel like he likes me, but its like not official?? △

△ idk maybe im just petty but i really want to be official and i like him sooo much. Im gonna get him a flower (theyre having a sale at our school) and i got him some chocolates for vday (in a basketball tin cuz hes a baller lol) but like if he doesnt get me anything, will it be weird? Hes an outgoing pisces, how do u think he’d show he likes me???? Thank u soooo much girl idk what i would do without u lara!!!!!!!! - a lovesick libra

Awww I love you, miss Libra! He sounds like he definitely does like you if he gives you that much attention! Pisces love to be sort of touchy-feely with those they like, so all that touching probably is a way of his showing that he likes you! But I really think you should talk this out with him! See if you can make it official! (And I don’t think it’s weird if you give him something, even if he doesn’t give you anything in return!~)

i have this one guy in 2 of my classes and he is literally in my group in one of the classes so i feel like i should acknowledge him in my other class right? its so awkward like we sit 2 desks away from each other but im so bad at small talking

I’m sitting outside of my next class in the business building and I’m too embarrassed to read my Megaman comic so I stuck it inside my sketchbook and I’m reading it like a frickin loser