Pros and Cons and Types of Third-Person

Hey guys, I’m back to talking about point of view, which was requested by an anonymous follower. Again, there are people who have talked about this better than I can cover in a blog post. The two books I like are Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint by Nancy Kress and Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card. Like I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, there are three points of view:

First-person: thought was going crazy.

Second-person: You thought you were going crazy.

Third-person: She thought she was going crazy.

But I forgot to mention (and another follower brought to my attention) that there are plural versions too.

First-person plural: We thought we were going crazy.

Third-person plural: They thought they were going crazy.

The plural versions are used even less than second-person, but, they have been done. I know there are some science fiction stories that are written like this because the story is about a hive mind. What about plural second-person? I guess that could be done too.

I did a post outlining the common pros and cons of writing a story in first-person that you can read here. In it, I gave some suggestions on how to get around the cons, and then deflated some of the others. But today’s post is all about writing in third-person!


She thought she was going crazy.

In third-person, the narrator is someone watching and experiencing the story, but not participating in it. It’s like the narrator is looking over the character’s shoulder.


  • Switch between multiple viewpoints easily, which lets you develop more characters from the inside.
  • It’s also easier to describe viewpoint characters from the outside.
  • You can bring the prose deep into your viewpoint character’s thought process or pull it far away.
  • Since the character isn’t telling the story in his own words, the narrator can describe the world in words and ways the character wouldn’t. The style can be more beautiful than the character’s vernacular.
  • Can cover scenes that the protagonist isn’t present for. You’re not limited to your protagonists’ worldviews.
  • The narrator can tell the reader things the character doesn’t know.


  • Third-person feels more distant. It’s not as personal. Readers don’t get to put on the character’s body and mind (they can get close, but not quite), so they won’t get as personal with the character.
  • Tends to have a less distinctive language patterns.
  • It can be harder to switch between memory, flashbacks, and opinions, and the switches are more likely to feel choppy.

(Some of these taken points are from Characters, Emotion, and Viewpoint.)


  • Since the writer isn’t technically bound by the character’s view, she might think she can zoom in and zoom out of a character’s thoughts, delve this info out and hold this info back, write this description this way and another description that way whenever and however she wants. In a way, that’s true–but only for the writers who know what they are doing and are doing it with a purpose. Like all writing, third-person takes control. You don’t just write it one way because that’s how it came out. That’s sloppy. You should have a reason for zooming into your character’s thoughts and a reason for distancing yourself from them. You should have a reason for writing one description with a sarcastic tone and another description with a depressed one.

If you read my first-person post, you might be looking at the pros and cons of both points of view and be thinking that obviously third-person is the best choice. Third-person is definitely the most flexible, but the truth is, it’s not the best choice for every story. Some stories are best told right from the character, in his voice, in first-person. People love the closeness. If your story is meant to be very personal and emotionally powerful, first-person is a great way to go. If your character’s view on life is particularly intriguing, entertaining, or insightful, first-person might be the way to go.

But, like I said, third-person is very flexible, and you can often get nearly the same effect as first-person. Just like I talked about how you can get around first-person cons, you can get around these third-person cons by simply getting deeper into your viewpoint character.

Third-person is so flexible, that you really need to break it down further…

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Have you seen. The new. Ulamog...?

Yes!!! And with a Michael Komarck art!

To be honest, I was positively surprised by it’s power level. R&D have been pretty conservative in these last sets, and I thought we were going to see something like the second “restrained” Avacyn, but they delivered a card as good or even better than the original Ulamog!

I guess they wanted to capture the fact that the remaining Eldrazi in Zendikar have become stronger, and I think they succeded!

  • The new card is cheaper. Okay, one less mana in the cost may seen a small reduction, but it may determinate whether or not it will ever hit the board. As we go up in the mana curve the mana becomes more and more hard to produce.
  • The first ability is also triggered by casting it, so your 10 mana will at least let you exile two target permanents if your creature is countered. The previous one would only destroy one target permanent.
  • Both are indestructible and colorless, so Crux of Fate and Ugin, Spirit Dragon’s -X ability won’t suffice. By the way, casting it just after sweeping the board with Ugin seems almost perfect.
  • Combined with ingest creatures and processors, his last ability feels as nasty as Annihilator 4, but not as frustrating. 
  • He can be reanimated. Yes, you won’t exile two permanents, but cheating it in the early game is just cruel!
  • Have I mentioned that art!?!?

I really liked it! And I’m not the most Timmy guy around!


Okay, let’s talk more about this deleted scene now that I’m somewhat more calm.

I was a bit giddy before we even got the, ‘I love you’ out of Kensi because I LOVE that she told Deeks that her dad would have liked him. That is HUGE. And Deeks knows it’s huge and is appropriately honored by that revelation (though I would have liked something better than “because he’s an action star” as a reason why he’s honored, but clearly I can’t be too picky. Plus, Kensi is proud of her dad’s accomplishments and who he was, so it still fits).

I legitimately had to back up a few seconds the first time I watched it when Kensi let the L word slip because I was not convinced I heard it correctly. Then I gasped. And my heart got all fluttery. And I haven’t been the same since.

And I have more thoughts (some of them analytical. lots of them fluffy) but I seriously can’t put them into coherent sentences right now. My calmness has passed.

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How did you know you were gay?

Jesus that was fast. Um. I convinced myself 1) I was bi for a very long time because I think (-cough-, crossfit) men can be attractive, and 2) that the girls I liked were the ones I wanted to be like, not necessarily be with. But all the signs were there. I was so overprotective of every single one of my friends, and developed crushes on girls I thought “deserved better” than the losers they were hooking up with, even if I had no reason to care about their love life. I’ve been on way too many dates with guys and even though I always wanted to be friends with them, it was always the elephant in the room on the second date where they were into it and I just wasn’t romantically. I wanted the closeness and openness and trust of a relationship with men… without the sexy stuff. But it was never that way with Robin. Clearly, ha.

ALSO I watched the first half of the L-Word when I was 13. 
Like come on. If that wasn’t a sign…

call me, know me//thebloodychampion

Merlyn was bored and frustrated. He was alone and it was Friday night, nothing to do, except to listen the sounds coming from the other side of the wall as his flatmate was having far more better times than him. 

He eyes lazily the newspaper and and add caught his eye. A number to call to and he could have good time too? It wasn’t something he would normally do, but now he was bored drunk and frustrated with nothing better to do. He could always hang up if he had second thoughts. 

He got up and get his cellphone, dialed the number and waited for an answer. When he heard the voice, he coughed a bit” “Hello? I…don’t know how this works…this is the hotline right? This is my first time…”

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Who were your favorite people to play each of the SA kids and why??

Melchior: Austin McKenzie, because honestly he’s the only one I’ve ever seen that made me actually like Melchior. He normally comes off as so pretentious for the sake of being pretentious, but Austin turned Melchior into a character that actually tried to help people, and he didn’t come off as “untouchable” as the others tried to be I guess.

Wendla: Christy Altomare. First of all, she’s a total babe. Second of all her acting is so good like I’m so captivated by her oh my god. AND HER VOICE IS SO POWERFUL.

Moritz: John Gallagher Jr. To me he seemed to capture the the truth of being lost better than any of them (some other peoples’ interpretations were a little too comical, I thought). I felt the most pain from him. Also he has a killer voice.

Hanschen: Jonathan B Wright, big surprise there. He gave Hanschen a depth that no other actor did. I think he has a natural charisma that transcends most people anyway, but even in the scenes that people would consider “creepy” he didn’t play it one dimensionally. He made me think more into the character than others did.

Ernst: This was a difficult one, but I have to go with Gideon Glick (Joshua Castille is a very close second, though). I love his nervous energy and he’s just so cute and that man is my life force. He seems so confused through the whole show and it’s perfect.

Ilse: I love Krysta Rodriguez’ Ilse so much. She’s so unhinged. It’s so gorgeous and chilling.

Martha: Lilli Cooper. I’m so obsessed with her. Her voice gives me goosebumps and SHE’S SO PRETTY I WANT TO DIE. She also brings and underlying strength to the character that I don’t see a lot.

Georg: Probably Skylar Astin. His voice is out of this world and his facial expressions give me life.

Otto: Anthony Lee Medina. He’s adorable and also his voice just makes me tingly. I just enjoy watching him. I don’t even know.

Anna: Phoebe Strole. She makes her so cute and outraged at things. I love it.

Thea: Remy Zaken. So much sass and spunk for one so small.

Thoughts on Jet Black Heart

Truth to be told, every new 5sos song is better than the last one. All Songs are great, all defining the new album. And then there’s this one.

“Jet Black heart” is the other side of the page. We all have grown to love the up lifting songs from “Sounds good feels good”, and I’ve been waiting (We all have) for the “ballad” to come along.

Lyrically, the song is stronger than the ballads of their first album, which is understandable, with age and experience the boys have gotten along the way. Some words and phrases sting into your heart, but the melody soothes at the same time. They have out done themselves this time. But enough said.

I can analyze the song all I want, but the second you hear the chorus, you’re hooked. You believe the song. You believe in what the artist is trying to say. And that is the most important thing in music.

There used to be three holy 5sos songs. “Wrapped around your finger”, “The only reason” and “If you don’t know”.
Now there’s another one.

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This episode literally made it feel like a whole new show. Writers were right, it's all about growth and Riley will have to deal with growth starting in this ep. Every story needs developing, we've seen rucas, farkle cares for Maya and riley and vise versa and now the lucaya story develops. One thing is for sure, lucaya shippers can now say Lucas cares about Maya. When the time comes, try to see this episode without any ships in mind. aside from the 'can now say,' i like this description.

this season is so much better than i had originally thought. sure, the second season is always better than the first, but since gmw had such a huge success with the first (save for the first few episodes. they weren’t that good but they were the first ones so it’s okay) i was expecting it to downgrade a lil. basically nothing in this season disappointed me, save for hurricane which was such a bad episode i don’t even like talking about it. the growth of development was portrayed beautifully, specifically maya/lucas’ friendship. they’ve grown so much from just the ‘it’s a little game and i’m making fun of you because i don’t know you/i can’t seem to get to you so i’m going to keep trying’ to ‘i care about you maya/i care about my friends/i’ve always known your name’ and that kind of growth is so important. and it’s really significant in this tiny little disney channel show. in disney shows, you don’t generally see such great growth in a few seasons, however in gmw it’s shown so much.

and not only the lucaya friendship is showing to strengthen (which is SO important, but whatever) even the rucas friendship is strengthening, which is a fundamental element in any romantic relationship. i think it’s important for riley to understand that choosing lucas as a friend over a boyfriend is important. it shows fantastic character development from the first few episodes.

ALSO the larke friendship is AMAZING!!! lucas cares so much for farkle which has been shown numerous amounts of times in numerous episodes and that’s so great. really, any ship at this point has potential to become something grand.but, me, personally i think lucaya has the greatest. they started off as  strangers who bickered about nothing really in particular to great friends who care about each other, and that could set off an amazing relationship with amazing potential. i’m so excited, i am SO EXCITED!


Since it was the first day of spring, the spring festival came to town. Naomi Joelle and Jhase thought what a better way to spend their first date than to celebrate the end of winter. Naomi Joelle thought Jhase looked very handsome when she first saw him arrive and wondered if he thought she looked pretty. She was always skeptical about her looks, and despite what Tatum Brooke had said before, she did not feel like the “pretty” twin.

First thing they did was to get a bite to eat at the bar on the second floor. “I think I’ll order the sushi,” Naomi Joelle declared, satisfied at her decision.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had sushi before,” Jhase said, suddenly realizing the fact.

Naomi Joelle looked at him in awe. “You have to try it; it’s so good!”

It turned out that Jhase ended up really liking the sushi and thanked Naomi Joelle for introducing him to something new.

After they ate, they spent the rest of their day by partaking in all the fun activities the festival had to offer. They sang songs on the karaoke machine, played a few games of ski ball, got their picture taken in the photo booth, and learned how to skate together. When they held hands to spin together on the skating rink, Naomi Joelle could sense a spark between them. The butterflies in her stomach returned and did a little dance while she tried desperately not to fall.

She knew it was only their first date, but she couldn’t help but to wonder if it was possible for her to fall in love this quickly already. And if so, then had he?


Favorite panels/pages from Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1.


I’m very happy that Peter Quill was one of the survivors from Earth-616. I’m also very happy that Sam Humphries is the writer for this. First of all: he’s been writing Peter for a while and knows him better than most, IMO, and second: I just love him in general.

Alti Firmansyah does a really good job of capturing the mood of the characters. Her artwork complements Sam’s writing really well. Peter is clearly going through a dark time and that’s illustrated perfectly here. Characters like Drax and Gambit are drawn in a more goofy and comedic way.

The first page is much appreciated because it sums up everything that’s gone on since the beginning of Secret Wars. Even as a reader who’s kept up to date with Secret Wars and most things Marvel related I found it helpful.

“Carved from the bones of Longshot himself” :-X

X-Factor (Lorna, Guido, and Rahne at least) as a part of his band?! Really random but I love it.

The last page kills me. “The best gal in the galaxy”. And thinking about it, he has no one to express his grief to. He can’t tell anyone the details about how he lost Kitty without exposing himself as being an outsider, or whatever the correct term may be. That’s heartbreaking in itself. Suffering in silence. Poor guy. I love ya, man.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Peter Quill was much better for her than any of the other Peters. Suck it.


i am not doing a full write up of anything this time so here are some things before i crash for the night:

- kyle was definitely missed and that was very distracting throughout the show
- as was the thought that this was the second to last time i will ever see ramin play valjean
- earl’s voice is so much better than the last time i saw him, he must have been in rough shape from the neck thing before because wow such a difference
- i did stage door, it was (for obvious reasons) a very subdued affair (p.s. sam is so small and cute. also ramin is inhumanly attractive, but we all knew that)
- esteliel is fabulous, but i guess we all knew that, too

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The whole show seems to have been shot from the completely wrong point of view since Cece is A, considering her motive behind it. If it was nothing to do with the liars, what was the point? Sorry, I'm just still quite frustrated :(

No don’t be sorry at all! I completely understand and agree! And very much so. They don’t seem to be of any real importance? And I’m dumbfounded at the fact Marlene thought this “why” was plausible? I just she emphasised SO much on the why and it’s literally because the girls were happy their friend was gone? First i don’t think they actually ever said it. It may have been implied but still? Ali was a manipulative bitch back then? Who’s to blame them for their moment of relief. Second, she continued because it was addictive, “like a drug” like …. Okeh? The why was not better than the who. The who was better than the why, but the who could have been better. I’m so disappointed in this whole outcome. That’s not a deep motive/why at all. They’ve implied that much more happened that night, and so much more has happened because of A and the motive does not match the significance of everything they emphasised on within the show :(

Because I have some time to kill, I thought I’d upload the second chapter of “Introduction to Impressionism.” Think of it as a first day of classes treat from me to you!

Ch. 1 - Ch. 2

“Oh, sorry,” they apologized in unison. Beatrice wasn’t planning on looking up to see who it was, but the voice elicited a yelp from him, and Beatrice’s whole chest constricted.

“B-Beatrice!” Wirt stuttered. “I-I-I’m sorry, I—”

Against her better judgment, Beatrice turned around and faced him. He stood on one of the lower steps, so for once, she was taller than him. “Don’t worry about it,” she replied. “I wasn’t looking where I was going, either.”

She was about to turn away when Wirt spoke up, probably against his better judgment. “So, uh, how’s it going?”

“Fine, I guess.” She tried to sound as relaxed as she could, but she cringed at the forced nonchalance in her tone. “And you?” she added for extra reassurance that she wasn’t intimidating.

“Uh…I’m good, I think. I’m working right now, actually.”

“Oh, yeah, Sara mentioned you work here.”

“I don’t usually work on Saturdays, but someone needed me to cover their shift, and I can always use the extra money, so I—”

“Why are you intimidated by me?”

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I am also a bit distressed about JKR's tweet and the math behind it. The epilogue definitely implies that James was going into his second year :/

I really thought that maybe there’d been a mistake. And then she said the bit about Teddy being Head Boy and I got my math all confused so I really thought that there’d been a mistake. But it seems that there hasn’t been. And that kind of upsets me. Because, like you, I strongly believe that the text implies that he’s in his second year and certain things that were said don’t make sense to me now.

Like, to make Albus feel better about his impending homesickness, Ginny told him that James wrote to them three times a week the year before - that’s behavior more consistent with a first year than a second, I think (especially because I know that I called my parents more often my first year of college rather than my second). Also how is that at all comforting? Like, you usually tell people who are going away for the first time that “it’s hard at first but it gets better,” and if James is going into his third year and not his second, it sounds like he’s really struggling with being away from home? And maybe he’s not enjoying Hogwarts as much as I would imagine he would at this point? Idk like that’s kind of sad?

Idk I’m usually good with JKR telling us outside info but I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to accept this or just go rogue because it really doesn’t make as much sense to me.

there’s a double thread of discourse on femininity on this website that basically, to my understanding, goes like this:

“weaponize femininity! eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man! you can be strong and girly at the same time! don’t let the world make you believe that being traditionally feminine is weak!”

and then the other one: “femininity is forced upon women whether they like it or not. break free from make up and social expectations for women. traditional femininity is coerced and ultimately works against women as a group.”

and like. I sympathize more with the second group than with the first, but I feel that partially the disagreement comes from a disconnect of what kind of misogynists you have the most contact with. where I grew up, liberal Toronto, with a mostly feminist mom, the kind of thoughts on gender I encounter are often: the assumption that men/boys will do better than women/girls regardless of the field or the people in question, that girls who wear makeup are valid and makeup isn’t unfeminist (from my friends), that of course people of any gender can do whatever it’s just that naturally certain genders are drawn to certain things, that it’s okay for girls to care a lot about their appearance and love kids!! basically, choice/liberal feminism. I feel like that gives rise to the second school of thought, at least in me, because it doesn’t center so directly on devaluing femininity. the reaction becomes, no, dammit, I don’t need to be feminine, it’s a bullshit choice, people are expecting me to be “girly” no matter what they say and it’s hard not being that.

the people I’ve been around here (and, sorry, this is definitely mostly because they are muslim arabs and that’s what the culture is) enforce a different kind of misogyny. it’s one that simultaneously forces femininity on women and girls (to the point of every little thing being gendered - my uncle wouldn’t let my male cousin carry my purse for me, my little girl cousin ran ahead through the woods and her brother shook his head and complained about what a boy she was) and devalues it in a really sort of condescending way. for example, talking about how vital women are in society, because they are the mothers and teachers. also, constantly making fun of women “taking so long to get ready in the morning,” jokes about women driving, pointing and staring at women in the street who they find attractive and laughing about the ones they don’t, complaining when women in their family wear makeup but not realizing they expect that from the women they encounter in their daily lives. being around this, at least for me, has pushed me more toward the first kind of thought I mentioned. around this mocking of traditional girlhood and womanhood all the time, I want to be girly and strong at the same time; I want to prove them wrong. the most approval I’ve gained here has been from being perceived as masculine, like when I kick ass at go-kart or fought off my cousin who was trying to shove me into the pool or whatever. and, yeah, some of them were talking about how I was so much like a boy, but they were sort of impressed in the same way you’re impressed by little kids who can sing really well. point is, here, I want to emphasize my femininity, because they see me as a little boyish (strong); I want to be strong and wear my winged eyeliner and prove something the same way at home I want to be strong and not play at being feminine.

I guess my point is I’ve learned a lot more, I think, about different perspectives on feminism this month

AS Results ~

My first year of college has officially been wrapped up now that I have received my results for the first year. My grades were BBC for Psychology, Sociology and Computing Science.

In all honestly, I was expecting ABD and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be proud of myself if I didn’t get such grades. Sometimes we can’t help our expectations being crushed and feeling the way we do.

However, I am genuinely so happy with my results. I did way better in Computing Science than I thought, especially since the first exam went awfully for me. I was really anxious that day but a C grade was a nice surprise.

Another nice surprise was that I actually got an A in my second psychology exam, it’s nice to see that the revision payed off for that because it was incredibly stressful. Overall, with the first exam my grade was a B.

I hope everyone else was happy with their grades. Don’t be too hard on yourself and remember that there’s always other options so don’t give up hope if you didn’t get the grades you hoped for!

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✿ [I feel like 'hopes for their future relationship' is just going to be a picture of someone getting stabbed]

Send a ✿ to my inbox and my muse will fill this out about yours!

A thought about them that they’d never share: “Why do you rock leg struts better than I do?”

First impression of them: “How’d you become Second in Command?”

Favorite thing about them: “….” *sigh*

Least favorite thing about them: “Comm me when you want the list.”

Hopes for their future relationship: “That I can put a few more dents in your frame.”