My First Happy Moment

I want to write about him, but I don’t know how.
I want to tell the world how he makes me feel better than the drugs
and how I can’t be unhappy when I look at him.
I want to tell the world that I’m safe now.
he will not harm me
he will not abuse me.
I want to tell the world how mad he makes me sometimes, but I can’t help but pull him close before we fall asleep.
I want the world to be able to hear his labored breathing when I touch him, and the soft hum of his snores at 4am.
I wish you could see his soul the way I do; to see the brokenness, the pain, the happiness, and the strength.
I wish you could see the look in his eyes after a long day, and the way his face lights up when he’s excited.
I wish you could feel the warmth from his laughter.
I wish you could feel how gently he touches me, even with his hand around my throat.
I wish you could feel how much I need him.
I wish I could write about him, but I don’t know how.

- Something someone once wrote,

Happy Valentines Day to all the happy couples that made it, and to all the broken hearts that didn’t.

Grantaire has poor decision making skills sober, let alone drunk. Apparently he’s taking pointers from Eponine this week. Can he survive another visit to the Musain with his dignity and Enjolras’s secret both in tact?

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Grantaire, quit watching 70s anime and moping  
On second thought, stay home watching 70s anime and moping. It’s a better life choice than the ones you’re making. 

anonymous asked:

something happened yesterday that triggered my depression and suicide thoughts... and i have college classes today i cannot miss... any advice on how to push myself and go? i really do not feel i have the energy

First off, I’m so sorry babe. I really hope you start to feel better. Second, just think to yourself about the end result of not going to class and how that isn’t your desired outcome. Just think about how you might regret that decision, and keep that in mind. I know it’s hard but for now focus on how going will benefit you in the future rather than right now.

Writing Trans: Love

Considering the week, and our ongoing Share the Love event I thought I’d write a few things to remember about writing trans and nonbinary characters in love and in relationships. It’s something of a second parter to one of my first Common Pitfalls articles, Relationships.

  • Especially around Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that not all love and not all relationships involve romantic or sexual love. And that those that do are not superior, or somehow better, than those that don’t. Asexual and aromantic trans and nonbinary people of all kinds exist. 
  • Along that note, trans and nonbinary people of all romantic and sexual orientations exist. A character’s gender and sexuality do not dictate or invalidate each other.
  • Remember that when a cisgender person or people are in a relationship with trans and nonbinary individuals, they hold an increased ability to do harm to their partner simply by nature of them being trans and nonbinary. This can effect the way relationships work, especially with cis partners that somehow think they’re exempt from being transphobic because they’re dating someone who is trans or nonbinary.
  • Not all relationships are healthy, it’s okay to write a trans or nonbinary character in an unhealthy relationship. Just make sure that not all your trans and nonbinary characters are in unhealthy relationships, and that you don’t portray the relationship as if it were healthy. Which happens so much overall.

In essence, remember that your trans and nonbinary characters are people and respect them both in and out of relationships. Their relationships, the way they love and express that love, is going to be varied and unique.  It shouldn’t be their only defining characteristic, but it is also okay if it is an important facet of their life. As always it’s a good guideline to have many (or at least several) trans and/or nonbinary characters so you can show many different angles and do not have the pressure of any one piece of your narrative being used to represent trans and nonbinary characters or people as a whole.

Please feel free to send us your favorite trans authors, a little bit about your favorite trans characters, or any questions or topics you’d like to see me address, too. For some of our new followers, you can find past Writing Trans articles here in the tag.


Kung Fu Panda 3

Just got back from Kung Fu Panda 3! Here’s my thoughts and opinions! SPOILERS ARE PRESENT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

First off, let me just get this out of the way… the visuals, the animation, the music… spot on. Simply gorgeous. A major shout out to anyone who worked on this movie. I didn’t think they could do better than the second film (the city in that one is awe inspiring), but they did it. This one focused much more on nature, villages, and spirits, and not so much giant populated areas. It was different ends of the spectrum, but still very, very lovely.

Now that that’s out of the way…

J.K Simmons as Kai was a great choice. He has done awesome voice work in the past, and continues to do so. My only issue with Kai is that… yes, his back story really isn’t the strongest in the series. Tai Lung and Shifu’s story was pretty heartbreaking, because Tai Lung was basically a son to Shifu. Gary Oldman as Lord Shen was f*cking perfect. His backstory with his parents, and destroying the panda village, etc. was gut wrenching. Kai’s backstory? While good motivation for Kai, it wasn’t presented as strongly as the others on a emotional level. It was great to see Oogway again (he’s still a lovable goofball), and Kai had some great lines as well. But in the end, it just didn’t seem like… enough. They needed to add something a little more to make him appear as a greater evil. Does it ruin the movie? No, I still loved it! As I said before JK Simmons did great. Infact, I would say he helped save the character. But when you compare Kai to the other villains… Not the best one. Honestly, I don’t think they could ever top Lord Shen. Maybe someday, they will surprise me.

Speaking of great voice actors, Bryan Cranston as Li Shan was GREAT. He was the right balance of goofy and serious. In the comedy scenes, he was a riot. In the heartfelt scenes, you really felt for him (especially when he talks about losing his wife). You can tell he is Po’s father, as they have many things in common, but he’s still his own character. Sadly, they didn’t go TOO in detail about his life after losing his wife and Po (it would have made the emotional scenes even more so), but they gave you enough to get the gist of it. Hopefully, we see more of him in future films.

Like in previous movies, Shifu and Tigress took a step forward, while the other masters (Crane, Viper, etc.) took a step back. They did not see that much screen time… which stinks. As an animator myself, I understand the reason behind this. They needed to focus on Po’s dad’s, Po, Kai, Tigress, etc. more than the others. They need to stay focused. When the other masters are on screen, they do make good use of time. You can tell they have a strong relationship with Po, and each other. It makes you curious to know more about them… Hopefully in future films, they get a little more love. Again, it doesn’t ruin the movie. It just leaves you wanting more.

The Panda village, and the panda population within it, were a lot of fun. As with the furious five, they didn’t have a ton of screen time. They gave enough to make you like them, and understand them, but they were not the main focus. Po and his family were, which is the way it should be. BUUUUUT OMG THE BABY PANDAS HRRNG <3 So sweet, I got cavities. Especially Tigress and the little female panda having a tea party. I mean, come on. Having so many panda characters on screen was fun, but I get the feeling that a lot of scenes got taken out of the final movie… I recall seeing a clip of Po trying to teach everyone to punch, and they all fall over in a giant pile. I’m pretty sure that did not make it into the movie. There’s lots of great moments with them, but I think a lot did get cut for some reason (probably time). I guess we’ll find out later on in the DVD special features.

Now, moving onto Po and his story. In my opinion? Done very well. They show that Po has grown a lot, but still has things to learn about kung fu, and himself. His relationship with his fathers is great, his relationship with Shifu is a pleasure, and his interactions with Tigress get better with each movie. Heck, I would say Tigress has grown just as much as Po. The great thing with Po is that, even with his growth, his personality is still what it is. He’s still goofy, eats a lot, nerds out over things… but he also has moments of quiet, and reflection. He still gets mad, and sad, and lost. No matter how much he learns, he’s still Po… and Po is awesome.

My biggest compliment on this movie, by far, is the final battle with Kai. Po didn’t win. No, not really. He had to basically kill himself to get Kai into the spirit world, and then he got captured. He was about to get his butt kicked. But in the end, he was SAVED by the people he taught. He learned to become a good teacher, playing to everyone’s strengths; Exactly how Shifu trained him. The students, in turn, taught HIM something (just like Po taught Shifu). He grew as a person, being able to master chi, and they learned more about themselves because of Po. That’s a GREAT message, and something they could expand on in future movies.

In conclusion, I loved the movie. It wasn’t perfect, but what they DID get right, they got very right. The humor was great, the story was good, the action scenes were amazing, the characters were generally awesome… Is it worth the price of admission? Hell yes. Go see it. Go see it twice. It’s a good addition to the KFP line-up, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for KFP4… whenever the hell that will come out. lol

Introducing the incredible @losingpounds-gainingsamantha. Get to know the gorgeous Samantha here:

1) Fitness Motto:

I have two! The first is to motivate myself and not to be frustrated with myself when I feel others are improving more than I am. The second quote I thought a lot about in the beginning of my journey when I had surgery and I was worried what people would say about me or think of my weight loss if they knew I was having gastric bypass and this quote helped me to realize I deserve healthy, happiness and a fulfilling life on my own terms.

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.”

“If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat, even if people think it is a grass in the beginning.”

2) Current Fitness Goals:

My overall goal is general better health! I want my labs to be on point, I want to be able to run and lift weights. I have a number goal of losing an additional 50lbs but the number just isn’t as important as how I look and feel.

3) Tea or Coffee?

Coffee. All the coffee all the time.

4) What Have You Learned About Yourself:

I learned that I am my biggest obstacle. I often feel like I don’t deserve good things, I say don’t work hard enough or that I shouldn’t be in certain places in life. Negative self talk is large part of what I work everyday to overcome. I do work hard, I do deserve to be happy, I can achieve my personal and career goals. Negative self talk to is self taught behavior and when I realized my worth, I was able to start my journey and have my surgery and begin to live as if I matter. That is the most important thing I have learned: I matter.

5) Why Did You Start Your Journey:

I was sick. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type II Diabetes and I just didn’t remember what is what to feel well and I was faced with making the choice of becoming healthy and living well or I could to get sick and have even more health complications.

6) One piece of advice for your followers:

Start your journey to health and fitness for you. Do it because you want to love your body and want to treat yourself with respect.

Believe in yourself. Tell yourself you CAN and you WILL. Eating healthy one day will turn into two and then a week and then a month. A 20 minute mile will tick off time by seconds and then,before you even realize it, you will be down to 15 minutes, or 12.

Commit. Don’t quit over a mistake, push forward, don’t let a bad meal or skipped work out ruin your progress. You have to live and can’t miss out on life events because of a “diet”. This is a lifestyle change and you have your whole life to balance, work, play and enjoy.

Follow the gorgeous Samantha here:




Learn from my mistakes

The process of finding an internship was… not so smooth in my case!

I’ll try an make my story short and clear, as it was a longggg and complicated process!

I started looking quite a while ago (Who knows how many months ago) and found a fantastic looking place at an eco-village, sustainability and yoga centre called ZENing, in Cyprus. Upon reading their website, I fell in love with their philosophy and facility, and in my head thought it the most perfect place to intern - so I didn’t contact any other place (Mistake #1). I contacted them straight away with a CV and cover letter in a joint email, as I had a friend applying with me. They then asked us to apply through their online application form, as they receive many applications. We had to apply separately and after the first application acceptance, came a second, and a third application form… seriously, they know me probably better than most people by now with all their question, and I’m pretty sure I admitted to singing in the shower. 

The application process with ZENing took weeks and weeks, and each time it took about a week for them to reply, but the response was always really positive and progressive, so I thought the whole thing was quite stable and didn’t contact another place (Mistake #2). Then finally, I got a Skype interview (with 2 lovely ladies who were interns themselves) which went really well and they said that they then had to discuss with THEIR manager (damn, how many layers of application do they have for this place!?!), which took 2 weeks for a reply. Then came the good/bad news - good news: that my “candidature was very highly profiled” but that they “could not offer me a suitable position” at the time period of the internship due to management changes, but that I should most definitely apply again in the future. ARG. For the record, in terms of timing, this could not have happened as at a worst time, because 1) it was already Christmas time (i.e 1 month before internship) and 2) it was a few days before I was attending a Vipassana meditation retreat where I would be unconnected from all things internet and modern life for 10 days. Which meant I could do **** all in terms of finding a place - except for meditate on it, of course (law of attraction?) :=) 

I’m saying all this to make it clear that unexpected things can disrupt even the most certain of internship plans, so always, always, always make sure you have other options in place!. :=)

What followed then was a frantic goose chase involving, not geese (alas), but many hours of research and contacting, and a dramatic (in my eyes anyway) anti-climax where I found (yet again) THE perfect place to internship (and they accepted, woohoo!)… in New Zealand. Which then back-fired as I realised that I have lost BOTH of my TWO passports (dual nationality rocks), leaving me with only my EU-entry Swiss identity card. Erm, yes… no comment. But suffice to say that a trip to New Zealand was out of the question from that point.

Happy ending though! I contacted Shanti Som, the place in Spain I detailed in my last and first post here, and it was pretty much a “YES” and done deal from the first response, which was awesome! They have already received 2 GNH interns last year, too, so I find it even easier to work with them, as they’ve been through the whole process before, and know our requirements. 

In the end, all of these bumps on the road to finding an internship turned out to be other opportunities, as although I am going to Spain now, I plan to attend the Yoga Teacher Training that they offer at the place in Cyprus, and the New Zealand place has also offered me an internship in summer - so in actuality, I’ll be able to do ALLLLL of my options ;D

So, sure, it all worked out pretty well in the end - but more by chance than anything else (or fate!?! ;), and with a fair amount of stress and uncertainty along the way, so…

How to NOT do what I did

-If you think you’ve found THE perfect place to intern, great! BUT have a concrete Plan B and C and D (and Z, don’t forget Plan Z) in place! Basically, don’t just apply to one place, or put all of your (organic, free-range) eggs into one basket. 

-Start looking and contacting potential internships EARLY! Earlier than you think, and as soon as you can. “I started researching my internship too early” - said NO ONE. 

-Persist, persist, persist! Email, phone, do whatever it takes to make contact with the different places, instead of just waiting and waiting for a response to an email you wrote them months back. 

-Don’t be confident you have an internship place secure until you have the contact written, signed and handed in!!!!!!!!

Good luck to all the future internship searchers, and may the process be smoother than mine! ;=)

anonymous asked:

Why is deadpool upsetting to you?

I thought the rhythm was too slow and though the humor was good at times it was often too cheap, even for Deadpool.

It’s the first movie so they had to set the context, and present his backstory and everything…

But that’s not the Deadpool I want. I want the crazy schizophrenic Deadpool that has 15 voices in his head and who is in a romantic relationship with Death. I want more action sequences too. The first five minutes of the film are gold and the rest of the movie is just disappointing compared to it.

I don’t know… I knew I wasn’t getting what I was expecting when I went to see it but I still thought it would be way cooler than that. Usually when you come out of a very good movie you’re feeling super hype but I was juste like “meh”.

I’m looking forward to the second one, I think it’ll be better now that we’re done setting the character.

Still, Deadpool doesn’t fit the movie profile. He’s made to have his own show.


Day eleven 02.02.

Much the same as yesterday. Everything was in dutch but luckily I have people in the group to translate for me <3 Haven’t thanked them for it yet though :I I also met more future colleagues on lunch break. They are super nice, rowdy and the coolest people at the school, aka nerds. I think I fit right in!

Oh, Landlady speaks english on phone. Thought she was talking to me for a bit. Has problems at work, I don’t know if it’s too selfish but I hope it doesn’t affect me. Eavesdropping atm.

Here you go, finally! The first picture of a waffle in this blog! That’s my second waffle here in Gent now. I ate half of it before I even thought of my blog and the promise I made to my classmates. Half is better than nothing, right!

Doodles from the day

I feel this is definitely better than the first copic drawing I did.

Well, I’m fascinated with copic markers, hair is so fun to do with them. I thought I won’t really get used to them, but this is the second drawing made with copic ciao and I feel so much more comfortable than the first time. I’m far away from mastering them yet, but I’m comfortable making mistakes now.

© Tere V.

etherealalchemist asked:

I was staring at a wall for a better part of my class with fire in my veins at the very thought of shuu as comic relief, i cannot b e l i e v e people see him like this

And that’s not even the w o r s t part like. not only they said that shuu is comic relief, they said he’s worst than naki, that he solely exists for comic relief and like?????? first of all, naki is ridiculously important, and second, what goddamn manga have you been reading because in tg shuu is one of the most important characters *whispers* or else he wouldn’t be one of the aces

So last night went well. My Surrak deck needed to be faster so I replaced Cluestones with signets, and my Tariel deck needed simply better removal (although it functioned better than I thought it would). I ended up winning the first game against Arcanis and Grimgrin with Derevi, but lost the second game against a Mikaeus and Triskelion combo in an Alesha deck while using I was playing Tariel. My Surrak deck got stomped on by a hyper competitive Tasigur deck, but I ended with a win against Kozilek, Daretti, and Arcanis with Derevi (Cyclonic Rift saved my rear end). It was fun! Thanks to everyone for the tips. I realized that I need way better board wipes, along with a couple better mana rocks.

blt-more-like-rlt asked:

So everyone is kind of starting to like Would You Rather and I thought it'd be the perfect time to share with you a really good fic. It deserves more attention and I found it a while back. You have a better following than I do so I thought that maybe if I shared it with you, you could share it with others? It's called 'The Would be King' on AO3 (Archive of our own) in 'Movies' and under 'Would You Rather.'

Hey! Its a great movie! The second thing I saw RLT in ( Accepted being the first ♡) i’ll see if I can find it when im next on my laptop to share and read ♡ thanks love x

Open [I Choose You]

♪ ♫ I’ll unfold before you
What I’ve strung together
The very first words
Of a lifelong love letter ♪ ♫

Frustrated groans echoed through the Guildhall. The tapping of a pencil intensifying every few seconds. More than one crumpled up piece of parchment tossed askew from previous attempts. Levy was determined to write it out, but she has having a hard time putting the feeling to paper. For someone who read as much as she did, one would think she’d have a better grasp of how to write a simple letter. Scribbling across the paper, she just let all her streaming thoughts go onto the paper. 

I like you. I might even love you.

You’re amazing at everything you do. Your smile is like a ray of sun, it warms my heart every time I see it. You’ve become someone I rely on, and it feels like your presence fits into my life perfectly, like matching puzzle pieces. I don’t know what this will mean for our future, but I do know that whatever is ahead of us, I’ve made my choice. And I choose you. 


She read over the letter. It was sappy and terrible. It had what she wanted to  say but not the eloquence she wanted to convey the information with. A heavy sigh and she put the letter back down on the table in front of her. Maybe she needed some time to think. Standing up, she stretched out and stepped away from her table, heading to the bar to grab a drink – leaving the letter unattended. 

New process for toon/real life combos!

Here’s one of my old cartoon/reality combos:

I spent much of today making stuff with my characters in real life backgrounds, and the first piece I made was where I decided to experiment with lining; making it 85-95% black instead of 100%. The second piece I made was where I tweaked with the background image more, and I thought it looked great!

So I made a few more things using these processes, and the results look much better than my previous cartoon/reality combos. So much, that I’ve changed the lining on two of my drawings already on Tumblr that have a real life background, Walter and Daaws and New Year’s Day in Bonnie Doon, and I’ll be posting the updated versions of these on here pretty soon! You may have noticed that I’ve also changed my avatar to a character I haven’t fully revealed yet, but will be revealed in one of the pieces I made today, in the near future.

So from now on, I’ll be using this process if I’m using a real life background. 


crashing-dramatically asked:

hmm.. so getting into Twenty One Pilots. I'm gonna give you a song off every album so you get a good feel for it. The first songs that come to mind are Implicit Demand For Proof, Anathema, The Run and Go, and Message Man... Only doing four was harder than I thought it would be.

Thank you for the suggestions! I have now listened to all four songs, results: Demand for Proof - not sure how much I liked it. I feel like it’s one of those songs that takes a few listens. Had a semi-p!atd tune which I did liked. Anthema - I was unsure about this one at first but after about twenty seconds I loved it and it just got better all the way to the end. I like their lyrics in this one. The Run and Go - this one was pretty good. I could very much do with out the do-da-do parts. The actual singing and the music seem very separated though I liked both aspects. Again interestning lyrics. Message Man - I liked this one. Ironically the lyrics didn’t seem as deep those in the other 3 songs but I liked it. This seemed to be the most “mainstream” styled song of the 4. Overall Review : I liked them and will try more of their songs eventually. Anthema was my favorite - it got me for some reason. Also I feel like im getting a big top / circus feel from the tunes of their songs - kind of like one of those old school p!atd videos. Thank you again! I enjoyed the album sampling! :)

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Learned some things experimenting and exploring. One, I learned that my front camera is not terribly HD. BUT, my back camera is way more HD than I thought. It’s hard to maneuver, but it takes true to life photos up close.

Second, I found a new editing app that helps a million times more than my old apps. The first two apps are Photoshop Express & Adobe Lightroom. Both are great apps. I’ve been using them for a long time. The third app I used while I was in Korea. It’s also good, but I found the photoshop apps to be faster, easier, and better.

Today, I found Photo Editor Pro. I did a lip look today and it made my photos look super true to life. There are so any things you can do with this app. It’s so easy to use. New fave.

Happy I don’t have to pull out my clunky camera & laptop every single time. Makeup blogging just became a bit easier.

Drunk Realization

For the first time in my life I realized my worth. Not only did you help me get over a broken heart but you gave me so much more than that. I can’t help but keep smiling all night either. After I saw the person you chose over me I realized that my self worth isn’t based off of another persons decisions. Because you chose coal, whether you see that or not. For the first time I realized I’m gold. If you can’t see that, well I guess you never deserved a happy ending and that means someone I’m soon to meet does. Because you chose a happy moment, not a fulfilling ending, which is all I’ve worked to give. I’m not just judging personal appearance either, because while she is lacking in that too she also isn’t worthy in many other aspects. Regardless you chose a few flowers and a few nice words and someone that would be here for a few months I’d be gone over eternity. Whether what you chose lasts for weeks or months, it doesn’t really matter, because what I see is a joke. Do you want to know what I have to offer now that you fucked up? What I have to offer is infinite loyalty, the kind that can’t be bought or earned. The kind that is freely given through love and affection. The kind that is infinite because the person that gave it looked at you and said, wow.. All the broken pieces I see are still perfect and whether they get put back together or not I’m still in love with every piece that came from you. The kind of person that would gladly bleed and let themselves get broken in order to piece you back together. The kind that can’t be shaken by any other girl in the world because what I offer is for one and one alone, and my eyes will only wander to you no matter how another girl dresses or acts. Even if I did notice them, I’d still think about how you do it so much better. I’d hold you on your darkest most insecure and uncertain nights and assure you no matter the tidal waves that wash over me I’d still be there when the storm ends to be your rock and foundation. I’d smile and tell you I loved every flaw no matter how bloody and bruised I’d be at the first sign of light after the hurricane so you knew no amount of turmoil would keep me from you. And if the time came, I’d become the storm you needed to fight and defend you from friends and foes alike and I wouldn’t die down till you took me in your arms and told me you were safe and sound. I’d take you on random adventures and sit and drink coffee with you and talk about the ridiculous stories of our youth until we knew every edge of each other’s history. We would sit and look at the stars but I’d still think about how none of them held in comparison to the light you shine in the dark parts of my soul. But even when I knew every aspect that was you, I’d still step back and see you as the biggest mystery and adventure of my life. We could be 90 years old together and I’d still be telling our grandchildren and relatives how you take my by surprise and give me butterflies every day that I wake up and see your gorgeous face next to mine. I’d tell them of every battle we encountered together whether self inflicted or not that I’m the luckiest woman alive to fight that for her and her alone. Every year I spent by your side I’d treasure and admire like a page from my favorite book. And if you were a book? I’d read you till your spine was bent and pages crumbled. When I was done I’d pick you back up and hold you gently and open you back up and reread every word and page like it was the first time. I’d never put you back down or on a shelf. I’d treat you like a queen and take you everywhere you ever dreamed of. I’d even finish getting my pilots license just to fly you to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. I’d never ignore a fear or a hope of yours, and every word that came from your mouth I’d worship like it was gospel. Because to me you would be the closest to heaven I’d ever get to in this crazy life we live. But you chose that, instead of me. So I guess all these beautiful things will go to someone who can see what I offer and can overlook some small amount of time I will be gone in order to gain a lifetime of happiness. Truthfully? I’m not mad about that either, because I deserve someone who can look at me and think wow, she is everything I dreamed of. She will fight not only for me every day of her life but also to make sure I accomplish everything I’ve ever hoped to achieve. She loves every inch of my body and soul, and nothing will ever pull her from me. Because I don’t just want to give that to someone who chooses coal over me, I want to give that to the one person that looks at me and realized this is the greatest gift I could ever receive and she is the first fucking piece of gold I’ve ever met. Also I deserve to think the same thing. Thank you for making that so clear that it isn’t you or the person before you. I’ve honestly never been so content or happy in my life from that realization alone.

There’s a lot going on for me and bassoon.
Auditions, concerts, tour.

My whisper key pad has come off twice in the past week, the second time for no apparent reason.
I am a bit frustrated.

Everyone thinks I’m better than I think I am.
Is this a product of Self-Hate Era, or the normal way self-critique works?

I need - I want! - to practice, but without the whisper key pad it’s going to be a bit awful. Will I do it anyway? You bet. Finally starting new music for the first time since the beginning of the school year.

I went to see The Force Awakens for a second time last night and I liked it better than the first time.

One thing I missed the first time is when Kylo goes into Rey’s mind, he mentions that she imagines an ocean with an island. Which is exactly where she ends up at the end of the movie.  It also looks as if the place is familiar to her.

Honestly want to see it again.