[…] Every performance, the show makes tickets available to lottery winners for ten bucks. The lottery FAQ states that the number and location of tickets is at the discretion of the production and subject to change, but every time I have looked the goods are 21 front row seats. There is a 2-4 hour window the day of the show for entering online, a preset notification time, and if you get lucky, you have exactly 60 minutes to claim your prize and make the miniscule monetary purchase. You can enter to win one or two tickets only, and only you can use them, in person, driver license required. You also have to be flexible and prepared to cancel your carefully chosen dinner reservation if you win.

Once you try it, the process is fast and easy and you don’t get a bunch of junk emails trying to sell you stuff like you do most times you are required to use your email address for something, nor do you have to create an account, the bane of the online world. There’s no cost if you lose. It really is easy to do. The lottery says that on average they receive around 10,000 entries a day, but I’m assuming that most couples enter individually as my wife and I did, doubling your odds. So assuming a mix of single and double ticket requests, there should be roughly 14 winners per show, giving a couple around a one in 350 shot. Compared to almost any other contest that’s not bad at all, and if you visit the Big Apple for a week and enter for matinees and evening shows, you could have a better than one in 50 shot. Without hard data I’m making some educated guesses, but clearly your odds should improve during slow tourism periods and I’d assume for weekday matinees and non-weekend nights. If you live in New York and just keep entering, these guestimated odds suggest that sometime in 2017 you will see Hamilton for a ten spot. The lottery is also offered for the same low price for Hamilton in Chicago. […]

Have you ever felt a certain strong and unexplainable connection to someone whom you’re not even close with or someone you don’t even know about or doesn’t know about you?

I feel that all the time with Taehyung. I mean, seriously, not to be that kind of fan who relates everything about their fave to them–Taehyung is not even my bias in Bangtan (i still love him to my bones, kidney, capillaries, and heart nonetheless).

Like every time I’d find myself drowning in his deep eyes or oggling at his overall beauty and uniqueness, I feel like I’ve met him before. I feel like I’ve talked with him at that nostalgic place I’ve never even been. I feel like we were twins in a parallel world? Or maybe friends–best friends, at most. Every time he is happy, I feel like I made him be when in fact he is not even aware of my existence at least.

And every time there’s something out to destroy him, I feel like I was the one they are actually attacking. I never pity him, I know he is stronger than what we know of him. But I sympathize with him. I share the loneliness he feels to me, hoping it will lessen the weight of his heavy thoughts. And when he is sad, I feel like somewhere inside me dysfunctions, dies.

I don’t know why am I even writing this. I just want to let out something I find a bit weird. I don’t know.

And the fact that he is the member I dream of more often; the fact that i get him 95% of the time when answering bangtan quizzes (yes i take those kinds of quizzes for fun lol) or the horoscope thingies.

That’s why Taehyung holds a very precious place in my heart and life.I think…he is that special to me, weirdly.

How about you?


smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook


Conduits aren’t monsters. No, see powers don’t kill people. Oh no, it’s the person behind the powers that kill people”

*epilepsy warning*

1. Delete his number. You know who I’m talking about.

2. Don’t spend your days thinking about someone who doesn’t even spend a second of their days thinking about you.

3. Buy more underwear. There will be weeks in which you won’t bother to wash your clothes and you’ll re-wear them all, but you’ll never have to re-wear your underwear.

4. Except for bras. Don’t buy bras for that reason. Buy cute bras because they make you feel and look sexy as hell and wear them as many days in a row as you want.

5. Honesty is always, always, the best policy.

6. Whenever you go shopping, keep in mind that your clothing size does not define you. Buy what fits you, regardless of the size. You will always look better.

7. Never go to sleep angry. Even if you get into a huge fight with your mother, your father, your siblings or your best friend, always tell them that you love them before you go to sleep.

8. Don’t feel guilty about any of your pleasures.

9. It’s fine to be a sexual person. But don’t ever, ever, do things that make you uncomfortable just to appease a guy. If he makes you feel bad for not sending him that picture, or for not doing something, he’s not worth it.

10. Speaking of pictures, be careful with them. If you can’t resist sending a nude picture, at least keep your face private. Even if it’s someone you trust, you don’t know what might happen in the future.

11. Figure out what makes you happy. If you have no idea, try everything and anything. Even if you know what makes you happy, try everything and anything anyways. You won’t be sorry.

12. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, don’t feel uncomfortable talking to someone about it, whether it be a family member, a friend, a doctor, or a therapist. What you’re experiencing is real, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you deserve to feel better.

13. Be kind to yourself. You spend 24 hours, 7 days a week with yourself, and enjoying your own company will make all the difference.

—  Random bits of advice I thought of while in traffic today.
Review of OTRA Singapore

So, while this was my first OTRA show, I was fortunate enough to go to 7 WWA shows. And since they are so similar I feel okay with comparing them.

(I was also first row so I saw tons of interactions)


1. Louis & Liam joked around the ENTIRE time
2. Louis seemed a lot more just confident
3. Everyone was dancing and smiling whenever I looked over at them
4. Same typical speeches but that’s okay
5. You could feel the energy of them loving what they do

In the past I only felt the energy from Harry and Liam, and sometimes Niall. But I still felt like they were just doing their job, a job they didn’t love & wishing they were else where. But tonight they really proved how much they love their job.

I don’t know if it’s the longer breaks, the “breakup rumors”, the warm weather or what. But I hope they continue to be this happy and carefree.

I’ve participated in (and won) NaNo the past two years in a row. Now just days away from my third attempt, I’ve been reflecting on the lessons I learned in 2012 and 2013. Some of these are serious, others not so much, but I hope you guys will find them as helpful as I have.

10 Things I’ve Learned from NaNoWriMo:

1. There’s a fine line between determination and masochism. If this is your first time doing NaNo, you’re about to learn that lesson the hard way. ;)

2. Tell anyone and everyone that you’ll be participating. Not just for practical reasons (like not wanting to worry them when you drop off the face of the earth), but to keep yourself accountable as well.

3. Contractions are evil. Not that I’m suggesting anyone pad their word count, but the occasional “you are” instead of “you’re” never hurt anyone, did it? Besides, you’ll fix all that in edits anyway.

4. No matter how much you try to explain what you’re doing or why it’s important to you, there are certain people who just won’t get it. They will try to distract you, take it personally when you don’t have time for them, even act out in dramatic ways to get your attention. Ignore them. This is your time.

5. Take care of yourself. NaNoWriMo might make your free time nonexistent, but trust me – you’ll get a lot more writing done if you eat regularly and get plenty of sleep. If you have to sacrifice anything, let it be the nonessentials. Stuff your queue and take a break from Tumblr. Postpone watching your favorite shows if you must. But please make your physical well-being a priority.

6. Writer’s block is probably going to happen. If it does, don’t panic. The worst thing you can do is put even more pressure on yourself. Ignore encroaching deadlines and step away for a few minutes. Get yourself a snack, take a short walk, have a nap if exhaustion is weighing you down. If you still feel stuck, make a playlist of songs you strongly associate with your story. Relax, close your eyes, and focus on the music while thinking about what’s really important. Not word counts or deadlines, but what this story means to you and why you wanted to write it in the first place.

Of course you want to win NaNo. We all do. But what matters most is the story you have to tell. Don’t lose sight of that in a mad race to the finish line.

7. Don’t sabotage yourself with negative thoughts. Feel like everything you’re writing is crap? Well, maybe it is, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you finish it. Everything else can be fixed in edits and rewrites, which you’ll be able to do at your leisure when November is over.

8. Have a support system. Find at least one friend or family member who gets what this NaNoWriMo thing is all about, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you need it. Writing might be a solitary activity, but few of us can stick with it without a little help.

If you don’t have anyone you can talk to (or just need extra support), please feel free to send me an ask. You’re also welcome to add me on Twitter or if you like.

9. In the end, there’s no secret formula, no shortcuts, no easy way to meet your goal. The only trick is to keep writing.

10. No matter what, the time you spend on NaNoWriMo is worthwhile. As much as I hope you win, hope you’ll experience the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that comes along with that, the fact remains that all writing endeavors are trial and error. The key to success isn’t getting it right the first time, the second, or even the tenth. What makes you successful is refusing to give up.

If you don’t reach your goal, try to figure out why it didn’t work this time. Wrong story? Too many distractions? Lack of confidence? Whatever the reason, try not to see it as a failure. Use it to gain a better understanding of what you need to work on so you can give it another go next year.

I’ll tell you now though: all of you are already winners in my eyes. It takes a lot of guts to tackle such a huge challenge – that alone sets you apart from countless people who talk about wanting to write and never actually do so.

Give yourselves credit for that, because you are amazing.


Hey Taylor and Swifties

My sister (Maggie) and I (Molly) are going to all three Melbourne shows and we’re so excited ! We’ve been fans of Taylor for so long and we just can’t wait.

We have a different costume and sign for each night. We’ve been working on them for ages and we’re super proud of how they turned out !! 

Our seats for each show are

December 10th- Floor, Block E3, Row G, Seats 1 & 2

December 11th- Level 2, Aisle 5, Row C, Seats 109 & 110

December 12th- Level 3, Aisle 4, Row AA, Seats 92 & 93

If you guys could reblog this post and tag Taylor that would be so great !

Hopefully I’ll be able to see lots of Aussie Swifties there

Love Molly and Maggie xx

@taylorswift @tree-paine

The thing that helps with my fanbase is that I was a fan; like I would wait at gigs at 2 o clock in the afternoon, 7 hours before the doors would open just so I could get front row… like, I was a proper fan and I know as a fan what I would’ve wanted. It takes 10 minutes of my time to make their day. Most of these fans will only ever meet me once and if i’m a prick to them, for the rest of their lives they’re gonna be like ‘oh yeah, I met ed sheeran, he was a prick.’ If you’re having a bad day and you wanna complain and you wanna scream at people and you wanna smash things up, do it in the car or do it when the doors close… but as soon as you step out in front of a fanbase, just be nice. It takes no time to be nice; it takes more effort to be a prick.
—  Ed Sheeran on meeting his fans

Person B has to go on a trip somewhere & asks their good friend Person A to watch their house. So Person A ends up house sitting for person B, but A forgot their clothes so they spend the whole time wearing B’s. B comes home early & sees A in their clothes and think it’s the cutest thing ever. Bonus: person A is smaller than B. Bonus 2: they end up dating after that.

Written by saturdaystudying for thestudyblrs

1. Use a planner

Make lists of what needs to be done each day and plan out what you’re doing. This gives you greater control over your assignments and prevents that frantic scrambling around the night before something is due. This also means you’ll make less of a mess when looking for the things you need, because you have time to put them back in their place.

2. Find a note taking system and stick with it

If you type your notes, pick one word template and stick to it. If you want, you could change it up for each subject, but I prefer to keep all my notes the same. This also makes it more pleasing to study several different notes in a row, because I feel like it goes together.

If you hand write your notes, figure out how you want to make titles, subtitles, indents, highlights etc and stick with it. Your notes will look more uniform and more organised. 

3. Filing papers

Especially if you are taking longer courses, this is super important. You want to be able to reference the material that your teacher gives you. The way I prefer to deal with printed material is putting it in binders. They allow efficient storage, and you can easily pull one out and flick through the pages in it.

I recommend using dividers to separate the documents in the binders, but it’s up to you wether you want to sort them by chapters or by types of documents (’notes’, ‘assignments’, ‘tests’ etc) or in some other way entirely. 

4. Filing files

Now a days a lot of information is simply stored on our computers and never even printed. Why should your computer be any less organised than your binders? It shouldn’t. By creating a separate ‘school’ folder on your computer and organising that like you would printed information in binders, you can make it much more efficient when you need to access that information. 

We all tend to slack on this aspect, but doing a cleanup every few months (your downloads folder gets messy especially fast) is a good way to get everything organised and also free up space on your computer. 

5. Keep up, but adapt

At the beginning of the school year we all promised that THIS YEAR we’ll put up with those systems we’ve made for ourselves. Most of us never do it. Getting into a habit of cleaning out your download folder every now and then, or your backpack, filing things in their proper places and all, can really help maximise your efficiency. Just write a little note to yourself to remind you and maybe give yourself a treat for it. 

However, while it’s important to work to keep up with your system, the system should be helping you, not draining you. If something isn’t working, change it. A lot of time time we draw inspiration from the internet and what we see others do, but that doesn’t always work for us. Organisation is a personal thing, and we all need to work to find a system that suits just us. 




I’m wasted on you

hey yo woah !! here are some more kaya scodelario rp icons bc she’s an absolute beauty !! i take no credit for the images, as i’ve only re-sized & added a psd/border to them !! btw these are generally from kaya’s personal photos, candids, & movie/tv roles !! a like or reblog would be appreciated beebs !! 

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Would You Rather: One Direction
  • This isn't mine but I need to take a break from writing; so ask away!
  • 1: Date Marcel, or date Dark Harry?
  • 2: Go clubbing with Zayn and Harry, or movie night with Liam and Louis?
  • 3: Kiss Niall but never speak to him again, or hug Harry whenever you want?
  • 4: Spank Louis, or grab Liams junk?
  • 5: Straighten Harry's hair, or shave Zayn's head?
  • 6: Show the boys all of your texts and messages, or have them listen in to you and your friends talking about them?
  • 7: Win the chance to meet the boys but sit last row at the concert where you can barely see, or Sit front row and not meet the boys?
  • 8: Meet your favorite member on the street, or at an official meet and greet?
  • 9: Find out Larry is real, but finding out means Liam will quit the band, Or find out Ziam is real, but the band stays together?
  • 10: Meet the 1D girlfriends, or hangout with The Wanted?
  • 11: Have Haylor get back together, or Zerrie break up?
  • 12: Cry the whole time you meet One of the boys but get a long hug, or have a long conversation with one of them, but can't touch them?
  • 13: Catch Nialls Guitar pick, or Louis's water bottle?
  • 14: Confess to your favorite member that you have a blog dedicated to them, or that your room is covered with pictures of them?
  • 15: Get the video diaries back, or have This is Us double the length?
  • 16: Go streaking with Niall, or Skinny dipping with Zayn?
  • 17: See Liam naked, or watch Louis's sex tape?
  • 18: Have Niall teach you how to play guitar, or Louis teach you piano?
  • 19: Get yelled at by one of the members, but have your favorite member comfort you, or have your favorite member hate you, but befriend the others?
  • 20: Pig out with Niall, or exercise with Liam?
  • 21: Have one of the boys make you a Cd of songs that remind him of you, or have a song written about you?
  • 22: Date your favorite member but get constant hate, or forever be just friends and everybody loves you?
  • 23: Have Zayn teach you how to dance, or Niall teach you how to dance?
  • 24: Watch One of the members cry knowing you can't comfort him, or cry and be comforted?
  • 25: Have a song written about you that gets really popular, but nobody knows its about you, or get privately serenaded by your favorite boy?
  • 26: Read a boy of your choices text messages, or listen in on their conversation?
  • 27: Go on a dinner date with the whole band and get food all over yourself, or trip and fall on stage in front of a giant concert crowd of 1D fans?
  • 28: Nerf gun battle with Louis, or golfing with Harry?
  • 29: Go to a concert with Niall, or go to the cinema with Liam?
  • 30: Watch the stars in the arms of your favorite member, or go to the beach and watch the sunset?
  • 31: Read a smutty fan fiction you wrote to the whole band, or never read fan fiction again?
  • 32: Be one directions opening act, or a groupie?
  • 33: Catch their attention at their concert with a nip slip, or catch their attention by running on stage in the middle of Little Things?
  • 34: Shave your head to see one direction, or draw all over your face to win, and have to meet them like that?
  • 36: Win a date by completing the banana & sprite challenge, or the cinnamon challenge?
  • 37: Accidentally step on Zayn's foot, or knock Harry over?
  • 38: Do a twitcam with Liam, or host Megamind?
  • 39: Know the meaning of all of Harry's tattoos, or get matching tattoos?
  • 40: Have all of the boys thrown into the Hunger Games and whoever lives dates you, or be thrown into the HG yourself, with 25 other Directioners, and the last five get to date a boy each?
  • 41: Have an argument with Louis over twitter, or get a private DM from drunk Niall?
  • 42: Break one of the boys’ hearts to the point where the band takes a year’s hiatus, or live happily ever after with him but the band splits for good?
  • 43: Try and survive the zombie apocalypse with One Direction but have to kill off your favorite member, or kill all the members and get to marry your favorite member?
  • 44: Be the star of the next music video, or direct the next video?
  • 45: Have a one night stand with your favorite member, or be just friends?
Through the Window (Part 2)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

TTW Masterlist for all other parts

(Seeing as I said Tuesday and Friday, you can have another part today, as it is Friday. Two in a row, how excited! After this the proper schedule will start)

“Well you better get your act together. If you fuck up our lit presentation later I am going to remove your kidneys and sell them on the black market.” Bucky shoots at you, one eyebrow raised. When you don’t respond he nudges you with his arm. “Seriously what’s up? Are you thinking about him again?”

“I’m fine, I won’t fuck up our presentation don’t worry.” You insist, forcing a smile on your face. “Hurry up or we’ll be late.”

The pair of you make small talk, you trying to pretend that you’re fine, Bucky realising and pretending everything is normal. Bucky was good with talking but he was also good with silence. He knew when not to push things and when to force you to vocalise your feelings. No matter what was upsetting you, he always had a way of making you feel better.

You make it through first and second period with minimal effort, walking to meet Bucky by your locker during your break before third period in which you were doing your presentation. He is already waiting, leaning back against the lockers, one leg bent with his foot pushed up against the lockers behind him. His arms are crossed and there is a dark brooding look on his face which you know isn’t anything deeper than a way to prevent people attempting to make meaningless conversation with him. This point proven when as soon as his eyes meet yours his face lights up, a grin spreading from ear to ear.

“Nat asked me out again today.” Bucky says when you make your way to him.

“Again? Man how many times is that now?” You reply, gently nudging him aside with your hip so you can get to your locker.

“I make it about seven. Obviously she just can’t resist me and my devilishly handsome good looks.”

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