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Can I just say your Langst comic got me tearing up a bit. And I don't even watch the show nor am I a big fan but I was so obsessed with it and freaked out when I saw the first part. I am glad I found the original owner and artist, you, of the comic since this was posted on Instagram. Keep you the good work and have a nice day! 😜

Thank you im really happy you liked it!! hope you have a good day too :)

it kinda sucks that people are reposting my art to other sites though, ive heard this from a few different people :/ ive been trying to sign my stuff but i forgot before posting the last comic :/

[drabble] 11.90

Pairing: reader x jun

Genre: hurt/comfort kind of thing

Word Count: 295w

Warning(s): none

Description: 90. “You can tell me anything.”

a/n: from 100 Ways to Say I Love You


You hear Junhui’s voice calling you out of bed, but the mattress and warm blankets coax you deeper into a slumber. You close your eyes again and feel the sting from tears you’ve been trying to hold back but dripped not long ago.

There’s a cautious hand slipping under your shirt from the back, curving up and down the expanse of your spine that soothes goosebumps in its path. Junhui stops the small action to keep an arm around your waist and press his lips on your shoulder blade, parting of his lips against the cloth of your shirt and trailing breath still bleeding right through the fabric, before lifting his chin to your neck.

His whisper brushes along your cheek. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you barely mouth at him, because your voice is too shaky to steady it.

“Y/n,” the quiet clicks of his lips at your name, his voice not exactly finding a way out, but air follows his voice through, “you can tell me anything.”

At that, you let everything bare, spill and shoot down every problem that your mind can’t kill off before trailing down to your vices more than virtues. Every day things that shouldn’t be every day. Worry at the pit of your stomach uncurling but never really letting loose and leaving. Your words speed through everything that you wonder if Junhui can catch up in his silence, but you continue your onslaught of unease, troubles, trepidation, anyway.

When you think you’re done, it’s the heaviest sigh that escapes your mouth so easily, so weightlessly. Junhui’s hand is patting your stomach this time, a soothing rhythm of his palm on your skin.

"It’s okay, y/n,” is all he says. And it’s all you needed to hear right now.


The Things We Hide

She was there
       when he decided
       that breaking me  
       was okay.

She held my hands
       when i wanted to
       go away so badly.

She taught me
       how to love again
       and that love could be
       more than meaningless
       because when she talked about love
it all made sense.

She made me feel alive
      when every part of me
      wanted to die.

She dried my tears,
      the tears he never deserved,
      tears of a tired soul and
      a beaten down body.  

I remember cleaning up
      her cuts, but now
      the roles have changed
      and her polished finger tips
dial 9-1-1.

She asked me to choose to  
      stay one day
      and her voice echoes in my mind
      whenever I’m alone and ready to go.

The world has broken
       her too and thats
       probably why
       she keeps her
       distance at times
       and i wish
       i was able to
       fix what needs fixing
       because i can tell that she’s
            ripped at the seams

But still she is high on life
     with her wide hazel eyes
     because she knows
     she can be more,
     more than they set her out
     to be.

and i believe in her with all
my heart.

Words can’t lay out how
     beautiful her soul is
     how loving her heart can be.

           still I don’t know how to
                 say thank you
                 without sounding incredibly
                 lame and cheesy

           But i want you to know
                 that you were part of what
                 kept me here
           what kept me breathing.    


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There's something that has always bothered me about the "lmao male tears and emotional labor" crowd. They'll look the other way with other people, but you're expected to comfort them when they need it. I have friends/acquaintances who think like this; predictably, none of them actually lent an ear/checked up on me during my ultra-low episode this past week. I already feel like enough of a burden to them already because I have Bipolar II and am actually open with my feelings (1/2).

It appears that Tumblr ate the second part of your ask. I get what you’re saying, however and it’s a disgusting double standard.

I’m Just Glad My Family Loves Me

The Outsiders

Pairing: Jally (Johnny X Dallas)

Word Count: 1471

Summary: Johnny is pretty broken up, and spends the night wandering the streets of Tulsa. His absence causes worry for the gang, especially Dallas.

A/N: So this is probably the most heart-breaking thing I’ve ever written, and I was close to tears throughout the writing of it. So I hope you all enjoy it. For the most part it’s based on Johnny and hasn’t much Jally till the end.

The blowing of the wind and the rhythmic thump off his shoes on the ground were the only things to break the silence as Johnny Cade strode defiantly away from his hell of a household and towards the safety of the lot. His hands shook slightly in his pockets as they always did when he left his house in this manner, running like a rat escaping a sinking ship, scurrying away from the angry screams of his parents and the objects thrown this way and that.

It always left him a bit shaken, nights like this. Left him craving the feeling of a cigarette placed between his parted lips, the wisp of smoke surrounding his head as he breathed out. Left him craving the feeling of warm arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, the comfort of his skin pressed against another’s, the calming feeling that there was another mind in the room that understood him. But he knew better than to go searching for the latter three on a Friday night, when the person who could give it to him would be out at a party somewhere, occupying himself with the harsh taste of alcohol and constant drags of cigarettes between each sentence.

So, Johnny did the only thing he knew to do when he felt like this; he made his way to the lot, huddled against whatever furniture had been dumped there recently and gazed up into the night sky, contemplating the day’s events.
Usually, he didn’t mind being on his own, he found it calming, made it easy to think. But today, for reasons he couldn’t explain, the loneliness was suffocating. It ate Johnny up from the inside, and he felt an ache in his heart. This utter despair consumed him, wrapping around his now shaking being and grasping him tight, squeezing the happiness from him.

It soon began to squeeze tears from his eyes too, as a few burning hot drops welled over his eyelids and rolled down his cheeks. Johnny let out a small sniffle, attempting to ignore the tears glistening on his cheeks and the pain spiking his heart. But it was no use.

He felt so alone. He felt unloved. The thought that he had left the house without telling his parents, and yet, even though they didn’t know where he was, they still would not come looking for him tonight.

It broke Johnny Cade. He hunched over, hugging his knees, still refusing to wipe the tears staining his rosy cheeks. He began to sob, mourning for a life where he could have been loved by his own flesh and blood, craving that feeling of being important and cared for and protected.

He continued like this for a while. Until he had no more tears to cry and the pain in his heart was now a dull ache.

Greasers don’t cry, he told himself, wishing it were true. We’re tough, we don’t cry over small things like that. We act tough, to be tuff. That’s just how it is.

It even surprised Johnny how quickly he could pick himself up and return to normal. Finally acknowledging the tears drying on his cheeks, he gave a quick swipe at them, clearing them from his face. A few deep breaths later, he was back to the Johnny Cade he was willing to show the world: a tuff greaser who didn’t care what happened to him or what people thought of him.

Oh, if only it were true.

He got to his feet, shaking slightly, but soon obtaining his balance. He left the lot without a look back, staring dead ahead as if nothing had happened.

Johnny walked, hands in pockets, around the streets of Tulsa, trying desperately to think about absolutely nothing. He attempted to forget everything that hurt, everything that made him want to cry, and in doing so, his mind wandered to a person he believed that he loved more than any.

Dallas Winston. That person was Dallas Winston.

Just the mention of his name in Johnny’s head brightened his spirits, and he quickened his steps, as if he was going to find Dallas by walking faster. He knew this was ridiculous. For one, he didn’t know where Dally was, he could be in any square metre of Tulsa for all Johnny knew. And secondly, he doubted Dallas would want to see him at that point in time. He must have been having a great time at some party, and probably didn’t want to spend time with a sad little puppy, that looked a mess and was now constantly on the verge of a breakdown.

So, Johnny walked. He walked and walked as far as his body would take him; determined not to stop until his legs gave in under him and he fell to his knees. Continuing at the same pace for hours, all through the night, until the early hours of the morning, where he would have continued right on into the day, if it hadn’t been for a figure running towards him.

The figure was taller than him, and Johnny could see it was trained straight ahead on him. A small voice in the back of his head told him he should probably be scared, and an impulse almost made him reach for his switchblade, but it was overruled by the complete and utter lack of caring at this point. He could take whoever it was when they got to him. And if he couldn’t? Johnny didn’t really care.

As the figure came close enough for Johnny to recognise the face, his eyes lit up like Christmas lights, and a smile instinctively crept onto his face.

The one and only Dallas Winston was running at him from down the street, and he looked to have no intention of stopping.

Johnny took his hands out of his pockets in order to greet the blonde, expecting a ‘hi’ or ‘alright Johnnycakes’ or maybe even a ‘what are you doing out at this time?’.

Instead he was met with arms wrapping strongly around his body, pulling him into the chest of their owner. Johnny was caught by surprise, but it didn’t take him long to hug back. Dally squeezed him, attempting to pull the teen closer to him. He still hadn’t uttered a word, and Johnny began to grow worried.

“What’s up Dal? What’s happened?”

“You’re okay,” Dallas muttered, not answering the questions. He pulled back, placing his hands on Johnny’s shoulder and staring into his eyes. “Where the hell have you been?” he demanded, anger flashing into his features like a bolt of lighting.

Johnny’s heart fluttered. Fear of what he could have done to upset Dallas caused a lump in his throat, making it difficult to talk. “I was, I’ve just been walking around Dal, why, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong is that the whole gang and I have been searching the streets all night trying to find you. Pony said you were meant to meet him at the Curtis’ and you were gonna watch a movie, but you never showed, and he went to your house and you weren’t there.”

A small gasp escaped Johnny’s lips as he remembered the plans he’d made with Ponyboy. He’d been so wrapped up in his own problems he had completely forgotten.

“Then they started to get worried. Started searching for you but couldn’t find you at the lot, and called me and the others. We searched every place under the sun for you, and I was-” Dallas faltered, taking a deep breath before continuing.

“I was so damn worried that you’d been jumped or somethin’ and were bleeding out somewhere and we wouldn’t find you in time. Jesus, Johnny, I was terrified.”
Dallas looked to the ground, his hands still tightly gripping Johnny’s shoulders.

“I’ve never been so scared to lose anyone in my life.”

Johnny was stunned to silence. Not only was Dallas saying things he never would have thought would leave his mouth, but Johnny was so touched that everyone had been that worried and searching for him, he could barely think straight.

Without warning, Johnny’s face almost split in half with the biggest grin he’d ever created. A small laugh left his lips and at the sound of it, Dallas whipped his head up and looked at the boy in front of him.

A look of confusion washed over Dally’s face as a slightly louder laugh left Johnny’s lips.

“What are you laughing at?” he questioned, eyes trained on Johnny’s face.
Johnny couldn’t help himself. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips to Dallas’, relishing in the fireworks exploding in his stomach as the blonde kissed back.
When they pulled apart, Johnny managed a few words, the grin still plastered to his face.

“I’m just glad my family loves me.“

sorry but ratatouille’s ending is such a perfect ending. i gotta be honest: even with movies i adore, the ending doesn’t tend to be my favorite part, even when they are good. i’m usually all for the middle, the journey, the action. 

but this fucking ending is an exception. just put it on and i’ll tear up over that brilliant representation of how just one little thing (such as a simple bite of simple food) can bring back the most nostalgic childhood memories full force, in an instant. that great speech by ego, where he finally understands what gusteau really meant when he said that anyone can cook. that cozy little restaurant they end up opening. that beautiful, soothing song in french. ego, no longer a respected critic but clearly much happier, walking into the restaurant knowing the truth and asking remy, ‘surprise me!’, just. it’s so good. i love it.

I watched as an Aquarius fell to her knees and begged for someone else to come back into her life. Seeing this side of her is something new to me. She always had her head and shoulders up and carried herself proudly, and “No” was not part of her vocabulary. She was known to be strong and proud, but to see her walls break it’s just a mess.

I got a call from an Aries asking to get picked up at a party. Watched her as she got in and started to ramble on about her night. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she laughed it off and told me it was his lost. A couple minutes in the ride; she stared out of the window and started to cry. “What’s wrong with me..” she turned and asked me with tears streaming down her face.

A Cancer invited me out for dinner and I arrived at the spot. She eagerly ran to me and jumped into my arms, she hugged me so tightly and then slowly let go and led me to the dinner table. We laughed and joked for hours. She was so vibrant and she cling to every word I’ve said the whole night. She didn’t want the night to be over. I told her I was heading back to watch some movies on Netflix. She invited herself over.

A Capricorn gently placed her hand in mine. A small smile on her face and our eyes met. The train’s sound went away and the crowds felt nonexistent. She slowly leaned her head on my shoulder and pulled herself closer to me. She was gentle and she was calm.

A Gemini called me asking for advice: “The only problem is that I am free. I don’t feel like I’m being smothered by these feelings, and I have no time for this. How can I even deal with this?” She asked and asked, and the more she asked the more she realized her answer. She doesn’t want to feel too pressured, no restraints like the wind.

A Leo placed her hands on my cheeks and and looked me in the eyes: “You did this to yourself. You lost me because you can’t do one simple thing, and that was for you to not like pictures other than mine.” She had a stern look on her face and she slowly push my face away and left me, standing. She turned back and had this smile on her face. “You lost someone who was willing to do everything in her power for you..” and never came back.

A Libra held the bouqet of flowers I sent her and she smiled like so happily, like a child getting their favorite gift on Christmas. She was so giddy and she was so happy, that she kissed me passionately and stared back at the flowers at awe.

A Pisces came into my life and drowned me with such passion and romance. Everything felt like a fairytale. She dreamt of things that were so unreal, but to her, she was going to make it all come true.

A Sagittarius never left my side when I was going through a tough time. She was always there when you least expect it, and that was her way of showing how much she cared for me. She was always saying these smart things which were true, but I was too stubborn to listen to her; yet she continues to preach and demand that I start something new for myself.

A Scorpio was on the phone with me a couple nights back spilling some hard problems to swallow. She loved this man. She was torn, she was lost. She has never felt like this for anyone before and she was scared. I’ve known her for years and to see her scared was something new.

A Taurus dragged me all around the downtown. We went to the mall, an abandoned building, a beautiful house, a music store, a sex shop and last a diner downtown. She finally explained as to why she brought me along with her and why she felt the need to show me. These were the places she finds herself in and who she is and each one she based it off as her as a whole. She laughed and told me how silly it was of her to do so, and I told her she was amazing for that. She blushed and asked if I was being serious. I was. She expects me to show her reflections of me around the city.

A Virgo sat me with on the couch and we talked for hours and hours to no end. We laughed and smoked, and drank coffee. She slowly shifted herself to me and she kissed me, softly. I watched her and she smiled. She said, “Look at me. Do you see what you’re doing to me. I have never felt this way before and you coming into my life means a lot to me.. I hope you will never change because I won’t. Let’s continue to grow as one, and please, don’t you ever leave me..“

—  Happenings

Viola Davis thanks Fences co-star Denzel Washington in her Golden Globes 2017 speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.

If the Maknae line wrote the titles for the "Never Walk Alone" tracklist

1. “Intro: 3.5 minutes of only Jimin dancing better than Jhope" 

2. "The maknae line is fucking grown up k?”

 3. “Golden Maknae Rap track

 4. “Taehyung Rap track dissing Jungkook getting a rap track”

 5. “What’s the highest Jimin can possibly sing? Find out here

6. "Jikook ain’t real” - diss track by Taehyung

7. Jungkook’s other half of “we don’t talk anymore cover” 

8. “Sweat, Tears, and Blood”

 9. ‘Truth’ by Jimin 

 10. 'I don’t have a stigma anymore’ by V 

11. 'Finish’ by Jungkook 

12. “Cypher part 5


14. Skit - "I was born in Busan first” 15. Outro - “this was a lit as fuck album”

Alright but moana introduces maui to her people and after the inital “wow it’s really him!” He becomes almost like just another villager, minutes the whole being a demigod thing, and has what’s like a big family for the first time and one day moanas dad/mom congratulates him by saying “good job, son” and he has to take a minute because………son???? He’s someone’s son now??? He starts to tear up and moana is like “hey you ok?” And he just nods, replying “I finally have a family”

And he’s so happy that Moana decides that she’s gonna tell her parents to call maui son as much as possible and they’re cool with it so they start calling him son and maui loves it but Moana decides to go above and beyond so she tells all the grownups in the village “hey call him son he’s never been part of a family” and they’re like ok yeah sure we all like the guy so all the grown ups in the tribe start calling him son and the kids catch on and start calling him brother and mauis just so overwhelmed with happiness.

And after Maui is “adopted” by the tribe, he gets a new tattoo that’s directly over his heart of him being part of the tribe as family.

But in this tat he’s not the center of attention like all his other ones. He’s just a little part of the whole village, next to everyone else.

Needless to say, it’s his favorite tattoo he has

BONUS: one day some kids see the tattoo on his back and they’re like u don’t need that cuz ur real family wouldn’t just throw you away like that plus we’re your family now and they use body paint to paint over it. And since he does have a family now, when the paint dries and washes away the tattoo changes. Some of it stays the same, his human parents casting him away, but instead of the ocean being down there, it’s the village of motonui with their arms raised to receive him



today while waiting for the bus i saw a gay person write a shout out post on their mobile device. the sick part? they didn’t even mention straight people. not once. not once! still reeling from the shock i turn around, and lo and behold, what do i see? the guy next to me wearing an ‘i love boobs and fast cars’ t-shirt is curled up on the ground, tears streaming down his face. shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. i tried to comfort him, but not even a good heterosexual meme about hating and cheating on your partner could cheer him up

needless to say, it seems like heterophobia is still alive and well :/

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Honestly tho ur voltron headcanons r pure gold. Like who knew I could love the meme team so much.

thank u my dude

  • shiro: “i’m tired, guess i’ll go to slee-” *three alarms go off, allura yells something about forming voltron, part of the castle blows up*
  • Keith the Training Room Gremlin
  • “hunk would never have let me down like this”
  • coran is lowkey stressed about how fragile the new paladins are. do you know how many things can kill a human, princess. princess do you. they’re so squishy
  • any time an alien does something fucking bizarre they’re just like. “same”
    • coran: “on yordek the native peoples ride 30 ft tall seaweed slugs into battle” lance: “i mean same”
    • *alien yodels in greeting” pidge: “tbh…. same”
  • keith wears his collar up like a hooligan bc he thinks it’s Cool
  • “lance, now is not the time for your shenanigans” “it was a single shenanigan. technically more of a hijink”
  • *allura voice* “if you die, walk it off”
  • suggested drinking game: take a shot every time the particle barrier goes down
    • they don’t do it. they’d die of alcohol poisoning

Shingeki no Children - Part 2

Do you have to be special? Do you have to be acknowledged? I don’t believe that. At the very least, not when it comes to this child. He doesn’t need to become great. Why would he need to be better than anyone else? He’s already great, after all, he was born into this world.

        -Carla Jaeger.

EDIT: I have made a huge mistake and forgot Child! Annie. So I replaced her with the orphans and added 3 children in Orvud District in chapter 68! I am really sorry for this mistake!