You Can’t Pick Family

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Summary: Reader and her mother have never really gotten along. Luckily, Bucky is there to comfort her.

Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1,143

A/N: This is only my second fic and I’m still trying to get the hang of things! Hopefully it’s okay! It’s a little angsty I guess? 

“I hate her!”

“No, you don’t. You’re just angry right now.”

“No, I hate her..”

“You can’t hate her, she birthed you.”

“Technically she didn’t birth me. I was born early. By C-Section.”

“So what, you can defeat Macbeth, what’s your point? She’s your mother!” 

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iF YOU STOP WATCHING A TV SHOW BECAUSE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DIED THEn thats totally okay because you should do what makes you happy and odds are that character was the main reason you stuck with the show


tvd & to| f^ck ups

first off i have to say that i didn’t -set out- to make this video. i was originally making it into a light humor video but then it slowly started to turn into an “everything that’s wrong with tvd and the originals” video so i kind of just took that, ran with it, and finished it off that way lol.

it’s not intended to get anybody mad, this is just my personal opinion of what’s wrong with the shows. if you don’t like it, simply pass it by.

i also put the points to specific lyrics in the song for a reason, so try to listen in and notice. trust me, it’s funnier that way lol

(i know i didn’t put obvious things like the sirebond or jeremy dying 900 times, but those things are implied in the other things i put. i just couldn’t fit those specific things to the lyrics).

anonymous asked:

The reason I eat meat is because I like my pet dog and cat more than farm animals, y'know? I have a deeper connection with them, whereas I've never had a pet cow so I don't mind eating them.. I would never eat my pet chickens in my yard though, only because I know them so well, but I don't mind eating actual bought chicken.

My friend, mi amigo, mon amie, mein freund…….you don’t have to explain anything to me. What makes an animal deserving of empathy? The answer should be obvious…..

An animal should work diligently to form a special bond with you or recruit other animals in their own species to form a special bond with you on their behalf so that there is this deep connection with you and the species or specific animal in order for you not to pay somebody to kill them. I think that’s only fair.

If an animal can’t do something as simple and arbitrary as making you feel special than how in the world can they be expected to deserve to not have body parts hacked out of them? If they can’t accommodate such a simple request from you, then these animals are clearly too egocentric and self-involved to deserve oxygen.

I tell ya….I went through something similar myself. I was watching a puppet show that children put together. Let’s just say, it wasn’t exactly top-notch. I was not impressed. So, since I felt absolutely no connection with these children, and they did not meet my entertainment needs. I did what any sane person would do…..I set the building on fire with the children in it.

Before anybody gets mad…..I don’t have any children at home so I never really felt a connection with them. I’m sure you can understand my situation. Perhaps my next children’s puppet show will be more enthralling and shall provide for a deeper connection, because so far……I feel that children are very very overrated. If they want me to care, they are going to have to start working a lot harder. Just saying…..

The whole MB tag is fucked up, I can’t even find pics without a little cum dumpster talking about riding somebody’s dick! MB groupies be thirsty as fuck, MB don’t wanna fuck the first piece of pussy that’s willing to bust it wide open. Stop treating yourselves like thots, most of y'all still in high school. Go to school and read a fucking book.

Oh! Let me add NO OFFENSE to the loyal fans who like them beyond their genitals lol. I don’t want anybody getting mad #teammindless