Louie never learned English, but she was fluent in phone. 

This type of sex : Louis smut

This is my first one of This type of sex hope you like it *******


You sat alone in your room, bored. You were missing your boyfriend, Louis, like crazy. He was off on tour and it had been two months since you had seen him in person and the lack of physical contact was beginning to take a toll on you. Suddenly, you phone rang and you saw Louis’s name flash across the screen.

You smiled and picked up the phone, eager to hear his voice. “Hey Louie,” you said into the phone.

“Hey babe,” Louis said,“I miss you so much Y/N.” He sounded tired and sad and it made your heart sting a little, wishing you could be with him right now.

“I miss you too Louie,” you sighed. It was so hard being away from him for so long.

“Babe I’m really horny right now,"Louis whined, "I need you." 

"Louis don’t do this to me,” you sighed, “Don’t try to turn me on when you are thousands of miles away and can’t do anything about it.” Louis laughed a little and you knew he wasn’t playing on stopping soon.

“What are you wearing babe?” he asked and you almost see the smirk on his face.

“My red lace underwear, your favorite,” you played along, knowing it would make Louis happy.

“Fuck Y/N, I’m so hard for you,” Louis whispered into the phone, his deep voice turning you on.

“I wish you could see how wet I am for you Louie,” you said in your sexiest voice.

“That’s it Y/N, get on skype right now I need to see,” Louis commanded you. You loved when Louis took control, there was nothing that turned you on more. You quickly set your phone aside and grabbed your laptop. You logged onto skype, where Louis was waiting to call you. 

“Hey Y/N” Louis whispered when your video chat had finally connected. Only the glow from his laptop illuminated his body. He was only wearing his boxers, which were bulging from his erection. You watched as his eyes looked up and down your nearly clothes-less body, licking his lips.

“Louis I want you so bad,” you whined, causing his lips to curl up into a smirk.

“I want you to do exactly everything I tell you to do okay?” Louis said and you nodded, ready to what ever he wanted. “Good,” he began, “Now I want you to rub yourself through your underwear.

You did as you were told, closing your eyes you reached down and began to rub yourself. “Mmm Louis,” you moaned. You looked to Louiswho was smiling at you with hungry eyes.

"Now Y/N tell me what you’d do to me if we were together,” Louis said, reaching down and messaging his bulge.

“I would put your dick in my mouth, sucking your entire length. Then I’d swirl my tongue over your tip, making you moan my name,” you told him as you continued to touch yourself, getting more turned on every second.

“Fuck Y/N,” Louis groaned, slipping his hand into his boxers and slowly rubbing his shaft. “I want you to take of your bra and use your other hand to message your boobs like I would.” You did as your were told, unhooking your bra and using your free hand to squeeze your boobs. “Mmm babe you are so hot,” Louis moaned, continuing to rub himself.

“Take off those boxers Mikey I wanna see you cum,” you commanded. Louis smiled, obviously loving your confidence. He slid of his boxers, revealing his large erection. “IS that all for me, Louis?” you teased.

“Of course Y/N,” he replied, “Now I want you out of those underwear.” You quickly got yourself out of them, leaving yourself completely naked in front of him. “Good girl,” he began, “I want you pump your finger in and out of yourself and pretend it’s my finger.” You did exactly what he told you, feeling pleasure build up in your stomach.

“Shit Louis, it feels so good,” you moaned. Watching him slide his hand up and down his length, as he let out small moans turned you on even more.

“I know babe,” Louis moaned, picking up his pace.

“I’m so close Louis,” you breathed as the pleasure continued to build up inside you.

“Wait for me Y/N,” Louis told you and so you, but you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold it in. “Okay baby go.” You and Louis both hit your highs together, moaning out each others names, along with a string of curses.

“That was amazing,” you said once you both had caught your breath again

“I can’t believe we’ve done that before,” Louis said, “I should probably go now Y/N, I’ve got to get up early tomorrow.” Louis flashed you a sad puppy dog face.

“Okay, I understand,” you sighed, “I’ll see you soon. Love you Louie.”

“I love you too Y/N,” Louis replied. You said your final goodbyes and then closed your laptop and for the first time since Louis left, you were able to fall asleep with a smile on  your face.

This habit seems to be forming: whenever I’m working on grad school stuff I inevitably start drinking. Although, this time is was her fault, not mine; damn, she can make a fantastic gee&tee. Anyway, it’s beautiful outside, I’m sitting on my porch, I’m wearing my first tank of the season and I can’t keep my eyes off the mountains. 

Not fair : Louis smut

“Y/N, I have to go to the studio.” Louis smirked as he spoke against my neck. I shuddered from the kisses he had previously been leaving all over it. “Ughh,” I groaned, “Not fair babe.” “What’s not fair?” He lifted an eyebrow up at me as I ran my hands down his back. “You can’t just tease me and leave me like this.” “Sorry darling, I have to go,” He chuckled at the frustrated groans leaving my lips. I felt him tug out of my grip before he sat on the edge of our bed to tie his shoes. I sat up from my previous position of laying down on the bed. “You’re the worst,” I pouted, crossing my arms. A laugh rumbled in his chest as I turned away from him. “When I’m back we can do whatever you’d like,” He whispered in my ear before biting it softly. I pushed him away from me. “Just go to the studio.” He laughed. “Okay fine darling. I’ll be back tonight.” “Whatever,” I huffed. Yes, I was being childish. Who cares? The door closed with a click as Louis got in his car. I watched him drive away and sighed realizing that I was going to be alone at the house for hours.

~3 hours later~ I’ve been sitting in the same spot in our bedroom basically since Louie left the house. Thankfully, I grabbed my laptop and had been watching some YouTube videos as well as scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr. As I was looking at some of my mentions on twitter, I noticed a fan had tweeted me a link to tumblr. “@y/t/n You’ve got to see this!” So, naturally, I clicked the link to see what was so important. When the link loaded up on my computer, I found fanfiction. I was a bit confused by why this girl would send me this, but I was also curious, so I began to read. After reading for about 5 minutes, I was a hot mess. Holy shit these fans know how to write this stuff well. I continued to scroll through smut and found one about a phone sex kink. It gave me a bit of an idea… Hmmm, Louis’s gonna regret teasing me this morning.

Louis’s POV:

“Alright mate, that was great!” zayn told me when I was done with the drum track. “Yeah thanks,” I replied as I came out of the recording booth, “I’m gonna go chill for a bit.” “Right, it’s harry’s turn anyway.” I went and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge in the corner of the room. As soon as I sat down on the couch I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I set down my water bottle to answer the phone call. When I looked at the screen, I saw Y/N’s caller ID show up. I smiled and answered the phone. “Hey Y/N,” I chirped. “Hey baby,” she replied. She talked with an odd tone to her voice. “What’s up?” “I miss you Louie.” I smiled at the sweet confession. “I miss you too babe.” “No Louie,” she stated in a breathy tone, “I MISS you.” “What do yo—” “I need you so bad right now.” “Babe—” “Louis, I want you so bad baby. I want you to come home and do whatever I want like you promised.” I looked up and covered the microphone with my hand as I scanned the room. “Hold on babe.” I got up and walked out of the building towards the pool outside. As soon as I was alone, I took my hand off of the phone. “Babe, you can’t be serious right now?” “Louie,” she moaned out. “Fuck,” I replied, “are you touching yourself?” “Oh Louis baby.” “Y/N!” A growl left my throat, “I said ‘are you fucking touching yourself.’” “Maybe,” she whimpered as she (I assumed) continued touching herself, “Louie baby I need you so bad right now. Please come home. I need you in me. I can’t do nearly as good a job as you can. Mmmmm.” “Fuck,” I muttered more to myself than to her, “I’ll, I’ll see what I can do.” She moaned through the phone again and I shuddered from the sound. “Thanks baby. Hurry home.” “Don’t think you’ll be getting off of the hook this easily.” And with that, I ended the phone call. I walked back inside of the studio and quickly went to the restroom. Of course I had a fucking boner. Damn it! When I exited the bathroom I made a dash for my hoodie and put it on. It was just long enough to cover my ‘problem’. When I was sure no one would notice my ‘buddy’, I grabbed my keys and went to the boys. “Hey guys,” I started, “I just got a call from Y/N and she’s not feeling well, so I’m gonna go check on her. Is that okay?” “Yeah dude that’s fine,” Liam answered, “You’re done with the drum track anyway, right?” “Yeah. I’m gonna go ahead then. Can you guys let harry know?” “Course mate. Tell her we hope she feels better,” zayn chimed in. “Alright I will,” I nearly started laughing, “Later lads.” I walked out of the studio towards my car and got in. As soon as I sat down I let out a breath, thank god they didn’t see my boner. I started the car and drove home quickly to my provocative girlfriend.


I was sitting in the bed with my phone next to me just in case Louis called again when out of nowhere the bedroom door slammed open. Louis was standing in the doorway and I could see his chest rising and lowering from his breathing. “Don’t you ever fucking do that again,” he growled as he approached the bed, “Do you know how fucking hard it is to drive with a boner?” I giggled. Louis was now facing me as he stood at the end of the bed. He smirked before quickly grabbing my ankles and pulling me forward. I squealed from the sudden movement. Soon he was knelt in front of me as he dipped his head towards my neck. He sucked and nipped at it before kissing the bruised skin. He chuckled at my excited groans when he talked into my neck. “I told you to wait for me to come home later baby. You’re an impatient girl. Now you’re gonna have to be punished love,” I moaned loudly at the thought. His words made me even hungrier for his attention. “Louis I—” “Uh uh, you will not make a sound unless I say so,” I nodded. “Now, scoot back towards the headboard,” I did as I was told, “Lay on your back.” As I obeyed him he hovered over me and reached down to lift my—his shirt off of my legs. He groaned out loud. “Shit babe, no underwear? Fuck,” he let out a throaty moan as I blushed and shook my head no, “God, what am I gonna do with you?” With that be dipped his head down and delved into my heat. His tongue came in contact with my clit. He rolled it around with his tongue in slow circles, speeding up every couple of seconds. I bit my lip hard trying not to let a sound out of my mouth. Suddenly, his tongue was inside of me licking and sucking. He licked a stripe straight up my heat before pushing his tongue right back in, quickly darting it in and out of me. I reached down and grabbed Louis’s hair, pulling him impossibly closer to my aching core. “Fuck Louie,” I whispered, the pleasure too much for me. All of a sudden I felt him tug away from my grip and (more importantly) my dripping core. “Ah ah ah love,” he scolded me breathily as I whimpered, “I said no noises and that includes talking.” “But baby—” “No,” his voice was husky and his tone gruff, “Stay still, I’ll be right back.” Louis got up and walked out of the room. All I heard was a bit of rummaging around and a few muttered curses from him. When he came back into the room, his hands were behind his back. “Close your eyes.” “Why should—” “I said fucking close your eyes Y/N,” his voice was calm and deep. I nodded my head before closing them. I felt the bed dip and then I felt cool metal around my wrists. My eyes flew open. “What the fu-” The bastard had handcuffed me to the bed, “Louis.” “Stop talking,” With that he rammed his length into me, “Do you like that baby? Huh? Do you like it when I’m rough with you?” His hand came down to toy with my clit as he continued to pound into me. He leaned down and connected his lips to my neck, sucking and biting all over. I could feel the bruises begin to develop. That’s when I felt it, the beginnings of my orgasm. My walls clenched around Louis and he moaned at the feeling. “Fuck baby, do that again.” I could tell his was nearing his orgasm so I clenched a couple more times. “Speak baby.” “Oh fuck Louie, shit,” I cursed, relieved that I could finally talk, “Right there baby.” “Shit shit shit,” he half yelled, half moaned. “God I’m coming Louis,” I groaned as a series of curses left my lips accompanied by his name. “Me too baby, let it go.” And with that we both felt ourselves release. “Louis Louis Louis baby,” I moaned out. “Oh my fucking god.” When we both came down from our highs, Louis rolled over and off of me. “That was—” “Amazing,” he finished for me. “Yeah, maybe I should get you worked up more often,” I giggled. “Haha, no,” he replied, giving me a pointed look, “I’m gonna go back to the studio.” “Noooooo,” I whined. “Yessssss,” he mocked me as he got up and began to redress himself, “Bye baby, thanks for the fun!” He winked before kissing my forehead. “Bye darling,” I sighed as he walked out of the door. Before he closed the door I suddenly remembered something, “Louis! Wait! You forgot to remove the handcuffs!