Hey, it’s me, Sal. I’m still a bit upset about my nose. It’s healing but now I look like I have a pimple on it or summfin’. And now my twisted sister is acting like an angel 👼🏼, which I know she’s NOT. Oh, how I miss my lub Louie @louiegthefrenchie, my big 💪🏼 man. I long to be in his paws right now in our love shack he is building for us in FL. ☀️🌴🐠🐚🐊🐲🐬🐙 by sal_the_french_bulldog

I just had an emotional break down because the way I look, like I just saw what I look to other people and I’m ugly and gross, and my nose is fucked up. And now I’m listening to See You Again and that’s making everything worse, because it makes me miss Louie Boy, and also I fucking hate this song. I’m so emotionally fucked rn.