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Having to un-knit 6 rows of 85 in the round with slip-ones, yarn-overs, and pass-slipped-stitch-overs, then getting back to knitting, with tension maintained and all braindead un-knitting mistakes fixed:

A sequence of reactions from realization to resolution

Realizing you have to take out 2 rows:

Realizing it’s actually going to be 4:

lol jk it’s 6 because you screwed up some of them:

But then…

These are my stitches.

This is my duty.

I do not quit; I knit.

I…I did it…I think??

Knitting two rounds and seeing that all is well:

I gotta blog about this.

Boy oh boy I sure screwed up with 2 IRL friends in a row

Shouldn’t have admitted out loud I based Emily off one of them and asked the other out. Possibly did worse than that I’m not aware of but would like to know to improve on.

I’m not mad or sad, I’m just like “well that was fun while it lasted” I’m used to IRL friends leaving me

I’m okay with them moving on but I need someone IRL to do lets plays with and they played video games so I’m fugged.


I’m wasted on you

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The Death penalty is a deterrent!? At least it's supposed to be! It used to be, before people spent 40 yrs on death row. Firing squad? Couple bullets, no biggie smalls! 🚹🔫 💨 pew pew

Even death row advocates know that it’s not a deterrent and admit to that. Statistics show that. Moreover, it isn’t the act of execution that makes the death penalty expensive - in fact, that’s the cheapest aspect in the death penalty. Additionally, the reason inmates languish on death row for so long is because of the appeal process which is to ensure that innocent people are not executed. Countless death row inmates have been exonerated before their execution date. Immediate execution would see them dead.

What’s preferable:

1. A guilty man being sentenced to life imprisonment without parole and an innocent man being sentenced to life imprisonment and later being found not-guilty and released?

2. A guilty man being executed and an innocent man being executed?

I know what I prefer and therefore I do not support capital punishment.

[…] Every performance, the show makes tickets available to lottery winners for ten bucks. The lottery FAQ states that the number and location of tickets is at the discretion of the production and subject to change, but every time I have looked the goods are 21 front row seats. There is a 2-4 hour window the day of the show for entering online, a preset notification time, and if you get lucky, you have exactly 60 minutes to claim your prize and make the miniscule monetary purchase. You can enter to win one or two tickets only, and only you can use them, in person, driver license required. You also have to be flexible and prepared to cancel your carefully chosen dinner reservation if you win.

Once you try it, the process is fast and easy and you don’t get a bunch of junk emails trying to sell you stuff like you do most times you are required to use your email address for something, nor do you have to create an account, the bane of the online world. There’s no cost if you lose. It really is easy to do. The lottery says that on average they receive around 10,000 entries a day, but I’m assuming that most couples enter individually as my wife and I did, doubling your odds. So assuming a mix of single and double ticket requests, there should be roughly 14 winners per show, giving a couple around a one in 350 shot. Compared to almost any other contest that’s not bad at all, and if you visit the Big Apple for a week and enter for matinees and evening shows, you could have a better than one in 50 shot. Without hard data I’m making some educated guesses, but clearly your odds should improve during slow tourism periods and I’d assume for weekday matinees and non-weekend nights. If you live in New York and just keep entering, these guestimated odds suggest that sometime in 2017 you will see Hamilton for a ten spot. The lottery is also offered for the same low price for Hamilton in Chicago. […]

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{1/2} For the Anon who is having problems with inspiration, it happens to all of us. Literally, when I lose interest in something, I simply move on to a new fandom and I'll return after a while. Before YOI, I was on a HP kick. And before then, a Hannibal kick. To focus on YOI for 6 months in a row, I continue to read YOI fics constantly, write down ANY idea I get for a fic(don't scrap them!), rewatch the series, listen to my Victuuri Playlist, and just think of Headcanons for Victuuri.

This is SUCH great advice! Thank you so much for this!


Hey everyone, my name is Ashley and I’m selling 2 Twenty One Pilots tickets.
They were supposed to be for my younger sister but she broke her foot and can’t go anymore.

I have these tickets posted on letgo, hoping to sell them quickly before the date of the concert.
Please if you are interested I will leave my email at the bottom of this post as well as the tickets information.
Anything from here will be done through PayPal so that we can be sure the entire exchange is secure and that no one gets ripped off!

Twenty One Pilots at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA
Sat, 02/11/2017, 7:00 p.m. PST
-Lower 121
-2 tickets
-Row H
-Seats will be together

Feel free to message me on tumblr, but also by my email: (subject- TOP tickets)

Thank you!


So out of all of these *basically* released skins, how are you guys feeling about them?

Personally, I love the Mei, D.Va, and Winston skins. Reinhardt’s mustache is pretty cool; I’m interested to see what his hammer will look like. I’m terrified of the Zenyatta (why would you give him a face, that’s so scary) and Roadhog skins. Plus, both of them have gotten skins for the past 2 events, do they really need a 3rd one in a row?


Conduits aren’t monsters. No, see powers don’t kill people. Oh no, it’s the person behind the powers that kill people”

*epilepsy warning*

hey yo woah !! here are some more kaya scodelario rp icons bc she’s an absolute beauty !! i take no credit for the images, as i’ve only re-sized & added a psd/border to them !! btw these are generally from kaya’s personal photos, candids, & movie/tv roles !! a like or reblog would be appreciated beebs !! 

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SHINee World V Dallas 2 P1 Tickets available!

Though I am very saddened by this, I will not be able to go see SHINee in Dallas or at all so I am selling my two P1 tickets for fans who actually have a chance. They are really good seats. They’re section 206, row DD, pretty darn close to the stage if I say so myself since I paid the P1 price for them. Please message me if interested. Price is the same as I paid for them.


inFAMOUS: Second Son | iphone wallpapers 24

I want to take this opportunity to announce that this will be my final set of wallpapers for infamous: second son. its been very fun doing these for the past 2 years but I’ve decided that I would end the series now though I may make wallpapers for other games later down the line. Thank you so much for all the people that have supported me through this series and all the people who actually use them! I love you guys!

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hi! so sorry to bother you if i am, but i was recently able to get 2 side by side tickets for shinee in dallas for my friend and i, and now i have 2 extra p2 tickets, section 205 row HH and 206 row LL. i'm selling them for $155 each ($60 off the original price of $215) and i really want to get the seats filled so there won't be any empty spots in the aqua ocean! i don't know if you ever post things like this, so sorry again if this is a nuisance! i appreciate your time :)

hey to all those easily offended shitlords that call themselves transpeople, even though they are fake.
take a tip from a transman here

build a fucking shelter around you and stop playing the offended and attacked person when people throw actual facts at you

i have been officially diagnosed as trans 
also, i have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria
and that by 3 therapists in a row.

A doctor needs those 2 parts and those 2 other opinions of other therapists to make sure.
Yes, the tests you gotta do there are boring as heck and you just wish for it to be finally done.

You need dysphoria to be trans.

Also, I am not wondering why some fake transpeople won’t get any support by therapists. You know why?
Cause those “transmen” put on make-up, attend their therapist appointments in dresses and wear glitter nail polish and little crowns.

YOU are the reason why real transpeople are on those long waiting lists.
YOU are the reason why people won’t take transpeople serious.
YOU are literal pieces of shit for this community.

I am so ashamed of being trans. Thanks to you. 

You Owe Me One  Pt 1

A/N: My first Imagine! Let me know what you think and I am working on the next two parts, which should be out this week! If you have any Imagines you have please submit them!

Pairing: Grant Gustin/Barry Allen x Reader

Prompt: You are a new character on The Flash. Your character is Morgan Rowe, a meta human that has water abilities. This is your first time doing any type of acting and quickly have become friends with everyone, especially Grant, So lets see what happens!

Word Count: 2,215

Warnings: None I can think of.

You Owe Me One Pt 1

The day started off normal. Your alarm went off at some ungodly hour and after silencing the beast you pulled on some clothes before making your way to hair and makeup. At some point a cup of coffee magically appeared in your hand and after wardrobe was done with you it was officially time to start your day.

There were three scenes scheduled for the day, including the scene that you were secretly terrified yet excited about.

Unfortunately it was the last scene to film so you had to spend all day thinking about it. Which you did, up to the very few minutes before.

Grant sat down next to you in his full flash costume as someone finished touching up your makeup. “Hey, take a deep breath.” He nudged your arm.

You take his advice and slowly breath in and out “Nope, still nervous.” You reply back.

“Wanna go over the script or listen to some music or something?” Grant was always there making you feel comfortable in this crazy world you got yourself into.

You smile, “Going over the script would be great, thanks.”

Todd came over to the two of you like he could sense the nerves. It wouldn’t surprise you if a nervous glob of aura was surrounding and creeping off of you like little tentacles. It’s sure what if felt like.

“Okay guys, we are about ready and this is what I want you to do.” He quickly swiped the papers out of your hand, “You already have great chemistry between the two of you so play off it.The script isn’t going to tell you anything you don’t already know so just have fun with it.” He smiled encouragingly.

Grant looked to Todd, “Are you sure?”

“Just do your thing, trust me.” Todd placed a hand on your shoulder. “It will all come out great and we are here to help it get there.”

“Alright, I guess it’s that time.” Grant stood up and offered his hand to you. “Ready?”

“Yes.” You too took a deep breath as you took his hand and stood up off the chair.

As Todd jogged up to set up for the scene Grant turned towards you, “Liar.”

“When you have to kiss Grant Gustin and have it broadcasted to thousands of people I’ll let you lie too.” You replied with a smile.

“If I got to kiss Grant Gustin” He took a sharp breath through his teeth as he paused. “I wouldn’t be complaining.”

You let out a short laugh, “Oh, okay! I’m just gonna add conceited to the list of words I use to describe you or perhaps vain if you prefer.”

“I prefer confident actually,” He placed his hands on his hips doing his best Superman pose. “But seriously forget about everything else, even forget that it’s me if you want, just relax.”

“I’ll try,” Grant smiled, as he always did, before He started to walk over to where he would wait to enter from. “Wait, Grant.”

He turned back to you as you took a few steps to catch up to him and before you could talk yourself out of it, you stood up on your tiptoes and kissed him. It was just a quick peck but your nerves vanished in that instant.

You pulled away, “Sorry, I had to get that over with. Oh my God I didn’t mean that it’s a bad thing, kissing you, not what I meant. Just for my nerves sake I needed to do that and now I’m good and I feel better that the initial anxiety of it’s gone, ya know” You babbled on like an idiot and you could feel your cheeks getting warm from embarrassment and your stomach bunching into a knot. “Okay, I’m just gonna walk away now.” You turned while mentally face palming.

“I’m going to add bold to the list of words I use to describe you or perhaps audacious if you prefer.” He grinned like a little kid.

You turned around and bit your top lip before letting out a quick sigh, “I prefer fearless actually.” First off You were surprised that a sentence was able to come out of your mouth but secondly, more importantly, did you just flirt with Grant. Did Grant just flirt with you? Before you had time to think about it an announcement was made over the speaker.

“Okay everyone to their mark.” Todd’s voice rang out and a beeping noise signaled everyone to set.

Grant winked at you before you walked over to your mark. Was he? No, he’s getting in character, right? You pushed all thoughts out of your head as you walked on set. Carlos, Danielle and Stephen all started out in the scene with you. Quickly the four of you mapped out the scene while a few quick light tests were done. Before you knew it, it was time.


Cisco and Caitlin were behind their desk in the cortex trying not to get involved with the current  differences in opinion going on in the next room.

“What were you thinking?” Oliver stood arms crossed with a stern look on his face, “You could have died.”

“Yes I could have but I didn’t.” Morgan said with a hint of attitude.

As they continued their bickering a gust of wind entered into the cortex. Caitlin instinctively reached out to hold down papers. “Seriously, when are we getting some paperweights?”

“She’s awake? Is she okay? Why are they fighting?” Barry quickly rattled off his questions.

Cisco sat watching, “Oliver is being Oliver.”

“So far her tests came back normal, there are still a few I am waiting on but from what I can tell she’s back to normal.” Caitlin answered as she straightened some papers.

A metal tray with instruments on it came flying from the room, across the Cortex and crashes into the wall making a loud metallic crashing noise.

“You just don’t get it do you?” Oliver yelled out. “You’re too young, untrained and too unstable to be out pulling the kind of stunts you did.”

Barry quickly came into the room between the two, “Oh okay, well the next time you need help or your precious city is in trouble don’t bother coming to me.” Morgan stood staring Oliver down. She wasn’t afraid nor was she the type to back down.

“Guys!” Barry exclaimed, “Come on.”

“Barry, she’s not s..” Oliver was cut off.

“It doesn’t matter, she just woke up and she did save the city.” Barry stated back. “As reckless as it was Morgan deserves our thanks. She’s still learning what she can do and in time she will. You of all people should know it doesn’t happen overnight.”

Oliver stood silently staring Barry down before uncrossing his arms and making his way out of the room.

“You know how to get a hold of me.” He said as he passed Barry then furiously walked out past Cisco and Caitlin who acted as if they were two kids trying not to let their mom and dad know they can hear them fighting.

Morgan let out a sigh before walking to the other side of the bed where Caitlin had set out some clothes for her. “He’s kinda right you know,” Barry said as he now leaned against the counter crossing his arms.

“You’re on his side?” She asked as she pulled on a pair of sweatpants, using her hospital gown for modesty. “Look I get it but come on, I just did something I didn’t even know I could do and saved the city, can’t we all be just a little happy and excited about it.” She turned so her back faced Barry before pulling off her gown over her head.

Barry looked up and down her back, he couldn’t help it, it was smooth and defined. The blue sports bra she wore seemed to hug her rib cage perfectly. “I’ve been there, I get trying to find your limit or just seeing what you can do, it’s almost addictive.”

As she pulled down her tank top she turned back around facing him, but he wasn’t looking at her anymore. His eyes were on the wall opposite and from where she was she could see his eyes glass over slightly as tears started to well..“I get it, but you scared us.” Then it hit her. “You just collapsed, your body went limp, we had no idea how to help you or if we even could. I am entirely grateful for saving the city and I don’t want you to think I’m not, it just.” Barry couldn’t find his words as he held back his emotions.

Her face relaxed from that of annoyed frustration to understanding. Morgan walked back around the edge of the bed, letting her hand drag across the edge.

She gently touched his arm which made him look down and catch the gaze of her eyes, “You were scared the most.” He didn’t say anything. Instead he unfolded his arms, one came down to Morgan’s elbow while the other gently came to the side of her face.

“You have no idea.” Is all she heard before his lips came crashing down onto hers. Morgan was slightly shocked but before her brain could generate a thought, she was kissing back. The connection felt so alive, she could feel the buzz from the energy inside him being pulled through her. Like how water conducts electricity and she hoped this is how it felt for him too. Barry’s hands slipped down to her waist pulling her in slightly as hers found their way up his chest, she could feel her hands slide over his icon on his chest. They broke the kiss, but they didn’t pull away, Barry rested his forehead on hers. They stood like that for a moment, their breath short and hearts racing.

The sound of someone clearing their throat pulled them out of their moment, they both looked over to Cisco and Caitlin standing in the doorway.

“Pay up,” Cisco held out his hand in front of Caitlin.

She huffed slightly, “I’ll need my purse.” She made her way to the other side of the cortex.

“You bet on us?” Morgan asked playfully annoyed.

Cisco shrugged, “Technically we bet on how many days it would take before Morry, no, Bergen” Cisco shook his head, “Rowen, would happen.”

“We’ll workshop the name,” Caitlin handed over a twenty dollar bill, “I can’t believe you guessed the exact number.” Caitlin was a bit of sore loser.

“Just call me Rain Man.” He replied as he headed back to the computer crisping his new found bill. Caitlin shook her head in annoyance before following.


The instant the cue was yelled you bust out laughing while your face turns the exact shade of Grant’s suit.

“Are you okay?” Your laugh is contagious as he too couldn’t help but laugh.

You quickly brush the tears from your eyes from sudden outburst, “Yeah, that was just incredibly terrifying.” You say with a smile.

You can hear the slight chuckle floating throughout the crew. “Sorry guys, that was just, phew.” You feel like you just got off of a roller coaster.

You rest your hands on your knees trying to calm down the adrenaline flowing through your body, Grant bent down so his face was next to yours. “I change my mind, I prefer intoxicating.”

Your eyes widened slightly before you let out a small laugh. “I will punch you.”

His face was beaming, “I know.”

You stand up and pull yourself together. Todd came over to give you guys a few changes, but overall they liked what they saw. A few different alternative takes and closeups were taken before it was called a day. Grant played his part almost a little too well.

“Hey, really good job out there.” Todd came up next to you, “It can be overwhelming, keep it up.”

You mumbled a thanks as he rushed back over to his computers. You make your way through the buzzing space of the studio to wardrobe. “I don’t know about you but I think I deserved some pizza tonight.” You say with a smile as you catch up to Grant. “Large, it’s been a Large kinda day with some garlic knots on the side.You are welcome to join me.”

Grant laughed, “Okay well, some of us need to fit into a super suit,” He said in fake offense. “Sooo, I’m gonna have to pass.” You both bust out laughing.

“Well in all seriousness, thanks for being cool today.” You say with a smile, “I owe you one”

“You are very welcome,” Grant started walking away before he stopped, “Also I will hold you to that one and when you least expect it, BAM, you own me.”

“Awesome,” You say in mock sarcasm. “Goodnight.”

“Come here.” Grant opened his arms wide, you shake your head accepting the hug

“You did awesome! Goodnight.” He quickly kissed your cheek before making his way towards his trailer.

You stood in shock for a moment as all the questions you shoved to the side earlier came flooding back. You shake your head pulling yourself out of it before walking in the direction of your own trailer. What is going on?


Hey y'all I walked along the beach yesterday and thought you’d perhaps like to trade for some of these beauties. I can provide more pics if requested.

Picture #1. Ten orange, cream, burgundy, and multicolor fan shells. The big one is great for holding things like candles or crystals, or even water. The shell right under the penny has a natural perfect hole in it, making it suitable for jewelry/crafting etc.

2. Ten grey, dusty blue, liver, and black fan shells. The ones on the top row have a calming effect, while the bottom row have a more intense grounding/banishing feel to them.

3. One tiny green and yellow scoop shell, and four multicolor cone shells. Cute and VERY small! The points are good for directionalized energy.

4. Three uniquely-colored lavender shells. You don’t see this color often in shells. They have a lovely feel to them.

5. Six dark lace shells. Beautiful and intricate.

6. Nine white or cream lace shells (more not pictured). The big ones are also great for holding stuff. There is another one with a natural hole in it.

7. Six “Cinnabon” swirl shells, one white ear-shaped shell, one dark and tan scoop shell, and one parti-colored orange and red shell (super interesting texture- never seen this before). The swirl shells are very uplifting and make me so happy when I touch them!

**Not pictured: one dark hag stone and assorted pieces of seaglass, small, medium, and some large. Mostly variations of green, two brown, a few clear/white, and two very rare sky blue pieces. These would be great for jewelry-making. I am reluctant to part with them but if you make a great offer I will consider. :)

Looking for:

• Crystals (especially selenite, bloodstone, jet, and anything shiny lol)***

• Essential oils- Aniseed, Sweet Birch, and Clove Bud (eugenia caryophylatta, szygium aromaticum)

• Ethically obtained hummingbird feathers (obscure, I know. Worth a shot though!)

Message me at @sure-caesura ! Thanks!