year 2016 & bts

✿  Will you stay by my side
Will you promise me
You will stop time
If this moment passes?  

Like the way you are stroking my cheeks
Like the dust drifting along freely
Intoxicated by your scent, my heart is tickling
Just like a butterfly

BTS - Butterfly & Butterfly-Prologue

♥ ——————————————————– ♥    
Viktor~~~  ( ´ ◡`) ♥

I built myself a really, really overkill powerful new desktop computer from parts yesterday

to my surprise, the difficulty level involved in computer building is much less than learning to knit

it turns on so fast with that sweet SSD, I named it ‘Pride’ lmao ⭐️


Alex Danvers & Maggie Sawyer

Coming Home


Has someone analysed these scenes yet? I mean, with the way Victor smile after the question and Yuri’s frown seeing his reaction I’m pretty sure this means something but I’m too dumb to come up with anything =‘)

several months ago: “i’m not gonna buy any more pops until well after christmas,” i lied to myself.

“…okay, i won’t buy any except for the scarecrow impopster one that i’ve been wanting for months. once he’s released, i’ll behave,” i amended, somewhat more sincerely.

this past thursday: “alright,” i sighed to myself. “so you found that other new batgirl pop on sale somewhere. you’d have gotten it eventually! it’s okay. you’re good. you’re still good. just don’t buy any others aside from the scarecrow one.”

today: “…fuck.”


Calvins Set at the Jingle Bell Ball 2016