Need [Josh]

Can you please write some more Josh fluff because your “Library” imagine was amazing.

- Requested by Anon

You ask, I listen. 


Tears were falling from your eyes thick and fast as you tried to stop the sound of your parents arguing downstairs. Sobs escaped from your lips as you heard all of the shouts, all of the words, the insults, the digs at you and how it was your fault, You wanted to go down there and make them see what they were doing to you, to one another but you just sat on your window still, looking outside as the rain fell from the sky the tears from your eyes. 

Grabbing your phone, you threw your favourite leather jacket on and shoes before opening your window. You’d done this many times before, left your bedroom through your window and ran through town to your boyfriend’s house but it was so dark and you could hardly see where you were going. You sat on your bed looking out for a few more seconds, debating whether it was a good idea until you heard a plate smash downstairs, then you were out of the window and on the floor within a few seconds. 

You didn’t really care about how wet or cold you were getting or how far away Josh’s house was from yours, all you cared about was getting there and feeling his warmth and comfort; that’s all you needed right now. You almost stopped walking, it was all getting to you but the thought of him laying with you, making you feel okay again motivated you. 

Finally, you reached Josh’s house, taking a deep breath to try and calm your own breathing down before knocking on the door, waiting for one of the pack to answer. The door swung open and you looked up to see the smile that lit up your boyfriend’s face disappear when he saw yours, his arms immediately opened and you didn’t hesitate, you stepped into them, letting him wrap you up and hold you.

“Hey,” he said, brushing some hair away from your eyes and rubbing his thumb where there were tear stains. “What are you doing here? What’s happened?” 

“Y/N?” Theo asked as he walked into the hall, “are you okay? What are you doing here?”

“My parents were arguing again and I just couldn’t stay there any longer. I can go if it’s a problem,” you mumbled, looking down at your boots that were shining with the amount of rain that had hit them. 

“No, no it’s not a problem,” Theo replied, smiling at you. “Sorry about your parents.” You nodded before Josh threw his arm around you and holding you to him.

The two of you sat on Josh’s bed in complete silence, the only sound was the rain lightly hitting the window outside. Your tears had finally stopped as your head rested on Josh’s shoulder, your fingers entwined as they lay on the top of the quilt. You knew he was going to ask you what had happened, what they were arguing about soon and the thought of talking about it made you want to break down again but you just took a shaky breath before looking up at him. 

“Do you want to tell me what happened?” He asked, his hand gently rubbing your shoulder. 

“They were arguing again about pretty much everything. Including me…” You trailed off, looking down at the bed, “I know deep down they probably don’t mean it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It hurts when they argue with one another, I just want them both to be happy.”

“I know, Y/N,” Josh sighed, his hand left yours as both of his arms wrapped around your smaller frame, your back leaning against his chest, as you placed your hands on his arms and your head rested under his chin. “We all want the people we care about to be happy and sometimes they’re not and it’s hard but, sometimes they do things to make them happy again.” You knew what he was trying to suggest and the thought had been in your mind for a while now; your parents splitting but it wasn’t something that you wanted to think about, who does? 

“I know what you’re suggesting and maybe you’re right. Maybe that will happen but right now, I just need you to hug me and tell me things are going to be okay,” you whispered as you let your eyes slip closed, he squeezed your body tightly and whispered sweet things into your ear before you felt the world slip away from you.

It took you a few seconds to realise where you were when you woke up but a sadness filled your body when you recalled all of it. Sighing, you pushed away the quilt to find a note crumpled up within the sheets, you read it and smiled to yourself, looking up to see a pile of clothes folded up at the end of the bed like he promised. The sound of him shuffling around could be heard from downstairs and you smiled to yourself before heading to the bathroom to sort yourself out.

A warm shower was what you needed, you were feeling a lot more refreshed before you slipped into Josh’s T-shirt and sweatpants that he’d left out for you and headed downstairs. Josh was now laid on the sofa with a plate of food in his hand, he sent you a soft smile, his eyes looked tired and you had to resist the urge to jump on him for a cuddle. 

“How you doing?” He asked, sitting up to make some room for you. “You look hot in my clothes by the way,” he teased and you just blushed, pushing his shoulder before sitting down beside him. “I made you some food too, it’s in the other room, I’ll go and get it, you just make yourself feel more comfortable,”

Smiling, you grabbed settled down and waited for Josh to return which he did a few seconds later with a plate in one hand and your favourite film in the other.

“I thought this might cheer you up a bit,” 

“You do that all by yourself, but that’s really sweet, thank you.”

The two of you were huddled up together and in that moment, you were so overcome with love for your boyfriend, you knew he was definitely the one for you. You’d dated guys in the past and though, Josh wasn’t your ‘typical’ guy, he did nothing but make sure you were okay, he protected you and you couldn’t be more thankful that he came into your life properly that one night in the library.