Percy: Hey Annabeth, can i say something?

Annabeth: Percy you know you can tell me anything

Percy: You may fall from the sky

Percy: You may fall from the tree

Percy: but the best way to fall


Percy: is in love with me

Percy and Leo:

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Oikawa is a proud dad.

A little thing I made after talking about single dad Oikawa AU with a friend ////
Daddykawa is probably that kind of a dad who always screams “THAT’S MY SON” from the crowd

You know when something happens during the day and you just wanna tell that person that automatically pops into your head?? Yeah for me that’s Luke, but he’s ignoring my dm’s, talk about rude


omg hes so cute~

The Perez’s - Drug Lord’s

Nico never once intended to get mixed up the cartel world, nor did he intend to be stood by one of the most notorious men alive with his 17 year old son. But their chance meeting at a bar down town had changed is life forever, though he still isn’t sure if it’s for better, or worse.

as much as i’d like to represent sjin as this level-headed, kinda quirky and aloof gentle kind soul uncle personality who has a farm and designs buildings in his spare time we all know that couldn’t be farther from the truth

if anything sjin goes around strapping explosives to the sides of people’s houses in his spare time and blowing airhorns when no one’s looking and maybe?? murder if he feels up to it as well and makes very leud jokes and has sharp teeth and doesn’t smell good

quick reyes headcanon that will be developed further when im not falling asleep at the keyboard – reyes is really good at knowing his environment. the things he absorbs passively is phenomenal. wherever he walks, he’s always aware of at least three different escape routes, mentally calculating the benefits & downfalls of each & where they might lead to, their accessibility & effectiveness etc. he’s also aware of what’s around him, who’s around him, what’s above him. what can’t he see, what’s in his blindspots, what’s loose & can possibly be yanked off to be used as a weapon. what looks important, what looks inconsistent / wrong as if someone’s trying to hide it. these are all things he just notices by being there & not really actively looking

       not again where the—great. well this is just FANTASTIC. he’s not sure where he is, where he’s going, or what exactly he’s looking for—wait no, that’s not completely true. accompanied by a rush of panic, he’s reminded why he’s been staggering down these disturbingly bare streets, muttering ( and occasionally yelling ) to nothing and no one in particular. 

     but his thoughts are interrupted by the sound of something—someone behind him.  he spins around, stumbling toward the stranger with a breathless,  ‘ hey ! hey, do you—do you know where we are ? sorry, have–have you seen a girl ? she has long blonde hair and she’s—she’s nine. his gaze drifts down and his brows knit together as if he’s just remembered something else. ‘ —wait, what realm is this ? damn, you wouldn’t happen to have seen a HAT would you ?