Thought seasonal depression and general lack of chill meant that my grades were going to be far worse in the second half of the year than the first
got them back today and I actually did /better/ despite only just recovering from deadline stress now, a full month after I finished uni

Loving Family // Calum

A/N - this is a bit different to usual but I thought it could be cute!xx


It wasn’t that you and Calum couldn’t conceive naturally; you always just thought that adopting a baby that needed a better life could be more rewarding than creating a new life completely. Calum didn’t agree at first, but as you explained, he understood and thought it was a great idea.

It had been a looooong process, it had taken many trips and home visits but today was the day you finally took home your new baby girl.

Seeing many children who needed help made the whole decision even harder; you both just wanted to help everyone. But as soon as you spotted the one and a half year old dark haired blue eyed baby girl, you instantly fell in love.

The way her beautiful azure eyes lit up every time she saw you or Calum confirmed that it was her you were going to dedicate your lives to and give a loving home. Everytime you said her name, “Emilia” her mouth always turned into an adorable little smile.

You’d been warned though; before being brought to the adoption centre, she’d been mistreated by her real Parents which had caused her to be on edge around new people, especially men. It had taken a while for her to get used to Calum, but she had eventually gained his trust and that made him happier than anyone could imagine.

“Well babe, today’s the day.” Calum wrapped his arms around your waist and grinned, not being able to control his smile. You had both waited a long time for this day, it felt like your lives would finally be complete.

You folded up the baby pink blanket and laid it in the crib, smiling knowing that your baby girl would be sleeping there soon. You had been advised to let her sleep with you and Calum for a few nights, just so she knew you were there and she wasn’t alone.

“I know. We’ve waited so long for today and it’s finally here.” You smiled, turning around and locking your lips with his. “Are you ready for our lives to change forever?”

He nodded and giggled, holding you close to him and nuzzling his head into your neck. “I couldn’t be happier for it to change.”


Pulling up at the adoption centre, you were excited but also nervous. You two were about to become Parents to a baby that hadn’t known you her whole life. You knew she loved the two of you but there was still anxiety present; she still needed to feel accepted into your home - into her home.

“Hello! She’s very excited to see you both. Follow me.” The manager greeted you warmly, Calum’s hand resting on your waist as you made your way through the building.

“Emilia! Look who’s here!”

You both entered the room where she sat in her play pen and her head turned to look towards the door, seeing you and Calum stood there.

“Emilia! Hi! Hi baby!” Calum grinned, picking her up as she held her chubby arms to him. He cuddled her close, pressing kisses to her forehead. “Hello! Hi sweetheart.”

“Are you ready to come home with us?” You cooed, stroking her cheek and resting your hand on her back.

She snuggled into Calum’s chest and you couldn’t stop smiling, so happy and excited that your lives would finally be complete.

“Let’s go home.”

Putting away some of Emilia’s toys and clothes from the adoption centre, your heart burst as you heard Calum and your baby girl giggling together. Finally seeing Calum with a baby and knowing how happy he was made you happy.

“Sounds like you’re having fun in here!” You exclaimed, Calum looking up at you as you entered the room, before going back to playing Peek-a-boo with her.

“Where’s Emilia gone? Where is she? Peek a boo!” Calum laughed, as Emilia rolled backwards from laughing so much. “Oh my god babe, she’s the cutest.”

“She really is.” You agreed, leaning down to kiss him.

“Do you think she should be be learning to walk around now?” Calum asked, as he pulled her up onto her little feet.

“She’s only just come home, Cal.” You laughed at how eager he was. “I suppose it’s worth a try anyway!”

Calum changed positions and stood behind instead, holding her little hands so she was stood up. “Go on then!” Calum said, giggling as she looked down at her feet in confusion.

“She doesn’t know what do to.” You laughed, as Calum helped her take a step forward.

“Look at you!” He exclaimed, a moment before she fell back onto her bum on Calum’s knee and started crying.

“Aw babe, it’s okay! You’re alright, i’ve got you.” Calum chuckled, resting her on his chest and kissing her head. “Maybe we’ll try later.”


Laid in bed with your head resting on his shoulder, you felt like life was perfect. Emilia was sleepily laid in between the two of you, rubbing her eyes and sucking on her pacifier.

“This is perfect.” Calum murmured, rubbing Emilia’s back and occasionally reaching down to kiss her cheek.

You nodded and kissed him multiple times, nuzzling your head into his neck and kissing his chest. “I’m so happy.”

“Me too. I couldn’t be happier for-”

Emilia scrunched up her face and wiggled, rubbing her eyes. Cries escaped her mouth as she began shaking, moving closer to Calum, looking for protection.

Calum pulled her up to his bare chest, letting her head rest where you previously were. He rested his hands on her back, rubbing there softly. “Baby, what’s the matter? Hmm?”

“Dadada.” She wailed, sobbing into his chest.

“Do you think she’s having a nightmare about her Dad before?” You asked Calum, as she hushed her and rubbed her back.

“Maybe she is, poor baby.” He sighed sadly, resting his cheek on her head. “Baby it’s okay, shh. We’re here,  you’re okay. Shh.”

“Aw, bless her. I don’t understand how anyone could mistreat her, especially her own Parents.” You replied, as she quietened down and rubbed her eyes.

“We’ve got you now, it’s alright.” He whispered to her, kissing her head and stroking her hair. “No need to worry, we love you.”

You repeated the action and kissed her head, nodding. “We’ll always protect you.”

I found this in a second hand copy of the collected works of poe and my first thought was to an otp

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You know in 3x21 when Diggle and Laurel are in a van about to face Oliver, L says that D should let her handle it on her own (like she even could) and he shouldn't have to fight O because he's close to O than any two people she's ever know. And then in the same episode she says to Nyssa that she's known O her entire life. Now, in S1 they were trying to sell us the idea that L knows O better than anyone. 1x21 "You know me better than anyone." Thoughts?

When I took my first journalism class back in high school, my teacher drilled three things into me to which I mostly hold true even today: stick to third person as much as possible, establish a voice, and avoid obscenities.

Now, I do cross over into first and second person for articles from time to time, and my teacher probably wouldn’t appreciate that my established voice is more snarky than authoritative, but it is very rare that I’ll use an obscenity in content that I produce. The occasional “damn” and “hell” are as far as I’ll go in print, and even then only on my blog.

You may be wondering why I took an ask about the dynamics between Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen and turned it into two paragraphs about my reticence to swear when I write for public consumption. The answer is very simple:

The only word to adequately describe the idea that Laurel has at any point over the series known Oliver better than anybody else is “bullshit.”

Pardon my French.

Oliver telling Laurel in Season 1 that she knows him better than anybody else when he was actively keeping a huge secret from her was ridiculous, and it made him look insincere at best and dangerously misguided at worst.

Laurel proclaiming in Season 2 that she knew Oliver as well as her own name and in her bones shortly after she needed to be told of his identity as the Arrow by a passing supervillain made her look foolish and feel so behind-the-times as to be irrelevant.

Laurel asserting to Diggle in 3.21 that she could handle Oliver was so unintentionally laughable that it detracted from the sense of immersion in the narrative, and it cheapened the later implied intimacy as she referring to knowing Oliver for all of her life.

The Arrow writers are guilty of telling rather than showing on a pretty frequent basis; writing Laurel as knowing Oliver in his soooooooooooooul is even worse for the way in which that it goes against what actually has been shown on screen. They contradict their own canon whenever they try to sell this particular facet of the Oliver/Laurel dynamic. Fortunately, except for the fluke in 3.21, the writers seem to have backed off of the Seasons 1 and 2 concept of Laurel knowing Oliver best.

Those are my thoughts. :)

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So I was rewatching (Still) 9x04, and i can't escape the discomfort of how this episode dumbs the boys to highlight Charlie's cleverness. first, Sam doesn't know how to hack the computer or make a script code (things we KNOW he knows, and he uses often) and the second where he's like 'hey hey spoilers' was so forced, and Dean is "shocked" that Sam reads the books??? as if Dean doesn't read books?? meh. idk. i thought s9 was better on the first watch :/

I do think the erasure of Sam started in S7, but has become much, much worse since Carver took over.. And when Charlie was introduced initially in S7, it looked as though she and Sam would be fast friends. Instead, Carver chose to isolate Sam and make Charlie besties with Dean. It never made a lot of sense. It was plot driven, rather than character driven. But you’re absolutely right that Sam and Dean have both been dumbed down in recent seasons. Again, it is plot driven. They’re relatively smart when the plot calls for it, but then make completely rookie moves or are unable to do things we’ve seen them do in the past. It’s just bad writing.

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5'3, white, long red/orange/blondish hair, 34D. Slightly chubby for my height, but solid. 41" hips, 7 Tattoos, mostly in covered areas so you gotta work to get to them. I thought the second avengers movie was better than the first, disappointed in the new spider man casting. Mortal combat is my favorite video game but mostly since it the childhood throwback. Fancy lingerie is my favorite, but not the cheap kind. Lots of lace and straps. Bake cake for a living, and a trained chef.

You a fan but say combat instead of Kombat.

You fake. Shang Tsung taking your soul


So I watched the Free! Dub for myself and I was actually quite surprised.

I didn’t find it as godawful as everyone kept saying it was. Yeah, the dialogue could have been better but it wasn’t awful; I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

And while I was a little worried at first, the casting choices work better than i thought they would. Still a lot of getting used to though. (Rei is perfect, get away from me).

I usually don’t judge a new series/season/actor/dub until the second or third episode, but I’ll go ahead and rate this 6.9/10 so far.

Do I think it could be better? Yes. Do I like it as it is? I actually really, really like it.
Everyone’s got their own opinion though, so let’s all just respect that there’s a lot of people who don’t like the new dub and then there are those who do.

So for me, I really enjoyed it, and hopefully we’ll see some improvements as more episodes come out or whatever.

EDIT: Okay watched episode 2 and I am done for. Yeah, not all the lines were on par, but somehow that made it even funnier. I’m really enjoying this dub now. I look forward to everytime Momo opens his mouth. And Sousuke’s voice has taken me omg. So new rating is 7.9/10. Can’t wait until episode 3!

Author: Rainjoy

Rating: R

Status: Complete

Word Count: 20,000

Summary:  1. They’re kids, and it’s the first serious decision they’ve ever had to make, and they’re not making it well. 2. In college they have crazy roommates and maybe it’s not second thoughts, for all Kurt knows Blaine’s having eighteenth thoughts. 3. Maybe Kurt’s a better actor than Blaine ever knew. 4. Why fight the inevitable?

Tropes/Genre: highschool!Klaine, college!Klaine, future!Klaine, fluff, romance, angst

Lynne’s review:  I really loved this journey - it’s sweet, honest, rough, yet all Klaine.

Read at: LJ

Day 4: The first shiny you caught (excluding the red Gyarados)  (Nidoran)

When I caught Golden in my old Gold version, I was lucky to even know what a shiny Pokemon was at that age. I caught her during a car ride to my father’s on a screen so dark I literally thought she was gold and not purple.

Fun fact: Shiny Pokemon in the second generation were determined based on specific combinations of IVs! Running into a Pokemon with one of those combinations is a 1/8192 odds, and as a result Shinies tended to have better IVs than your usual ‘mons.

I never thought I’d be so happy to hear my puppy Lester barking. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ He’s still not eating much, but he’s eating a little of his kibble (Acana right now because each kibble is smaller than Orijen’s). Am going to buy some chicken to boil later because that was he was eating yesterday before he was discharged.

He also did a number 2 twice last night: It smelled very strongly of the Acana dog food lol. The first one was solid, the second one was a little runny. Still leagues better than his dark red diarrhea last Sunday.

  • My new place is smaller than my old one and in a similar location. The older I get the more excited I become about good furniture and clever storage.
  • I was excited about the process of moving. It made me feel like I was doing something purposeful, all the packing. I thought I would end up donating a bunch of my belongings but I’m better than I thought at paring down. I do own much more lingerie than I thought I would at this age, however.
  • I’ve got so much love in me that I want to fling at every person I can. I don’t even care if people love me back, I just feel happy to love in the first place. I must be annoying to be around.
  • I finished Unaccustomed Earth and feel silly not reading it earlier. It is essential reading for first (Or second? I can never get this right) gen immigrants.
  • I have a cruelly small amount of patience for self-pity in others because I have zero tolerance for my own. I move from self-pity to self-loathing in a flash- I get it from my dad. There are lots of moments I recall, from when I lived with my family, where I would lament a certain situation and expect a sympathetic ear only to find a… Neutral one. Or advice. “What good does pity do?” my dad always says. Sometimes when I speak with him I end up trying to assure him of how truly badly I have it. It never really works.

The other game I’ve been playing lately. It was on sale at Origin the other week.

At first, I thought they’d shut down the servers when I tried to play. About 3 out of 4 tries, it gets stuck trying to connect to a server. I have since realised that if it spends more than about 40 seconds trying to connect - the best thing is to close the game window and try again.

I suck at pvp - no question about it. I am getting better but I really don’t manage my characters very well. My conclusion is that I need to select one of the four plants and one of the four zombies and level them up fast.

I wish there were more noobs around. There is a beginners garden in the multiplayer mode but there’s never anyone else in it!

lightening-raes asked:

I'm going out for recruitment as an incoming sophomore to a new university I'm transferring to. I tried recruitment at my last school and it didn't go well. Any tips or advice for someone in my situation?

My #1 advice would be to learn from the past. I don’t know what “didn’t go well” the first time around, but give it some serious thought. Much of recruitment is out of your hands, but the parts you can control are what you should focus on. Think about your presentation, your appearance, your conversation skills, etc… Is there any area that could use some improvement? No one is perfect, but maybe there are a few things you can do differently the second time around. Now is your chance to shine brighter! 

Hopefully your new university will be a better match for your personality. There’s no magic formula for rushing… other than sharing your BEST self with every sorority you meet. Be genuine, outgoing, easy to be around and super friendly. Act like someone you would want to be friends with. Sisters respond to nice PNMs who they see as future sisters. 

As a sophomore, you also want to keep your expectations in check. Don’t be too quick to judge. Stay realistic about going greek. As an older transfer PNM, this is your best chance to make a match. Know that you can be happy and make friends in a sweet sorority of likable girls. Pledging the #1 party chapter, or joining the hottest house on campus, is not all it’s cracked up to be. Instead, set your sights on the house with the most caring sisters and you’ll be more likely to get a bid. Long lasting memberships are built on real connections, not superficial glitz. xoxo ;)

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okay real talk though why do you keep praising baekhyun and how talented he is and then call sehun untalented? talent is subjective and it's not like sehun has enough chances to sing? i like you and your blog but sehun is talented

hmm i think i’ve only ever mentioned his lack of talent for singing once? and that was because someone asked me what i thought of his talent orz i never mentioned it directly myself and also of course i’m going to praise baek for his vocals because first off, he’s my bias lol, second of all, he //does// have talent, there’s aspects of talent that are subjective like whether a voice appeals to you or not, but there are others that are simply objective, objectively, baek has a bigger range than sehun, he’s also much better in terms of support, control, pitch, agility, flexibility, tone, etc. baek’s also proven many times what a capable singer he is and how much he’s continously growing as a singer and that’s why i praise his abilities, meanwhile, sehun has had enough lines to prove to me that for now at least, he doesn’t have the capability in singing to be deemed talented in that area, if he improves (and hopefully he will), i’ll take that back, like i’ve said before, everyone has potential but it can only be called talent based on what you choose to do with it, otherwise all it is, is simply potential, sehun can be talented in many areas, he seems to be fairly good in acting and hopefully he extends on that, and i enjoy his dancing, but to call him a capable and talented vocalist is beyond anything for now

Today I went to a second interview for this job I wanted really badly. After going over my resume, the dudes who interviewed me brought up the fact that it seems like I’m “all over the place” and I “don’t really know” what I want.
My stomach sank and I wanted to cry, but I waited until I got to my car.
They’re right.
I don’t know.
I’ve never known.
They made me feel like a failure for not having found a place to settle at 27.
I know, realistically, I’m better than that but fuck. It hurts.
It’s frustrating to not know where I’m going to be in the next year. At first it was exciting but now I find myself worrying every second of the day and taking deep breaths to avoid nausea.
I thought finding a job in Peru would be easy.
It’s not.
I don’t know what to do or whether to even accept this job in Florida if I am offered it.
I don’t know what’s right and I’m so sick over it.
I can barely step foot in my room because I see Diego in there. I’m never this sad when I leave Lima after visiting him but coming back into my own environment without him being here is killing me.
Like I said, I know things will work out but I literally cannot stop crying and worrying and changing my mind about every decision I make and I am so emotionally exhausted I keep eating to feel full and then I feel so full I want to vomit and I promised myself I would never mindlessly eat again and I’m letting it happen…again.


[TRANS] 150619 - NICOLE’s message @

Good evening, Colling!
How are you?

Today, you might’ve already seen it on Instagram but my dogs went swimming!
Amazing, isn’t it?
IT’s Duke and Jasper’s second time, but it’s Melly’s first!
But… as expected the youngest is the best ww
Although Jasper got better in the end, Duke was scared until the end.
Being a dog is more trouble than I thought www
Because they exercised more than usual, they slept and rested as soon as we got back.. so chill ww
I really got tired www
But I plan on bringing them along a lot this summer www

I’ll be going to Japan soon!ww
It’ll be my first promotion as a solo artist!
I’ll be going to Nagoya, Fukuoka, and even Osaka. I’m so happy!
You’ve always been telling me, right? You want me to come ww
Although it’s only a day, please look forward to it!
If you have the time, please come and see me!! ww
Hitsumabushi… wwwwwww

Has everyone seen the Something Special MV?
What do you think?
On GYAO! It reached number one, and I’m so surpirsed!
I’m really happy!
I saw it on Twitter while I’m in a restaurant so I wasn’t able to dance ww I endured
Everyone, although I know that you want to see my purple hair… the reason it’s not purple is…
When I sweat, my ears, neck, and even my clothes become purple.
If I get my nails done, my nails will also be colored.
And so, before the PV shoot, I didn’t touch my hair that much..
In my dance theme, **髪を津金くれましたww
I also have purple nails.. it’s also in my instagram! w
It’s not fake! ww
And so, my hair color will be changed before I get to Japan. It won’t be purple.
I’m sorry… Please understand..
Even my pillow cover has turned a bit purple…
I also can’t wear the clothes I want recklessly 

Although Something Special is good, please also listen to Fantasy! And, of course, Love, too!

Because I’m a bit tired today, I plan on sleeping early ww
Duke, Jasper, Melly and I are all tired ww

Please continue to wait for me! I’ll be there soon! ww

Always Smile

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original post: nicole-as
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So how was the season premier? General non-spoiler thoughts? (From your mentor who doesn't watch but loves your angst and enthusiasm!)

I forgot to answer this, because I suck. 

I loved the season premier. The second episode more than the first one. I thought the characters were truly going back to who they used to be (Stiles, cough) and that these two episodes were more a reflection of the show I want it to be. I love the horror mixed with relationships on Teen Wolf. In previous seasons, no matter what shit was going down, there were always amazing interactions with the characters. I think we might be getting that back.

Although the more I think about 18-year-old Lydia dating 26-year-old Parrish, the more disgusted I am??? that doesn’t get better. However, I think I can finally settle in and enjoy St/alia while it lasts. It should be over soon anyways, and right now it is cute.