This habit seems to be forming: whenever I’m working on grad school stuff I inevitably start drinking. Although, this time is was her fault, not mine; damn, she can make a fantastic gee&tee. Anyway, it’s beautiful outside, I’m sitting on my porch, I’m wearing my first tank of the season and I can’t keep my eyes off the mountains. 

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Do you have a list of good Louie/Larry blogs to follow?

ahhh i’m probably not the best one to ask but here goes :))

@larrystopinson @lovelyprincelou @loufondue @louisismighty @loumyprince @aimhtweet @cuppateatommo @louisbebo @louismvp @andlouisisthesun @daggeremoji @outer-space-louis @lovinghalo @jointhelarrycult @larriefaerie @littlelilaclou @loueyy @madein-theam @mysunlouis @softloueh @tomnlinsuns @wellingtontat @zouisandchill 

most of these are my friends but some of them are just blogs i rlly like :)))

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This is my old dog Louie. Found out today he has prostate cancer and It has spread to his lungs. Vet said to keep him comfy. Louie has a few weeks to a month. I’m gonna miss his smile and his groaning and his snoring well I’m gonna miss everything. He made it to 16! I love you Louie xoxo

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