eunhyukee44: I can still remember our first meeting with the Japanese fans in Budokan on 2008.7.9. Since then,the time we have spent with tours and meeting you has been 7 years with everyone.Now i am saying goodbye for a short while,i was really happy that for the last stage in Japan,we were able to do it at such a big and cool stage. We were not able to promote as much as everybody wanted and although our clumsy skills at the Japanese language don’t always make it easy to convey our hearts to you,we have been able to grow because of our fans who always look at us warmly, cheer us on and give us so much love.Once again,i really thank you. Even if you can’t see me for the time being, please always think of me where you are, stay healthy and with a bright appearance,please wait for me.Thank you.I love you. E.L.F JAPAN.I love you (In japanese kanji) (c)

Symphonic Evolutions was in Toronto tonight and it was so good! I wanted to show off the t-shirt I got there (and my choice of Pokémon companion for the night) because it’s super cute. This was the smallest size they had though, and it’s still too big on tiny little me… evidently, children were not the demographic for this concert.

If you are a fan of Pokémon and this comes anywhere near you, you should absolutely go! It was amazing! Everyone there was such a big fan and the energy was awesome. 

2 to 1K!

Oh god you guys, I’ve been so busy I didn’t realise that I’m actually 2 away from my first thousand!! Holy hell, 1k in less than a year! I can’t even believe it! And I just realised that tomorrow, the 30th of August is actually my blog’s first birthday! 

Hitting 1k on my blog’s birthday is the best gift ever! Thank you guys so much, I’m literally in tears. 

When I joined this site I thought I wouldn’t get any more than 10 followers and I was super excited for that number. Now look at me, and at this blog. 

Seriously you guys mean so much to me, we’ve been together through thick and thin. The worst was the attack on the spn fandom which happened almost a year ago. That was when I knew I had a real family here!

I know some of you have left, some are new and some have been following me since the beginning, but I love you all. New, old, and absent. You made my stay here a wonderful one, and you’ve helped me through a lot of my issues. 

I know I rarely talk about my problems here, but you guys were a big help. The family, specially the SPN one, has been the best support system I’ve ever had and because of it I met so many amazing people. 

People like: 

wingtorntrenchcoatcastiels-little-grace, idratherhaveyoumetalarmornot, sebstiansstan  inuseiko, satans-little-follower, brokeback-purgatory, elizabethrobertajones, bedheadcas, marvelcas, booflo62, nintendostrickster, sugargabriel, samdreel, realfrost, gabrielsfeatherybutt, quirkykayleetam, queenofhellodean, rottenstench and the two most important people I have met here: the amazing incorporealcas and my wonderful megara09.

I love you guys so much!


This one is for shelby1832, who is an amazing person and *sniff* saves my life on regular basis

okok so like, the inquisitor states that their “own hands want to kill them” and we know the orb was fen’harel’s and the magic the inquisitor absorbed from it was his by extension.  
So does this mean that either the magic want’s out of the inquisitor or that solas wants it back

I think it’s entirely possible that the reason it was in the orb in the first place is because it was too much power for a mortal to handle and it’s possible that the mark is going to start spreading again.  
Either just because (for plot) or because solas is doing some weird elven shit to the veil and it’s in turn affecting the mark?  I don’t know but i keep thinking he and mythal have some bigger master plan that we’re going to get hints to and i feel like solas/mythal getting more power is a big part of it