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I honestly love your art and creativity! It really inspires me to do my own art. (I've actually tried but failed). You're a really great artist. I'm not a pokeshipper or contestshipper, but your art is so cute! Keep up the good work! ^^

Oh why thank you! ^_^ I don’t get contacted very often about my skills. I understand your personal interests are opposite of mine and that’s okay. I just am flattered that you would take a moment to compliment me. I feel as though I’m still not where I would like to be even after 15 yrs of substantial teaching myself how to get close enough.

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*tries to think of creative/witty number* *fails*

Lmaoo I remember when you were in the group chat for like 2 weeks and then got lazy to fix your kik 😂😂😂 that’s all I ever remember about you tbh

Lineart practice on Paint tool sai 

I have a hard time being creative and know what to draw.

First I tried sketching wings but kinda failed when I tried doing the lineart for the wings I sketched. It’s the first time doing line art on PTS. I’m starting understand how the lineart tools work now. Still takes alot to do the lineart when you’re not used to digital painting O___O

That’s it for today

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top 5 things someone who is new to tumblr should definitely know. (i tried to get creative, and miserably failed)

hey that’s okay

1) there are so many controversial and contradicting posts, so it’s important to know that something you read isn’t necessarily what everyone thinks. i’ve read posts that have actually made me feel really bad, but i’m trying to get myself to not react to them as much anymore because they are only the opinions of a few

2) use the tags instead of commenting whenever you can

3) don’t send anon hate like wtf

4) if you want followers make sure to put a lot of tags on your original posts

5) take advantage of the search feature. find new music, new shows, etc. 

send me top 5/top 20

“I tried to imitate neo-Impressionism, but failed”
drawing with broken mirror.

Instagram moto_hawk

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Tries to keep it together
Comes up with creative excuses for why I need to lie in my bed all day and be left alone

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The Magician, The Empress, The Tower

The Magician 🌟
Do I have a special talent?
I think I’m pretty good at psychic stuff sometimes. I haven’t really tried in a long time but it’s kind of like a fear of failing type of thing.

The Empress 🐅
What do I desire most?
Understanding. Complete understanding of everything. I want to be able to feel and know everything.

The Tower 🐲
Describe your perfect home.
It’s not that I’m in creative, it’s just that this kind of stuff I like to come to me. There is this house in Burbank I refer to as my dream home whenever I walk by. It’s small but it looks like it’s nestled away and that the people who live there have all these interesting things they must do alone together.

It's time

I think it is time, the time to do me.

For many years, constantly, all I have been doing is caring to pleas others. Stretching my grounds to make others happy, it felt like I just tried to reach all corners of the room. The biggest thing is giving/telling others it’s okay to be selfish and not needing to care about others all the time, yet o failed to listen to my own words…

I need to get back to my roots, retap that inner creative, artsie fartsie, side.

I have lost all my feels in that honestly my ambition towards it was left behind, but it’s time to retap it and rejoice it.

I have started a hash tag #0DaysDixonPai this will be my post of something creative, be it a graphic design work, drawing, painting, video, photography, and/or music wise.

With that I have started to eat healthy again, drinking only water. Making my own food or packing my mom’s cooking. Saves me money too.

It’s time to be selfish again, refind my lost soul I left behind. The thing that brought happiness to my life.

Fuckin' Fuck.

I feel like I’m losing my creativity. I listen back to some of the lyrics I’ve written and I’m so happy with them.. Now when I sit and I write, it’s always so basic, about fucking nothing..

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to step my game up and antually make creative music, that I’m stressing myself out and fucking things up for myself.

Going through a catalogue of beats a producer sent me over earlier tonight.. I found a couple I really liked.. But trying to come up with something to go with it, just wasn’t happening.. Everything I tried failed miserably.. I don’t even know what inspires me anymore.. If I make music about how I feel, emotions etc, (which the best music comes from) well at the moment I feel depressed because I can’t write shit, and now I feel like I just can’t be bothered putting so much effort into music. I know that’s a stupid way to think.. But I fucking hate feeling like that..
Most of the time I feel tired, exhausted from work, stressed - and I’m sick of writing about that. Nobody wants to hear about that shit.. I’ve spent so much time thinking about how shit it is that people are dying, but I can’t put that to words. So I could write something about how I’ve got so much to say but I don’t know how to say it, but I’ve done that shit to death. No pun intended.

I want to write about someone, but at the moment, there is no “someone” to write about. People love music like that, but I can’t write about something I don’t feel.

I want an upbeat, fun, summer type song that makes you wanna drive to the beach with friends.. But the weather is fucking miserable and I can’t remember the last time I hung out with friends..

So the kind of music I want to write, I can’t, because I don’t feel it. And the shit I feel, I don’t want to write about, because it’s stupid shit I’ve written a thousand times before.