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Dear Archy, I'm an architecture and urban planning student from brazil and I'm having some problems with staying motivated, specially at my uni. I'm get usually demotivated as our professors don't instigate us to go out and look for other things, or get out of the box. We usually have this closed method and that's it for most people, but I'm never satisfied with that. I'd like to know if you can give me some tips or tools on how to be more open minded and motivated! I love your blog! Thanks :)

One of the biggest things you can do in life is learn to motivate yourself. Do not place the burden of motivation in anyone else because this will only limit yourself. Be forever curious about learning, about improving, about challenging preconceptions for your own growth. Professors come and go, bosses come and go, peers come and go, but what you do must always be driven by you and you alone.

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I'm not sure it can be called an adult a comedy, but my favorite animated show with adult themed comedy is the anime Crayon Shin Chan! My boyfriend and I love it, we've marathoned it a few times all ready and the jokes never get old or stale.

I think the situation with Shin Chan is that its target demographic was younger men in Japan, while Funimation’s dub (which was popularized) had a very adult spin on it for reasons I’m not sure I get. I don’t really understand why they put all that effort into a gag dub, especially when the source material is such a beloved property.

For anyone curious, a straightforward English dub (aired on kids blocks) was made by Vitello productions, and featured famous voice actors like Katie Soucie and Russi Taylor (yes, Minnie Mouse). They did, of course, edit more risque jokes and material. So I guess they’re two ends of a spectrum?

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It’s so funny now that I look at my moon overlay post and reflect back to the guys I’ve seriously talked to. They’ve all had their moon in my 5th house. 

Just out of curiosity reblog the sign ruling or cusping your 5th house, and if you dated people who’ve had their personal planets in your 5th or deeply liked people who did. If not, then the house and sign ruling/cusping where the moon usually is. This is more so if it’s a recurring them, not with one exact person. 

I’m really curious to see how people connect to this overlay 

Example, mine would be… 

5th house ruling Virgo and cusping Libra - Yes!!!!



Assuming her stoned sweetheart Carter was somewhere in the living room, lying half passed out, Grace let herself in her apartment and took a curious look around before deciding to call out. “Hello? Anyone in here needs a hug?” A light chuckle escaped her too.

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Soo this is super random, but I was just watching GA's lick my face video and saw that she challenged carrie fisher to do it. I know she's friends with Zachary Quinto (who she also challenged) but I'm curious, does anyone know the connection with carrie fisher? Just seemed random to me.

Gillian admires her a lot, and they both personally know Chewbacca. Other than that, I don’t know. They’ve never work together. 

2 cats free to a good home!

My family’s looking to give our cats to a new home for free. They’re both 6 years old, one male and one female. Brother and sister, both spayed and neutered, litter box trained. We’re looking to keep them together, but if you’re only looking for one that’s okay too. He’s an orange tabby and she’s a black cat. I live in the upstate NY/Syracuse area. If you want photos/more info, feel free to message me!

Here’s some pictures of the cats for anyone curious

GOT7: Compatibility

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I decided to just compile all of these in one place for anyone who was curious.

Compatibility IS NOT and ideal types. This is who I think the members would match with the best. Sometimes compatibility and ideals coincide, however sometimes they can contradict each other as well.

Also keep in mind, this is my speculations and opinions, not facts.


  • Someone who is more introverted than extroverted but isn’t shy or nervous around people.
  • Someone with a warm smile and gentle touch who has a soft, charismatic aura about them.
  • Someone who is more of a listener than a talker but can still take charge of a conversation.
  • Someone passionate about everything they care about, from people to hobbies.
  • Someone who prefers hugs over kisses and cuddles over make out sessions.
  • Someone who is independent and doesn’t need to be taken care of by others.
  • Someone who has a positive outlook on life and tries to see the silver lining of bad situations.


  • Someone who likes being taken care of and isn’t afraid to depend on him.
  • Someone who will make him delicious food since he can’t cook.
  • Someone who lets him take charge most of the time but sometimes steps up to take control themselves.
  • Someone who showers him in love but will still put him in his place.
  • Someone who will act cute to try and cheer him up after a stressful day.
  • Someone who doesn’t let him get too hard on himself and reminds him of his talents and positive qualities.
  • Someone who can be stubborn sometimes and doesn’t let people walk over them.
  • Someone bright who can make him feel at ease with your presence alone. 


  • Someone who can keep up with his energy and constant excitement.
  • Someone with a dry and sarcastic sense of humour.
  • Someone who will give him compliments when he deserves them but will also take him down a peg when he gets arrogant.
  • Someone who will let him spoil them with attention, affection, and material things.
  • Someone who doesn’t mind being super cliche and cheesy with him.
  • Someone who loves him deeply and always reminds him. He just likes hearing it.
  • Someone who encourages him to work hard but will also remind him that it’s important to rest.
  • Someone who will tease him constantly and can handle being teased back. 


  • Someone with an overall kind and gentle personality who cares deeply for others.
  • Someone who likes taking care of people and likes being taken care of but isn’t dependent.
  • Someone who is attractive in a subtle way rather than eye-catching.
  • Someone with quiet hobbies like reading, writing, or drawing.
  • Someone who is affectionate but not overly so and not clingy.
  • Someone who likes cooking even if they aren’t necessarily good at it.
  • Someone who is intelligent and can hold an intellectual conversation.
  • Someone who doesn’t get jealous easily and is very understanding of his job. 


  • Someone kinda awkward and dorky but with a bright personality that outshines almost everyone in the room.
  • Someone who is forward because he’s kind of oblivious and won’t know how you’re feeling unless if you tell him.
  • Someone passionate, especially about music. Someone who genuinely loves music.
  • Someone who shares the same sense of humour as him.
  • Someone who is cheerful and kind hearted who makes friends easily.
  • Someone who is affectionate but knows when to leave him alone and when it’s okay to be super touchy.
  • Someone who always reminds him of his good qualities because he’s hard on himself.
  • Someone who doesn’t get jealous easily and is understanding of his career. 


  • Someone who is blunt and will be brutally honest about their opinions.
  • Someone who is slightly mischievous with just a little bit of sass.
  • Someone who is neither introverted nor extroverted and rather somewhere in between.
  • Someone who likes and values fashion and takes their time perfecting their personal style.
  • Someone talkative that he can go back and forth with forever.
  • Someone with a multitude of secret charms that only he knows about.
  • Someone who tries to act cool but is actually a total dork on the inside who gets excited over the silliest things.
  • Someone who isn’t shy about their love for him and is okay with showing off your relationship. 


  • Someone shy at first who becomes brighter and more open as they grow comfortable.
  • Someone who is open minded to trying new things.
  • Someone who is shorter than him and can handle the fact he’ll constantly tease you about it.
  • Someone with a wide variety of charms, talents, and hobbies.
  • Someone who isn’t very affectionate in public, but super touchy in private.
  • Someone who will lean on him for support and simultaneously support him.
  • Someone who can cook and clean, since although he tries he’s not good at either.
  • Someone who loves him genuinely and usually shows it through actions rather than words.