I hate you. I hate you for all the things you’ve put me through. How could you do those things to me? How could you kiss me and then leave? I hate myself for letting you walk all over me. I hate everything and I wish I didn’t waste all that time on you. There goes six months of my life. Why is my life such a mess? I wish I didn’t feel this pain anymore. This is me saying goodbye. I’m sorry I ever bothered about trying to be anything more than friends. I should’ve known from the start we wouldn’t work out… I love you, but it’s time for me to let go. Goodbye.
—  7:37pm// excerpts from a book I’ll never write #12
Over the years I think my heart has gotten colder. More guarded. Less open. It’s harder for me to put others first because I finally know what it feels like to put myself first after so long of leaving myself in the dirt. I’ve gotten colder and more selfish and as hard as it was to become more like this, it’s harder to find a balance and become nicer. I wish I didn’t get so cold..
—  Like the Winter Storm (ARS)

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hi my dude i would just like to drop by and say that i am in love with your art style and everything you make is just utter perfection. i'm very glad amazing wonderful people like you exist in this cruel cruel world to make it a bit less horrid. :] ♡

im happy i was able to warm your heart in this cold cruel world

so im at school and it’s fucking freezing in my class right? well this guy told me i was so cold because my heart is frozen and im just like yeah u got me there yikes