I don’t trust anyone who didn’t try to save Kate at the end of Episode two.

flames meet ice

dicks out for symbolism and soulmate au

hello i was tagged a while ago by @luminovia !! here are the top 10 facts, i can think of right now, about me:

1. im having my second naruto phase in the year 2016
2. im either cold hearted af or over emotional there is no inbetween 
3. i cant play genji for shit but that wont stop me from picking him as often as possible
4. my friends tell me im a great storyteller
5. the most indecisive person youll ever meet
6. im super bad at fighting games but i keep buying them and play them for the stories
7. nihilism is my worst trait
8. unable to leave league of legends behind
9. i unironically love dabbing
10. i failed driving school by not showing up for almost a year (i rly dont want a drivers license its useless to me and im scared of traffic)

i tag @kurokaneki @thepathtowardsthesun @blueling @hiiighnoon and @yamhu !!!!

my girl is worried im becoming cold hearted

im not at all im just as loving to her its just to other people im not as nice as i used to be.

im not worried about it tho i got a good support system and im picking my battles wisely but learning when to say enough is enough