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Namjin - “you look like an accident.” LOL~<3

Accidental Falls and Slip(up)s

Namjin | 403 words | CRACK

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A/N: A few more requests to do before I go on Permanent Writing Hiatus ™ and @jikook-love I kinda hate you ಠ_ಠ

Hey, are you a paramedic? Because I’ve gotten into an accident while falling for you.

It’s meant to be a pickup line, one with a five-hundred percent success rate, according to Jimin. But then again, Jimin’s never had trouble getting the likes of Jungkook, so it shouldn’t really count.

Seokjin sits on the bench and kicks around the rock in front of him in anticipation. This should be easy. Namjoon will head this way at any moment now that he’s done his class, probably being the last student to exit, which would be perfect because no one else would be around. Then Seokjin can finally pop the line on him. And if the pickup line fails, they can always laugh it off. Theoretically.

But moments later, when Namjoon is heading towards him in all his 181cm of god-like stature, Seokjin finds his mind blanking at the words.

“You look like an accident.” Seokjin blurts, nervous mind buzzing with jumbles of words that he doesn’t even realize what he’s said until he sees the odd look on his recipient’s face.

Namjoon frowns a little, a small crease forming between his eyebrows as he slows his pace. He takes a moment to glance down at himself, probably checking out his perfect-looking outfit to see if it was the “accident” Seokjin was referring to. It looks even more perfect than usual, and Seokjin finds himself wondering if Namjoon had already uploaded an #OOTD on his Kim Daily blog. Not that he stalks his blog or anything.

“Why, you think I’m going to fall—” Namjoon starts to say, but immediately gets cut off as the toe of his shoe touches the rock in front of them. He stumbles, trying to grab onto anything he could nearby—and Seokjin finds himself all too slow to save him—but ultimately falls.

“I can’t believe it. Did you make me trip just so that you could say I fell for you?” Namjoon scowls in exasperation, but there’s also amusement behind his words.

Seokjin can’t help but let out a bubble of laughter, dancing eyes watching the fallen man in front of him with adoration. “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”

“I can’t believe you.” Namjoon snorts, letting Jin pull him up. He rolls his eyes, “But whatever, even without gravity, I’d still fall for you anyway.”

From the distance, Seokjin’s sure he can hear Jimin’s high-pitched laughter.