lost my mind

Chapter 2

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst

Summary: The one where Im Jaebum’s cold heart melts, just a little.

Author’s Note: This chapter was going to be much longer, but it felt too rushed so I kept this short. Not entirely sure anymore where I want this story to go so this is so shitty wow sorry bye

Chapter 1

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anonymous asked:

Call me dense (or “thicker than pea soup”) or whatever, but i just cant find a romantic tone in hinami’s thought regarding ken?? I dont even feel like she had/has a crush on him? Imo, she amired touka, wishing to be like her (makes sense), at the same time she wants to share some burden with ken, which many ppl do. Her thinking of ken and touka in her dying moment is natural cuz theyre like her parents figures throughout her childhood? Idk maybe im just a cold-hearted biatch lol

No :o it’s fine if you think that way, i’m also still confused by that. I always suspected Hina having a crush on Kaneki but i wasn’t sure.

What just makes me suspect a little it’s the fact that she talked about how beautiful Touka was, how strong, etc… and then she internally asked Kaneki if he saw her beautiful too, strong, etc… the same qualities she described Touka with. It’s like.. comparing herself to Touka somehow, and asking Kaneki’s opinion about it. But i think it’s just explaining what i previously mentioned. She wants to be acknowledged by him, and she still has Touka as her example.

this panel was what confused me at first since i thought she was talking about the fact that she couldn’t tell anyone her feelings? but i think it’s more about admiring them, not only Touka. Both went through a lot, Hinami is a witness of that, and both managed to be together despite the bad things that happened to them, their love was stronger than the pain. And she also had an image of her parent’s back, so it’s been always very clear to me that she saw Kaneki and Touka as role models, almost like her own parents. I even think she wishes a relationship like that one in the future, something as solid as what they have, what her parents also had. The fact that she’s looking at their backs… it just shows how much she looks up to them, as a guide, following their steps. 

but yeah 😂 i’m still feeling a bit confused… but the more i think about it, the more i convince myself that what Hina has is a deep pure and beautiful love for both of them, and that she just wants to be acknowledged by them. 

serendipity ⇢ one

pairing: im jaebum x reader
genre: college au. fluff.
prompt: a phone call is enough to prompt him out of bed when sleep is all jaebum’s used to doing at night, but of course you’d have other plans in store.
author’s note: for the prompt, “you, me, and adventures under the stars?”

If there’s one thing Jaebum would rather spend his night doing, it’s sleeping.

He enjoys resting his eyes, allowing his terse muscles to contract, and listening to his own heartbeat mingle with the sound of his breathing. There’s no actual method to this, just that once his eyes are shut and his limbs are in the confines of his warm bed, there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. His mind drifts, and it isn’t long until he’s fast asleep, dreamless, and subconscious almost instantly knowing when it’s time to wake up (what’s the point in having alarm nowadays?) with more things on his plate than the previous day. At least it feels this way.

The last he actually found enjoyment in something without any other pretence of responsibility was probably meeting you. There was something about the way you didn’t let him get away with his cold, harsh phonemes, immediately calling him out after he had bumped you in the street. It was anything but a busy day for him though the moment he stopped to hear you, glaring at him with a hand placed on the swell of your hip… he couldn’t resist supplying his own retort with sharpness and matched irritation. When that got you more fired up, he couldn’t seem to remember where he was headed in the first place until you mentioned it and he took off, but not before you caught him and said that he owed you another cup of tea.

Of course who was he to deny himself an opportunity to see you again?

And he sure as hell hasn’t regretted it ever since.

It’s become blatantly clear to him that with you there’s always this insatiable need to rack up as much time with you that he can muster. He can’t explain why, but even when you made him late to his film project meeting, leaving him slightly miffed afterwards, he can’t deny how much he enjoys the feelings you elicit within him.

It’s still and calm. No deadlines to plague his mind. No worries about whether he’s doing a good enough job or not. No, it’s just white noise with you. Like his favourite song or that stillness before he sleeps.

So even when you rip him from the comforts of his own bed, the sound of your voice resonating throughout the emptiness of his bedroom asking him to meet you outside, he sits up.

Despite the playful need to deny you your request, his lips quirk up at the proposition: “You, me, and adventures under the stars?”

If he really wanted to mess with you he could probably laugh at the ordeal, but before he can supply his own bout of feigned indifference you supplement another statement that rolls a genuine chuckle off his lips.

“I heard you get up so don’t act like the idea is completely terrible.”

“Well…” He draws out the word, earning a sharp sigh from your end. He shrugs on a T-shirt, tossing his phone onto the bed and grabs a pair of jeans hanging precariously on the back of his desk chair. “It isn’t. I like it.”

“Could this be? The infamous cold-hearted Im Jaebum actually admits to liking something?”

“I told you I liked you before, didn’t I?”

“Actually,” You say sharply, “I was the one who told you I liked you first.”

“Same difference.”

He hears you utter a string of negations and whines over the matter, all of which gives him enough time to grab his wallet, a coat, and a beanie before he sees you outside his doorway. He ends the call once he shuts the door behind him, a smirk curving on his lips as soon as you let out another string of whines and even an eye roll at the gesture but you still reach over and pull him close into your arms, giving him a firm squeeze around the torso.

“Why’d you hang up, dummy?”

You look up at him, giving him a small pout but he just kisses your forehead, brushing aside the mess of hair aside before he plops the beanie atop the soft locks. At least you’ll be relatively protected from the possible dangers of gaining a cold.

“Because you’re right in front of me, dummy.”

The grin on your lips is undeniable, and the smirk of his melds into a grin to match yours. You entwine your fingers with his before you whisk him away to God knows where. Away from the warmth of his bed, away from the comforts of sleep, away from the looming doubts that waver when he least expects it in all his bone-deep fatigue.

Whatever you have planned for him… he’s certainly happy to lose sleep over it.

One of my favourite things when I write is when I say this one is angst and i get a reply like this

And then like a paragraph later the same person

And then they continue commenting with keysmashes and oUCH

idk why but its just. amusing to me. im cold hearted lmfao

My ex texted me saying im cold hearted for breaking up with him when he was the one treating me like shit. So!! I’m going to bed i think. My mood has been shot to hell

people really be out here like 

“im a cold hearted bitch idgaf about the niggas im dating”

“i dont care”

but are the first ones to have emotional breakdowns over a text message 

like please just own up to your sensitivity or your feelings in general 

cause it makes you look dumb af in the process 

Its so weird how most people get lonely easily and need others to distract them from their own thoughts
I cant get enough alone time because i hate how being with others distracts me from my own thoughts
Not sure whether that means im a cold-hearted bitch or a loner or a psychopath or something


This happened today to me, and I realized both theres awfull people in this wordl, but im also sorrounded by great people who tried to cheer me up

I matter, And im going to prove it, taylorswift is going to see me, and read my sister story and im proving this anon I MATTER and MY SISTER DOES TO. And one day she will read her story, and listen to my covers and like my selfies.

I will be here for a long time, and I just want to say thanks to all the great swifties who were kind enough to post and ask compliments and sweet things for helping me not to fall apart. 

This is actually the harshest thing someone ever said to me, mostly because of my sister’s comment. To the one who did this, im so sorry for you, you have a cold heart. 

Im praying for Tay to see this and prove this annon wrong! 

Please share if you can. I LOVE YOU ALL.