I felt slightly, vaguely, arguably cute today.

Just in case anyone was curious as to what I looked like. I mean, I said I would be posting a picture of myself first day of college, but this works, too.

My stupid hair is that way for a reason; I’m trying to grow out some of my bangs.

One day, I’ll be as confident as @thoro-n and @bloody-paperdoll when it comes to pictures. I mean, I better considering I’ll be in school for acting in front of a camera.

Yes, that is a blue and blonde wig. Yes, that is a Buizel and Taillow. Yes, there is a small Shippo and Inuyasha plush. Yes, there is a Len figurine up there. Yes, there are Webkinz that I’ve had since I was like ten. Yes, there is an orange dog that my friend won for me at a carnival. Yes, my room is yellow. Yes, I’m wearing Ryoga Hibiki earrings. That’s not the point here.

Meet the……me(?) Omg that person is the exact representation of me XDDD
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Ily~~ ♥♥♥

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Lauren dijo una vez que ella no era lesbiana, que sólo le gustaba el hecho de que las chicas pudieran ser tan calientes como los chicos. Soy bisexual y ¡oh Dios eso sonó tan bisexual! No puedes decir que eres lesbiana si eres bisexual, obvio. De nuevo, Lauren dijo en otra entrevista que ella apoyaba los derechos LGBTI pero que no quería que los fans se equivocaran y Camila lo mismo. A veces dudo de esa relación, pero ¿dónde quedan los gestos, acciones y contacto entre ellas q han sido evidentes?

I’m so proud of myself because I understand what you said, anyways back to the topic… I was thinking yesterday when I was about to go to sleep, everyone thinks when they’re alone and I’m not different, I was thinking what if they’re straight? What if they’re just friends? What if they never had romantic feelings towards each other? What if? But then I go back to when I showed my mom videos of them and she said they had a thing & that they were gay and how people have the same opinion, people outside the fandom let me remind you, so we’re not seeing things BUT maybe it’s how they are? How they like to appreciate people while talking etc? It’s super confusing if you stop everything and start thinking about it, I don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth (most likely not) but I think some things we say happened for example, I do think they had a crush on each but I can’t confirm if they dated, I can’t be sure. & I do think they have things for girls but we’ll have to wait and see.


Can I request a Dean fanfic where you and him get in an argument about you going on a hunt and he doesn’t let you go? And then when sam and Dean come back you’re asleep but dean wakes you up to say that they’re back and safe? Extra fluff please 😊😙

ask // masterlist // mobile masterlist (requests are open!!)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 739 words

Warnings: there’s a small argument at the start but that’s it, nothing bad

a/n: i have an isaac lahey one coming out tomorrow hopefully (australian time!) and then part 2 of the guilty series. i hope you like this! :-)

“Dean, I’ve proven myself time and time again,” you said. You were currently blocking the door, preventing Dean from leaving for the hunt.

“I know. But you’re still not coming.” He hitched his bag on his shoulder and motioned for you to move out of the way. You raised your eyebrow at him, not backing down.

“You haven’t even given me one decent reason why!”

“Because it’s dangerous and I said so,” he offered with a shrug of his shoulders. “Sam and I will only be gone for about three days at the most, no biggie.”

“If this life is so dangerous, I might just leave then, for my safety.” You spat at him. He looked like a wounded animal, so innocent. You shook your head, storming off.

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I love your account can you write just a cute Laurens drabble?

(I’m writing this past midnight having just gotten back from pokemon hunting/ a party so i can’t guarantee where this’ll go)

“Laurens, if you don’t go over there and get that girl’s number, I’ll fucking do it myself. Dibs mean nothing.” Hercules said, his eyes following John’s to where you were sitting at the bar. 

You weren’t usually one to go out drinking by yourself, but fuck it, you’d had a long day and you were gonna relax your way. 

“I’m working on it! I’m making a plan.” John wiggled his fingers over his temples. Lafayette groaned and rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Screw your plan.” Alex said. He pushed you into the bar right next to you. John’s drink sloshed in his hand and some fell onto your dress. 

“Oh Jesus!” he yelped. He grabbed some napkins and started dabbing at your clothes, getting a little too personal. 

“Umm…” you mumbled, your face growing hot. 

“Oh shit that’s awkward. Sorry. I’m- I’m John.” He held his hand out, avoiding direct eye contact with you. 

“Y/N.” you said as you took his hand and shook it.

“I’m…I’m real sorry about your dress. M-My friend pushed me and-” 

“It’s really not a big deal.” you said, cutting off his ramblings. “Is there a reason your ‘friend’ shoved you into me?” you asked. An adorable blush came across John’s face. 

“Well….I, um I noticed you I guess is the right word, and he pushed my over here to talk to you.” he spoke softly, finally meeting your gaze dead. You felt your breath catch slightly as he looked at you. Something about his eyes made you melt. The nerves and fluster attitude did not completely cover the confidence you saw as he smiled with his eyes. You grinned and grabbed one of the unused napkins. You pulled out your pen and wrote down your name and number, sliding it across the counter to him. 

“Tell your friend he’s an ass.” you smirked. You hopped off the bar stool and planted a quick kiss on John’s cheek before walking away. You left the bar, but not before hearing and excited “FUCK YEEEAAAAH!” from John followed by several loud cheers from his friends. 

I really tried to do what I was suppose to do. I really tried my hardest to make you happy. I remember after every little fight we had I would always say how we would make it someday but somehow lost in translation we didn’t. We didn’t get to do a lot of the things we said we would. I cannot see myself doing those things with anyone else. Trying to accept that and situate those thoughts in the back of my mind is becoming so difficult now, I just keep going back to thinking about a great love I once had with you. I’m getting restless to say something to you. Can I still reach out to you? Do you still have love for me? How can my soul be at peace when all I think about is you? These questions drive me crazy. I can’t fake this, you know I was never a good liar. I’m really sitting here right now crazy over you. I hope you see it for what it was because everything I did was with you in mind. I want to be with you.. wherever you are 🌹

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"I don't like the idea of you walking all alone this late at night..." Roy spoke quietly as he looked down at Eden, standing side by side in the doorway of the Central offices.

Eden looked up at Roy, crossing her arms. “I can take care of myself.” She said. As touched as she was that he cared, she didn’t like being controlled.

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To be aware that you're causing pain, suffering, and environmental destruction but not taking action seems psychopathic.

i only ever make vegan meals, i recycle, i use mason jars instead of plastic bottles, i try not to use plastic bags, i consciously do the little things that i can. like i said. i do something, but i’m not giving myself too much credit. you’re using the term psychopathic a bit loosely there..

Tonight has reminded me of the reason I wanted to join the Bellarke fam in the first place! I’m so proud that many of you have responded to tonight’s events with poise, humor, and rationality and I feel lucky to call myself one of you (: that being said if anyone is feeling upset and needs someone to chat/vent to or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to send me a pm!

             Today was surprisingly productive actually.
             I knocked out heaps of drafts for the most
             part, so I’m actually proud of myself. That
             being said, it’s cold as HELL right now 
             thanks to winter kicking the country’s ass
             so I might go curl up and sleep.

             Also what would you guys think of me 
             bringing in a customized male MU???
             Onto his own blog, which would most
             likely be a sideblog to this one, but…
             Should I?

i always said to myself ‘i can’t wait to get older; as a way of being able to maneuver around what makes me depressed, but what i didn’t expect was to become more traumatized and depressed

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My logic is that if you are only allowed one bias in a four or six member group, surely maths teaches you that it has to equal two or three in a thirteen member group. So, Minghao, Jun and Jeonghan it is. Now I just need to get Hoshi, Mingyu, Wonwoo, DK, Woozi and every other member of that group to sit down and be quiet, and maybe I'll have some vague resemblance of a bias list xD

Your logic is 100% sound and I will now use it with all other boy groups with a surplus of members. Let me pick a second bias in Exo before the member count goes down again. (I couldn’t help myself it had to be said.)

If anyone’s wondering why I haven’t been posting so much in the past few days, it’s because I’m on vacation..

But that said, I might end up taking more time for myself after I get back anyway and focus on art and being productive because this site is a major distraction. Like, August is gonna be the month of art for me. I’m not gonna flat out leave here, I’ll still come on and stuff, but it may not be as often. I dunno, we’ll have to see

*gets hate in inbox*
I never should have said anything I’m starting to feel bad.
Ugg I let myself get carried away too much when trying to be “justicey” I just need to stand back and stop interfering.