The Legend of Monty Green: Inspired by the fact that Monty means Mountain 

“All we have to do is pull this lever….” 

The mountain falls, a mountain rises. 

(I only own the images with words)  

there is nothing in the universe purer than a very small child dancing with utter concentration to carly rae jepsen’s call me maybe

PLEASE tell me I’m not the only person who sometimes get scared of looking at a mirror/some other reflective surface at night. Normally there’s absolutely no issue, but if I’ve been reading/watching something creepy, all of a sudden I develop a phobia of mirrors so severe I have to close my eyes when I have to pass one.

Like, I was just reading some stuff on demonic possession and now I’m too scared to go into my bathroom, lol. I guess I’m just afraid of what I might see.


I NEED SOME HELP GUYS: so I’m getting a team canada jersey but I’m not sure which one to get and I’m deciding between these two so

 The first one is the new one, and it has the 150 Canada patch thing for Canada’s 150th birthday which is awesome, but I’m not sure if they have my size and its 160 also it’s so pretty 😍 

 The second one has extra small which would be perfect and its 100 like when do you find a Canada jersey for 100?? But it doesn’t have the hockey Canada logo which I love but idk I still like it and it’s a great deal 

SO I could really use some opinions please (and also red or white?) I’m so indecisive so this would be much appreciated ❤️

beefy urls

so i have a bunch of beef related urls and i’ve decided i’m never letting go of beefybucky so I’m planning on just giving away some of my saved ones

So please message me if you want one and specify which one you want and I’ll probably give it to you! please reblog this so other people can see it









swolbucky***(this one is really special so idk but i’m still putting it here)

You Are Valid

I dont care who you are

I dont care what your gender is

I dont care what your sexuality is

I dont care what race you are

I dont care what religion you are

I dont care who you are

I just care that you’re happy

I care that you feel accepted

I care that you feel loved

I care that you have something to look forward to

I care that you have someone to talk to

I just care that you’re happy

stars are guiding me back by coffeelouis (67k)

Directing the first ever season of The Bachelor to with a bisexual star is a huge career move for Louis. After throwing himself into his career, he finally has the opportunity to prove himself as a director with a unique vision.

For Harry, being cast as the first ever Bi Bachelor means finally putting his ex-boyfriend behind him and starting anew. He’s taking a chance on finding love and determined to do it right this time.

They didn’t exactly think this through.

[or, the BACHELOR AU where Louis directs his ex-boyfriend Harry in his season as America’s first bi bachelor.]

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my precious johndaves,,

k so if i cant write thomas jefferson x reader (even though im clearly writing about daveed’s portrayal in the musical) because he raped sally hemmings which i do believe by the way i dont deny it 

then i cant write fics about alexander hamilton because he cheated on his wife and that’s not cool 

and i cant write fics about lafayette because he cheated on his wife twice and that’s not cool 

and i cant write fics about john laurens and hercules mulligan because they went to war, used guns and killed people 

and i cant write about them or anyone else because they’re all dead and thats considered necrophilia 

im not saying that cheating is worse than rape of course (or murder), but what i am saying is that these historical figures have all done things wrong and guess what? IM NOT FUCKING WRITING ABOUT THEM 

its 100% canon in hamilton the musical that alexander cheated on his wife, jefferson had slaves, and everyone technically killed someone in battle, but ya know what else is a thing in this musical? the POC cast, which is completely inaccurate 

so please, let me drool over the 6′3 hunk that is daveed diggs in a velvet purple suit, and daydream about john laurens beautiful curls and nosy attitude 

i am writing about the musical portrayals, not the actual historical figures. so fuck off 


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If you’ve ever wondered how much of a larrie I truly am, wonder no more. I wrote a song about them. This was written last year and I released an a cappella version but this time I added my uke for a more complete sound. So yeah, I’d looove for you guys to listen and let me know what you think! This is my first (decent) original song so I’m always looking for feedback on it as well as tips on how to make my songs better in the future. Enjoy!

imagine this: the olympics go to commercial and felicity jones appears in full jyn erso costume. “here’s a sneak peek at our new film, rogue one: a star wars story”, she says and the screen fades to black. your heart is racing in your chest. the screen starts to come to life. you feel yourself freeze and despair overtake you as you process what is being aired

playing yet again is the star wars celebration reel