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iiii dont want alot for christmas, there is just one thing i need. and iiiii dont care about the presents underneath the christmas tree. i just want you for my own, more than i have ever known, make my wish come true... baby all i want for christmas, iiiiiis.... a peaceful goddamn community~


Things my professor says pt 2

“Unfortunately, playing the horn is not natural. If it were, we would have been born with a horn, and there’s not enough room in there!”

“If you sound good, I don’t care how you’re doing it, even if you’re playing out of your butt. But then it would be kinda difficult to sit down…”

“Can we get 30% more smokey bar?”

“Not sufficiently diva-ish. You’ve got to milk it a little more.”

“Did you just end a clause with a preposition?”

“You need to take more risk. Flirt with disaster!”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s that I have no faith in you.”

“Connect your tongue with your air and take charge of your destiny!”

“I like the fact that you’re like an ice maiden. You’re so chill.”

“Let’s play that part again. It’s not illegal to have a good time” *wink*

Barry and lup are the kind of people to put on an elaborate, expensive, very public engagement event, with like fireworks and cued music, fantasy beyonce is there, that kind of thing

But they’re also the kind of people to be like ‘hey babe do you wanna get married?’ 'Oh, sure, sounds fun. Can you pass the butter?’ And that’s it

And i don’t know which one i like more