what exo's names sound like they mean when you pronounce them in swedish
  • baekhyun:"the stream"
  • jongdae:somebody mumbling "i regret that"
  • kyungsoo:"the king's body of water that is bigger than a stream but smaller than a river"
  • zitao:somebody from the island Gotland saying "stand" in a v specific dialect
  • yifan:"fuck that" as in "fuck that paper i'll do it tomorrow"
  • junmyeon:incomprehensible baby talk for "brown bear"
  • luhan:somebody who can't pronounce J properly saying the swedish name johan OR somebody who can't pronounce T properly saying "the toilet" OR somebody who can't pronounce S saying "hit him"
  • chanyeol:literally doesn't sound like anything
  • jongin:someone drunk saying "enter"
  • sehun:"see her" (if you're from the south of sweden) or "see dog" (if you're a normal person)
  • minseok:"my log" as in a chopped off tree trunk
  • yixing:like somebody reading out "axe murder" misspelled

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My best friend (a Pisces girl) is really mad at me and has been ignoring me for the past couple days. I feel really bad and guilty about fighting with her, and since she's such a genuine friend, I really want to win her back. But how do I do that?? I've apologized and tried to text her and everything! How do I get her attention/win her back?? (Please help, this situation is stressing me out a ton)

Oh my lord ok you pissed off a Pisces holy fuck ok well you should maybe to something thoughtful, like a gesture. Don’t apologise just normally because it won’t seem genuine to her. Think bigger, write a list of all the reasons you value her friendship, explain to her how bad you feel and how much you regret fighting with her. You have to make this apology as original and genuine as possible 💖