anybody else get really mad when people judge people who study certain subjects?? like when people think some degrees are “easy” and require no effort, like excuse me. college isn’t easy. no course is gonna be easy. if anyone ever makes you feel dumb for choosing whatever you chose to do, SCREW THEM. the degree you do doesn’t even define your academic capabilities anyway??? like??? just do what you want to do, and do not judge others. it literally makes me so angry omg. 

Tour bus make out

Requested by: anonymous 

#59- “….or we could make out…” 

#53- “Take off your shirt.” 

Both are from the prompt list that I re blogged a while ago. 


Your Pov: 

You and your boyfriend of 2 years, Josh were just relaxing on the tour bus couch. You were cuddled up to his side while he had him arm draped around your shoulder. A position that you guys were usually found in. 

Tyler and Jenna were getting ready to go out and explore the city that you guys were currently in since the boys were on tour. 

“You guys coming with us?” Tyler asked us while putting on his black signature baseball cap. 

Josh was too engrossed in the show that was currently playing on the TV so I decided to answer him. 

“Nah,” I said while shaking my head. “We went exploring yesterday.” I told him. 

He just nodded at me. 

“Alright then, see you guys tonight then.” He said. And with that they were off and out the door. 

Once the door was closed I turned to Josh and tried to get his attention.

“Hey babe.” I said to him while standing up and looking around the bus. I was trying to see if we were the only ones left on the bus. Fortunately for us we were. I smiled at this.

“Were all alone.” I said to him with a smirk while sitting back down. Still no response. 

Geez, I thought, he must really like this show. Fine then, we were just gonna have to do it the hard way then. 

I sighed and crawled up onto his lap so I was now straddling him. Once I was on and comfortable I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in. My lips found their way to his neck and they immediately started to suck on his sweet spot, for sure leaving a hickey. 

After a couple of minutes went by I heard a small moan come from him. Perfect. I thought. I finally have his attention. I came back up from his neck and was met with his now lust filled eyes. 

“What was that for baby?” He asked me. His eyes full of curiosity and excitement.  His hands moved slightly and they placed themselves on my hips. 

I smirked at him. 

“Were all alone.” I stated to him, hoping that he would get the hint. “You know what that means?” I asked him suggestively, helping him out a little bit. 

“We can watch whatever we want on the TV without anybody getting mad?” He asked me while chuckling slightly. 

I however did not find this funny at all so I just glared at him.

“…Or we could make out…” I bluntly stated. 

He immediately stopped laughing and his eyes filled up with lust again. He slowly licked his lips. His hands started to move upwards on my body and he pulled on the hem of my t-shirt. 

“Take off your shirt.” 

A/N: Here it is! Finally lol. I’m so sorry it took this long. I was just really busy with life. I hope whoever requested this likes it:) I think it’s kinda cute. I also wanna thank you guys so much for your patience with me. I’ve been horrible at uploading recently but that should change since it’s summer now! Anyways I hope you like this! Requests are currently closed since I still have to write like four of them. lol. Have a great day/night wherever you are!I also don’t know if I will have anything up for Sunday cause I’m busy this weekend but I will try my hardest💕 


I’m not sure if requests are still open but can I get a dating vampire!Jennie? If they aren’t, please disregard this message. Have a good day! ♡

★worships you  

★calls you her queen/king

★and treats you like that

★you get only the best

★dates in on the sofa?

★absolutely not 

★the only time you’re allowed dates in are when you’re ill

★everything you do has her in awe  

★compliments you for dayssss  

★just let her do it  

★or else she’ll go into a speech

★on why she loves you

★and why you’re perfect 

★the sound of your heart is her favourite thing to hear  

★she can pick it out from others with no trouble 

★pines for you when you go out 

★scowls at anybody that comes near you 

★’i’ve been waiting for you for hundreds of years. i’m not letting anybody get near you’ 

★gets mad that she can’t take cute couple pictures with you

★won’t drink from you 

★no matter how desperate she is

★’i don’t want to see a single mark on your skin’ 

★has gone to cooking classes so she can make your faves 

★always has her arm around your waist

★invites you over to the black pink apartment

★but then gets upset if your attention is on another member

★goes to mush when she sees you wear her clothes

★sprays her perfume on your bed before she goes away

★calls you every hour while she is away

★’did you eat?’

★’are you hydrated?’

★’how many hours of sleep did you have?’

★’i need to come home right now and care for you’

nsfw from here

★orgasm denial  

★she can wind you up for hours 

★when she sees tears rolling down your face  

★that’s when she gives you what she wants 

★and she’ll give you it until you’re begging for her to stop 

★loves working you up in public

★you’ll be out having coffee

★chatting merrily

★when her hand slowly strokes you thigh

★she’ll stop when you press you thighs to her hand

★at home is when she gets to it

★’you didn’t have to do that’

★’just wanted to show them you’re mine’

★’they’re my best friends, they know’

★’just making sure~’

★has a case full of toys

★she always makes you pick which one you want 

★after care on p o i n t

★she’ll do nothing but nuzzle you

★kiss you

★and tell you how much she loves you

Hi ^^

Hello I’m Angelyna known as Angie to many. I am like anybody else, i get mad, sad, happy, annoyed etc. My blog is going to be different for the good things. Thanks to some people who knocked common sense into me they made me realized… Without Tumblr…where would I be at? I have so many friends that have helped me and try to help them all I can(even if it doesn’t seem like it, I try ^^) I really am thankful for the people who have shaped me in these few months of being my friends, I really am lucky to have them. People do get annoyed when you constanly tell them issues or problems so….I am not doing that anymore. I just want to help and be a good friend to people. I’ll post art once I get done with my surprise :3 

Some of many friends are:

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You Can’t Pick Family

Originally posted by james-boobcanan-barnes

Summary: Reader and her mother have never really gotten along. Luckily, Bucky is there to comfort her.

Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1,143

A/N: This is only my second fic and I’m still trying to get the hang of things! Hopefully it’s okay! It’s a little angsty I guess? 

“I hate her!”

“No, you don’t. You’re just angry right now.”

“No, I hate her..”

“You can’t hate her, she birthed you.”

“Technically she didn’t birth me. I was born early. By C-Section.”

“So what, you can defeat Macbeth, what’s your point? She’s your mother!” 

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dunesurfer007  asked:

I am not trying to be offensive, please don't bite, but what's chorisexual?

Hey there dunesurfer007, curious person in my inbox!

First I’ve got to say one thing - if anybody ever gets mad at you for being curious and asking about a sexuality/new term/social issue you’ve never heard of before, they are the one who needs to sort themselves out, not you.

Everybody has to learn about new things at some point. I had no idea what autochoris was until a few months ago either, so I am happy to help you out, as we’re not a very well known about group.

Secondly - searching for more links for you, I’ve discovered lots more people finding and identifying with the term and I’m so happy right now!

The term is autochorissexual, and it was coined by Anthony Bogaert, after a study he did with interviews into asexuality (which you can now view and download for free, I am so excited about this omg!!). He describes it as:

“A disconnection between oneself and a sexual target/object of arousal; may involve fantasies or arousal in response to erotica or pornography, but lacking any desire to be a participant in any sexual activities therein. Commonly found in asexual people; an analagous feeling may occur in aromantic peole for romantic fantasies.”

And hey, I made us funky folks a flag! :D

(Lithromanticism/lithsexuality is also something you should check out, btw, as the two are pretty similar and the terms came about very close to each other. I rambled a little about the differences between autochoris and lith here).

And oh look at that! I got more links! Here is a post by anagnori (who is all around an amazing person with loads of resources and helpful information for agender/ace/aro folks!), and here somebody else looks at what autochoris means for them personally.

I’d also point you towards the tags - #autochorissexual, #autochorissexualism, and #autochorissexuality in particular, as people discuss it themselves and what it means to them etc.

So depart, friendly blogger, hopefully with a little more knowledge, and here, take a hug too because!


tvd & to| f^ck ups

first off i have to say that i didn’t -set out- to make this video. i was originally making it into a light humor video but then it slowly started to turn into an “everything that’s wrong with tvd and the originals” video so i kind of just took that, ran with it, and finished it off that way lol.

it’s not intended to get anybody mad, this is just my personal opinion of what’s wrong with the shows. if you don’t like it, simply pass it by.

i also put the points to specific lyrics in the song for a reason, so try to listen in and notice. trust me, it’s funnier that way lol

(i know i didn’t put obvious things like the sirebond or jeremy dying 900 times, but those things are implied in the other things i put. i just couldn’t fit those specific things to the lyrics).

iF YOU STOP WATCHING A TV SHOW BECAUSE YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER DIED THEn thats totally okay because you should do what makes you happy and odds are that character was the main reason you stuck with the show

anonymous asked:

The reason I eat meat is because I like my pet dog and cat more than farm animals, y'know? I have a deeper connection with them, whereas I've never had a pet cow so I don't mind eating them.. I would never eat my pet chickens in my yard though, only because I know them so well, but I don't mind eating actual bought chicken.

My friend, mi amigo, mon amie, mein freund…….you don’t have to explain anything to me. What makes an animal deserving of empathy? The answer should be obvious…..

An animal should work diligently to form a special bond with you or recruit other animals in their own species to form a special bond with you on their behalf so that there is this deep connection with you and the species or specific animal in order for you not to pay somebody to kill them. I think that’s only fair.

If an animal can’t do something as simple and arbitrary as making you feel special than how in the world can they be expected to deserve to not have body parts hacked out of them? If they can’t accommodate such a simple request from you, then these animals are clearly too egocentric and self-involved to deserve oxygen.

I tell ya….I went through something similar myself. I was watching a puppet show that children put together. Let’s just say, it wasn’t exactly top-notch. I was not impressed. So, since I felt absolutely no connection with these children, and they did not meet my entertainment needs. I did what any sane person would do…..I set the building on fire with the children in it.

Before anybody gets mad…..I don’t have any children at home so I never really felt a connection with them. I’m sure you can understand my situation. Perhaps my next children’s puppet show will be more enthralling and shall provide for a deeper connection, because so far……I feel that children are very very overrated. If they want me to care, they are going to have to start working a lot harder. Just saying…..