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I really enjoy your blog. Your opinions are really interesting and give people food for thought. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi, you're awesome. I also agree with you about it being most probable that HL with come out together. I mean if Harry came out alone it would take A LOT of convincing for me to think Louis is straight. And I think it'd be way too much pressure on Louis if he stayed in the closet alone. :( I get sad just thinking about it. Anyway, you're blog rocks! Have a good one!

You are so lovely! Thank you for such kind words about my blog!

And yes, agreed. I think, given the nature of “Larry” history and Louis’ own independent history, it would take a lot of convincing for pretty much everyone to not laser point right to Louis if Harry came out alone. And yes, also agreed it would put tremendous stress on him. Harold’s not about that life, he wouldn’t do that even if there WERE nothing between them, he wouldn’t put that kind of public pressure on Louis. 

They’re in this together. Dream team for life. :)

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So what did you think of Terminator? I like the old movies and I expect to like this one but the reviews have been mixed. What did you think of Matt on the big screen? Someone said he sounded kind of like the Doctor at one point?? Thanks!

I totally meant to post something last night/earlier today but I just didn’t get the chance. I actually really enjoyed the movie! I went in with low expectations, because the trailers really didn’t do much for me, so maybe that helped, but I’m definitely a fan of it, even with Matt’s low screen time. I liked the original Terminator movies, but I never worshipped them like other people did and have actually kinda liked the third movie the best since it came out (I only got around to seeing Terminator Salvation a few days ago because it never looked very good and I really wasn’t a fan of that at all and couldn’t wait for it to end). But I think this might be my new favorite. It was fun and funny and yes, there were a ton of plot holes that make zero sense but I’m pretty sure that was intentional, so I’m cool with it and was happy just to go along with everything. They gave away the big plot twist in the trailers but nothing much you can do about that and I rolled my eyes through a lot of the romance storyline, but I do that in a lot of movies. It was still super enjoyable for me (though I acknowledge I seem to be in the minority).

As for seeing Matt on the big screen, it was really great! Every time he popped up, my friend and I could barely contain our excitement. Even just having him in the background of a couple shots was really great. He’s not in it a ton, maybe 5 or ten minutes in total, which is more than I was starting to fear, and exactly what the early reviews said. He was really really great in his role and I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing the role increased in the next two films. Plus he looks ridiculously sexy in the scenes he’s in and the American accent is better than in Lost River. I read the review that compared his voice to the Doctor’s but I still don’t really know what that meant. He just sounded like Matt with an American accent and some really cool lines, but that’s just me. He was definitely underused but he was used really WELL when he was used, if that makes any sense. His role was really awesome and he was really great in it and they were totally some of my favorite scenes, it just would have been nice if there were just a couple more. He’s pops up a little in the beginning, a little in the middle, and more near the end and I was pretty happy with it all. If I were seeing the movie JUST for Matt, I would be disappointed, but I didn’t, so as excited as I was to see him (and everyone knows I was super excited), seeing him on the big screen in a series I really enjoy, was kinda just the really great icing on the cake! :)


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This one took quite a bit of time, using mostly the pen tool Is pretty different than the way I render normally. Good challenge though, came out ok. This will be the last fan art friday for a week or so. I think I’m going to switch It up and post the list on the weekend, get any suggestions, then on monday-fri plug away at If In my down time, then just post the art ON Friday. I think that mite work a bit better than trying to do It In a day or so, since I’m not the quickest.
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Here's a prompt or like first sentence type of thing idk "What do you mean you lost it? I thought you knew how important it was!"

“What do you mean you lost it? I thought you knew how important it was!” He yelled.  “I’m sorry.” Ashton muttered. “YOU ARE SORRY? DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO FIND THE PERFECT R-” ”Keep it down Mike. She’s going to hear you.” Ashton shushed Michael. Taking him to another room. “I don’t know what happened. It was in my pocket and. I’m sorry mate.” Michael shook his head. “It was the perfect day. I had it all planned out. A lovely walk at the beach and hopefully her saying yes.” 

You had just stepped out of the shower. It was a sunny day. Everything felt right. You felt like something big and exciting was going to happen. Another chapter of your life was about to begin. You just weren’t sure what it was. You had put on one of MIkes shirts and a pair of shorts. Your hair wrapped in a towel. You went to the kitchen to  get a glass of water. Sitting on the counter and sipping from your glass you noticed a small velvet box on the ground. You pushed yourself off the counter and picked it up. It was a small red velvet box. Similar to the ones that carried a ring. You opened it and inside was a ring. A big, shiny ring. So Ash is finally going to do it huh? But didn’t they broke up? They must have gotten back together. You stood there inspecting the ring. It was beautiful. 

A quite whisper left Michael’s lips “Fuck.” He and Ash were standing by the guest bedrooms door. Their eyes were as big as a kids who just heard they are going to Disneyland. Only they were more filled with horror than happiness. You stood there, holding the box. I don’t think this is for Ash’s girlfriend. Was this real? Is this really for me? All three of you stood there. In silence. Michael came closer. “This wasn’t supposed to go like this but…”

send me blurbs or ideas for blurbs (like sentences or au’s) 

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Maybe Mrs.D lied and told Bethany Charles committed suicide but Mrs.D actually helped hide him and Bethany found out Charles was still alive, causing her to hate Mrs. d and write "Liar!" All over her drawings. Bethany then went to either meet up with Charles "that night" or inflict pain on Mrs.D but unfortunately for her, her plan backfired and she was killed. Causing Charles to start the plan against the liars to avenge Bethany's death.

I actually think this a pretty good theory!! I just wonder why she would tell Bethany that he killed himself, maybe he was getting to close to Bethany and mrs.d saw that.  If you came off anon i’d love to hear more of your thoughts :)


So I completely fell in love with your “matching flower crowns” drawing and I was astonished by your art. I truly love your blog and think you do an amazing job. I can’t draw that well but I used my tablet and colored it and I think it came out pretty good I may have had a little colors off but I hope you like it. Thank you for bringing your wonderful art and for drawing ruby and sapphire. Hopefully you make more pencil drawings and I could color them for you! Thanks!!!! I’m a great fan.


Cats of 100 Days, Cats 207 & 208

When I started this blog, I said I would post my cats every day even if they were fails. I’ve always thought Cat 207, the top one, was a fail What do you think?

I heard some pretty tuneless sounds coming from the living room. Knowing that the guitar players in the house are good, I went in to check it out. Yep, Roscoe, playing with the strings. He moved his paws when I came in–nope, not me making those sounds.

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Do you think black girls with a broad nose/ full lips look pretty with short buzz cuts ? A lot of beauticians tell girls with these features they won't look good with short hair sigh!!!

Beauticians have no business saying things like that. Their job is to style their client’s hair, get paid and move on to the next. No one wants to hear about their internalized colorism. I wish my beautician would say some stuff like that, I’d leave out of that place with my hair just as messed up as I came in.

Black women with broad features look good with any hairstyle.

Derek: What are we talking about?

Derek, who had walked into the middle of the conversation, asked as he started making coffee.

Liam: How she and Rory ended up together.

Derek: Oh.. that.

Derek said dryly as he remembered bitterly trying hard to get with Marissa for months and when he was finally making some progress, after she and Rory had a falling out, that blonde possessive freak came in, just snapped his fingers and she jumped right back to him..

Derek: Rory pretty much barricaded every guy off from her day one. Dude, you’re not trying to move in on your friends girl, are you?

Liam: Rory is my best friend, I’d never do that. Plus, Rory is possessive and I rather like having my lower extremities in place.

Derek: Good thinking dude. Besides there’s been a nice incoming flow of hotties lately. Like Lola, and have you seen that new Asian goddess that transferred here?

Marissa: Oh, you mean Minako? She just transferred here for the medical program the school offers. She’s pretty sweet and has been helping me with my technology course.

Liam: Ahh.. that’s her name? I met her earlier in the library; although she probably wasn’t as sweet to me.

Liam said while chuckling and remembering her slew of Japanese profanity she flung at him earlier in the day.

Liam: Wait, technology? Why aren’t you just having Rory tutor you?

Marissa frowned as she dumped, probably too much, salt into the pot.

Marissa: I don’t want Rory’s help! He’s acts like a big bossy know it all!

Liam laughed again. Rory and Marissa were amusing together, he’d love to see him tutoring Marissa with as expressive as she is. He’d have to make it a point to inform his friend someone else was tutoring Marissa in a field that Rory excelled in. That should be quite entertaining. Liam thought to himself in amusement.


Ash was on his way home from a late shift when he noticed one of doors his landlord always had locked was left slightly open. Too curious for his own good, he sat on the windowsill across from the door, and waited for whoever it was to come out. It was a bit of a long wait, but when someone finally came out the door, Ash greeted the stranger with a wave.  

“Hey, that door was locked. Mind telling me how you got in, since I’m pretty sure you don’t work here.”

Dr. Pepper was on a Hypetrak Playlist a week after it came out. Originally didn’t like it, but when I heard it on the playlist while high, pretty effing good. I think CL will do fine in the states, considering how ubiquitous Diplo/edm can get.

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How you feel about Alien 3 and 4?

Oh, good question! I love discussion starters like that. 

Well, I think that Alien3 is very under-appreciated (I have a soft spot for that film). The movie had a ton (A TON) of script-rewriting and several other production problems, but it still came out pretty solid!

Its Ripley’s most personal story in my opinion. She wakes up and sees that her whole world has shattered completely again. Loss was a theme in previous Alien installments, but it hits her so much harder this time. 
The environment depletes Ellen’s emotional state even more -
an isolated prison that is beyond hope and inhabited solely by men who haven’t seen a woman in years - a hard place to make friends (well, she does get a short-lived romance flick, but thats about it).

I would like to threw in a point about the prison design - it’s pretty well made. Everything looks dirty, unfinished and gritty. And the gloomy, orange color palette adds a nice “dangerous” tone. 

When our acid spitting friend shows up, Ripley regains some of her fighting instinct - old habits never die, I guess (or sheer survival instinct). She does everything in her might to save her and the prisoners from the devilish beast. And the conclusion?
Ellen finds out that she was impregnated. The very fiend she managed to avoid for so long defeated her in the end. It won. There’s no crafty plan or bold attack that can save Ellen Ripley now. So she chooses to take her own exit

Alien3 is a story about, pain, loss, sacrifice, depression, loneliness and a woman who never gave up completely. This movie made me relate to Ellen’s character more than ever before. 

And Alien 4… IT SHOULD NOT EXIST. No. The clone lab scene was kinda chilling, but the whole “oh, we cloned our own Ripley and crossed her with an Xenomorph” story was so bonkers and stupid. 

Ripley isn’t a Marvel hero you can bring back from the dead,
because the plot demahahahaaaands it. No.