Recently a study came out saying that women who work hard to get a sixpack, lose essential fat around their waist, giving them health problems. Here’s the thing. Being a woman means you get extra fat and you need that fat. When a woman has visible abs, she has less than the minimum percentage of fat, which is not good. 

Another thing to know is that a female body doesn’t have the same abs as men. Men’s bodies are pretty straight, their abs go from their pelvic bone, nearly straight up to their mid-riff. Women’s bodies are different. Our abs have a curve from the wider pelvic bone, before going upwards. This gives the view of a bit of a belly. Add the essential fats, and many women will think they’re overweight ever so slightly.

You’re wrong. But we get told we are.

It’s often said that models don’t look like the models on the pictures, due to photoshopping. This is true and I too, sometimes need a reminder of that. I’ve done a lot of sports, and have trouble sitting still. Last weekend I cycled 117km (72,5 miles on a commuter bike) and I barely had any effects afterwards. I can dance all day if I want to. I’m definitely not unhealthy. 

I’m proud of my body. I’m a heavyweight below the waist, as my legs are where my power is. In martial arts, my legs always provided me with the power I needed. With snowboarding, they grew big as trunks, while my shoulders and waist took the turning. Cycling every day gives them even more weight. My arms are the thinnest parts of my body. 

I know I’m healthy. I know I work out. I know I try to eat properly. I know the women on the pictures aren’t real. And yet even I am sometimes a bit insecure, though I have nothing to complain about. Even me, who generally doesn’t care about beautystandards, is sometimes self-concious.

And here I want to show you. Even if you work out. Even if you’re healthy, having a tummy is NOT A SIGN OF UNHEALTHINESS. And I know if one tries to punch me in the gut, they’ll have a painful hand. 

Sorry for the long rant, but I needed to say this. Not just to you, the internet or anyone. But also to myself. 

This week your muse is supposed to be in a different anime style. I chose Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Egor and Howl look sort of similar now that I think about it.

I mean goodness look at that fluffy hair. You can’t tell me he isn’t slightly vain about it now.

“Do you think the chicks will dig me” vs THIS:

ENJOY!! :)

After this mornings swim I came home and served myself up some Team Eggs and Veggies breakfast with the 21 Seasoning Salute shortmom sent to me!  Delicious!

In a little bit I will be off to the vet with Annie for a follow up from a few weeks ago.  I am pretty sure the skin allergy and ear infection are gone but always good to let them check and make sure!

I was also thinking some more about why that solitary time in the pool this morning felt so powerful to me.  And if you think about it the past few years when I was working out and dedicated to kick boxing and/or marathon training - it was as part of a class or with running partner(s).  I was not doing it alone and I loved that sense of accountability.  But right now what I am doing with the swimming is all up to me.  There is no one waiting there for me to check in with and make sure I go.  I am doing it solely based on my own and that feels awesome.

I know so many of you here have that drive and focus doing everything by your own will power and I have always admired that about each of you.  And slowly I might be turning the corner here and realizing I can do it with others or on my own and that is powerful stuff for me!

Blake kicked out the fire she had set up in the temporary cave, before she headed to look out from the mouth, darker skies rather pleasant when it came to her. It meant an easier time getting around if she chose to take to the skies. She began to head down the mountain and then through the forest, before stopping, slightly curious about the fact someone had to be following her, since she was pretty close to a village. She continued to walk, before pausing again, a slight smile coming to her features. At this point, she’s sure enough that someone’s following her, though who she has no idea.

You know, I can hear you coming. You’re not that silent, unfortunately for you.”


This is right after I got out of the place, so it’s still styled the way the person did it, but I think it came out pretty good! Now I just have to figure out a way to get my hair from dark brown to light ashy blond before gridlock. This will be WEIRD.

Now taking recommendations for ways to bleach/lighten my hair myself at home! Just needs to be light enough that a blond dye will take to it decently well.

(I also need to figure out how to do makeup to make me look more manly and square-ish for my cosplay. Advice welcome.)

Everyday Everlark Headcanon

(I am cheating today and recycling an old drabble, but it’s one of my favorites and it’s still canon…have a good week, everyone)

Haymitch wakes to sunlight streaming in from the window. He shifts in bed, noticing that his pillowcase is damp with sweat. As his eyes begin to focus, he sees Peeta standing next to him, and Katniss asleep in a nearby chair. “What happened, kid?” he says. “You passed out on our couch last night with a pretty high temperature,” Peeta replies. “We think you came down with the bug that’s been going around the district. Your fever seems to have broken, but you should still say in bed today.” “And sweetheart over here?” Haymitch asks. Peeta smiles. “She refused to leave your side. She’s been here all night.“

Last tribute to Satoru Iwata. I doodled this at the bottom of my handwritten letter that I plan to send to Nintendo and well, I took the challenge of lining the pencil sketch in a sharpie marker (I’m not really a traditional artist so this was a bit tough for me) but since Iwata was always trying to push boundaries, I thought it was well worth it. And I think it came out pretty good too.

Keep making great stuff up there, Iwata.



Cover of Hospital For Souls by BMTH

For the outro I just sorta screwed around with octaves and attempted to make up my own part and I think it came out pretty good so yeah as usual please enjoy u scrubs

AnthroCon 2015!

This years Anthrocon was pretty freaking sweet.

I had a great time meeting people, checking out tables, watching the parade and all the usual con stuffs.

It was so nice to meet folks and talk to people I haven’t talked to in forever again. I think that’s always the most exciting part for me. It’s really the reason I go to cons these days. The people you meet just make it.

So yeah, good times, super chill con. Was cool that the parade got to be outside and the city came out in support of it.

Really looking forward to next year.

Now time for some more sleep for me. < X D I’m beat.

Hope you all had a lovely con to those that made it to AC! 

Part Two: You'll Live to Regret This. (Born Under a Bad Sign S02E14)

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Word Count: 5,489. 
A/N: So, I found this part a little bit more challenging to write than I expected. But I still think it came out pretty good and I hope you guys enjoy! The next part should be out in the next few days, too!

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