243: Flying Man of Coney Island

Tried a different art style for this one, more like collage; hope this isnt a bother to anyone!

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Not really a popular critter, but here is some recap info for anyone curious

The one where Ballsy posts links to Tim's Tweets . . .

… for anyone curious to see what the fuss is about.

Thanks to Choppy here are some links to the relevant tweets on Tim’s Twitter account.  There are a lot:

Tim’s tweets between 6 august and 8 August

and tweets addressed to him (so you can see which Nannies got involved)

There are a number of familiar names there …


For the anon earlier, and anyone else who’s curious. I used bright yarn and plastic mesh, because it’s easier to see. The first image is stitched over one, which has similar coverage to stitching over one on 28ct, with a single strand of floss. The second, I stitched over two, which is similar to stitching over one with a single strand on 14ct aida.

On the top square, I completed each stitch as I went (Danish method). I tend to stitch like this regardless, because it doesn’t give you that “ploughed field” look that the English method gives you (the bottom square, where I did half the stitch as I went across the row, and them completed them as I came back).

Even where I stitched over one, you can see the first half of the stitch peeking through. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if that was your intent, but the floss (or yarn) can be incredibly unpredictable. You’ll get several rows of almost perfectly matching stitches, and then it goes to hell again.

A couple other things to keep in mind:

When you’re cutting your floss, try to cut it in the middle of a large patch of colour. When you run out of one strand, and are ready to start another, you can thread your needle so that the colour you ended with is the same colour you start with on the next strand. This will make sure you don’t have any abrupt colour changes in the middle of your project anywhere.

Another thing, which I couldn’t really illustrate because this yarn is really fucky, is using multiple strands. If, like me, you fancy the loop start method, you’re going to have to remember not to fold the strand over. You have to actually use two strands, so the colours on both strands match. Otherwise, even if you do use the Danish method, you’ll still just get mud.


So I just found the dragon I’ve been looking for so I can get rid of this breeding pair, but I’m curious if anyone wants either of them? The WC girl is over a year old, and the Coatl is 7 months.

rephelagrona asked:

I have a question about the cultural appropriation! I was wondering (in the most respectful way)what is the difference between Native deities and mythological creatures and any other gods/goddesses (Greek/Nordic/Egyptian). Why can we take from one and not the other? Im just curious and would like to not offend anyone. Also,could we keep this convo between the two of us? Mostly because I rather not have you deal with people shouting at you for having a different opinion then them(again). Thanks!

Because Native American religions are CLOSED religions, meaning if you aren’t Native and spiritually and legally accepted by the tribe, you cannot practice that tribal region. Most tribes are so private about their religions you wouldn’t even know how to in the first place.

In case anyone is curious

I was tagged by secretly-an-elvish-wizard. If you want to do this you can feel free; it’s your life.

Answer these questions:
1.  How tall are you?
2.  What colour and style is your hair?
Strawberry blonde, long and generally unkempt
3.  What colour are your eyes?
4.  Do you wear glasses/contacts?
5.  Do you wear braces?
6.  What is your fashion style?
Whatever’s comfortable, ranging from skinny jeans and hoodies to maxi dresses
7.  What is your name?
8.  When were you born?
9.  How old are you?
10.  Where are you from/live now?
California, in denial
11.  Do you have siblings?
An older brother and 2 older sisters
12.  What school/college do you go to?
Westminster Choir College
13.  What kind of student are you?
I graduated summa cum laude from undergrad but then I failed most of my placement exams upon entering grad school so I think I’m getting stupider
14.  Do you even like school?
I like learning, but the American school system is not ideal
15.  What are your favourite school subjects?
I don’t really have multiple subjects anymore but I always liked language courses
16.  What are your favourite shows?
Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, How I Met Your Mother, pretty much anything I can binge watch on Netflix. Or anything on Food Network.
17.  What are your favourite films?
Lion King is #1, but also The Hobbit/Lotr, HP, and Marvel movies, Star Wars, Miss Potter, Big Hero 6, we could go on but I don’t have all day
18.  What are your favourite books?
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead might be my fave, Harry Potter series, anything by Kurt Vonnegut bc that man does not waste my time with extraneous detail
19.  What is your favourite pastime?
Netflix, Tumblr, Youtube, reading, cooking/eating, yoga, swimming, swing dancing, sleeping, singing, playing piano badly, crying in practice rooms
20.  Do you have any regrets?
So many
21.  What is your dream job?
Singer/performer, Youtuber, writer, or social media marketer
22.  Would you like to get married one day and where?
I would, but if it doesn’t happen I’ll live. My Pinterest board is for a beach wedding with subtle Doctor Who accents
23.  Would you like to have kids one day and how many?
24.  Are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or a tomboy?
Biologically I am female, but the idea that my chromosomes determine a limited set of personality types into one of which I must fit in order to be easily classifiable and thus predictable is a social construct with which I take great issue
25.  Do you like shopping?
Not really, but Plato’s closet is bomb
26.  What countries have you visited so far?
England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Republic of Slovak, Slovenia, Netherlands, Austria, strangely enough not Mexico
27.  What is the scariest nightmare you have ever had?
I usually don’t remember my nightmares but once I fell asleep during a science video (homeschool) and dreamed my house was burning down 
28.  Do you have enemies?
Gendered marketing and Stravinsky
29.  Who are your best friends?
irl best friends include meilileilecloudshaper, and chicgeekgirl89welljustdanielle and samanthalarue are actually my nieces but also best friends. I guess we can count my best friend for never malibumisfit. Then my best Tumblr friends are betsays and georgioni. I may have forgotten someone important but I still love you I promise
30.  Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name?

Sometimes people think meilileile and I are actually a couple and we encourage those rumors 

fragilux asked:

Hello Miyani. This is Chelsea (fragilnao). I recently remade my account…and I'm here, but very new. A lot has happened since you've helped me through that one crisis…Life just loves to give a person problem after problem. But I'm really trying to persevere. I hope you don't mind, but I really hope I can be given support in regards to my blog. I hope to talk with you more sometime or something. If anyone is curious, I basically post animals, aesthetics, anime, nature, and personals.

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a wonderful animal nature aesthetic blogger <3 <3 

I have quite a few new followers and I’ve never posted a selfie, so none of you know what I look like. I look somewhat decent today, so I decided to go ahead and post one, in case anyone was curious about what I look like. (Ignore my brother’s swim trunks in the background, I didn’t notice those until now, lol)

How a Lack of Racial Diversity Inhibits ‘Life Is Strange’

Life Is Strange is an incredibly good game. I know, I know, I’m late to this party, but it’s true. New installments have me salivating. Chloe Price has me swooning. I am simultaneously tickled and intrigued by Life Is Strange, and I’ve gone from curious about it to pushing it on anyone who will listen in a series of days. I thought I’d actually be able to hold out playing it until the fifth and final installment arrived; I thought wrong, and after bingeing all four available episodes in one week, I am desperately hungry for more.

Part of why I gave in was because I saw so many people—women, especially—singing its praises. That’s no accident. The game is praiseworthy at the very least. But as I played through it, I found myself wondering why I hadn’t seen anyone mention what seemed to me like a pretty glaring issue with the game, particularly in regards to its cast. You see, for as progressive as it is—for as good as it is—there’s a gigantic elephant in the room when it comes to Life Is Strange, and it’s this: every single member of the main cast is … drumroll, please?

White. Very white.

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