98. “I wish I could hate you” @nijiru


You wait for Eric to come home. He’d been out at Amity and he might as well come home feeling shitty about it. So, why not cheer him up just a bit?

You’re in your underwear and one of Eric’s shirt when Eric comes home, scowling. He tosses his bag in one corner, stomping angrily, but stops midway when he sees you like that.

“Is there something I forgot?”, he asks, approaching you slowly.

“I just thought you had a shitty day”, you say, twirling a lock of hair around.

“Well, I do, but you’re the reason I come home every night”, he says, taking off his shirt. He’d pinned you down, but tonight you’re on top. You flipped him over and take off your shirt. Eric raises his eyebrow and smirks.

“Like what you see…, Sir?”, you ask. No bra, just underwear. You run your fingers up and down, from your nipples towards your navel.

Eric rises up, pulls you close and sucks on your nipples. You moan and Eric bites them. You tug his hair, causing him to bite harder. You could feel the tingling sensation between your legs and his cock poking through his pants. You push him down and begin to unbuckle his pants. You pull them off, along with his boxer and your underwear before straddling him.

You’re bout to ride Eric when his phone rings. A call from Max. Your mood is ruined, but Eric pulls you and thrusts in. You stay there for a few minutes as Eric answers his phone and you know just the way to distract him - you begin to ride him slowly, causing him to bite his knuckles to contain his moaning.

“Is this a bad time Eric?”, you could hear Max. Eric looks at you and you glare at him.

“Kinda…, I’ll call you back”, Eric hangs up. You toss his phone aside and focus back on riding him. Eric holds your hips and helps to guide you. You can feel his cock twitching inside you and you ride him faster.

Eric grips your hips harder while his face contorts as he moans out your name. He shoots inside you as you cum at the same time. “God, (y/n) you’ll be the death of me”, Eric’s breathing is heavy.

You pull his face and kiss him. “You don’t want people to find you cum so hard that you die. If you say that, maybe we should stop having sex”, you say.

“I wish I could hate you”, he mumbles before kissing you again.

“I love you too”, you say, giggling.

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-giggles- I thought he might cheer you up a bit since he's so cute! You can keep him for a little longer if you want! Ooooo! You should show him to Anxiety!!

He is really cute! I should I don’t know if anxiety is awake

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I want one ✨

get a kiss from the most beautiful monster. ( 4 / 3 )

            ❝yona, dear, come here~❞ a wave of his hand urges her to his side, and when she’s within his reach, his hand settles near the back of her head before a kiss is gently pressed to the top of her head. as if sensing a question forming on her lips, he smiles before giving her an explanation, ❝you looked a bit down. i thought i might try and cheer you up.❞

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29, 26, 23 and 1 for the music ask meme!

1. Your current Favorite Song

Favorites are so fleeting, honestly. So many good songs! Within the last few months, though, I’ve been coming back to You Matter to Me quite often.

23. A song from the soundtrack of you favorite game/movie/tv show

Favorites are, again, ever-changing. THERE IS SO MUCH I LIKE FRIENDS. But Steven Universe and Here Comes a Thought is a lovely go-to.

26. A song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character

So So Sooo. My favorite fictional character might actually be MY OWN DnD character at the moment (Her blog is naturalgoodintention, if anyone is curious). But I like Finding a Leaf in Your Girlfriend’s Hair quite a bit when thinking of her.

29. A song that cheers you up when you’re sad

When I’m sad, it is often because of depression due to my shitty self-esteem. Ashe’s sweet voice comes in handy with the Perks of Being Me

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Hey you.. Sorry to bother you. This might seem silly to some, but I had to get my cat put down today, and I can't remember the last time I cried like this. I've had him since I was five, and he was just a little baby (I'm 18 now, so a lot of years has past) Anyway, I was wondering if you had anything angst/fluffy Destiel + cats or something like that I could read to cheer up.. It would mean the world to me - you were the first writer I thought of, since I love your stories so much. xx

You’re not bothering me at all! So sorry to hear about your cat, my cat is my best friend and I can’t even think about losing her, so I totally understand how you feel, and it is NOT silly. *hugs you tight*

Anyway, I’ve written several fluffy cat-related Destiel fics which might cheer you up a little bit. :) 

Fluffy bunker fic where Cas finds a kitten and wants to keep it [Canon!verse, Team Free Will]

AU where Cas has a cat and Dean is allergic [High School AU, friends to lovers, Fluff]

AU where Cas’ cat keeps breaking into Dean’s apartment and plays matchmaker [Neighbors AU, Strangers to Lovers, Fluff]

A witch turns Cas into a kitten, and Dean learns some things about his feelings for his best friend [Canon!verse, friends to lovers]

I really hope this helps, and I’m sending you lots of love and strength. <3

Who are we?”
“Kominato Ryousuke Fan Club!”
“Who do we love?”
“Who do we adore?”
“Are you ready for the fight (for Ryousuke)?”
“Bearing admiration in our hearts, we have only one goal! Appreciate Ryousuke in all our might! Let’s do this!”
—  The cheer for the Kominato Ryousuke Fan Club, including Seidou High School baseball team players. The higher-ups in this fan club are the 3rd years, Kuramochi, Haruichi and Kijima. Sawamura is the newly appointed vice-leader in the cheering department.
Spread Some Positivity

So, as many of you guys know, this week and the upcoming weeks are finals weeks. For someone who is currently deprived of sleep, sitting at my desk with a Starbucks cup and piles of paper around me, I don’t feel that well. So, what I thought about, even if you already finished finals, or you don’t even take them, reblog this post and tag your friend (or a complete stranger you came across that you’ve always wanted to talk to) in it, and tell them something nice (what you love about them/a compliment/etc). Everyone needs a bit of happiness and a reminder that they’re loved, so, if you get tagged, try your best to tag someone too and tell them something. This might cheer them up, motivate them, or even just put a smile on their face. Let’s do this :D

Harry Preference: Perfect

This was requested ages ago by @dudewuteven as part of the Made in the AM Series.

Still have to do an A.M. OT4 preference and an If I Could Fly Harry + Niall one, but please be patient and if you want, keep requesting.

Hope you like it! (sorry for taking so long)

All the love, x.

PS: I got too caught up on it so it might be a bit too long. (Oops!)

When you had agreed on going on tour with One Direction, you never thought it would be this tiring.

“Could you keep it down?” you said, putting your head round Louis’ bedroom, where Louis, Liam, Andy and Niall were playing FIFA.

“Niall, to your left, TO YOUR LEFT!” Louis yelled, pointing at the screen.

“Stop shouting at me, will ya?” the blond member fired back.

“Go, Liam, go, go, go, go!” Andy cheered as Liam pressed the remote buttons.

“YES!” they cheered a few seconds later, bumping chests; “4-2! Suck it, losers!”

“Oh, for God’s sake, Liam, the game isn’t over yet” the oldest member muttered with a strong accent.

“Well, you should start thinking about ending it” a voice said from the door, and Sam walked in [Sam is the boy’s new tour manager]; “I just got a call from reception saying they’ve received some complaints because someone was making too much noise”

“That’s why I was here” you sighed, “I could hear them halfway through the corridor”

“Don’t lie to us” Louis said with a smirk, “you just wanted to know where Harold was”

“No, I wasn’t!” you jumped, “By the way, where is he?”

“See?” Louis grinned cheekily.

You rolled your eyes at him and left the room. Before you got to yours, your mobile phone chimed. You pulled a face: it was 2am! Who could possibly text you at this time?

You introduced your card into the keyhole and pulled out your phone.

Harry: Meet me in the stairs. Don’t tell anyone.

You took the key out, opened and closed the door and made your way to the stairs.

Harry awaited you in the landing with a smile.

“What’s this about?” you asked giggling

“I knew you were curious about what we do at night” he said; “you already know what they do, don’t you?”

“After one week of watching them play FIFA one night after the other, I think so, yeah” you chuckled.

“I thought it was about time I show you what I do” he said taking your hand and going down your stairs.

You followed him without saying a word, half expectant half still in shock, not really believing Harry would do something like that.

He had been the one you had gotten along the most since you had joined them a couple of weeks ago.

There was a man waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs and after exchanging a smile with Harry, he guided you through the hotel’s kitchens to a back door where some guys were unloading food trucks.

“Harry, what…?”

“Thank you, Robert” Harry let go of your hand to shake Robert’s and exited to the street, walking to a white convertible that had the top on.

“Miss” he grinned opening the door for you.

You shook your head and sat on the car, not sure where all was going. Harry sat on the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Where are we going?” you said a couple of minutes later as you drove around the city

“Nowhere, really?”


Harry chuckled.

“I just like driving around the city at night. It’s great”

And once he said that, he turned on the car radio, the traffic light turning green and the car starting again.

I might never be your knight in shining armour…

You recognized Louis’ voice, but not the song.

“What is this?” you asked turning to Harry

“This is a demo of the new record Julian let me borrow. And you shouldn’t be listening to it” he added, his index finger pressing the off button.

“No!” you jumped; “please let me listen to that song”

Harry shook his head and you pouted.

“Please…” you asked with puppy eyes.

Harry sighed in defeat and turned the music on again.

When I first saw you from across the room, I could tell that you were curious… oh, yeah

“It’s catchy” you said as Harry’s voice filled the car.

Harry smiled and rolled the windows down, just before he sang a similar thing in the song.

You both laughed at his unique humor, before you laughed faded away and you tried to sing along to the new song.

Before it ended, Harry parked the car and made you descend.

“I wanted to hear the end!” you protested, frowning.

“We’ll get to it after our stop” he promised as he guided you to a little place down the road.

You followed him down the street to a little local shop.

“This is the best place in town to get a smoothie” Harry said with a triumphant grin turning to you.

You couldn’t hold back a cackle.

Why was it such a Harry thing? The other band members would rather stay inside playing a video game or watching TV, while Harry’s favourite pastime was driving and strolling around the city at night, with a smoothie in hand.

“Hi, you’re back!” the barista said recognizing Harry.

“Yeah” he giggled, his dimples appearing on his cheeks.

“Same order as always, or…?”

“For me, yes, please; what would you like?” he asked turning to you.

“No way”

That was definitely not your order.

“You’re Harry Styles!”

The too familiar sentence echoed through the almost empty establishment. You closed your eyes and sighed in silence, getting ready for the question that usually followed that statement.

“Can I get a picture?”

“Sure” Harry said, apologizing to you with a shy smile.

“I’ll have whatever he asked for as well” you said to the barista.

In the five minutes it took to get your drink ready, the outside of the establishment was full of people. Whenever something like this happened, you were always surprised by how many people appeared out of nowhere in such short amount of time. Did they teleport? Used flu powder? How did they get there so quickly?

Harry stared worryingly outside as he paid.

“Thank you” he said to the barista, “and sorry about…”

“No worries” she smiled shaking her head; “hope you enjoy the smoothies”

“Sure” Harry answered taking one, handing the other one to you and taking the hand you had free; “don’t let go” he ordered, “we’re going straight to the car”

You took a sip of the smoothie and followed Harry outside. A lightning struck as you exited and you jumped, gently squeezing Harry’s hand. He returned the squeeze and leaned to you.

“It’s okay” he whispered.

As you two kept walking, you realized they were not lightnings but cameras flashing and the crowd that surrounded you consisted mostly of paparazzi who screamed louder than the fans:

“Harry, is this your new romance?”

“Harry, are you two together?”

They were practically shouting in your ear and Harry let your hand go for a millisecond before his arm surrounded your shoulder, drawing you closer to him.

It only took you a couple of minutes to get to the car, but they seemed to go on forever.

Harry made sure you got in the car safely, and drove away as fast as he could.

After all that craziness, you never thought just ten minutes later it would be just the two of you in a quiet place that overlooked the city as you drank your smoothies.

“Hey!” you said, suddenly remembering; “I’d like to finish listening to the new song”

Without exchanging a word, Harry turned on the radio again, just in time for a Harry solo.

And if you like cameras flashing everytime we go out… oh, yeah. And if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about… baby, I’m perfect…

The chorus started one more time and you even dared to sing along even though you couldn’t remember very well how the lyrics went. That chorus turned out to be the last one, so you weren’t ready when the next thing that exited the car speakers was…

Down to Earth, keep ‘em falling when I know it hurts…

Harry stopped the music and got out of the car. You followed him outside. Even though everyone had heard Infinity already, you thanked he had done that.

You liked Infinity, but you didn’t want to listen to it right now.

Your mind started processing the lyrics of the previous song.

“Strong message, huh?” Harry chuckled.

“It’s so much more than that” you answered shaking your head.

It was a statement of the type of life they had. I mean… you were on a secret rendezvous right now!


“Don’t say Perfect” Harry threatened, “it’d be a horrible pun even if I said it”

“Is that the title of the song?” you asked.

“Oh!” Harry giggled when he realised you didn’t know that; “yeah”

“It’s different” you said at last, “it has a deep meaning compared to how simple the music is. You end up paying more attention to the music than to the lyrics”

“This album is quite strong lyrically speaking… and what you just said happens in a couple of songs. I’m not sure if anyone will appreciate the lyrics or if they’ll just sing along to the catchy song”

You smiled at Harry, somehow understanding his fear.

You were aware of how important this album was to him. To all the boys.

“What are you thinking about?”

Harry’s voice started you a couple of minutes later. Your sight was lost in the city lights, and your mind was going over everything that had happened to you since you had become a part of the life of the world’s biggest boyband.

“I like this” you said.


“I like this” you repeated, looking straight into Harry’s eyes; “I like causing trouble up in hotel rooms. I like hanging out with you and drive with the windows down at night. This is all I’ve been dreaming about… and I’m not saying I’m perfect for you or anything” you quickly added, realizing it might have sounded like it, “but…”

“We’re perfect” Harry cut you, standing up and getting in the car again.

You pulled a face and following him inside the car.


“Is this really what you’ve been dreaming about?”


“And you wanna keep doing it?” Harry questioned raising his eyebrows.

“Yes” you said

“Then we’re perfect” he grinned, starting the car.

You had the feeling you were not driving back to the hotel. Not yet, anyway.

So let’s start right now” Harry sang before driving off.

You had no idea where you were going. Probably to some place you couldn’t even pronounce.