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Aight🌚 How would Kuroo, Bokuto, and Oikawa react to finding out their S/O is an equestrian? Like their S/O comes over to visit them smelling like horse or they still have on some riding equipment or their S/O takes them to the barn to watch them ride? ☺️

OMG I LOVE HORSE RIDING There aren’t a lot of places that allow them here in the Philippines but one just opened up close to home and I’m crying TT__TT I did try to horseback down Mt. Taal hahaha such a bumpy route TT__TT I can still feel my butt hurting ~ Dree


  • His nose is sensitive. He smells the horse on you like a mile away.
  • Wonders why you smell like an animal when you’re about to go on a date to the movies… you know… where a lot of other people will be able to smell you…
  • “Kitten, you know I love everything or nothing on you but what’s with the new cologne?”
  • You’re kinda confused what cologne he’s talking about but you don’t smell anything different.
  • When you realize he’s talking about the horse smell, you laugh out loud and tell him about your hobby
  • He loves watching you talk about your horses since you look so alive and happy


  • Outright tells you that you smell like a horse. So you pretend to take offense and ignore him for the whole day.
  • But then he compliments your boots and you realize you forgot to take them off
  • You immediately change out of them and he accompanies you back to the centre so you can put the boots back with your riding gear.
  • He will stop at nothing to get you to talk to him about it and he will ask you to take him to see your horse
  • But he ends up scaring the horses and it’s up to you to cheer him up
  • “No, Bo! I’m sure the horses just saw a mouse running around and that scared them…”


  • He goes around asking your friends where you are. He’s got no clue until he sees your post on a social media site about how much fun you were having at the centre.
  • Ends up going to the centre, pouting the whole trip because “[Y/N]-chan is having fun without me!”
  • He sees you riding and is just awestruck with how amazing you look.
  • He then proceeds to take pictures of you and will hound you to let him ride one too.
  • You’re a little wary he’ll scare the horses but alright.
  • He takes selfies on and off the horse.
  • “[Y/N]-chan! Don’t I look even more like a prince now?” “Quit your sapping, Tooru.” “[Y/N]-chan, mean~”

and thank you.

i did something semi-quick bc im still so torn up about eleven regenerating. while im so ready for capaldi’s doctor, I LOVED ELEVEN/MATT SMITH. and the writing for that last episode was really great and i cried, eras ending always make me cry.

I’ve seen videos of Jungkook talking while looking like he’s about to cry, videos of him sobbing in concerts, seen him him tired, tired to the point of spacing out.

But I have never seen him so scared, insecure and burdened as he is on Flower Crew. His eyes show a lot of emotion and what I’m seeing now is the fragility brought onto him by sadness and stress from this unpleasant experience.

He knows he still has to stay strong and act as if everything is fine until the show ends, even when we all know things are absolutely not fine.

I love that kid to pieces and seeing him like that truly breaks my heart. I really wish the other members give him a call and talk to the boy to boost his spirit.

Edit: the show just ended, and I know this hasn’t been an easy/comfortable thing to witness (I still feel a twinge of sadness when I see Jungkook’s face for no proper reason), but guys let’s move on together. They’ll be having Epilogue concerts soon and I think it’s best if we look forward to that. Plus BTS Festa surprises coming in another few hours^^


Regina and Snow standing up for each other.

Accepting yourself is something we all struggle with; Even though many people say it is easy, I think it is not. I would say that it is more like a journey where you need to discover so many treasures that lay in your soul. You need to find your strengths and talents and embrace them. Take care of each broken piece of your heart that once made you feel weak and now helps you being strong and confident. Forgive those people who disappointed you and forgive yourself too for all those mistakes from the past. Remind yourself that you are human and your imperfections make you perfect in your very own way. Cry every once in a while to clear your mind and clean your sight from everything that holds you back from growing. Take all of your insecurities and make them yours so no one can use them against you. I have a lot to discover and understand deep inside. And at the end of the day, it’s ok because I’m still learning to love myself.

- Fabi


Me right now Danganronpa 3 warning: dont please i beg u

You’re right, I moved on. But you’re also the one who left me, you didn’t want me. I loved you, I fought for you. I still do, but I was so tired of crying every night. Feeling my constellations and the stars you gave me fall through my tears. So I got off my ass and did something about it. Being with you taught me a lot. It taught me not to be with you.
—  confessions i should say

Sequel to this one.


I want to say a lot of things about this episode, but I don’t know if I can! haha my mind is still really full of emotions so it’s hard… 

I just wanted to cry when I watched it, the animation was so good (I loved the scene when the background turned pink and Greg and Pearl started crying and steven was singing “you both love me and I love both of you”) the colors and images were so beautiful! AND THE SONGS!! ALL THE SONGS WERE SO AMAZING everyone in the crew is so talented! There are so many emotions in this… I can’t even explain…

So beautiful…

THANK YOU @stevencrewniverse @rebeccasugar @jeffliujeffliu @ben-levin @ianjq

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How the Zodiac Signs are When Drunk

Aries: is the life of the party, can be a little crazy, and their volume just increases.

Taurus: gets a lot more friendly and possibly touchy, can be more sensitive, and just loves to chill.

Gemini: their talkative side is boosted (if you can imagine), they might love to dance, and you’ll never come across anyone more flirty that night.

Cancer: might be the crying person, can get really relaxed and not have a care in the world, and loves their liquid courage.

Leo: might be the “I’m invincible drunk”, somehow manages to still look good at the end of the night, and might end up dancing on top of the bar.

Virgo: another side of them you never knew about can come out, they can get down and dirty, and they can easily pass out/fall asleep.

Libra: first their sour then their sweet, manages to stay classy, and their real feelings and thoughts can come out.

Scorpio: some can be angry drunks, they aren’t afraid to say or do anything, and their sarcastic meter goes through the roof!

Sagittarius: can be a silly drunk, can sometimes get deep, and isn’t afraid to get crazy.

Capricorn: might be the depressed drunk, can get into fights, their real feelings can come out, and is the type to do ridiculous things like put a lampshade over their head or skinny dip in a river.

Aquarius: knows how to have fun, gets really forward when flirting, and might be a show off.

Pisces: gets very touchy feely, some can be the silent and out of it drunk, and they can hold their liquor and might get into drinking contests.


i now officially have a necklace with two quotes from my card engraved on it. i am beyond happy right now. the thing that cheers me up and makes me cry every time i read it can now make me emotional 24/7 ❤️
taylorswift words can’t describe how thankful i am for you, and how grateful i am for all of the things you’ve done for me. you’re an amazing person and i’m so glad i can call you a friend. thank you SO much. i love you lots ❤️
(ps still rockin that polish she gave me OH YEAH)


make me choose: captain swan in s4 or captain swan in s5?
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I tell everyone that I grew up in a Friday Night Lights town up in North Jersey. Everyone [there] was like, “Oh, the football game, the prom!” And I’d be like, “Oh, I’m so hungover and I have exams tomorrow. I’m catching up on homework, sorry!” There’d be a girl in gym class crying because her boyfriend was Facebook-messaging another girl and I’d be like, “Oh that’s cool, I just found out my boyfriend’s doing heroin.” I’m not discrediting the experience of those kids, but I just went through that stage of life way, way earlier because I was an independent person, adventuring to New York and going through shit. I had to fucking hold my own. My parents were super young when they had me so they were super busy a lot, paying the bills and working all the time. They were so great though. I don’t think I’d be in the same position as I am today if I didn’t have the freedom I did as a teenager.