I’m so grateful I was able to have rats as pets, Nickie and Louie were the best. I’ll miss them so much, they’ll always be in my heart.

Watching Mr. Holland’s Opus with my mom and had to pretend I wasn’t crying when I got to the marching band scene because the JFK high school literally had my high school’s uniform in blue and was playing our arrangement of Louie, Louie.

I just really miss my marching band.

This is my mom and pup, Louie, I picked him out of a litter of pups when we first adopted him. He was my pup at first but as time went on he became more of my moms protector than anything else. He followed her everywhere and always tried to make sure no one would ever harm her. You did your job Louie and I love you so much. I miss the heck out of you and I hope you’re happy where ever you are now! 🐺🐾🐾 he was put to sleep today after discovering he had stomach and lung cancer and was suffering a lot of pain. I remember when he was just a puppy…I miss him and I didn’t even get to say goodbye! 😿 #iloveyouLouie