Masterlist: Dreamscape Week

Day One:  Cheeks

Day Two:  Rats

Day Three:  Explosions

Day Four:  Howls

Day Five: Tongues

Day Six: Ashes

Day Seven: Thorns

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Is there any way to slow down the baby that chases you down the hall? I'm holding the run button and jumping the pits, but the tiniest little mistake or delay and the baby catches me. I've tried a few dozen time and can't get past this part.

Due to several comments on the difficulty of the chase scene, we have released an update that will hopefully make running away from the giant baby monster easier. If this part of the game is still too difficult, please let us know. Thanks for being patient and sorry for the stress we may have caused!

There is no way to slow down the baby monster, so the only way to escape is to run and jump. The update should allow more room for error :)


Picture Perfect (Part 1)

Summary: When Phil finds out that Dan has a twin, he has more trouble telling them apart than he anticipated.

Word Count: 1126

Trigger Warnings: None :)

Okay so I’m hoping to make this at least a couple parts. Please let me know what you think of it! 

Please excuse any mistakes

“Hey, Phil?”  Dan called from his room, sitting up from his browsing position as he entered the room.
“Yes,” Phil asked with the same lilt in his voice that Dan had called his name with.

Well… I was wondering-. I was wondering if I could invite my brother over to stay with us for a couple days?” Phil smlied. “Of course, I don’t mind.” Dan’s eyes lit up. “Great! I can’t wait for you too meet him!”

“Dan, I’ve  already met your brother.” Dan looked down in his lap. “Not this one.” Phil looked at him quizzically. “What? Are you saying you have another brother?” Dan looked up, grinning sheepishly, before nodding. “How did I not know this?” Phil was starting to feel hurt. How had he not known? Why hadn’t Dan told him? Did he not trust him? Before Phil could scare himself any more, Dan’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “We usually don’t talk about each other, considering we live completely different lives. Besides, I didn’t want to freak you out.” Phil squinted at him through his glasses. “Why would you having another brother freak me out?” Dan shrugged. “Because, he’s my twin.”


The news of Dan having a twin hit Phil unexpectedly. He didn’t know how it had never come up in conversation with Dan’s family. Maybe he had asked it specifically to be this way, Phil wasn’t sure. But he was excited and nervous to meet the new brother as the next few days barreled past, leaving only one night before Dan’s twin showed up the next afternoon. That night, instead of being responsible adults and getting a good night’s sleep so they would be nice and refreshed to greet the guest, they stayed up late watching an anime. They had curled up on the couch in comfortable pajamas and had watched a couple of episodes. By one o clock Dan could have watched another episode before realizing Phil had fallen asleep. He thought about waking him up and telling him to go to bed, but he thought that would just be uncomfortable for Phil. Instead, he decided to grab one of the many blankets hiding in the closet, and he covered him as he walked down the hall to his own room.

The next afternoon came swiftly, because after they argued about cereal, they set to work making sure the flat was hospitable to other people besides the two. That meant actually cleaning, at least superficially, and making sure Dan’s brother had a place to sleep for the next couple of days. They were resting on the couch, after had done all the work, when the doorbell rang. Dan looked at Phil excitedly when it did so. Phil looked at the door and stood up with Dan, accompanying him to the door.

When the door opened he thought he was looking at Dan. The two embraced and Dan let the other boy in. Once they had moved away from the staircase, Dan introduced the two. “Phil, this is my twin Austin.” He looked at his brother. “Austin, this is my best friend Phil.” He smiled at the two before moving to the couch, inviting Austin to have a seat. “I’ll go get some drinks,” Dan said, still smiling.

The two looked at each other awkwardly as they watched their only common ground at the moment walk away. “So,” Phil began. “Do you live in England as well?”  Austin shook his head. “No, actually I live in China.” If Phil had any water, he would have spit. “What?” Austin shrugged. “I like learning about different cultures without being a tourist. I never stay more than two years, as there is so much more to see. I’ve already been there one year, I’m thinking about going somewhere else soon.” Phil was still trying to comprehend that Dan’s twin lived in China. “But, but how do people not recognize you?” Austin shrugged again, “I don’t know, I just don’t hang out with that sort of crowd I guess. Except, of course, myself. I’m Dan’s biggest fan.” Phil laughed at this. “Honest. Although I wish he would upload more. Speaking of that,” he said, turning his head to the kitchen, raising his voice to say, “Dan! When are you going to upload your next video? I’m getting impatient.”

Dan laughed as he walked into the room, holding 3 hot cups of tea. “Calm down, calm down, there’ll be one up next week, I promise,” he said, putting the tea down on the coffee table. Austin looked  at him skeptically, “I don’t know if I can trust your word.” Dan put a hand over his chest in mock offense. “And why is that?” The twin shook his head. “You know why. You procrastinate on everything. I mean, you keep telling me that you’ll pay me that 10 quid ‘next week’, but you’ve been saying that since we were 13.” Dan blushed. “Well I promise it’ll be up.”  

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Phil looked at Austin. “Why don’t you make videos as well?” The twins exchanged glances and Phil felt that he was missing something. “What?” He looked between both boys. “Well, it’s just-,” Dan began. “I have pretty bad social anxiety and I don’t like speaking in front of people. I thought it best not to. Besides, no one wants another Jack’s Gap,” Austin finished. Phil only nodded in understanding.


“But really, how do I tell you guys apart,” Phil asked, still laughing. The boys had thought it to be fun to show Phil a trick they used to pull on people when they were kids. They had disappeared into Dan’s room for a good 10 minutes before both coming out in different clothing than before. They had told him to try to guess which one was the real Dan. Their voices, upon consideration were basically perfect replications of each other, so there was no winning there. They had the same haircut, which Phil was sure was planned, although he didn’t know how they had managed that one. He got up and walked around them. Finally, giving up on trying to find physical differences, he said, “Okay, well I give up. But I know an easy question to find out the answer.” They both cocked their eyebrows at this. Phil continued, “What really happened in Las Vegas?”


Phil easily found out who was the real Dan, purely by reaction. He knew that they had told no one of what had happened. While one of them looked interested and confused, the other had both eyebrows shoot up halfway up his head, and Phil could easily differentiate the two. He laughed and threw an arm around the real Dan. “That’s what I thought.”


“I can remember my two favorite scenes. Two different moments.” (x


the astrological elements, quadruplicities, and polarities are all forms of categorization for the twelve signs. by grouping the members of the zodiac into specified divisions, it makes it easier to study and understand each sign. (written by lauren, matteastrology)


the twelve signs are divided into four groups, matching the four natural elements: fire, earth, air, and water. each element includes a triplicity of compatible signs, with each element adding a certain degree of harmony to the zodiac.

  • f i r e (aries, leo, sagittarius) - the fire signs are enthusiastic, blunt, impulsive, ingenuous, and primary. they attack situations with passion, enthusiasm, and vigor. however, the signs of this element have a tendency to act with violence, lack of diplomacy, and aggression. with this in mind, the fire signs are known to act negatively without thinking things through. 
  • e a r t h (taurus, virgo, capricorn) - the earth signs are gifted with an empirical, pragmatic mind, and are known for their (surprise!) down to earth personalities. they provide stability and persistence to the zodiac. often times, these signs are seen as stoic and cold, but put forth a sense of resilience that no other element delivers. however, one should beware of their ever-present state of calm, for the earth signs are known for their explosive outbursts of rage if their anger is subdued for too long.
  • a i r (gemini, libra, aquarius) - the air signs are well known for their talkative, curious, nature. although these signs are so full of ideas, they are not palpable. because of this, they find it hard to act on their often wonderful ideas, and abandon many things mid-project. they have a bubbling mind, and are interested in many things life has to offer, but find it hard to keep their focus directed towards any one thing. the air signs are superficial, but also astute.
  • w a t e r (cancer, scorpio, pisces) - the water signs are ruled by their feelings. they are intuitive, unforthcoming, and in tune with their emotions, but often live in a dream like state, which puts a translucent wall between them and reality. in addition, these signs hold traits of the lazy, susceptible, and hesitant. the water folk display themselves as kindhearted and empathetic, but when they feel danger is near, they can easily transform into unruly, cunning, and unpredictable people.


additionally, the signs of the zodiac are also split up into three separate groups, each holding four signs (hence the name quadruplicity). these groups are known as the cardinal, fixed, and mutable sectors. (note: they are also sometimes referred to as modes. ex: cardinal mode)

  • c a r d i n a l (aries, cancer, libra, capricorn) - these signs are creative, and their minds are often compared to an engine. aries asserts themselves by using their physical strength and high energy levels. cancer progresses through life using their caution as a shield. libra puts their charm to use in order to gain the trust of others and coax them into situations that turn out beneficial for the scales. capricorn behaves in a cautious, sneaky manner, asserting their power when people become accustomed to them acting as a wallflower.
  • f i x e d (taurus, leo, scorpio, aquarius) - the fixed signs are creatures of habit. they are stubborn, unyielding, and not too keen on change. despite this, they demonstrate great persistence and determination, and always finish what they start. taurus are materialistic folk, finding great comfort in their possessions. leo takes great pride in their enthusiasm and passion, making it clear to all that no one can take that from them. scorpio resides in their emotions, finding solace in the control they have over their mind. aquarius holds stiff opinions, and their uniqueness is often seen as contradictory when compared to their narrow mind.
  • m u t a b l e (gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces) - this group of signs is volatile and easily adaptable, but they lack a certain degree of depth. while being extremely versatile and open-minded people, it is often mistaken for instability. gemini is superficial and talkative, but while connections come easy to them, they find it hard to keep themselves in that deep of a relationship. virgo is quick to change their mind, but is always looking for new ways to improve themselves. sagittarius is enthusiastic in all that they do, and craves discoveries, as well as new adventures. pisces is difficult to follow, for their inner life is complex as they can change from pure ecstasy to a deep form of sadness in just an hour. however, they find themselves forgiving and forgetting rather easily. 


lastly, the signs are grouped up into polarities. these are two sectors, splitting the masculine/active signs and the feminine/passive signs. 

  • m a s c u l i n e / a c t i v e (aries, gemini, leo, libra, sagittarius, aquarius) - extroverted, communicative people who find it easy to express themselves and hold energetic traits.
  • f e m i n i n e / p a s s i v e (taurus, cancer, virgo, scorpio, capricorn, pisces) - more on the introverted, calm, comforting side. these signs find peace within keeping to themselves. 
the big f/f music masterpost

ok so here is, finally, my big gay music masterpost.

i’m tired of hearing the same three tracks over and over again in f/f mixes, but i know it’s hard to find songs by female artists that don’t use he/him pronouns, let alone actually mention women, so i compiled as many as i could find in different categories to make it easier to browse!

this list has over a hundred songs in it, but i’m considering it a work in progress indefinitely- send your favourite songs to my inbox and i’ll add them in.

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Adventure Time Mythology 101

(This is modified from a post I originally posted on Reddit. Please forgive the pretentious Latin headings. I wanted to be esoteric and spooky. If there are any mistake, just let me know).

In Principio (In the Beginning)

In time primordial, there was nothing.

And before there was nothing, there were monsters.

Originally posted by sweetums

These were not your typical monsters. These creatures—primeval demons—were huge, dangerous, and completely evil. They were concerned with nothing more than ultimate destruction. They writhed in a seemingly endless pale yellow sea of hatred and immorality (”Gold Stars”).

One of these demons was named Orgalorg. She was smaller than most of the other demons, but eventually, her name would go down in history as one of the most dangerous and dastardly creatures to have ever emerged from the void. She went by many names, but one of them was Orgalorg, the Breaker of Worlds (”Orgalorg”).

Sometime in the future, Orgalorg would enslave whole galaxies. But she would eventually incure the wrath of Abraham Lincoln, the King of Mars. He would send Glob Grob Grod Gob to fight the demon; Orgalorg was defeated, and fell backwards through time and landed onto Earth, where the gravity compressed her into the shape of an innocuous penguin. Orgalorg was totally amnesiac, and knew nothing of her former life. Eventually, she was adopted by the Ice King, who would refer to her as ‘Gunter’ (”Orgalorg”).

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De Natura Magiae et Coronae Glacialis (On the Nature of Magic and the Ice Crown)

The demons flailed in the void for uncountable eons. Eventually, however, something happened. A major event, perhaps. Reality came into existence, and a multiverse was born. No one really knows what became of those demons. Some were presumably destroyed. Others were transformed into other beings. Still others probably fled to the deepest and darkest parts of the multiverse, where they sleep to this day.

Millions of years ticked by. Life began to flourish and fill the universe. During this time, magic was not just a thing from stories. It was reality. Magic users then (and now, in contemporary Ooo) were defined by three factors: they were mostly all mad, they were all filled with sadness, and they could all wield magic. These three factors made wizards a strange breed, and it also meant that the opportunity for magical abuse was ever present (”You Forgot your Floaties”).

On Earth, Magic users lived on this planet, co-existing with dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures (”Evergreen”).  

It seems that this prehistoric period was mostly uneventful. However, every one thousand years, a ‘catalyst comet’ (a strange cosmic meteor containing an element of change, be it good or evil) would smash into this antediluvian version of Ooo. These comets very rarely would leave any sort of lasting effects. However, one specific catalyst comet carried an Essence that ached for total destruction (”Evergreen”).

Urgence Evergreen, a great and powerful ice elemental, foresaw the destruction that this Essence would cause and crafted a magic crown that utilized wish magic: when placed on the user’s head, it would make their one true wish a reality. Unfortunately, Evergreen’s feeble-minded (albeit good-natured and abused) assistance, Gunter, placed it on his head, resulting in the crown being marred and the comet smashing into Earth (“Evergreen”).

Originally posted by marcys-mareep

The dinosaurs were extinguished, and magic was buried for millions of years. All this while, the crown slept…

In a year not too far removed from our own, an antiquarian by the name of Simon Petrikov purchased Evergreen’s ancient crown from a dock worker in Scandinavia. Assuming it was merely a trinket, he placed the crown on his head. But the marred wish of Gunter caused Simon to grow mad. The crown whispered things to him, telling him that he was the master of Ice and Snow, and he began to believe that he was Evergreen. This event caused his fiancée, Betty, to leave him (“Holly Jolly Secrets II”) and travel into the future in order to save him (“Betty”).

De Bello Mussirionis (On the Mushroom War)

It was during this time that some sort of arms race rapidly deteriorated into an all-out nuclear war. No one is entirely sure of how the war progressed, but what is known is that one of the belligerent nations crafted a weapon—known only as the Mushroom Bomb—presumably made from the Essence, that, when detonated, caused the Lich to come into being (“Finn the Human”). This malevolent being thirsted for wanton destruction and the extinction of all life. He roamed the planet for hundreds of years before he was trapped in amber by Billy the Hero (”Mortal Folly”).

Originally posted by to-cut-a-womans-hair

According to the (presumable) diary of Simon Petrikov, the effects of the Mushroom War caused a thin mist to descend upon the world, which turned innocent people into ‘goo zombies’ (“Friends Forever”). During this apocalyptic episode, humanity itself was almost completely eradicated, and whole cities were left in ruins (”Simon & Marcy”).

Following the war, Simon, who was still admirably fighting the effects of the crown, discovered a small girl by the name of Marceline in the rubble of a city (“I Remember You”). The two became close friends… that is until Simon truly lost himself and became the completely deranged Ice King (“Simon & Marcy”).

De Historia Marcelinis (On the History of Marceline)

Marceline was born to Hunson Abadeer, the demonic overlord of the Nightosphere, and a (as of now) unnamed human woman (”It Came from the Nightosphere”, “Finn the Human”). At some point, when she was very young, she was abandoned on Earth and discovered by Simon (“I Remember You”). Although he eventually succumbed to the crown’s madness, she never forget how much he helped her during those times of harsh survival (“I Remember You”, “Simon & Marcy”).

Marceline’s history between the loss of Simon and her befriending Finn and Jake is clouded in mystery. During this interim period, she not only became a vampire, but also the Queen of the vampires by killing the Vampire King himself. She also seems to have befriended (and possibly fell in love, dependng on who you talk to) with Princess Bubblegum. One day, this chapter of Marceline’s life will surely be filled in.

We do know that at one point, Marceline’s father ate french fries that belonged to her. This act of carelessness was the final straw for Marceline: for many years, she refused to deal with her father  (”It Came from the Nightosphere”, “Memory of a Memory”).

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De Origine Manducabullae Principis (On the Origin of Princess Bubblegum)

Following the Great Mushroom War, humanity was mostly extinct, radiation mutated organisms, and–most notably—magic reentered the world, now known as Ooo. During this intermittent time, a semi-sentient piece of gum gave rise to the more familiar Princess Bubblegum (“Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!”). Bubblegum was a scientific genius, and she soon discovered how to create candy-based life: these individuals would soon become her citizens (”Too Young”, “The Vault”).

Thus the Candy Kingdom was born.

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But during this early time, Ooo was not safe. Bands of brigands and criminals roamed the land. The Candy Kingdom was the target of presumably dozens of attacks. Bubblegum poured hours of her time into developing more and more advanced technology, such as the awesome Gumball Guardians (”The Vault”). Soon, the Candy Kingdom was the greatest super-power in all of Ooo. Bubblegum was benevolent, but she also had a authoritarian streak (”The Cooler”).

De Natura Finni Illius Hominis (On the Nature of Finn the Human)

Somewhere in this timeline, a catalyst comet delivered another Essence to the world. But this Essence was good. For thousands of years, it was reincarnated into various forms, including a butterfly, a pile of goo, and a humanoid female named Shoko (“The Comet”, “The Vault”). Eventually, this Good Essence was sealed in another, more familiar 'meat body’: Finn the Human (“The Comet”).

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Finn was born to a vagabond and criminal by the name of Martin (”The Visitor”). However, soon after his birth, he was abandoned in the woods, where he was quickly discovered by Joshua and Margaret, two crime-solving dogs. The canines took pity on Finn and raised him as their own, alongside their two other pups, Jake and Jermaine (”Memories of Boom Boom Mountain”).

All three brothers would remain on friendly terms, but Finn and Jake developed a particularly strong bond (”Jermaine”). The two would live together for 16-plus years of their life, most of that time spent in a Tree Fort that had originally belonged to Marceline the Vampire Queen (”Jermane”, “Evicted”, “Ocarina”).

De Origine Jakis Illius Canis (On the Origin of Jake the Dog)

Before Joshua and Margaret discovered Finn, the two were on the heels of a strange shape-shifting creatures. The being managed to bite Joshua, and implanted an egg in his head. The shape-shifter’s DNA merged with Joshua’s dog genetics, and Jake was born from the mix (”Joshua & Margaret Investigations”).

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Who exactly Jake’s shape-shifting ‘father’ is remains a mystery, although (and this is completely conjecture) it is entirely possible that this mysterious being was one of the many demons that existed before Time itself.

De Miscellaneis (On Miscellaneous Things)

There are various other elements about Ooo that we know a little bit about. There is some sort of pantheon of gods/celestial beings that occasionally interfere with the affairs of lesser creatures: The Cosmic Owl (the Keeper of Dreams), Prismo (a wish-master), and Death (the name says it all). Where they came from, and who they are working for, is unknown (”Hoots”, “Finn the Human”/”Jake the Dog”, “Death in Bloom”).

Following the fall of humanity, some members of the human race presumably escaped to Mars, where, over hundreds of years, they mutated into a new race of highly intelligent people skilled with magic: Martians (”Sons of Mars”, “You Forgot Your Floaties”). Their leader was Abraham Lincoln, and two (or five, depending on how you count them) Martians known as Glob Grob Grod Gob and Magic Man were second only to Abraham Lincoln himself (”Sons of Mars”, “Astral Plane”, “You Forgot Your Floaties”). However, a malevolent entity named GOLB (whose origin is completely unknown) stole away Magic Man’s wife, Margles, causing a chain reaction that eventually drove Magic Man insane. With both Lincoln and Glob Grob Grod Gob, deceased in the series’ current timeline, Magic Man may one day ascend the throne of Mars (“You Forgot Your Floaties”). Only time will tell…

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In Hoc Momento (In This Moment)

In the sixth season finale (”Hot Diggity Doom”/”The Comet”), Princess Bubblegum was peacefully deposed by her own people, and the fraudulent King of Ooo was installed as the new princess. Orgalorg re-awoke and attempted to consume the power of a new catalyst comet, only to be stopped by Finn and Jake. Finn was offered a chance at ascending to a higher plane of existence by the comet, but he turned it down to chill in Ooo for a little while longer. His father, however, took the comet up on its offer, and disappeared from this plane of existence.  What will happen next? Tune in this Fall to find out!

And that about covers it. Any questions?

Class dismissed.

Meet Taylor’s 1989 Tour Dancers!

So lately I’ve been thinking that Taylor’s dancers deserve a lot more credit than they get. I decided to do some research on all of them and post it on here for all of you lovely people! I have posted a mini “bio” of each dancer below, and a bigger bio blurb is available if you click on the link “click here for more.” So without further ado, Taylor’s 12 backup dancers for the 1989 World Tour:

*I have linked the sources below each picture, but let me know if they were originally yours and I will also link you. Also, please inform me if I have made any mistakes*


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Instagram | Twitter | Website

(x) & (x) This is the first time Remi has danced for Taylor. He is easily recognizable by his omnipresent smile or smirk. His skills in parkour and free-running make his dancing stand out!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Instagram | Twitter | Website

(x) Mason has previously toured with Taylor on the Red Tour. He can typically be spotted laughing at the antics of Christian Henderson during Bad Blood!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

(x) Kim, better known as Toshi, is a new dancer of Taylor’s. He is good friends with fellow tour-mate Maho Udo! Toshi can always be seen with his bright smile and blonde-tipped hair.


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

(x) Giuseppe is another new dancer for Taylor. He can be seen as one of the main dancers in I Knew You Were Trouble on tour!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

(x) This is Robert’s first world tour. You may have seen the viral video (here) of him telling his mom that Taylor gave him the part!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Instagram | Twitter

(x) Christian has previously danced for Taylor in the Red Tour. He is probably the most easily recognizable dancer from the 1989 tour, since he is always making everyone (including Taylor here!) laugh during Bad Blood!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

(x) & (x) This is Jake’s first tour with Taylor! He can be seen sporting his poofy auburn hair and a beard.


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

(x) This is Christian Owens’ first tour with Taylor. Christian’s silly personality can definitely be seen in his dancing onstage (especially during Bad Blood)!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Instagram | Twitter

(x) This is Nolan’s first tour with Taylor. He can be seen almost always with a sweet smile on stage. I personally think he also looks like Mark Ballas!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

(x) Austin previously has danced with Taylor at the VMA’s. He is the main dancer in “All You Had To Do Was Stay” on the tour, playing Taylor’s boyfriend who didn’t stay!


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Instagram | Twitter

(x) Maho is another new Taylor dancer. He is good friends with tour-mate Toshi Davidson! Maho is easily recognizable from his cute cheekbones and blonde/black hair.


CLICK HERE FOR MORE | Instagram | Twitter | Vine | Youtube

(x) Mark was a part of Taylor’s Red Tour and is back for the 1989 World Tour. You may recognize him from his adorable viral video dancing with his deaf mother (here)!


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Voltage games : differences between English and Japanese titles.

Inquiring minds wanted to know… :3 

I tried my best with my crappy Japanese lol so If there’s any mistakes in the translations please shoot me a message and I’ll correct it ! :)

-Enchanted in the moonlight = “Tonight, the mysterious kiss”

-My Forged Wedding = “Sudden kiss of oath”

-Kissed by the baddest bidder = “Mischievous kiss in a suite room”

-True Love Sweet Lies = “True love is from sweet lies”

-Finally in love again = “Please, let me be your last love”

-Scandal in the spotlight = “Your lie and the scandal “ or "You and the scandalous lie” ( not sure >.< )

-Star crossed myth = “I fell in love with the star prince”

-10 days with my devil = “In love with the devil for 10 days”

-Dreamy days in West Tokyo = “Kochijōji : colorful days of love”
**note : Kochijōji is a neighborhood in the city of Musahino, Tokyo.

-Love letter from a Thief X = “Mysterious thief X love letter/notice”

-Be my Princess = “The Prince’s proposal”

-Our two bedroom story = “The superiors and their 2LDK ‘secrets”
**note: 2LDK is the Japanese abbreviation for a two-bedroom apartment with a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

-Class trip crush = “Class trip : love secret”

-First love diary = “First boyfriend diary in Shōnan”
**note: Shōnan is a region along the coast of Sagami Bay in central Japan.

-My Sweet Bodyguard = “My lover is an exclusive security police officer”

-Office secrets = “Secret office romance Between two people”

-A knight’s devotion = “Love tribute from the legendary knight”

-In your arms tonight = “I want to sleep with you tonight”

-Her love in the force = “My lover is a public safety officer”

-Metro PD : Close to you = “Special Investigations : close ( or rather “glued” ) for 24 hours.”

-Sakura amidst chaos = “World unification: whirlwind of love”

-My last first kiss = “Starting my adult first love”

-Kiss me on clover hill = “Room share: his true face”

-My wedding and 7 rings = “Kiss of oath and the seven temptations”

-Serendipity next door = “Beware of the neighbors”

-Seduced in the sleepless city = “The sleepless Town’s Cinderella”


They were fifteen, and Peter had revealed to Lily the prank James was planning to pull on Snape (”She flirted with me and I panicked!”). Peter’s excuse made James even more furious and he started chasing him in the Great Hall, trying to make his hair turquoise. Lily was there too, running down James and flinging very creative hexes at him. They were half serious half joking and Sirius was on the floor laughing, because for once, he had nothing to do with the prank and besides, they looked so damn ridiculous.

They were sixteen, and Sirius’ prank caused Remus’ nose to become as big as Kreacher’s and to have imprinted on it the initials S.O.B. but the spell would not wear off for some reason. Remus didn’t speak to him for one day (it was right before the full moon, so he was already in a very bad mood). Sirius apologized, but he couldn’t help but howl with laughter because “Come on Moony look at yourself in the mirror! The whole bloody school is laughing and you’re expecting me of all people to stay serious?” (”If you dare make a pun about you staying ‘sirius’ I swear I will start hanging out with Diggory”)

They were seventeen, and Lily asked James out, but before he managed to find his voice and say yes, she run off in the opposite direction. James run after her, but when he put his hand on her shoulder he somehow tripped and suddenly they were both on the floor, with faces redder than the girl’s hair and Sirius was rolling on the floor too, laughing, with tears in his eyes, because Merlin, this could only happen to them.

Four years later, James and Lily are lying on the floor again (they will never get up) and Remus won’t speak to Sirius (he will probably never speak to him again) and Peter has told one more secret (it killed his friends). And Sirius laughs. Because that’s all he can do.

Mile High

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen boards Pan Em Flight 1213, the last thing she expects is to be flying a mile high with Peeta Mellark.

A/N: Modern AU. Explicit sexual situations and language.

With many thanks to myusernamehere​ for being an amazing, patient, and brilliant beta and friend. All mistakes, errors, artistic liberties, and flights of fancy are mine. Also a million thanks to the incomparable loving-mellark for making the hottest, most gorgeous banner. Girl, I do not know how you do it. You are a magical unicorn.

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Chapter 3: Cruising Altitude

Maybe it’s the half bottle of champagne I’ve devastated in a handful of swills, but I’m feeling bold and uninhibited. When Peeta tells me that I can kiss him anytime I feel like it, I don’t care whether or not he’s teasing.

I feel like it. So I do it.

I wish everything could be as simple, that it could always be as easy as just reaching out and taking whatever I want, whenever I want it.

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Ultimate Swiftgron timeline

In light of yet more Swiftgron receipts surfacing last night (thanks anon and jennyboom21), I decided to compile everything we know about the relationship into one megapost. It’s long and it contains content from other posts I’ve made, but I think it’s good to have it all in one place. I’ll update it if anything else comes to our attention. There’s so much here that I might have missed something or made a mistake - please tell me if I have!

Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole?

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Animes for the Signs

animes I’ve seen some or all of

♥ by the ones you can watch some of on Netflix
by the ones you can watch all of on Netflix
(as of 8-13-15) (If I made a mistake please let me know)

Aries:  Fairy Tail ♥

Taurus: Kaze No Stigma

Gemini: Sword Art Online ♥

Cancer: Fruits Basket

Leo: Ouran Highschool Host Club 

Virgo: Soul Eater

Libra: DN Angel

Scorpio: Black Butler ♥

Sagittarius: School Rumble

Capricorn: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (don’t and I repeat don’t watch the original FMA series) (you will want to rip someone’s throat out) (also Brotherhood actually follows the fucking manga) (sorry I’m a nerd) (I mean you can watch it if you want I’m just extremely against it lmao) (sorry I’ll stop parentheses ranting)

Aquarius: Sgt. Frog

Pisces: Princess Jellyfish  (sadly only 11 episodes)


I’ve been wanting to re-draw the first panel of Always Human for a while. The 2D-ness was bothering me. It’s not perfect now, but it’s so much better. Yay for improvement :D

(As I mentioned earlier I’m going to fix some of the really glaring mistakes in the earlier parts of Always Human. It’s hard to resist the urge to re-draw everything because it’s so oooold and I never like my old art. But I’m determined to fix the panels that are are confusing or anatomically wonky or really, really lazily drawn. If there’s something in the comic that you think is in desperate need of fixing, please let me know!)

It was a mistake (Eisuke, KBTBB)(sort of a request)

Hey guys, so we recently hit 900 followers ^ ^ So, to celebrate, and coz I haven’t written in a while (plus I’m in a really weird mood for angst), here is a fanfic where Eisuke cheats on MC >.< kinda like the BMP one but this isn’t a headcanon XD



Prompt: It’s sort of a reequest from @the-otome-room but I think she may have deleted her account/changed her URL. If anyone knows, can you let me know please?


“Eisuke I-”

Your arms fell to your side as all your previous excitement drained away. Unable to comprehend what was happening, you simply stared as an obviously famous actress just finished pulling a skimpy shirt over her skin. You watched in silence as she bent over to kiss a lipstick covered Eisuke on the cheek, whispered “Let’s do this again sometime~” and stalked out of the room, barely glancing at you.

Eisuke, who had failed to notice your presence, then looked up and stopped short from the image of your dumbstruck expression. All at once, his expression turned to shock, like a deer caught in headlights. You watched as the look on his face then melted into guilt and regret, his expression telling you everything. You felt your heart drop as sharp pain coursed through your chest, unable to do anything but stare at him as trails of wet tears began to form on your cheeks. Watching as he began to make his way towards you, his dark orbs streaked with worry and panic, you felt yourself reflexively move away, as if your body knew you had to get out of there as quickly as possible before your heart shattered completely. “_______…________wait! Please!”

Just before you could reach the door, you felt a strong grip rest on your wrist, stopping you from any hope of escaping. “_______, let me explain, please!” you turned, staring hopefully into his desperate orbs. “Fine. Explain.” Shocked by your willingness, he stuttered. “I-I-” Closing your eyes in disappointment, you felt the last slither of hope evaporate from your heart as you turned to leave, only to feel his grip on you tighten. “No! ________ I-I love you!” You froze from his passionate words and almost turned to wrap your arms around him so you could cry into his chest and feel his soothing warmth comfort you.


“No.” A wave of emotions hit you as your thoughts finally ordered themselves. He loves me? He- no. If he loved me, he would never be able to do this. No. “You don’t love me. You love the thought of owning me. You love the idea of being able to control me, no matter what.” You turn to him, glaring through the hot tears that continued to fall. “You love me? Don’t be ridiculous. The only thing you love about me is the leash that you hold in your hands to trap me. I know now, that I am nothing to you, but a toy.” You were almost spitting the words at him, practically blind from the tears in your eyes. Unable to bear seeing his blurry silhouette, you turn away again, continuing. “I’m sorry Eisuke, I know you loved ordering me around, and I’m sure you’ll miss having someone to control…but don’t worry…” Facing him bravely, you gave him a sad smile, “You’ll find someone else sooner or later. I’m sure you’ll forget about me in no time.” “You can run. But I’ll find yo-” “Go ahead. Hunt me down. Bring me back. You know I’ll just run away again. I’m not scared…and do you know why I’m not scared, Eisuke? It’s because I know that after a few times, you’ll just forget about me. You’ll realize that it’s not worth the effort. And you’ll replace me. Because it’s not like I had a place in your heart anyway…right?” “…No! You’re wro-” “Anyway. I should get going. I’ll hand in my letter of resignation in the morning…Mr. Ichinomiya.” Emphasizing the way you had addressed him, you finally shook off his firm grip on your wrist, and strode off, closing the door behind you as you leaned against it weakly, covering your face with your hands, feeling your heart shatter.

Bonus: After you had left, Eisuke stared after you, almost drilling a hole through the oak door as he willed for you to come back, change your mind…but it was no use. After some time, he realized that you would not return. He would’ve run after you, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to face that pained, heart-broken look in your eyes, knowing that he was the cause of your tears. He knew, he knew that he was far too weak to face that expression without crumbling before you…and so, instead, he crumbled where he stood, safe from the eyes of outsiders. Slamming the floor with his fist, he cursed himself. “Dammit! WHY? Why…How…How could I do this to her?” Raising his head slowly, he felt tears prick his eyes, tears that he was far too proud to accept, but far too weak too hold back…and as the first tear fell, he looked painfully at the door and whispered his plea. “No. Please don’t leave. I love you.”


…I’m the worst. But hey, what dya say? Possible part 2? X3

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aubvi asked:

Hey Holls, what's a mother have to do to get a "Stuck on a ski lift au"?


Yes ma’am! This is my first piece in a while, so please be gentle with me. This is un-beta’d so I apologise for any mistakes. Please let me know what you think. Here goes!

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This was a terrible idea.

Like, as far as ideas went, this one was about a nine on the crazy scale, and that was including that time she’d tried to make a rocket out of her Mom’s cleaning utensils.

Why the hell am I doing this?

That was the thought that kept yoyoing back and forth in her mind as she settled down atop the hard, metal ski lift, back resting awkwardly against the chair as she flailed her ski-clad feet in a futile attempt to get comfortable. How anyone got around in these things she had no idea - it was bad enough that Felicity had the balance of a baby deer, factor in three foot long skis into the equation and all in all this holiday was a disaster waiting to happen. One that would likely end with Felicity face down on a cliff somewhere with a mouthful of snow. And as her luck would have it, it would probably be the yellow kind.

Why, oh why had she let Sara talk her into this? Speaking of her buoyant blond companion, the culprit in question was nowhere to be seen, leaving Felicity shifting uncomfortably, a thin vein of panic worming its way into her gut as the lift descended towards the cliff’s edge. Just as it was nearing the final few yards, she heard a shout of, “hold the lift!” behind her, and the tell-tale whoosh of flying snow, as a figure swept in-front of the lift, one gloved hand shooting out to grab the bar of the chair, using it as a grip to swing into the seat and land with a heavy thump, just as they crossed the edge of the cliff, the ground falling away into misty darkness below. The impact set the chair swinging precariously, its motion mimicking the lurch of Felicity’s stomach as she struggled to maintain her composure - a feat that was considerably harder when dangling three hundred feet in the air with someone who obviously had a death wish. Gritting her teeth, Felicity turned to glare at the mad-man in question, hoping the pink woollen hat she wore wouldn’t detract from the irritable scowl she was going for. Unfortunately, she had no idea as to the effect of her death glare, as the miscreant’s face was covered by a hat and ski mask, leaving all but his piercing blue eyes concealed. Those entrancing azure pools were enough, however, to keep Felicity quiet long enough for him to give her what she assumed to be an apologetic glance - or a quirk of one defined eyebrow as it were.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, his voice muffled by the cloth covering his mouth. A shame really, Felicity imagined it would be a very nice mouth. Both of those eyebrows shooting upwards quickly informed her that yes, she had indeed blurted that out loud. Frack. She barely had time to scramble out a hasty apology, before a sudden, gut wrenching screech of metal had them stuttering to a halt, the chair lift lurching perilously from where it hung suspended, now stationary, but for a gradual, back and forth swing. Felicity let out a squeak of alarm, her left hand shooting out to grab the arm rest in a white knuckled grip, whilst the other latched on to something warm and solid. Neither did much to calm her, as the ground loomed threateningly three hundred feet below, serving to remind Felicity in full force just how much of a terrible idea this holiday had been; sending someone up a mountain with the intention of plummeting straight back down on a pair of oversized flippers hadn’t seemed like the best of ideas in the first place, especially when that particular someone happened to be blood chillingly, scream inducingly, heart stoppingly afraid of heights. 

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You Can’t Leave (Steve x Reader + Avengers)

Request: Could you do one were your going out with Steve and its all happy until you have to go on a mission and ended up getting stabbed by someone to save Steves life and it’s all fluff of Steve and the team being worried because you are likes. Sister to all of them. Your an amazing writer and I really want this done by you. Thanks

A/N: So this has more emotions than expected. It just kind of happend because I was listening to sad songs and being an emotional wreck. I hope you guys like this guys, I am sorry if I am dissapointing, I am really trying to improve myself&doing my best. Ignore any mistakes please, my native language isn’t english. Please let me know what you think of it :) Much love. xo

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Oh, and if you feel like torturing yourself, read with a sad song. 


“I am an Avenger too, Steve. I can take care of myself. And it is just a mission.” I said, trying to assure him that I will be fine. We were in the elevator, heading to the roof. Both of us were in uniforms, ready for the mission.
“I didn’t say otherwise. I-I just can’t lose you.” He said,placing his hands on my waist. He looked so scared, my heart ached.
“You are not getting rid of me that easily Captain.” I answered smiling, wrapping my arms around his neck.
He smiled back and kissed me. It wasn’t a rough kiss, it was more like a i-love-you kiss. But it got more passionate each second.
Luckily our moment was interrupted.
Elevators doors opened, and Natasha and Clint walked in
“Jeez, get a room.” Natasha said as we pulled away quickly.
“In an elevator? I thought we raised you better than this (Y/N).” Clint said smirking.
“Shut it Barton.” I said, chuckling.
We got out off the elevator together and walked towards the jet.
Everybody was there, waiting for us.
“Everyone ready?” Tony asked as we stepped in.
Everybody nodded and we took seats.
“Simple plan guys. Take everyone of those bastards down, get the intel and leave.”
“Language Captain.” Pietro said, smirking.
I chuckled at Steve’s impression. He rolled his eyes when everybody looked at him, amused.
Clint shut the doors of the jet, and started flying the jet.
“And remember to not do anything stupid, all of you.” I said, with a serious voice. They were all I got, my one and only family.
“That means you Romanoff, Banner. No making out on the field.” Tony said, pointing the two.
“I think you should tell that to Steve and (Y/N), idiot.” Natasha said, smirking at me and Steve. I rolled my eyes.
“We caught them in the elevator.” Clint said with a playful, not taking his eyes off the sky.
“Really?” Sam asked, exicited.
“NO WAY.” Tony said, his eyes at us. Thor chuckled. Pietro smirked and Wanda smiled at us. Bruce was looking at the floor, shy.
“Uh, please. I once walked in on you and Pepper in the lab.” I said with a cocky voice. He just smirked.
“We arrived, ladies and gentleman.” Clint said as we landed. All of us got up and walked towards the doors. I wish we could go to places slower, damn jet.
“Remember, no deaths. Well, except theirs.” Steve reminded us as the doors opened, revealing the big HYDRA facility.
“Let’s fuck this shit up.” Tony said as he turned on his suit. Bruce let the other guy out and yelled.
I grinned.
“Is everyone alright?” I heard Natasha ask through my device, with a tired voice. I managed to reply after I snapped an agents’s neck with my legs.
“I am awesome.” Then I threw electricity balls on the agents who were running towards me. I grabbed the guy who was behind me and thought that I didn’t realize he was there. I kicked him in the balls and punched him in the face when he fell on his knees from the pain. Bastard passed out.
I heard others talking through the devices, but I wasn’t able to give any attention. I shot two agents, who were trying to capture me.
I didn’t see any agents left around me alive or conscious, so I decided to go see if anyone needed help. I could have just asked them with my device, but I thought that it would be a lot cooler if I just appeared and saved their asses.
I ran towards the nearest place I heard gunshots from. I saw Steve, fighting with 3 agents, he didn’t seem to be having a hard time.
But he was too distracted fighting those agents, he didn’t see the other agent, walking towards him with a knife from his back. I wasn’t far away from him. 20 feet, give or take. If I warned him, it could be too late. So I just ran towards him and tried to push the agent with the knife, he was too strong for me and I was too worried to act clearly.
He stabbed me.
Steve knocked down all the agents with rage and ran to me, yelling my name.
I fell on my knees and he catched me. I could see the fear in his eyes.
I heard the others screaming, asking what was wrong from our devices.
“IT IS (Y/N)! EVERYONE TO THE JET! NOW!” He yelled, trying to keep his voice strong.
Tears filled Steve’s eyes, he picked me up and started to run towards the jet.
“Stay with me. Don’t close your eyes. Just stay with me, hey.” He said to my ear. Everything was fuzzy for me, voices were not so clear, my vision was blurry.
I saw that we got into the jet, he layed me on the bed and others ran towards us. Steve took his mask off and threw it away. Tony got out of his suit and stood next to my bed. Steve held my hand, took my hair out of my face.
Everybody was standing right besides me when the auto pilot took over the control of the jet and took off.
Natasha covered her mouth with her hand, trying not to sob. Wanda was trying to hold herself from crying, Pietro had tears in his eyes. Tony looked so scared, I couldn’t even explain the looks on their faces. Thor was standing in the corner, with a worried expression, his eyes wet.
“I will take the knife out in count to 3, okay?” Bruce said, his eyes were glowing green. He was struggling, trying to keep the other guy in.
I nodded, trying to not scream from the pain.
“3…2…1.” He pulled it out, I moaned in pain. Others took a deep breath, watching me suffer hurt them.
“Hey, hey. No deaths, remember? No one dies.” Clint said, trying to sound strong but his voice cracking. My eyes started to shut, I was losing.
Everyone started to yell, trying to keep me concsious. I hardly opened my eyes back, I saw Wanda burrying her face in his brothers chest, sobbing. Pietro wiping away his tears as he holds his sister. Thor covering his face with his hands. Natasha and Clint looking at me, shocked. They just couldn’t believe that I was hurt. They had tears on their eyes, just looking at me. Tony was now crying, his eyes wide and scared. Bruce was taking heavy breaths, trying to keep his calm.
Steve wasn’t able to talk. His eyes were red, he looked damaged, in a way that I couldn’t explain.
There was so much things I wanted to say to them, but I couldn’t. My eyes were shutting down, darkness was pulling me. I couldn’t fight it, I couldn’t stay awake.
“NO! YOU CAN’T LEAVE! NO!” I heard Steve shout.
That was the last thing I heard.
“When is she gonna wake up?” Steve asked the doctor, looking extremly worried.
There was a silence before the doctor answered.
“She might not–” Steve grabbed the doctor and pinned him to the wall, his hand on his neck.
“NO! SHE WILL. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? SHE WILL.” Steve shouted with a tone that none of his team mates have ever heard before.
“Steve! Let him go. Stop acting like a fucking lunatic.” Natasha said as she walked up to him and pulled him away from the doctor.
She gave a leave-us look to the doctor. Doctor left the room, leaving the Avengers alone in their team mate’s hospital room.
Steve ran his hands through his hair, knowing that what he just did was wrong. He just couldn’t deal with it. His girl dying, saving his life? What if she never wakes up?, he thought. That thought ached his heart. He loved her. I should be laying on that bed unconsious, he taught.
He was devastaded for 3 weeks, he wasn’t talking to anyone except the doctors and checking  Tony and Bruce if they found a way to wake her up. He wasn’t taking care of himself. He was just sitting next to (Y/N)’s bed, looking at her. It was like he had a fire inside of him, he felt the pain destroying him.
Others weren’t feeling much different from him.
 Tony wasn’t joking around making sarcastic comments anymore, he wasn’t even talking to anyone, which was shocking. But the most shocking thing was that he wasn’t drinking, not since (Y/N) got stabbed. He knew that (Y/N) wouldn’t want him to drink, she was never a fan of him drinking. Tony and  

 Bruce were trying to find a way to wake her up from the coma, for a week. Now he was looking at (Y/N)’s unconsious body, thinking that she didn’t deserve it. His eyes didn’t show any emotion, but he was dying inside. (Y/N) was like a sister to him, how could he live without her?
 Natasha felt responsible for everyone. She was trying to help the others deal with their pain, ignoring her’s. She was hiding her feelings, trying to be strong for Steve and others. But everyone knew what she was feeling. She was very close to (Y/N), her best friend. She was unconcious for 3 week nows, she could feel a hole in her life where she used to be. She will wake up. She can’t leave us, she taught, ignoring the fact that there is a chance that she might not.

 Clint was trying to talk with the others, believing that they could help each other dealing with it. He believed that they couldn’t go through it without each other. But nobody felt like that. Everybody wanted to deal with the pain on thier own. So he did the same. He didn’t talk to anyone, except (Y/N), there was a chance of her hearing him. He told her how much everybody missed her, how they all felt miserable. He opened to her, told her how he felt broken without her.
 Thor wasn’t doing a good job at dealing with (Y/N)’s absence. He felt empty without her. She was like his sister, how could he not? He spent most of his time in Asgard, checking if there is any solution. He returned back to Midguard everyday to see her and others, hoping that she would be awake when he got back. He was getting his hopes up, only to be let down again.
 Bruce was not visiting her, afraid that he would feel even worse if he saw her like that and turn into the Hulk. So he just spent his time doing researchs to see if there is anything that could and trying to keep his mind off her, ignoring emptiness he felt without her being around. He listened to music, read some books. But he felt down. He was broken.
 Wanda was always with (Y/N), trying to communucate with her, but she couldn’t. Her mind wasn’t responding. She couldn’t do anything but feel terrified. I can’t lose her, she thought. Pietro and her were always with her, talking to her. They told her how much they wanted her to wake up, they begged her to wake up. Both of them were staring at the pictures that was taken of them, missing her. She was like their 3rd sibling.
 Pietro’s memories with (Y/N) were rushing from his yes. He missed her like hell. He thought about all the times two of them messed with others, did pranks and watched what happend afterwards together, laughing their asses off together. The worst part was he had nothing to do about it. Now he was just watching her ‘sleep’, and feeling horrible. Come on printsessa, wake up, he thought.
“So what now?” Pietro asked the question they all have been avoiding. But they couldn’t anymore. Even Bruce was in the room with them, hoping that she would wake up.
Everyone’s eyes turned to him. None of them knew the answer of that question, so they just stared.
“She will not leave us.” Steve said, his eyes red. His tone was so harsh, and confident. For him, she was gonna wake up or wake up. He couldn’t even think of the chance she wouldn’t.
Reader’s POV
I was awake, but not really awake. My mind was awake, I could hear what was going on around me, I could feel that I was laying on a bed with a blanket on me, but I couldn’t open my eyes or move.
I could hear everything going on around me.
It was awful. Hearing my family visiting me everyday and talking to me, but not being able to answer. They were in pain, all of them except Bruce visited me everyday, told me how much they missed me.
“So what now?” I heard Pietro ask.
“She will not leave us.” Steve answered harshly. I tried to wake up, tell them that I was there, that I wasn’t gonna leave them but I couldn’t.
“Now, you are all gonna get some sleep. Thats what (Y/N) would want. Come on."Natasha said and I didn’t hear anyone complain. 'Thats what (Y/N) would want’ was like a key word.
I heard all of them leave, Steve put a kiss on my forehead before leaving and whispered "I love you.” to my ear.


All of a sudden, I woke up. I sat up straight and took really deep breaths. I looked around, I was alone in the room, the clock on the wall showed 6am, and the callender showed 22nd of August, which meant I was out for 3 weeks.

I checked my wound, it was stiched and bandaged. It didn’t hurt, I was problebly given pain killers.
I quickly jumped out of bed. I drank all the water from the bottle that was on my night stand.
I got out of the room and ran to Steve’s.
I didn’t knock, I just took a deep breath and opened the door quietly.  I saw him laying on his bed asleep. Tears filled my eyes when I saw him.
He didn’t look peaceful like he used to. He looked uncomfortable, like something was missing.
I walked over to him, sat on the bed and placed my hand on his face.
“Hey Steve.” I said with a quiet voice, tears streaming down my face. He slowly opened his eyes, and he saw me. His eyes widened.
“Am I-Am I dreaming?” He asked, looking hurt.
“No, I am here. You didn’t think that I would leave you, did you?” I said, smiling.
He immediatly sat up straight, he was shocked. He pulled me closer to him and hugged me. He buried his face in my hair, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his shoulder.
“I was so scared.” He said, his voice cracking. I hugged him more tightly. We slowly pulled away, he placed his hands on my cheeks, making me look at him.
“I love you.” He said before kissing me. Our lips danced together and I opened my mouth for him. He slid his tongue into my mouth and our tongues battled each other. I ran my hands through his hair, he rolled his hands from my waist to my ass.
I didn’t even realized when he layed me down and got on top of me. I felt every fiber in my body vibrate. My heart was beating faster.
I felt alive with him.
Soon my hands were on his back, his chest, down his sides, everywhere I could get them. I put one of my legs around him when he led his kisses to my neck from my lips.
Every touch burned my skin.
Next thing I know, both of us were naked on his bed.
“I love you too.” I said, laying my head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around me, put kisses in my hair.
“I missed you so much. All of us did.” He said. I looked at him, “I know. I heard you all.”
His eyes widened. “You did?”
“Yes.” I said and smiled. We were laying on his bed, cuddling.
“We have to go now. I have a family to hug.” I said and got up. 

Me and Steve were walking down the hallway together, holding hands. We stopped by my room and I got dressed. Now we were walking to see the others.
It was 8 am now, which meant they were all together having coffee in the common room.
Both of us walked in, looking at them. Tears filled my eyes when I saw them.
They looked sad, devastated.
“Hey guys. Miss me?” I said. All of their eyes turned to me and widened. They all got on their feet. They were shocked, and their eyes were filled with happiness now. Their faces lightened up, Pietro was the first to come and hug me. Well, he was the speedster.
I buried my face in his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
“Welcome back printsessa.” He said and we pulled away. He looked so happy, relieved. I smiled at him and I hugged Natasha, who was next to Pietro, waiting for a hug.
“Hello Red.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her.
“You scared the shit out of me.” She said, her voice cracking.  I tightened my arms.
“I am not leaving anytime soon Nat.” I said and we pulled away. I smiled at my bestfriend.
Next person in line was Tony, I smiled widely at him.
“How is my favorite billionare doing?” I said as he pulled me into a hug.
“I was losing it.” He said, his voice serious.
“I know Tony. I missed you too.” I said and layed my head on his shoulder. We pulled away and I placed a kiss on his cheek before hugging the next person.
I wrapped my arms around Clint’s neck, remembering the things he said when I was out.
“Hi Legolas.” He tightened his arms.
“Hi sweet cheeks.” He said, his voice tone showing his emotions. We pulled away and Wanda immediatly pulled me to her.
“I missed you too.” I said, smiling. We wrapped our arms around each other.
“You idiot. I was so scared.” She said, her voice relieved. I chuckled and we pulled away. Thor pulled me into a hug that could break my bones.
“Hey big guy.” I said as I ignored the fact he was hugging me too tightly.
“I am so happy to see you again.” He said.
“Me too.” I said, trying to keep my voice strong. I missed them so much.
We pulled away, and I hugged the last person standing. He was always the shy one, but this time he hugged me.
“Hi Banner.” I said as I hugged him back.
“I thought we were gonna lose you.” He said, his voice sad.
“Oh hell not. You guys are not getting rid of me that easily.” I said as we pulled away.
I took another look at them, at my family. I smiled at all of them.
“I missed you all too.” I said with a playful voice and added,
“So, who wants pancakes? I am cooking.”
They all smiled brightly, and we walked towards the kitchen together.


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