Just Like You - Part III [Harley Quinn x Joker]

Summary: Where the rest of the world sees a deranged psychopath, Harleen Quinzel sees a man. A man capable of loving her, in his own twisted way. This is her transformation into Harley Quinn, starting at Arkham Asylum. Part I - Part II

Anything you want I’ll give it up
Lips, lips I kiss
Bite me while I taste your fingertips
Day drunk into the night
Wanna keep you here

Harleen stood by the coffee machine when the lights suddenly flickered, then they went out. Through the darkness she heard the other persons in the staff room abruptly stand up, the scraping of chairs against the tiled floor. Her heart beat faster as an icy chill rushed down her spine. She remained completely still, waiting, listening.

Was it already time?

The other doctors and nurses mumbled worriedly to each other, while she remained standing with full attention. The sound of heavy steps came closer, and when the emergency light switched on a minute later she saw an orderly stand in the door, breathing harshly and motioning at her.

“Quinzel, you must come at once.”

She saw more guards running past in the corridor outside, with their weapons ready. “What’s going on?”

The man’s eyes moved quickly around the room. “It’s about patient 2671. Something’s happened - ”

She was already halfway out the door when Dr. Valdez spoke up. “It’s my patient, so I’m going. If you don’t mind, Dr. Quinzel…”

Harleen turned her head around only to give her the hardest, cutting glare she could manage, staring her down. The violent impulse was back, but she had more important things to focus on at the moment. The other woman remained unfazed, coming closer.

Harleen simply pushed past the orderly and hurried down the corridor, her body moving in the direction of his cell on its own accord, as she heard the guard accompany her. She had already passed two corridors and one staircase, too impatient to wait for the elevator, when he stopped her.

“There’s something you must see, Doctor,” he said and gestured her for her to go into the other direction, that lead away from the maximum security floor and down to the lower floors.

Her jaw was locked tight, the tension spread through her and fueled the impatience. “What?” she snapped. “I’ve got to see my patient at once.”

“He is under control,” the guard replied – his words intended to calm down having the opposite effect on her. She needed to get to the Joker now, what happened?

“Follow me,” the man said apprehensively and she forced herself to follow, away from the cell again.

He lead her quietly down to the lowest floor above the parking garage, where the staff locker rooms were – a place mostly used by the guards and nurses. Her heart beat in rhythm with her rushed steps and she vaguely noticed the increased presence of staff.

They stopped in front of the large male staff restroom, close to the locker rooms. The guard stopped her at the door that was guarded by two orderlies, giving her full view of the restroom.

“The police is on its way, don’t touch anything,” one of the guards commanded sternly. She looked down and noticed her heels inches away from thick blood stains. She looked up again.

The room was colored crimson – the tiled floor and the stalls were splattered as if someone had taken a huge paintbrush and flicked it. In one corner, by the dripping sink, there was a big lump of something fleshy and red. The body had been mutilated beyond recognition. The white tiled walls were only partially stained, leaving room for a large, neatly scribbled message across the entire far wall of the room.

The orderly who escorted her winced as he once again looked at the scene. In large, bold red letters it was written, accompanied by a big, wide smiley face.

Bring Quinzel back.

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There are different kinds of people when it comes to naming instruments
  • Those who give their instruments 'human' names: i.e. Thomas, John, Clark, Max
  • The ones who are obviously huge nerds: i.e. Xavier, Aristotle, Dante, Draco
  • The ones who just aren't creative: (or just like keeping it simple) i.e. Al the Alto Saxophone, Gibson the Guitar, ect.
  • The ironic ones: i.e. Soprano the Tuba, Bass the Flute, Viola the Violin
  • And Finally:
  • The ones who shouldn't ever be allowed to name anything: (even though they're probably right) i.e. Satan, Lucifer, Trashophone, Idiot

Let’s try to make everyone friends, Zelda. 

It’ll be easier, Zelda.

 It’s not like you’re dealing with two children, Zelda.

Why do you do this to yourself, Zelda;

Let’s Be friends Au.

Hey. Hey friends. Can I ask you a favor? You see, my favorite show, The 100, is very likely to be cancelled because it’s ratings aren’t as high as they should be. This wednesday, 12/17, at 9:00pm is our mid season finale. If it doesn’t get good ratings, the chances of our show getting renewed for a third season is very low. 

Now this show is very very important to me, and a ton of other people as well. We really don’t want to lose it. I mean this isn’t just a “good show” it is literally on a whole other level. It is probably one of the best shows I’ve ever fallen in love with, if not the best. And for me to feel that way, when we only have a total of 20 episodes, that should tell you how good this show is. I was hooked before the pilot episode was even over.
I love this show, it means a whole damn lot to me, more than I would have expected in such a short time. And I can’t lose it now.

So, what I’m asking of you, is that on Wednesday, the 17th, at 9:00pm on the CW, please turn your tv on and watch it. You don’t even have to actually watch it, just put it on your tv for that one hour, it could really help the ratings. If you’re busy, and you can’t that’s fine, but maybe help spread the word at least? And who knows, if you do watch it, maybe you’ll be intrigued and decide to watch it from the beginning!

I promise this show is worth it. It’s lack of ratings say nothing about it’s quality, because it’s better than most shows out there right now. You don’t have to give it a chance, just help us get our ratings up, just this once. Please? Please help us keep this show going.


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Does 1DHQ realize that we are pretty much immune to Larry denials coming from 1D entourage, friends, family members, and even the rest of 1D?

The only thing that could potentially convince some Larries that Harry and Louis are not together would be if they sat together for a joint interview and said that they were not dating in a convincing manner, while looking at each other, without swerving the question or having others speak for them.

But they won’t do it, will they? Despite countless opportunities they had over the years. And we all know why.

the impact that parks and recreation, and more specifically leslie knope, has had upon viewers is profoundly positive and substantial. you needn’t look any further than the little things it has enshrined in our day-to-day lives – things like ‘treat yo self’ have become so widespread that even people who have never watched are aware of it. leslie knope has become a symbol for never giving up on things about which you’re enthusiastic and passionate. it’s not dumb to be really excited and into something, to want to be involved in bringing about positive change – it’s a good thing. an admirable thing, even, something to which we should aspire. the warmth that this show has brought to people’s lives is irrefutable.

but the thing is, it’s not just us who have been changed. it’s the television industry as a whole that has been impacted. parks and rec showed us how you can have a program fuelled by love, running on good sentiments and the little dramas we deal with daily. it showed us how we don’t actually have to build tv shows around narratives that consistently tear people down and then chronicle how characters rise above that; instead, we can lovingly craft stories on the very foundations of uplifting other people. we can have shows celebrating people, celebrating their little quirks and their passions. parks and rec showed us a whole new model, and it showed us one that works.

the fact that amy poehler was never recognised for such a feat is positively criminal.


You can’t keep fighting forever, Lazuli!

Day 2: Jewel, Water, Contrast

Because I couldn’t stop myself from hurting myself emotionally.


Nursey gives Dex flowers all the time. And Dex blushes so red. He gets embarrassed if they’re in public, and pretends to give out to Nursey, but Nursey knows he loves it.

  • me: [sees enjolras meta on my dashboard] oh my god, i love him so much, i think he's my favorite after all -
  • me: [sees joly art] there he one and darling my sunshine my favorite
  • me: [suddenly thinks about the last verses of jean prouvaire] have i ever said that i would lay down my life for jehan prouvaire, my favorite ami

Friendly reminder to Wander Over Yonder fans that just because the “finale” has been announced does not mean this is the end. Just because the end of season 2 is premiering and Disney xd is calling it the finale of the series doesn’t mean it’s time to stop fighting for season 3. They can order a season 3 any time after season 2 ends. If anything we should be fighting more, and really making sure we tune into these last few episodes. Show them that woy does have a big audience worthy of season 3.
This is not the end, we knew the end of season 2 was approaching fast when we started. That doesn’t mean we should give up. That’s exactly what Disney wants us to do.