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Top 5-10 things you wish were done differently on Buffy and Angel :)

1. Cordelia’s arc in season 4.

2. I wish this kiss…

…had been a kiss on the lips as it was originally written.

3. I wish we’ve had a Slayer Vampire as a Big Bad instead of Adam and the Initiative.

4. I wish they would’ve found a way to have Spike go soul questing other than having him attempting to rape Buffy. 

5. I wish season 7 would’ve been more focused on the Scoobies, and I wish The First had lived up to its potential as it was presented in Lessons. 

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Explain Hannibal and Will's sex life with food/drinks.

Good old turkey.
It looks good.It tastes good.You know what to expect. It will not let you down cause it’s impossible have ‘bad turkey’.

Sloppy Joe.
You don’t expect too much.Kinda messy,but you like it a little messy,you dirty.But once you get a bite in…that shit is bomb.It ain’t gourmet but it’s just enough to satisfy that hunger.

What are your food choices?


an ancient proverb

Made with Vine

–> “ Yes, you have something on your face…. it’s pretty gross.”
–> “ Nope!! I’m just admiring the view! ” 
–> You say nothing and look to the artist for answers, but she has none to give. All you can do now is keep scrolling and pretend this never happened. 

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I think I'm lowkey double biasing jikook ;-; omg I'm struggling

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