Ask Meme Answers:

We made a master post to avoid too much clutter! 

2. Did your life change in a big way in 2016?

Viena: Yeah, I started college and met mod Kitty!

Star: In early January, I adopted my son Cornelius, who is a corn snake. I love him very much and I miss him every day that I’m at school. He really helps me with my anxiety.

Kitty: Yeah, I went through a horrible and traumatizing break up :^)

6. What was your favourite meme of 2016?

Viena, shoving bread sticks into her purse: what memes

Star: Damn Daniel! (I actually used this in a fic and it’s the most embarrassing thing ever now)

Kitty: Ted Cruz is The Zodiac Killer

7. What was the biggest plot twist of 2016?

Viena: Trump won.

Kitty: I lived

Star: An anime about figure skaters changed my life and saved this shitty year.

11. Did you read any good books this past year?

Viena: They weren’t good, but I read the Hush Hush series before school started.

Kitty: I finished the Warrior Series last year! But she’s writing more.

Star: I’m going to go with LivingStone by Maekawa Tomohiro and Kataoka Jinsei (the creator of Deadman Wonderland which is one of my favorite manga)

13. What new experiences did you have in 2016?

Kitty: College became a thing

Star: I was bitten by a black widow and had to go to the ER this summer and I got my first tattoo in April.

Viena: I started college? Haha c:

15. What are your hopes for 2017?

Viena: I wanna get more tattoos and get on the Dean’s List again.

Kitty: Coming out to my parents about my gender and hopefully finding a s/o/

Star: To spread positivity and love! I also want to declare my major (it’s been on my to-do list since November) and go to a march this summer to protest the defunding of AmeriCorps.

16. If you could give your past self any advice for getting through 2016, what would you say?

Viena: Go to the counselor before your breakdown xD

Kitty: It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Star: It’s okay, just breathe. You don’t have to be perfect all the time.

17. Did you make or break any friendships in this past year?

Kitty: Viena and I became friends! :D

Viena: I made friends with Kitty and stopped talking to a couple people on Facebook.

Star: Well, I thought that I became friends with Kitty but apparently they’re only friends with Viena… lol Anyway: I met some really cool people during the texting game in December so that was really cool! I also cut some toxic people out of my life and reunited with an old friend recently. :D

24. How many people did you kiss this past year?

Kitty: Depends on the type of kiss. Romantically, 1. Platoniclaly, 4!

Viena: Three!

Star: Just one. Unless you want to count family. But yeah, 4 years with the same guy. ^^;

26. Coolest thing that happened to you in 2016?

Viena: I…went to college. Haha. C:

Kitty: I went on my 6th cruise and we went to the Bahama’s! I got to march down Main Street at Wild Kingdom at Disney World with my high school!

Star: I got two tattoos and adopted my snake son. (:

27. Your most embarrassing story of 2016?

Kitty: I walked in on the class before mine because I didn’t realize how early I was lmao

Viena: I almost broke my neck trying to do a somersault :c

Star: I was bitten by a black widow (fun fact: 95% of those bitten don’t die) so the ER doctors prescribed me some really strong drugs for the venom. I was high for an entire week and it was so embarrassing. I honestly would rather lose my arm than go through that nonsense again.

29. Nicest compliment you received in 2016?

Viena: “I don’t know who you are but I REALLY like your boots, like damn.”

Kitty: “I love your hair!” ha, take that mom.

Star: We get a lot of “I really like your blog” and “I love reading your posts” asks and that always makes me so happy! I screenshot and save a lot of the messages we get and they never fail to make me smile. I love you guys. (:



i have an history exam (that includes two freaking centuries wtf) next monday that i really doubt i try to do and a politics one on friday that i’m forcing myself to study but idk my mind’s blocked tbh at least my mom won’t be 100% disappointed bc she already knows i hate what i study and i will leave it next june.. hopefully!! i can’t wait to start studying what i really love :(

mystic messenger is the worst thing that could possibly happen to my sleep pattern that is fucked up enough already as it is


Imagine #24 || Request #21

I’ll probably be not posting as much since I’ve said it before, school is starting and college life is not easy (at all, but I won’t whine because ppl with jobs who do imagines are having it worse if I’m not mistaken.) Anyway, here’s another imagine for you! I changed it up a bit, hope that’s alright..As always, ily guys! :*

P.S. I’ll be updating as much as I can on both of my imagines blog starting Thursday to Friday (and probs monday as well)


Feeling fingers draw small circles on your bare back, you stirred into consciousness and tried to figure out where you were currently at and who you were with. Breathing in deeply, the fingers playing on your back stopped and just rested there before plump lips kissed your forehead.

“Good morning,” A deep and raspy voice cracked, making you realize where you were and who was beside you.

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anonymous asked:

I've been really sick this week and had to spend Valentine's Day in the ER. I would love to be cheered up by a ridiculous story

okay, anon. For you, I’ll tell this story.

So, my first year at uni. I’m living at one of the ‘colleges’ - one of the on-site places of accommodation. We all live together, contribute with each other, we have meetings once a week updating our floor on what’s going on, what’s expected to be done etc.

It’s maybe halfway through my first year when it’s one of my friend’s birthdays. It being uni, and Australia, we start drinking about an hour after we wake up and just. Keep. Going.

This is all on a Monday, which means it’s the day when you have your floor meeting, where everyone on your floor gets together, is told about upcoming events, etc. By 5 or 6pm, when the meeting begins, I am already, as you might suspect, off my goddamn face. I don’t remember making it to the common room. I don’t remember anything said during the meeting. Except… except what I spurted out, out of nowhere.

I don’t know what made me think it was an appropriate topic. I don’t remember what made me think I’d been given a good segway. But all I could think about was the Rooster Teeth podcast where they talked about the woman in the 70′s who lived in a house with a dolphin, that they constantly put on LSD, to study what the dolphin would do on drugs, and that eventually the woman was giving LSD-inspired handjobs to the dolphin. I interrupted the serious weekly floor meeting to let everyone know about this LSD, hand-job 70′s government experience involving dolphins, having no idea why and no way to stop myself. I don’t remember actually telling the story, being pretty fucking wasted, but I remember the aftermath; the stares, the silence, the disbelief of everyone around me. The very tangible question “what the fuck is she talking about and why did she bring it up?” in the air around us. I remember the deafening silence of the common room as everyone processed this supposedly quiet, shy first year blurting out the details of a woman/dolphin drugged up romance.

I remember being politely and subtly told, afterwards, to maybe check what I want to talk about in weekly floor meetings, and possibly try not to get drunk at least until after the meetings are over.

So there you go, anon. A story on why you should hold off on getting drunk until the late hours of the day, or at least why you should really check yourself before listening to the early Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank podcasts

Monday, 2.20.2017

Hello loves! This is from the other morning when I decided that I absolutely needed some Lavender Tea and some study time. I have my first History Test next Monday, so it’s time for me to start revising. I got accepted into my backup colleges this weekend! I’m very excited for this new beginning.

My song of the day is Forest Clouds by Windhand!

Request: May I request like bad boy Calum whose your best friend and room mate and you go to a college and some guy hits on you and they get in a fight and at home you clean him up and then things get..

It was a Monday, the start of a long new school week at college. The morning sky was a dull grey, scattered with patches of white mist that resembles clouds. The rain left puddles of water on the pavement and the drumming sound could be heard every time the droplets hit the window sill.

It was miserable and y/n didn’t want to get out of bed for class. She could see from where she was laying in bed in her dorm room, other college students wrapped up in thick coats, their heads down as they walked against the wind and rain, some of the sleep deprived and clutching paper cups of coffee in their hands.

The leaves were starting to fall from the trees and for piles on the ground, sticking to people’s shoes. She wanted to stay in bed all day, too cold to get up from the warmth of her own bed sheets.

Not even minutes later, a soft knock could be heard from outside her door. She knew who it was so slowly stepped out of bed, yawning and pulling the nearest hoodie on.

She opened the door without looking who it was, before turning straight back to her bed and flopping on it face first.

“Y/n, you have to get up” he said softly, closing the door behind him as he walked to where she was.

“ s'cold” she mumbled, face buried in her pillow.

“You have class in an hour, we need to get breakfast or coffee or something to get us through the day!” Calum said, sitting on the side of her bed.

“Ugh, I don’t want to” she groaned but sat up anyway, staring Calum down.

He was wearing her favourite outfit of his. She loved how snuggly and warm he looked with a plaid shirt underneath a greyish zip up hoodie and obviously his signature black skinny jeans. He didn’t look so ‘tough’ and intimidating, instead he looked soft and cuddly.

“Pick me some clothes please” she said, too lazy to move. Knowing he would.

He picked a pair of black leggings and one of his hoodies she had stole ages ago, chucking them at her.

“Now get ready” he huffed. Switching places with her as she went to get changed.

“Let’s go” she said once she was dressed. Grabbing her coat and scarf and packing her bag with her biology folder.

Calum followed after her as she locked her dorm room. Walking out of the accommodation they shared with three other people.

They picked up two coffees before heading to Biology that they shared together.

They sat next to each other like they always did. Legs touching as their way of communication as their professor was very strict towards people who spoke.

After class they took their time to walk back to their dorm. Kicking piles of red and brown leaves. The rain from earlier now a small fuzzy drizzle.

“Y/n!” An unfamiliar voice shouted, making both of them turn around to source of the voice.

“Fuck sake” Calum mumbled quietly.

The guy walked up to them quickly, a small blush on his face.

“Hey Liam” she replied, feeling a little awkward.

“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to maybe go out with me, get a coffee or something” he asked shyly.

“Uh…” She didn’t know how to word her answer. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings by rejecting him.

“She’s taken” Calum Huffed, his jaw locked in an intimidating angry way. Grabbing her hand and linking there fingers together, pulling her closer to him int he process.

She just smiles awkwardly at him as Liam stumbled over his words.

“Oh- uh sorry, I didn’t know, I thought you guys were just friends, sorry” he blushed, wasting no time in saying goodbye and walking away.

“Jeez y/n do I have to bail you out every time a guy asks you out, it’s like they’re all over you” he said angrily.

“It’s not my fault. It’s only been like four times” She frowned.

“Sorry, it’s just annoying, all these guys looking at you in perverted ways. It’s just makes me angry” he said, his fists clenching by his sides.

“Come on, let’s go back and watch Netflix” she suggested.

“Netflix and chill?” Calum asked smirking slightly.

“Oh shut up” she laughed, hitting his arm. “Netflix and cuddles with blankets”

He gave her a strange look which could have been a look of admiration.

“What? S'cold” she defended herself. “Plus you don’t know me like that”

“But I’d like to” he said wiggling his eyebrows at her and making her laugh.

“That was weird” she chuckled, brushing his comment off as if it was nothing.

After watching several episodes of the walking dead, Calum left to go meet up with Luke.


Calum didn’t know how he ended up where he was right now.

All he knew was that it was dark and his mind was fuzzy. Plus he was blind with rage, his fist slamming repeatedly into a guy’s face. He couldn’t really remember why, until Luke finally managed to pry his fists apart and drag him away from the nearly unconscious boy on the sidewalk.

“What fuck are you doing Calum?” Luke almost screamed at him. He was getting tired of Calum’s irrational anger and lashings out at people he didn’t know.

“He said - said a thing” Calum mumbled a little embarrassed.

“That’s no excuse Cal.” Luke sighed. Slinging his arm over the boy,
Helping walk back to his dorm.

His hands were bruised and bloody, a deep red and a faint purple.

“Y/n” Calum mumbled.

“What?” Luke asked not hearing him.

“He said how he wouldn’t mind having a go on 'that’” Calum spat angrily “he’s disgusting, absolutely vile”

“'That’ as in y/n?” Luke asked wanton clarification.

“Yeah, it’s disgusting, I swear i could have killed him, I should have, he was disrespecting her, God knows what he would do to her if he got the chance”

“Cal, he’s not going to do anything, y/n is almost always with you, me, Ash or Michael and we’re not going to let anyone she doesn’t want touch her” Luke reassured. “I doubt that guy is ever going to even glance her way now, but you still shouldn’t have beat him up, you showed him that it bothered you, there might be a possibility he’ll do it to wind you up”

“If he does it again it’ll be worse than what I just did” he glared at the cracks in the pavement.


“Oh my god, Calum” y/n whispered when she opened the door to Luke’s small knocks.

“What happened?” She whispered, taking Calum’s free side, guiding him to her bed and sitting him down.

“He lashed out at a guy who was saying things he shouldn’t have said” Luke replied.

“Calum, I’ve told you before, you can’t keep beating people up when they say something wrong, even if they shouldn’t say it” she spoke

“He deserved it” he said bluntly, not caring he could have killed him.

“Do you want me to stay? I can take him back to my dorm if you want?” Luke asked.

“No it’s fine, thank you Luke” she said hugging him before he left.

“Jesus Cal” she whispered as she went to find the antiseptic wipes and bandages in the dorms small en-suite. “You can’t keep doing this”

“I’m sorry” he mumbled at how disappointed she seemed. He didn’t want to upset her at all.

“It’s okay Cal. Just don’t do it again.”

“B-but what If he says something like it again”

“Say what? What did he say Calum?” She asked , lifting his right hand up and beginning to clean the dried blood off.

He winced at the sting, wanting to retract his hand but he grit his teeth and bared through it.

“Doesn’t matter” he said turning his face to the side.

“Cal, what did he say” she said more demanding now.

“Just some things be shouldn’t have said… About uh… About”

“About who?” She asked, her hand coming up to his left cheek, gently turning his face so he was looking straight into her eyes.

“You” he whispered about to drop his head to look down at his lap, but she kept her hand on his cheek, making him still look at her.

“Who was it?” She breathed, already knowing who it was.

“That tosser Matt” he said, jaw clenching tightly.

“He always says things he shouldn’t, doesn’t mean you should hurt him.” She sighed, brushing her thumb over his cheek.

“He was being disrespectful, would you rather me just ignore him and let him go around saying these things!” Calum’s voice started to rise as well as his anger.


“Well I can’t!” He said standing up abruptly, throwing his hands up.

“You have to”

“If someone doesn’t sort him out God knows what he’ll do! I doubt he cares about consent hell he’d probably go out of his way to get to you! Because somehow every guy wants you!” He shouted.


“No! Someone has to do it and it’s down to me”


“What?” He huffed.

“You don’t need to look out for me” she said “I can do that myself”

“I look out for you whether you like it or not, whether I like it or not” he whispers the last bit.

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t not okay -i - you’re my - you’re my best friend okay and I never want to see you hurt.” Calum said as she went back to bandaging up his hand.

Once she was finished he pulled her down onto the bed, hugging her tightly to him.

“I’m sorry” he whispered, pressing a kiss to the top of her hair.

“Just try not to do it again, please” she whispered back.

“I’ll try it’s just, sometimes I get so mad and I Can’t control it, but I promise, I’ll try harder.” He said quietly.

9th May, 2016
Almost gave up on matrices, but today’s lecture on determinants really gave me hope again ☺️💪🏻👓
Had the most unproductive weekend since the start of semester, but today has been really productive, so maybe I just needed a reboot 😅👍🏻📖✍🏻
Hope your Monday has been a great start to the week as well~

What Matters Most (An Underswap Babyblaster Fanfiction)

Part 8 My longest chapter so far

So college starts again for me on Monday so unless I do a chapter for tomorrow expect the next chapter by Wednesday. Also thanks to everyone that likes this story! You guys inspire me to keep writing!

Papyrus was still comfortably curled protectively around Sans as the Underground changed its lighting to simulate the morning on the surface, but like all good things it had to come to an end. Still asleep his brother started hitting him in the face with his tail. Getting slightly annoyed at being disturbed during his rest Papyrus slowly started getting up and stretching his tired limbs, it had been hard wandering through the underground and harder doing it without gaining any attention from the one hunting them. Turning his head he gazed lovingly at his smaller sibling, for Sans he would do anything to keep them safe…anything. Yawning, he carefully climbed out of their nest trying his best not to wake his brother, he may have had more energy than Papyrus most of the time, but the escape had affected both of them and they needed time to recover from the long journey. Shifting to his humanoid form he scanned the area, looking for anything different from the night before, when it came to his brothers safety he would take no risks. Mentally declaring it safe enough he stealthily headed towards town. Passing through the snow covered trees he felt proud of himself for finding such a well hidden hiding place for himself and his brother, the snow the area was covered in was cold but they could easily blend into the veil of white, and the dense amount of trees would make it harder for the ones following them to chase after them if they were found. However, this location also had its drawbacks, the woods had little to no sources of food, so he would have to enter the nearby town to find things for him and his brother to eat, risking the chance of being discovered. Nearing the edge of the tree line he spotted the colourful, flashing lights that adorned each of the buildings. He stood there for a few seconds, mesmerised by the patterns before snapping out of the trance. Glancing at the main street for any signs of life and seeing no one he stepped out from his cover, quickly rushing to the shadows behind the closest house. He crept over to one of the shiny containers of food that he had discovered the first time he had come to this area of the underground and peered at its contents. Inside was some cardboard, a blanket riddled with holes, which he picked up and held in one arm close to his chest with the intent to give it to Sans, and torn pieces of paper. No food. Sighing, he went on to the next house. No luck there ether. And the next. Still nothing. At this rate he was becoming scared, what would he do if he couldn’t find any food for his brother or himself? Slightly panicking he looked behind the final building, it was larger than the houses he had searched behind before, he hoped that maybe here he would be able to find something. Slowly he stared into the container. He let out a breath of relief, inside were some of those nice sweet things that he sometimes found thrown out half eaten, and some of these looked like they were intact! Papyrus was filled with happiness. He quickly grabbed the pastries and stuffed them in the large pocket of his oversized hoodie. Suddenly he heard a noise coming from inside the building, it sounded like it was coming closer. Alarmed he shifted into his blaster form, grabbing the blanket in his mouth the shot away towards the trees and melted into the shadows.    

He had not seen the concerned spider monster watching him through the slightly ajar back door of the café.

Matcha and Coffee (JB Smut; College AU)

By Admin Lychee

“Can I have a latte please?" 

The smell of grounded coffee beans was a usual scent for you; and if not that then biscuits.
Since you worked at the small cafe on your college campus, you had a tendency of smelling like the caffeinated drink, luckily, you didn’t mind.
You had started working there last semester after hearing about the job opening. You’ve always wanted to work as a barista, since you were basically raised around the delicious taste of Starbucks coffee so why not?
It was an early Monday afternoon and it was finals week so students were lining up ridiculously, shouting out orders and complaining about their names being misspelled.
"Can I take your order sir?”, you asked the following customer as you quickly refilled the register. You hated days like this but alas, they were inevitable.
“I’d like a matcha green tea please”, the man said. His voice was soothing and calm, something that you didn’t expect to hear at a time like this.
“Matcha?”, you replied, looking up.
A tall yet amazingly attractive man stood looking at you with confusion.
“Matcha?… Do you not have that here?”, he responded, holding a ten dollar bill in his hands. You scanned the stranger up and down, admiring his looks.
His hair was jet black and lazily distressed as if he didn’t care of what to do with it, his eyes were dark brown and hooded, giving the impression of a scowl and each of his ears were decorated with about 3 different pairs of earrings.
“I’ve never heard of that before…”, you spoke, eyes glued to his jawline as he scanned the menu.
“You’re right… I doubt that you know what it is”, he smiled apologetically.
Was that a smile or what? His teeth seemed as if they were chiseled from marble.
A few customers in line began to grow aggravated and made faces to each other.
“How about a green tea?”, you suggested, resting your hands on the counter. The man smiled again before nodding, “that sounds great. One please”, he said, handing you his cash. As you took it, your hand brushed against his faintly yet you could feel your cheeks burst into a flush of red.
“Oh sorry”, he bowed, waiting for his change.
“No no! It’s not a big deal”, you smiled back, giving him his change.
“Can I have your name?”, you asked, taking a marker to his cup.
“Jaebum”, he said calmly. 

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jemchew  asked:

Hi Julie! 💕💕 I'm here for the pandering. 😏 So my question is, if it's ok to ask: what does an average day in your life look like, including some interesting hobbies/interests you like to indulge in other than your love for otome games? 🙌

Thank you for indulging me~

So an average day for me, summarized in a timely manner, is actually pretty normal. I wake up ten minutes earlier than I have to so I can play SLBP, then I work Monday through Friday from 8 am till around 3 pm every day. 

I just graduated college in December and I don’t start the next section of my schooling till August,  so most of my fun hobbies and habits are still about college (since I get to be a part of them till May). I still do some work with the professors, so I am basically that person who refuses to leave college after graduation. 

For example, my biggest hobby and where I spend most of my time is Mock Trial. For those who don’t know, that is essentially a “mock” court case being played out at the collegiate level. I’ve done it for four years and I love it, even if it is really time consuming and labor intensive. I am team mom so I am very involved. 

Other general hobbies include: watercolor painting (which I love to do)  and trying to read as many books as I can find from the lost generation (Like Hemingway and Fitzgerald)

Also I am a huge trivia fan, so I watch Jeopardy and compete with the TV.

Oh and a few of my friends and I go exploring sometimes, like visiting haunted or abandoned areas, because we are ~Spooky~ 

This is me in essence. I, of course, also like to hang out with my friends, and socialize, but as for hobbies that aren’t voltage, this is what you’ll find me up too 95% of the time. 

Thank you for the ask! <3 You’ve made my heart happy!

Thank you @moonflowero1 for this Overunder idea!

I want to try and post a page of Seven and an Overunder comic each week. Not sure which days it would be, but it might be a while until I can get that going regularly. I moved into my college dorm a couple days ago and classes start on Monday! So I’m getting settled in first. But I do want to say thank you for all the support! You all are the best and have made drawing these comics so much fun! So. Yes. Thank you. :D