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I just want to say that I finally bought the Ultimate Storytime Soundtrack today! It's really calming for me because I've just recently started counseling and since it brings up a lot of different things I've been prone to a lot hyperventilation and I realized that your songs have been really helping me today! (Also Play-dough is totally something everyone should be playing with it helps anxiety as well, go buy some.)

Awww that’s wonderful!!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the music and you are able to use it in that way!! How cool!! If any of you wish to check it out, here’s a link!

robert: I didn’t go looking for ya!
also robert: oh I bought coffee let’s be mates, oh I’m stuck in a layby have you got aaron’s number? oh, I’ve come here to where you are to tell you to stop being near me it’s suspicious, oh I’ve come to this pub where you live to corner you into talking to me, oh here have some money, oh there’s this barn you should come to, oh I booked a hotel, actually two hotels, wanna hang out at home farm for a week?


1/6 Scale United States Marines Kitbash. I bought Desert BDUs by accident and this kitbash has been thrown together with bits I had on hand. Hopefully the fact that he’s using an M4 and not an M16 will not distress anyone. The figure itself doesn’t stand too well and it’s not as flexible as the previous one. Overall I am pleased with this kitbash, it’s not super accurate but it reminds me of CoD4. Anyone have ideas for what I should do next? 

yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper

For @oforthetaintedsorrow!! Please accept this almost 5000 words of trash omg

In which Dazai and Chuuya are advice columnists for rival newspaper agencies and have far too much writing their columns.


The Port Times, Advice Column

Help!! I was boiling an egg and I turned away for one second and my entire counter is on fire! What should I do? - Hopeless student

Hopeless student,

I am very concerned that your immediate reaction when setting your counter on fire is to write in to a newspaper advice column. I sincerely hope that you have managed to put it out or dialled for the emergency fire service. To circumvent this problem in future, I suggest that you learn how to cook from cooking shows or buy take out to prevent traumatising your flatmates any further.

Nakahara Chuuya

The Agency Post, Advice Column

Dazai-san, my friend set me up on a blind date and I really want it to go well. I was wondering what I should wear. I bought a fedora the other day and I look rather dashing if I must say so myself! Should I wear it? What do women like nowadays? - Hardcore brony

Hardcore brony,

Bandages are all the rage this season! Both cheap and fashionable, there are hundreds of different ways you could wear them! Look online for some ideas! Plus doesn’t the advice columnist for The Port Times wear a fedora? What an awful look! Any young lady would be put off immediately by the sight.


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Feeling like a kid today

I went to LEGOWORLD today. Was hella fun and I played around with my nephew on every single lego stand. Building small mocs with all the blocks at all the different stand/themes. Took a shower with lego bricks, became a official Ninja by completing the LEGO Ninjago Ninja Training, made a Technic Pull back car with 4 pull back motors that flew way too high and far than it should have been winning the competition on that stand, bought some LEGO sets, became a Nexo Knight and saw a LEGO Star Wars cantina band playing the cantina day.

I ended the day by buying a Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Decks II box because I felt hella nostalgic and it was also a huge part of kid me

I may be 22 years but nothing can beat days like these. Can’t wait for next year

I bought the cutest little Overwatch charms today at Armageddon but I get home and realize I didn’t catch the artists name, so now I have cute art that I like but no name to put to them ;u; All I know is that she was Canadian. Fuckin typical Chop.

I knew I should have gone back to get more, I was so tired though I had poo brain to the max. Also couldn’t find anything in that crowd.

On the bright side I now have little charms of Zenyatta, Zarya and Hanzo. I love them, Zenny matches my wallet <3

@theredog replied to your post “rey costume doesn’t fit and i should have tried it on earlier and…”

Hey, hey, heyhey. Easy, honey. Don’t cancel, you may regret it later. (I did it way too many times). Maybe you can fix it? Is it the bought one? Or home made? Doesnt fit as too small or not right lenght? Check also your clothes in the closet. Maybe you can do a modern version?

yeah it’s too small, and i bought it bc i’m lazy lol

i guess i could look but i’m leaving tomorrow for a business trip so i don’t have a lot of time

and i’m not sure if anybody was even planning on doing anything anyway

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You seem super friendly and I love your art! I have to ask what does ESTP mean?

ESTP is a result one would get when they take an MBTI test. i should retake it or take it off since that result was from like 6 years ago ^^”

also, i cant draw worth a dang! lol.

all the art i post of my fursona is made by friends as gifts and commissions ive bought from others.

the only creative thing i do is make music and using photoshop ^^/)

(thank you so much btw!! <3)


I hate people that are cheating in this game. I have no idea if it acctually works, but please. We need to report it to cheritz so they could do aomething about this. This is an insult for everyone that have bought hourglasses and VIP package. I cannot stand people that do something like this and are willing to encourage others to do. You should play the game normally without cheating. I really hope this is fake.

Witch Tip: Stock up on coffee filters

Especially those round ones that you can lay out flat. Seriously, they’re the cheapest and most versatile store-bought tool I use.

-Easily sewn into tea bags for homemade tea blends
-Completely biodegradable and safe to bury
-Quick and cheap sachet material
-Perfect for herbal bath mixtures so you don’t have to clean up after (in my experience you should use two for this since they might rip if overstuffed)
-Rubber band one over a jar to filter herbs out of herbal water mixtures, or clean dirty rain water (I still wouldn’t drink it, but it’ll look nicer)
-Collect the rain water with one on it from the start to keep bugs out
-Use one as tracing paper on your screen if you’re not good at copying sigils or symbols
-They look completely mundane in your cabinets if your craft is a secret
-A pack of 100 is like $1.50 at most

There’s probably a lot more I haven’t thought of. I just love these little things.