↳ It’s not just allies who support each other. From your enemies, you learn so much and you gain so much. Until the day you meet again. Just knowing that they exist helps you to withstand the loneliness. Those who compete, even if they are enemies help each other out.

Maybe we found love right where we are. 


i couldn’t believe this happened so i recreated it in art form! this took me like thirty minutes and i forgot to draw phil’s plaid shirt design

Remember the time when you jumped into your totally platonic friends arms and wrapped your legs firmly around them and they looked at you like the moon descended from the sky..? oh wait….


Text from the Mockingjay book: “Right. I do. Your new bow.” He presses a hand control on the arm of the chair and wheels out of the room. As we follow him through the twists and turns of Special Defense, he explains about the chair. "I can walk a little now. It’s just that I tire so quickly. It’s easier for me to get around this way. How’s Finnick doing?”

While I’m so very glad that they still had Beetee in a wheelchair during Mockingjay Part 1 (after leaving out Peeta’s prosthetic leg,) as someone in a power chair I wish they’d left him in the power wheelchair instead of a manual, and as someone in a wheelchair part time, I really wish they’d left that tiny line in about how he can walk, but it’s so much easier to use the wheelchair. 

I’d have been so excited to see it as a line in a movie seen by millions, it’s just so important for able-bodied people to understand that being in a wheelchair because it makes life easier, but not necessarily needing it 100% of the time is something that happens a lot. And especially important, being “wheelchair-bound” isn’t always a curse, not being able to walk easily is the curse, but the wheelchair is a gift.

hi everybody!! this is my first follow forever!!! idk how to make graphic edits so sorry that it sucks lmao anyways i love you all very much!!!  *also the photo is not mine!! 


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