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I just began reading Holding Out For A Hero (I'm in love btw) and I thought of something that might cheer you up a bit! Imagine the setting of HOFAH but they talk like gangsters: Steve looks at Tony with pain in his eyes "Tony you know me! I'm in these streets!" Tony has a steely look "You don't leave your homies hangin, what kind of fool you playin me for?" Happy looks at Steve "u got beef with your cuz Steve? Cool but he was hella tight with the King, so keep it low, u know what I'm sayin?"

oh. my. god.

you brilliant motherfucker

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happy birthday :) ! (i saw your post and thought this might cheer you up a bit)

! ! ! !  Thank you :3 Hope you’re having a swell day

You may look at artists and feel like you can’t ever be up to their level. Well, they probably thought the same thing at some point and maybe they still do to some degree! I can’t stop you from feeling this way, but keep going. You don’t know what the future holds, but who knows? Some day your art might just be loved and adored by everyone else.