1 p.m. 
okay um how do i start this okay firstly hi my name is no no you already know what my name is 
i am completely and madly in love with you 
was that too direct? let me explain 
2 p.m. 
an hour has passed and i have kept my pen in my hands to live in the denial that my hands are not shaking 
i have tried to write your name four times and i have spelled it wrong repeatedly 
3 p.m. 
okay listen this love letter might have taken me hours to write and it’s not because i want it perfect because this love is beyond fucked up but i want you to hear my side of the story as well 
and well 
here goes nothing 

it always starts with an awful childhood you know? but mine was perfect, let me tell you a bit. i grew up in a family where love bloomed like morning flowers on the side pavement below your block. everyone thought i was cheerful and funny and i was. man i was. 
but my life turned out to be much funnier after that. 
i was 10, my first crush was on a girl. her name was emily, long story short, it didn’t work out. 
yeah i didn’t understand the whole girl liking girl thing i mean everyone asked me at the age of 14 were there any boys i fancy, and there were none in honesty. 
cause i loved girls. 
4 p.m. 
one more hour. 
because this time the childhood isn’t awful. the years that come after is and i have had crushes and i have fallen in love but none of this my parents know, the walls in my house have kept it a secret. 
but none of that you have to know. 
because i am in love with you. 
4 hours to describe you 
not enough 
so i described my love for you 
and i really like you but this not like any other coming from a queer girl to you let me tell you i have never wanted to taste anyone lips as bad as yours and hold your hand in the school hallways and to start dancing in twirls even though i hate positive vibe music 
what i am trying to say is 
i really like you 
but you won’t like me back 
so a reply to this letter 
is never coming back 
and i am sorry i grew up in a home 
where love had regulations and rules 
but i loved you so hard 
i am now going home to face a court 
and it’s all for you 
but you would never like me back because 
you hold his hand 
and i want to hold yours 
boy and girl 
and i am just something you never dreamt of 
your parents never told you of 
the government’s worst nightmare if i can say 
i love you 
like no other 

but you won’t say it back 
and i understand 

it’s just love sucks sometimes you know

—  k, “I am queer and I love a girl who is straight” / anon request

anonymous asked:

I've talked to you briefly before off anon, and I dunno if saying this might give me away but... oh well *shrugs*. I just thought that you needed something to cheer you up a bit, and maybe anonymously confessing the fact that I think you're cute and stuff might help a bit.

ooh no now I’m super curious about who you are I’ve talked to a few people before which one is youuuu. And thank you, it really did help I appreciate it a lot

arc-de-terres asked:

Hey, I heard you're having some rough times... If ya need to vent, if there's anything you need, or anything I can do to help, I'm here. 🐳 ((Eh, the small whale's there because I thought it was cute and might help cheer you up a lil bit? ( ´‿`) ))

I really appreciate it. I’m feeling a little bettered and cheered up thanks to you and the others who messaged me. I really appreciate it.

To my wonderful followers.

anonymous asked:

7:21 pm & I'm talking to some guy i met on criagslist who's severely depressed.

help him in anyway you can, it’s not going to be easy but tell him that everything’s going to be alright. if you feel like he’s going to do something horrible tell someone and get help immediately. even if you don’t know him that well, try to be kind and talk to him, open up and maybe he will feel a little bit better if you promise to talk to stay with him. maybe tell him to talk to you tomorrow as well so he knows someone cares about him and what he is going through. depression can be complicated but try to help him out and suggest things he can do that might cheer him up. im not a professional but there’s my thoughts, I hope everything goes well.