Sakura’s Parenting

Okay, I am just gonna tackle this head on. I half don’t want to, because I know I might get so many hateful comments, but I just wanna say it: Sakura is not an abusive parent.

Now, as always, I’m gonna put a disclaimer up: I am pro-sakura and pro-sasusaku. You can obviously continue to read this, because I have no control over you and this is the internet, but the disclaimer is here just in case you are anti and don’t want to waste your time reading it. I’ll also be getting personal in this about my own abuse experiences, so please do not read if you’ll get triggered by that too. And please don’t just spit out insults for fun at my expense.

So, the ONE moment that started this whole freaking theory of Sakura being abusive was when Sakura punched the ground out of frustration when Sarada was being rather insulting towards and upset with Sakura.

Alrighty, so first off, not only did Sakura punch THE GROUND, she immediately felt terrible for doing so and for upsetting Sarada. And I already can hear people yelling “But she still punched the ground in front of Sarada which is aggressive” or “If she is willing to punch the ground that hard, what else does she punch!” SO I’ll get a littler personal with this to explain my position and feelings:

I was abused as a kid. I got a good mix of emotional and physical abuse (not from my mom. I just want to clarify that, because I love my mom). When I read this part of the manga, it didn’t even phase me as abusive or scare me (and yes, I actually have PTSD from some of my abuse, so there would be reason for me to freak out if it triggered anything for me).

Now I’m not saying that I represent all children who suffered abuse, because I DEFINITELY do not. But as someone who did go through it, I can honestly say I would prefer a ground punch. Punch that ground please, because taking your emotions out on the ground is better than throwing objects at my face, locking me in my room, or dragging me around the ground so you can listen to me scream sorry while in pain.

(Okay, now I’m actually kind of crying a little remembering some stuff, but I’m gonna power through this.)

And from the other side of this, being in Sakura’s position in other words, I have punched things before too in anger, but have never punched a person. I have punched walls especially (left a dent in one before) because I had emotions I didn’t understand or just needed to get out (and had no other outlet available to me). But I have never hit someone out of anger, and I never ever want to. People actually tell me I am too nice sometimes too. I’m not a vicious person at all. (The only time I ever hit someone was when I was fighting back in self defense. I was hit first.)

And when I was abused, my abuser certainly did not feel guilty about it AT ALL. He actually laughed about it usually. Sakura only just scared her daughter and immediately feels guilty and apologizes.

Honestly, Sakura’s moment of frustration was not only provoked by Sarada, but also likely a result of Sakura ALWAYS having to cover for Sasuke. (I am not saying Sasuke is a bad guy here, by the way, so don’t get mad.) Poor Sarada is asking questions all the time about her dad, and Sakura simply has NO answers besides the fact that he’s out on a mission. And with the threat of the mission being Uchiha related, she can’t give her daughter too many details I’m sure, just in case her daughter could then become a target somehow. 

Then throughout the rest of the manga, Kishi shows us all these other heart-warming moments of Sakura’s kindness and love towards her daughter, just in case people get the wrong idea.

(I never had my abuser ever give a fuck that I was sick, let alone watch over and worry about me. Pretty sure he would rather me die, honestly.)

(My mom would often give me super tight hugs when I was in trouble or sad, and it comforted me so much, and made me feel safe. I actually teared up at this part because of that.)

(Sakura passing on Sasuke’s little tradition to Sarada, even though Sarada doesn’t know it yet. Sakura’s trying her best to not only comfort Sarada, but also somehow express her father’s love for them both without him even being there.)

(Sakura, exhausted, still trying to protect her daughter from whatever she can. I mean, Sakura is limping and beaten down from the crazy Shin dude, but she loves Sarada and wants to get between her and any existing or potential danger.)

(Okay, again, this hug had be in tears. I miss my mom so much right now, I may have to call her after this.)

ANYWAY, to wrap this up because I actually am crying (I am a little ashamed of myself right now, I honestly did not think I would cry at all writing this), Sakura had one moment of anger, and Sakura-haters grabbed onto it excitedly to create new reasons to convince people to hate Sakura. Sakura, in my eyes, is nothing but a worried and caring mother. She was basically a single mom for 10-ish years too. She raised her child on her own, and Sarada obviously benefited from her mother’s love and parenting. She’s strong, intelligent, healthy, and level-headed (for the most part).

(In case you are wondering, though I am sure you aren’t, my mom got divorced when I was a teenager so I had some decent teenage years to help me recover and all that. So my mom is definitely safe, as am I, and she is married to a wonderful man now. So no one needs to worry about me, though I’m sure you weren’t at all.)

So, that’s my quick defense for Sakura.

This is pretty touchy for me, so if you do want to argue, please be civil. I honestly don’t know if I should even post this, but I get so angry when I see people accuse her of being abusive. Because I look at all those sweet moments Sakura has with Sarada, and I FEEL that love. And it hits my heart every time. (My eyes are totally watering up again, I am so lame!!)

Thanks for reading :)

(And if you do want to discuss anything with me privately, feel free to message me about it. I doubt you do, but hey, if someone out there is reading this and needs someone to talk to or confide in, I’d be happy to!)

lightdusk  asked:

Heya! I hope it's not too much trouble, but I was hoping you could talk about Jessica Cruz. I mean... who is she, where did she come from, what is she like, what does she mean to you and what stories would you reccomend?

Ahh, okay, I was introduced to Jess via Green Lanterns Rebirth (of which I’ve only read the trades that have come out), so the truth is, I’m not as well versed in her origins as others. Although I’m certain @fetchtival, @triblast28, and @based-bobcat would easily be able to fill you in on that (if you guys would care to add your two cents, feel free!).

What I do know is that she’s Mexican-American, was created by Geoff Johns, and basically lived with crippling anxiety after being involved in a traumatizing accident that got all her friends killed while she survived. By crippling, I mean the girl never left her apartment for a VERY long time. 

The ring picked her anyways, and it’s actually really profound because Jess struggles so much with her anxiety that willpower is basically an impossible thing. It’s almost ironic, but in a way, the ring helps her realize her potential as well as deal with her anxiety. 

Jess is honestly the sweetest thing. Like, you can see her trying so hard all the time. She’s trying to overcome so much and it’s just heartwarming to see how she powers through (willpower, right?). She’s very loyal, kind, sympathetic, and somewhat of an adorable nerd (she plays Pokemon xD). 

The rest is under a cut because this got a bit…personal. So read at your own discretion.

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Kat Graham and her TVD boys. Kat have an amazing chemistry basically with everyone on set!

Dear gomez-alonzo-addams,

Oh, how could I ever forget that day?  I was dusting off the shelves in the foyer while Sorin was sitting on the sofa, reading.  While I was double-checking everything to make sure there wasn’t a single speck of dust left, he complimented me on how thorough I was in my work and said that everything looked perfect.

Ooh…  I always tear up at this part!  I offered him a polite “thank you,” and…then he…s-said………………..“Including yourself.”


-Ellen Wyatt

The thing I love about the scene from In The Flesh where Simon and Kieren are in Amy’s kitchen that makes it so perfect is when Simon says “What do normal people do then? Tell me. I’m serious! I’m serious. Tell me what you want and I’ll do everything I can to give it to you. Because there’s what I believe and then there’s you.” This line was so perfect first of all because ‘I’m serious’ line the first time he says it it’s to Kieren but the second time he says it it’s to himself like he can not actually believe he is actually serious, that he wants to give Kieren whatever he wants, the look on Simon’s face you can see in his head he’s thinking 'Oh God, I’m serious.’ Because in his human life he was miserable and always did drugs so he probably never had feelings for anyone past the drugs wearing off. And in this scene he realizes this and it amazes him that he actually has feelings for Kieren past just attraction and interest, that he is willing to do literally anything for him.

Then there’s the 'There’s what I believe and then there’s you.’ line. For Simon his belief is everything in his reborn life, the Undead Prophet gave him purpose after everything he had done in his living life to his untreated state to actually coming back from that state he never had meaning until he became a disciple and had something that actually meant something to him that took away his misery. But then Kieren comes into his life and actually makes him happy and doesn’t just take away his misery. Simon thought his belief and his duty as a disciple made him happy but he had just been miserable for so long he thought the absence of it meant he was happy. And that’s why this scene is so perfect because Simon realizes this all in one scene.


Chris Cornell joins Linkin Park in performing Crawling.

I love that end part;

“Chris Cornell, ladies and gentlemen!”
“Linkin Park, ladies and gentlemen!”
“He’s got the fuckin’ most beautiful voice in rock and roll.”

Cursed Child Recap - 5th July 2017

Yesterday’s performance was the ninth time I have seen the play, the first time I have seen it since the current cast’s first performance and allowed me the use of tickets I booked back in August. 

Quite honestly, my brain and my heart are still reeling from the epicness, brilliance and emotions of the performance yesterday. The funny thing is a month ago, I stood my ground and made it clear we had an amazing new cast who, with time, would grow in their roles to same level of utter brilliance as the original cast and they went and did it in a month! 

Despite knowing we had this amazing new cast and being forewarned of how brilliant they had become, nothing could have prepared me for just how amazing yesterday’s performance would be. For the first time, I was tearing up at parts I have never done so for and for characters I have never done so because of either. 

The simple fact of the matter is this cast are simply brilliant. They understand the characters they are playing and can play their parts to absolute perfection. The best part for me, though, is the fact they are all now beginning stamp their own mark on their individual parts.

Warning, this has the potential to get long…

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anonymous asked:

Just watched the new vlog where he debuts the Chiqui merch and I just want to say that I'm really proud of David for this merch. It's really respectful to Chiqui and is actually empowering the way it uses the "We can do it" slogan and the best part of all is that they're making Spanish and English ones which is really thoughtful like Idk I'm not gonna buy one myself but I just think he's really done her justice and made respectful and tasteful merch of her which I was worried he wouldn't do

i’m so glad that out of all the merch Chiqui’s looks amazing, it doesn’t look halfassed or rushed at all. David and all of them value Chiqui as a person and it’s amazing. i hope that a lot of people are able to buy the shirts so he can give her a decent amount of money. i teared up a little bit watching that part of his vlog, it’s so sweet.

Kill Me, Heal Me (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Three Bucky fics in a row and in one day, wow haha, kidding. This wasn’t a request or anything, I just found this old writing and decided to complete and it turned out a bit sad in the end, which in the beginning I didn’t want it to be like that but well, yeah. I actually teared up writing the last part haha. I’m really actually quite curious about how you guys would think about so don’t hesitate to tell me how it was!! Enjoy!!

Italics in the last part is memories

Warnings: death, angst

Kill him.

Those words repeated in your head again and again in your head as you set out for your next assassination. Checking to make sure that your knives and guns were placed properly, you wore your mask and got out of your hiding spot at the end of the alleyway.

Walking down the shadowy path, your mind went to the picture of the man in the file you just read. A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, the organization your boss despised the most, wanting you to get rid of their agents one by one. Starting with one of the strongest, a recruit they took in not too long ago, who is not only an agent but also an Avenger.

The weird thing is that, you were weirdly interested in this man as you read his profile. For the first time you actually felt like you might talk to him before killing him, since well, he used to work for the same boss as you. You might just see how he is first before you move in for the kill another day because you didn’t have much time today.

You suddenly paused in your footsteps, looking at the dark path in front of you before whipping behind, pulling your gun out in the process as you heard a gun cock.

Pointing your gun at the man, you tilted your head slightly, recognizing that face.

“Are you here to kill me?” You asked as you took a small step forward, stopping as you saw his fingers moving dangerously close to the trigger.

“I’m gonna take that as a yes,” you said, your gun still pointing at him. “It’s funny, you see, you’re sent here to kill me while I’m sent here to kill you. Isn’t that hilarious?”

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If you haven’t read the May Bird series by Jodi Lynn Anderson, something is missing from your life.

When I first came across the first book in the May Bird series, May Bird and the Ever After, I was intrigued by its cover. It depicts a girl walking through a foreboding looking forest with a cat, with what looks like horrendous creatures behind her. There are several renditions of the cover, but this is the one I saw, and it was this cover that got me originally interested in reading it, as well as the description on the back.

It detailed of a little girl named May Bird who, shortly after discovering the terrifying talent of being able to see ghosts, is pulled into the land of the dead when she’s falls into a pond. This land of the dead is known as The Ever After, and she, along with her ghost friends, have to find a way to get her home to her mother because the living are not welcome there. To make things worse, the Bogey Man has taken over and is hell bent on finding May Bird.

To my young self, this seemed like a fantasy adventure I would love to read about. And I did. And it became my favorite book of all time, and still is. I remember connecting so much with the main character because, like her, I was odd, weird, a bit of an outcast, I liked unusual things, I liked being alone. Hell, I even liked the woods like her. But there was more to her than that, and to this story.

The writing is superb, it’s perfectly detailed. The characters are amazing, they’re all unique and have their own personalities. The tension is real, your heart pounds during all the right moments. The humor is uplifting, this book made me laugh out loud. And honest to god, I teared up at a few parts, especially when it came to Pumpkin, May’s guardian ghost.

The second book, May Bird Among the Stars, continues the story of the first one, using elements of friendship, love, determination and believing in yourself as its guide, and it did it wonderfully. This book illustrates the importance of believing that you do have talents and skills, that you DO matter, regardless of hat the world says. That your choices can affect others and that you should never didn’t yourself, even if the whole world seems against you. Hell, it even depicts the grief and guilt we all feel when we fail to do something that was expected of us in a very real way.

The third book, May Bird Warrior Princess was the perfect conclusion to this series. It throws so many unexpected things at the reader, surprising us, horrifying us, ripping our hearts out and making us choke up. I won’t give away any spoilers, but something happens in it that literally forced me to put the book down because I could not read the words on the page because my eyes were so watery. And days after, and even now, thinking it over still brings emotion to my heart. When a book can do that to you- makes a story and characters you care so much about, love so much and want the best for- that you have literally emotions for them, you know it’s done something very, very right.

The world of the Ever Afteris strange, intimidating, yet exciting and enticing all at once. You really put yourself in May’s shoes and experience all the joy, fear, horror and heart break that she feels, and it’s majorly effective.

This series isn’t popular enough, and that’s a damn shame. These books were my childhood, and now that I’m an adult, I still reread them all the time. If you haven’t already, please, I implore you, go find this book. Check your local library, book store or even online. I trust you won’t be disappointed.

didsw’s reigisa fic recs!! :O

(haha, get it? rec it? whatever fuck this)

I’m not good at summaries or anything (in fact, these summaries are awful) but I’ve always wanted to do something like this so yeah! I’m sure many of you have read a lot of the fics on here but hopefully there are a few you have missed! I didn’t put all my favorite fics on this list, though–the ones with trillions of kudos I left out because I’m pretty sure most of us first filter by kudos on AO3 anyways, so it would be a boring list. 

They’re not in any order (I repeat: NO ORDER), and I will definitely undersell them because I’m trying to make this concise but I GUARANTEE each and every is a treasure! So please, everyone, find it in your heart to read! For reigisa! For fanfiction!

Not under a cut because I think it can be kind of difficult to read on my blog. Sorry for the (very long and unnecessary) post!

Ink on Paper by RicePilaf: Rei (away at uni) writes Nagisa a letter and for some reason the letter is like? the cutest thing I have ever read? It is so so lovely and sweet and short but worth the read! 

Three-Fourths Cotton, One-Fourth Polyester by brumalbreeze: I’m sure many of you have read this, but hits a few of my deep dark secret kinks. (Mouth-fucking, anyone? Goddamn) Rei’s lowkey a pervert but it’s okay! Because Nagisa is too! (Also I guess brumal heard that I was putting this on the list bc SOMEONE (see below) couldn’t keep a secret and did some mad editing so even if you’ve read it a billion times already give it another go)

Grand Pas de Deux by Shaples: Seriously, who hasn’t read this yet? Stripper!Nagisa and Bartender!Rei, except they’re not reduced to super shallow tropes. They’re multi-dimensional characters who have hopes! And dreams! And sex! And a lot of alcohol. (Ongoing)

Blast from the Past by jenatwork: “Oh, teacher-student relations? That’s gross,”–me, a fool, before this fic. It’s NOT teacher-student…’s teacher-FORMER student and it is hot af. (AND LEGAL!) Like, my god, take me now Ryuugazaki-sensei! 

When You Leave by letters_of_stars: Rei drowns during training camp and Nagisa casually falls apart because of it. To make matters worse–Rei’s ghost has come back but Nagisa is the only one who can see and hear him. Now, I know what you’re thinking: you fucking masochist! Why would you read this! How dare you rec this to me, a happy shipper? Um, maybe because its beautifully written? Seriously guys, this fic is so, so good–well thought out, humorous at times, and captivating even with it’s dark theme. I seriously teared up at parts while I was reading, but like, in the good, I-read-fanfiction-to-hurt-myself, kinda way. (Ongoing)

Will you love me tomorrow by hentaihorseface: “Ugh, not another mpreg fic,” I say as I click the link. “What is this, 2007?” As usual I’m completely wrong because this fic fucking. ruined. me. I’m not kidding. The emotions I feel when I read this fic are just so intense–I’ve really come close to crying from a) sadness b) happiness c) any other emotion because it would provide an outlet for my INCREDIBLY INTENSE feelings. Why is Rei as a baby daddy so appealing? Why Nagisa as a hormonal pregnant teenager is somehow heartwarming? This fic has it all: angst, sex, fluff, family drama, hurt/comfort, you name it. All those filters on Yeah, they’re all here. No, I’m serious everyone–Rei and Nagisa as teen parents is such a gift. (Ongoing…so she says)

X and Y by emkayss: All you really need to know is: fem!Reigisa. But if that didn’t convince you, it’s got pining and seemingly unrequited love and a happy ending. And if that didn’t convince you, I don’t know if you can truly call yourself a reigisa shipper. As short and sweet as Nagisa herself!

Let Go of Time for You by walkalittleline: Remember that super angsty reigisa mook KyoAni threw at us a couple months ago? On one hand, it was like “Fuck this, why didn’t they make Rei bite Nagisa’s neck or rescue him with an underwater kiss?” but on the other hand it was kinda like “Oh god Rei’s so goddamn head over heels for Nagisa he fucking brought a photo of the two of them on the aircraft despite weight limit regulations.” (Seriously, do you know how anal space travel is? You can’t even have an extra screw lying around) Also, he built a fucking NagiDroid 2.0. (Which is creepy, but since it’s Rei I’m willing to interpret that as an act of love). But anyways–another plus was/is the influx of Reigisa mook stories, like this one. What I like about this fic is that it’s written from Nagisa’s point of view and shows his struggles of being left behind on Earth while Rei floats around in outer space. It’s sad and truly heartbreaking at times but the ending will make you squeal and giggle and clap your hands because you’re an idiot who lets fanfic dictate your life. Or maybe that’s just me.

Sandalwood by Deanon: General rule of thumb: Arabian AU always slays, always. My god, this fic is just so precious! Rei is such a sweetie and Nagisa is a temptress, but in the angelic sort of way. And Kou is a very good friend. 

chasing magic by Growlithe: How could I not include this fic? This work + au inspired me to write my own Reigisa au! So there was no fucking way I was going to leave this treasure out. Questionable Bartender!Nagisa and Magician!Rei. Rei’s a total dweeb in this, but then again, when is he not? And while this fic is entertaining and Nagisa’s internal monologue is downright hilarious, it also manages to portray Rei and Nagisa’s budding relationship as incredibly soft and sweet. You’ll get warm fuzzies reading it or your money back!

Grand Optimist by 3cars: A heartbreaking “25 Lives” trope. Reincarnation is always a bitch! This is one of those fics that leaves a sort of empty ache inside of you, even before you’ve finished reading. It’s not a sad ending but it’s somehow not particular happy, either. It’s so lovely and bittersweet, like the darkest chocolate or the oldest wine. (This is me trying to be fake deep.)

Thinking Out Loud by youcanbeking: A truly wonderful fic by one of my best friends! Do you daydream about Reigisa weddings like I do in class? Because in this fic, Nagisa sure does! A super cute story about Nagisa and Rei’s developing relationship that dives into deeper, more serious topics that arise when you’re dating someone. Or maybe Nagisa just over thinks things. 

helpful tips 4 u! by venusianeye: Honestly fuck this fic for making my heart explode into tiny little bubbles of joy every time I read it. It is just–okay, read it and you’ll understand, alright? Nothing I say will do it any form of justice. I just–oh my god I’m getting a lil emotional thinking about it–the way it’s written is just so amazing. And the way Nagisa talks about his Rei-chan is literally, LITERALLY going to send me to an early grave. There are some really fucking cute phrases he uses and his love for Rei really comes through. Enough gushing! Please read this! 

Late Night Call by ZWorld: Dweebs in love. Dweebs having…phone sex?! That’s sexy, but this fic is honestly just so sweet and innocent. I feel like a weird, perverted mom reading this because the whole time I’m like “omg babies you go! get the boy! have all the phone sex I’m so proud!” A very, very cute fic about Rei and Nagisa’s first time diving into that aspect of their relationship. 

like i’ve never seen the skies before by sylveonimbus (cloud_sakura): Another truly paintful Reigisa mook story. How the author was able to perfectly capture the voice of Nagisa the android is beyond me. This fic cut rights into the heart–but if you like angst, please read this. I don’t want to ruin the fic, but rest assured it is absolutely beautiful. 

cohabit and inhabit by magicianprince: Domestic Reigisa for the soul. Reading these two fics is the equivalent of drinking hot chicken soup on a wintery night, when you’re all bundled up in the covers and tired from a long day. They are perfect portrayals of Rei and Nagisa living together–I love these two fics with all of my heart. Reading this before bed is a surefire way to ensure sweet dreams. 

kiss him silly, kiss him sillier by suitablyskippy: Honestly, the writing and vocabulary and voice in this fic is just goals. Like, who did the author have to sell their soul to to so perfectly capture Nagisa, Nagisa’s thought process, and his interactions with Rei on top of incredible wording and vivid imagery? This fic transports you back to the sticky heat of summer, the excitement of having a crush, and the wholehearted fun of adolescence. 

So that’s the end of my rec list! Again, sorry it was so long, but I’m too fucking weak to my blog aesthetic to change it to make it a little bit easier to read. 

I hope there was at least one fic on here you haven’t heard about–and everyone, if you DO choose to read, leave kudos! Leave comments! Who fucking cares if it was written in the fandom Stone Age EVERYONE loves to have their ego stroked! I hope this was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. And if you have some recommendations for ME, I…probably have already read it, to be honest. But send me the titles and authors anyways! Because I could spend my life reading about these two lovebirds falling in love and having sex and making out over and over and over again <3