Aaaaand that purchase takes me to…. Over 2000 points of orks, once the trades I have planned are completed and the vehicles I have spared are converted, and all the new models I just bought are built. List as follows -
Mega Armour Warboss
Grukk Face-Rippa
60 Shoota Boyz (plan for 80 but I need to buy 2 more boxes for those, nobody else I know has more for trade)
10 Tankbustas
6 Burna Boyz
5 Nobz
1 Dakkajet
12 Lootas
3 Meks
Super old Kan I plan to convert into Big Mek in mega
3 plastic Mek gun kits that I should be able to stretch for 5 platforms of Kustom Mega Kannons
3 Looted Wagons with Kill Kannons
5 Flash Gitz
4 trukks, all looted

You know, writing that all down somewhat concerns me about how I’ll transport it all, but that’s future Duncan’s problem now.
Been a really slow project for them, but honestly I lost literally all of my energy for my storm wardens so I’ll be selling them.
Which, in that case, if you’re interested in some space marine models, shoot me a message and I’ll inventory what I have for sale/trade. Willing to trade for Ork and Horus Heresy models/bitz.

Lo-Fi Cosplay

At the beginning of June, I bought Life is Strange in the Steam sale. I fell in love with it, completely and utterly. More specifically, I felt a very strong connection to Chloe. Now, I had never cosplayed before and had a lot of misconceptions about it, but decided to go forward!

I was a bit afraid of wasting money/it not being worthwhile/how people would react, but I should have hella chilled. It was great. Pictures are up here

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Yay a Tag :)

I was tagged by @zmondy :D

Countries I Lived in: Just Germany :)

Favorit Fandom: SPN and AHS

Languages I speak: I speak German, Persian and I’m learning French and Englisch at School

Favorit Film of 2015: Jurassic World :D

Last article I read: 11 things you should never say to an AHS Fan

Shuffle your Music Library and put the First three Songs here:
Famous Last Words - MCR
Just One Yesterday- FOB
R U Mine -Arctic Monkeys

Last thing you bought online: Nike Shoes

Any phobias/fears?: Clowns and Solls

How would your Friends deskribier you?: tbh I have no idea…

How would your enemies describe you?: probably arrogant

Who would you take a bullet for?: My mom and my Little Sister

If you had Money to spare, what would you do?: I would Save it for a study at the University :)

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*waves little flags over head*


The PSN is having a sale on Retro games, and among the Jak and Daxter’s and Spyro’s and GTA Original trilogies, there is ALSO;


Grandia is on sale at the moment!! If you do not own Grandia OR HEAVEN FORBID HAVE NEVER PLAYED IT, it is on saaaaaale!!

I thought you guys should know!!

I am telling you guys this because I already bought it off the PSN a few years ago and so cannot make use of the sale ^^;

I actually went to check if Okami HD was on sale too. It is not. :( it’s still going for full price *sob*

I am on a PS3 but I’m not sure if Grandia is available for PS4 as well.

HOWEVER, as an alternative, OKAGE is available for PS4 and is on sale for almost half price! But it’s PS4 only so I can’t make use of that sale.

Just got back from seeing @thatsthat24 in his musical Ultimate Storytime!! It was so amazing and everyone who was a part of the show was absolutely stunning! I think I have a lil crush on Jay now lol their singing was on POINT.

Thomas did an incredible job with this show and anyone who hasn’t bought tickets to see it really should!!!!


In the past two days I have cleaned this bong twice, broken the slide, and replaced it luv u sir bongolot u shall live forever ☄✨
bought this bong for my best bitch @girl-pwr and u should follow her

horsemilkcancleanyoufromyoursins  asked:

Hello! I hope I'm not bothering but I just saw your answer for somebody who told you the books they used to learn Japanese and you gave them some recommendations on how to go from there. I'm currently using the 日本語で どうぞ A1-A2 series (they're German so you probably won't know them but as the title says it's supposed to get you to the A1/A2 (N5/N4) level but I kind of doubt that). I already bought the first book of the Let's read Japanese series and plan to read that one afterwards. (1)

(cont. of message) When I learned English I learned most of it due to reading English stuff and not really in school. Do you think that’s enough or should I get a grammar-centered book as well (there was grammar in my books but I guess that there’s still a lot more to learn) and if so maybe you have some recommendations (I’m fine with them being in English). (2)


Hello there! Hmm… Actually, A1/A2 level is barely N4. We would say it’s about Basic Japanese to around N5 level.


“When I learned English I learned most of it due to reading English stuff and not really in school.“ >> This is true for English, but unfortunately it cannot be applied to Japanese… The reason is… in English, when you know enough vocabulary, you can figure out it’s meaning. But in Japanese, you will need to understand it’s grammar pattern before you’re able to understand the sentence.

As a fact, you might not even understand the sentence meaning even if you know all the vocabularies it uses. There are a hundreds of grammar patterns you need to learn which you cannot learn simply by using dictionary.


The let’s read Japanese series is a good book for reading practice, It’s basically a Japanese children book with a beautiful design 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。 But you will still require a good foundation for the grammar pattern. We recommend to follow the JLPT route since it’s the clearest and it’s the standard of the proficiency test.

Recommended books to read to lay out a good foundation before you’re able to start learning from anime/manga/novel/etc

Here’s our most recommended set of book reference, this set below is geared to make a good foundation before you’re able to start learning from movies/anime/novel/manga/etc:

• TRY N5 for Basic Japanese & Grammar patterns
• TRY N4 for Grammar patterns
• TRY N3 for Grammar patterns
• Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

Even just reading through the 3 books above will help you immensely to start learning from manga/anime/etc. You can finish all 3 TRY books in around 6 months. While the dictionary will assist you to understand the grammar patterns in more details.

Unlike Minna no Nihongo, these book give English explanation on the grammar patterns, so it’s much easier to read. And in total, you get the material for N3 for much less cost than Minna no Nihongo set.

If you have a bit more budget, we really recommend you to get the N5 - N4 and N3, 500 questions below. It’s not an ordinary question book, you will be able to review the lessons on TRY book with the questions provided. It cover grammar/kanjis and vocabularies and provide quick explanation for each answer.

N5 - N4 Questions Drill (kanji/grammar/vocabularies) with answers & explanations
• N3 Questions Drill (kanji/grammar/vocabularies) with answers & explanations
• Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

Happy learning ! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。


Unblocked, but all the loose ends have been woven in, and it FITS*

Better pics of the Ariel sweater later, probably.  

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Rage cleaning anon here. It is still raining and Erwin is still dead. So while my bathrooms are spotless, and my husband still looks and acts like Levi, I am kind of a mess still. I think given my years of manga reading (over half my life time) has put me in a bit of biased position about the veterans. There is such a formula to protagonists that I could relate to when I was younger, but now I cannot. Losing Erwin means I have lost a third of my connection to SNK and I can see losing it all soon

(Cont..) anyway, I hope you are feeling better. I think losing Erwin was a hard blow for anyone who connects into SNK through the veterans (really, I have a bit of a Levi obsession myself, but I loved Erwin too) and it will take a few chapters to feel excited about what is happening again. Seriously though, SNK is my only escapism at this point. I have not slept in 6 damn years with 3 kids under 6 (godamn hot Levi husband!) so they better get to the godamn basement soon!

ilu rage cleaning anon


‘Well, my gran brought me up and she’s a witch,’ said Neville, 'but the family thought I was all Muggle for ages. My great-uncle Algie kept trying to catch me off my guard and force some magic out of me – he pushed me off the end of Blackpool pier once, I nearly drowned – but nothing happened until I was eight. Great-uncle Algie came round for tea and he was hanging me out of an upstairs window by the ankles when my great-auntie Enid offered him a meringue and he accidentally let go. But I bounced – all the way down the garden and into the road. They were all really pleased. Gran was crying, she was so happy. And you should have seen their faces when I got in here – they thought I might not be magical enough to come, you see. Great-uncle Algie was so pleased he bought me my toad.’  -  HP and the Philosopher’s Stone

The Extended Shoulder

There are a lot of guides these days on how to dress for your body type. Some people argue that shorter men do better in two-button jackets, as they have a longer lapel line (and thus give the illusion of greater height by virtue of extending those vertical lines). Others say that heavy men should avoid double-breasted jackets, as the extra bit of wraparound cloth can add visual weight. 

I’ve never bought too much into those arguments, partly because there are so many good counterexamples to every rule. Plus, most of those writers seem to rely more on rhetorical devices than actual evidence. 

There are two rule-of-thumbs I follow, however. First, shorter jackets make you look heavier than you are, which means they’re only ever good on stick-thin models whose shoulders are broader than their hips. Second, if you have a less-than-athletic figure, you may benefit from having a little extra room in the shoulders and chest. The second is known as drape; the first an extended shoulder. 

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fire in the sky no.12 - monday morning fire! - so I decided to pull the sigma DP1 Merrill out of the closet, it’s a clunky little camera I bought ages ago and never put any time into working out how to use it - I probably should have, while it blows out highlights the colour and sharpness are next level for a little fixed lens camera.

Nora got inside the car, leaving the two bags with the things she just bought in the passanger seat. She was so excited to be back on Tate’s hometown. The two had been together for a year and half now and even though long distance relationship had a lot of cons, one of the pros was that that everytime they ran into each other it was all so fresh and exiting. Nora had found a nice spot to park her car in front of Tate’s house. She took her little suitcase with her along the two bags she just bought couple of minutes ago and rang into his doorbell. “Good morning sleepy beauty I know it’s like 9 AM and that I should have came here at like 11 AM but it’s better to drive when everyone is asleep besides you can’t get mad… I bought us breakfast,” she said as soon as he opened the door with a huge smile as she raised the two bags in order for him to see. 


Bleach is ending and I have finally crossed the line over to chaotic evil.

I want to watch this miserable fandom burn

and I want to go down with it in a blaze of glory.

anonymous asked:

How do you cook your Yellow-finned sand-swimmer? I have about 2kgs I just bought from the fish grocer and I was hoping you had a recipe I could use.

First, anon, a word of warning: the yellow-finned sandswimmer can be extremely toxic if prepared improperly.

Although it’s possible to cook your sandswimmer in any number of ways, it’s vitally important that the fish first be buried in sand for three days.

It must be buried on a full moon night, but only one moon can be full. You should bury it at exactly midnight. It can be wrapped in either cloth or plant material, but do not, under any circumstances, use plastic. You must bury it with the tail facing east. Cover it completely with sand, and leave no marker over the place where you’ve buried it.

Leave the fish for three nights, then dig it up at noon on the fourth day. You can now cook it however you please. Most traditional recipes recommend grilling over a charcoal fire. It’s good luck to give the first bite to an outlander.


{Three Skywalkers, a Solo, three droids, and Chewbacca are sitting around a holoscreen. Anakin looks insufferably smug, and Luke doesn’t look much better. Leia is trying without success to pretend she isn’t amused. Han is shaking his head in admiration.

“You know, kid,” he says to Luke, “you’d be pretty good in a con. I don’t think even I could have said all that with a straight face.”}