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[text] Don’t move, you look beautiful in these pictures I’m taking. [baddestbitchofmiddleearth][my melkor wants to play so okay]

Inunir picked up his phone, feeling his heart stop when he read the message. Immediately he started looking around, trying to see whoever was there.

[text]: what do you mean? Who is this?

{ baddestbitchofmiddleearth oh god }

Mini Rant

If you support Jeff/ even remotely think the comments he makes are not disgusting, you’re disgusting. I’ve even seen some idiot on twitter saying “People say bad things just to play the game!!1!” No. The nasty, sexist comments Jeff has made are irrelevant to the game and should only be hurting his game, if anything. I know next to no one supports him, but I really needed to throw my two cents in. If you don’t know what he did, it won’t take long to find it.

“Well clearly I’m working on a song now pete”, Patrick sighed, “and I can’t focus if you whine all the time”
A moment of silence followed, while Patrick hummed along a melody with headphones on the GarageBand.
“ ‘trick?”
No response
Then yanking the headphones off Patrick’s ears, “SIDEBURNS!!”
“What is it, guyliner??”
“Ugh! I wanna sleeepp!’
“Sing to mee..?”
Patrick put his headphones on again and tried to adjust that just one loop but was distracted by the puppy eyes Pete made. Pete knew how much Patrick just loves that innocent look on him.
Patrick sighed and closed the laptop. “I bet three year old are less disturbing than you” *more puppy eyes* “ Ok but just one song Peter and after that i have to still work on that tune.”
Pete gave him a cheshire cat grin and cuddled up next to him. Then, nuzzling against his neck he murmured dramatically, “ Your voice is the wave of spring to my garden , Von Stump!”
Patrick snorted, “ Yeah i bet it is, panda ”
He cleared his throat and started stroking Pete’s hair.

“Honey is for bees silly bear …”