Oikawa sighs and closes his laptop, flinging himself down across the couch and on top of Hanamaki’s lap. “Can’t they be more sensitive? They make it seem like I’m some kind of monster. ‘Strikes again?’ Really? It’s not like I do it purposely.”

Hanamaki pats his head placatingly, running his fingers through Oikawa’s soft hair when the man begins to whine. “You’re right. They’re missing out on all your good points,”

Oikawa waits for his best friend of 10 years, manager of 8 years, to continue but Hanamaki just turns his face away and avoids the topic. Oikawa sits up with an indignant groan, “This is where you stroke my ego!”

Hanamaki nods seriously, “Sorry, I got distracted because I was thinking about how well you did in the interview announcing your break up and how soft your hair is and how you just have so many good points even though you are kind of a serial dater and have dated 7/10 of your costars only to realize you didn’t actually like them-”

“You’re hurting my feelings, that is the exact opposite of what I asked you to do-” Oikawa begins to whine even harder and Hanamaki gives him a lopsided grin, patting his shoulder.

“I’m joking.” Hanamaki stands up with a groan. “I know you genuinely liked them. All your exes only have good things to say about you and you always end on good terms. That’s the reason your rep hasn’t suffered.”

That and because his management buys out any negative press. Not to mention Hanamaki has a sharp tongue and an uncanny ability to stop Oikawa from saying the many stupid things that would no doubt ruin his “sweet boy next door” image.

“Why are you here anyway?” Oikawa asks, shoving his face into his pillow. “It’s your day off. It’s my day off.”

Hanamaki scoffs, “I just want to spend time with my dear friend-”

“You lie-”

“And also beg him to accept a role in a film even though he said he wanted to take a break-”

“My break hasn’t even started yet and you’re already asking me to do another job-”

“Iwaizumi Hajime.” Hanamaki whips out the name with a knowing grin, reaching into his back pocket to pull out a manuscript. There’s a crumpled dollar, a bribe from Hanamaki, stapled to the front and he tosses it to Oikawa.

“I’m in.” Oikawa says without missing a beat. Oikawa has been constantly compared to Iwaizumi Hajime since the moment he emerged in the movie industry. They’re the same age, got casted into major roles around the same time and generally rose to the top of the industry in a similar manner, all without meeting one another.

Oikawa’s first role was a romcom that branded him as the “refreshing boy next door” while Iwaizumi’s first role was more of the “boy next door who would probably bash your head in with a baseball bat but make you fall in love with him at the same time.” They both continued in their respective directions and genres and never got a chance to meet face to face, despite their names always appearing together in headlines and tabloids.

“What’s in it for you though?” Oikawa raises an eyebrow. “You seem particularly invested.”

“I resent that. I’m your manager, I just want to see you succeed.” Hanamaki scoffs, defensive. “And also because I met Iwaizumi-sans manager while picking up the manuscript and I want him to touch me.”

“Are you- are you using me to get laid?” Oikawa asks incredulously.

“Yes.” Hanamaki says without remorse. “Please.”

Nate ran as quickly as he could out of the lobby, shuffling all his papers and lab reports in his hands. “Shit, look out!” Nate fell to the ground, papers flying through the air. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “You came out of nowhere. I… I’m so sorry.”

It wasn’t until Misael returned to Barian World that he noticed his hair clip was missing. “Dang it, I must’ve lost it in Kita’s lawn when I returned her…” He muttered to himself as he brushed his fingers through his hair. Without that piece, it was impossible to communicate long distance with his fellow Barians. But, now that it was lost in Kita’s lawn, if she found it, she would be able to talk to anyone in Barian World. “Maybe I can somehow tell her I need it back…” He sighed as he returned to his temple. But, more pressing issues were waiting as he saw Nasch seated on the steps outside the temple.

“I’m losing you,” she said,

He sighs, “Of course you’re not.”

But she could tell by the way he didn’t twirl his fingers around her hair anymore while she led on his chest. How he stopped calling her at 3am just to tell her he missed her. How he started forgetting to send her good morning messages. She had noticed all the little things he used to do to make her happy, he stopped doing them a long time ago. Truth is, she lost him a long time ago.

—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write

(Steve’s POV)

It didn’t take Steve long to notice that his shield was missing. He had searched his bedroom, the lounge, the training rooms, everywhere but it was no where to be seen. 

“Tony, I’m really sick of your pranks. Where did you put my shield?”

“Sorry to disappoint, spangles,” Tony spoke as he worked on something in the lab with Banner, “but I didn’t touch your frisbee.” 

Steve sighed and ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “Dr. Banner?”

Before Bruce could respond Clint walked into the lab, “The last time I saw your shield, Y/N was taking it outside.” 

“Why would Y/N have it?” 

“Your guess is as good as mine.” 

Without another word Steve left the lab and made his way out of the tower in search of you, but you were no where to be found. When he decided to look for you in the tower he spotted Natasha. 

“Natasha, have you seen Y/N?”

“Yeah, Y/N and I were just outside.”

“I already looked out there.” 

“Have you tried the big hill down the block?”

Steve furrowed his brows in confusion before turning to walk back out the building. Sure enough as he walked down the street he began to hear your screams as well as Wanda’s. Steve quickly picked up his pace, in fear that you were hurt, but instead he caught you sliding down a hill of snow on his shield. 

You slid down the hill and stopped directly in front of Steve who gave you a disapproving look. You looked up at him with innocent eyes and huge grin, “What? It makes a good sled.” 

Steve just nods his head, a small smile threatening to appear. “I know, I’m just mad I didn’t get the first ride. 

False positive

Luffyko was feeling queasy and sick for the second day now, and had her head in Namizou’s lap. “I’m sorry Namizou. I don’t know why I’m so sick” she groans holding her stomach. “You owe me” mutters Namizou sulking a bit that he missed the sale at the department store cause Lu had fallen sick. He sighs and runs his fingers through her hair “What the hell did you eat to get you so sick?” He asked and all he gets in reply is a groan. He sighs and keeps playing with her hair before she gets up suddenly and runs to the bathroom to puke. He sighs getting up to check up on her “Are you sure you aren’t pregnant? Do you guys even wear condoms” Luffyko shook her head no before throwing up her breakfast.

Namizou stared at her in shock “You’re joking right?” Luffyko shook her head no, not wanting to speak. “Je-I’ll be back soon” Namizou wasn’t gone long and when he was back he had a pregnancy test in his hand. He hands it to Lu who was on the bathroom floor groaning. “Lu take the test and find out if you’re pregnant” she groans but gets up “there isn’t a way I could be pregnant” she mutters before making Namizou leave so she could take the test. She stared at herself in the mirror after the test. I’m pregnant she thinks. The test had shown her that she really was pregnant. She pales “oh no, my bros are going to kill me” she cries.

Namizou had to leave soon and he made Lu promise to tell Lucci as soon as possible. She twiddled at her phone and knew he was at school, but this was probably the lunch hour so she decides to call him. She presses his number into her cellphone and calls him.

Unexpected 5

“Aren’t we too old to be playing drinking games?” Jin asked, mindlessly playing with a strand of Jungkook’s hair.

“You’re the only old one here -ah!” Jungkook winced and rubbed the area Jin had slapped.

“You bastard.” Jin glared before staring down at his nails.

“Well we usually harrass Y/N but ever since Yoongi pissed her off she hasn’t been taking any phone calls.” Taehyung said, looking like a sad puppy.

“I miss her.” Jimin sighed, hugging a pillow to his chest, “How long has it been? A week? Two weeks?”

“It’s literally been a day.” Namjoon deadpanned, not even glancing up from his book.

“Were you guys always this irritating?” Yoongi asked, scratching his head in frustration.

“Don’t take your bad mood out on us just because Y/N is giving you the silent treatment.” Jimin laughed, “We’re used to getting ignored but hyung is a useless baby that can’t function without her.”

“I thought we were playing a game.” Yoongi glared.
“Pizza’s here!” Hoseok called, slamming the door shut with his boot.

“What took you so long?” Tae whined.

“The name of this game is ‘never have I ever-’”

“We’ve literally all played this game before, Jimin. I don’t think that’s necessary.” Jin rolled his eyes.

“Can I finish?” Jimin glared, “Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, the way it works is we each take turns saying ‘never have I ever….’ and if something you’ve done is named during the game you take a shot. Understood? First one to get drunk loses.”

“Got it.” Taehyung nodded.

“I’ll go first!” Hoseok volunteered before clearing his throat, “Never have I ever watched porn with someone else.”

Namjoon knocked one back and looked up lazily at the room full of people staring at him, “What?”

Yoongi took a shot, coughing as the liquid burned it’s way down his throat. Jimin pushed his shoulder, “No way.”

“It was once. It was an accident,” Yoongi began.

“Is there anything you guys haven’t done together?” Taehyung asked, mouth agape. Hoseok stared at Yoongi who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. He knew that when you said you had nothing more than platonic feelings for Yoongi you meant it. But did that mean the same for Yoongi? And why did he care? Why was he thinking about this? Why did he have the sudden urge to throw his shot glass at Yoongi’s stupid face? 
“I’ve never peed with her in the bathroom before.” Yoongi shrugged.

“Yes you did.” Jin chimed in, “That one time at the-”

“Shut up.” Yoongi muttered while all the boys laughed at his expense. All except Hoseok.

“My turn!” Taehyung clapped, “Never have I ever…. fantasized about someone in this room.”

Jimin sent a smirk Jungkooks way before taking a shot. Jungkook shot up in an instant, throwing the nearest pillow at a gigging Jimin.

“Never have I ever….” Jimin looked up, tapping a finger to his chin, deep in thought, “Never have I ever masturbated at someone else’s house!”

Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon all took shots.

“You have to say where!” Jimin exclaimed.

“…. Y/N’s house…” they said in unison. The three paused and looked at each other.

“Ew, together?” Jin shouted out.

“No!” they exclaimed before shooting each other disgusted looks.

“When did you masturbate there?” Yoongi asked Hoseok, glaring. Hoseok narrowed his eyes right back at him before he realized what he was doing and cleared his throat. He didn’t have a right to be mad. Yoongi was your best friend on the other hand, he had every right to be protective of you. 

“That night we went over for a bbq.” Hoseok said, rubbing the back of his neck, “I took nudes in her bathroom and sent them to this girl I was talking to… and it’s not like I could send nudes when I was soft.. and then I figured since I had already started-”

“Gross. Stop.” Namjoon said, shoving his roomate away from him.

“Oh yeah? How about you, huh?” Hoseok shot back, shoving Namjoon’s shoulder.

“She picked me up from the airport once and I crashed at her house but I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. Rubbing one out usually does the trick.” Namjoon shrugged.

“You’re all so dirty.” Tae said in disgust, “My poor friend is being corrupted by-”

“Anyway… I’ve got something more interesting,” Jin said, “Never have I ever masturbated thinking about Y/N.”

Every boy in the room glanced away guiltily before lifting a shot glass to their lips.

“You perverts! I’m telling on all of you!” Tae squealed.

“You drank too, you idiot.” Yoongi rolled his eyes. Tae opened his mouth indignantly before snapping it shut and looking the other way. Yoongi stood up to exit the room before turning around and pointing a wobbly finger, “We never speak of this night.”


As promised!! This chapter was a bit of a filler but I’m plotting on how to develop their relationship a bit more lol give me time. Taking all of ur suggestions for the jimin and or jaebum fic!!! thank u all for ur support :=) 

-admin s

Bleeding Love

Yixing X Reader

Genre: Idk tbh 

Words: 1.2K

A/n: Theres a part two dont worry 

Originally posted by parkchny

“I miss you.” I spoke to him as watched him fix his hair through the screen.

“I miss you too.” He said looking away from the mirror that was in front of him to glance at me for a moment.

I drew a long sigh as I saw his reaction as if it barely fazed him. He’s been on tour now for 3 months and we’ve barely had any communication due to scheduling issues. I watched helplessly in love with him as he combing a brush through his hair. He seemed to notice the silence that grew between us as he looked at me and gave me a smile.

My head rested on my hand as I sleepily looked at him. I sat on my bed with my laptop in front of me making use of a stand for my phone. I sat there in my pajamas, staring at the small screen. I glanced at the small clock that sat on the bedside table only to take note that it was 3:47 AM. I had stayed up waiting for his call since this was the only amount of free time he’s had in the past two days.

“Y/N, If you’re tired you can do to sleep love.” He spoke softly as he rested this head on top of his arm staring at me.

“I’m fine.” I lazily spoke back to him hoping my voice didn’t show how tired I actually was.

He stared at me through the screen bout to say something when loud noises seemed to fill the room he was in. He looked back and inwardly sighed as the commotion came closer. Baekhyun didn’t take long to pop out from behind Yixing and shout to the others I was on the Phone with him. They soon all crowded around the phone.

“I miss you Y/N!” Baekhyun and Chanyeol yelled into the phone together.

“I miss you guys too.” I said as I let out a small laugh at their excitement.

“Calm your tits save the energy for the performance.” Chen annoyedly said as he smacked the baekyeol couple on the head.

“Practice starts is 15 minutes guys.” Suho said as he walked into the room.

“Alright.” Lay called as he sighed again.

“I guess you should go.” I choked out not wanting him to leave knowing I wouldn’t see him for another few days.

“I probably should.” He looked at me sincerely as my 3am feelings started to pour out.

“Is Y/n crying? No we love you don’t cry.” Baekhyun’s voice was heard in the background.

“I love you.” I spoke as my voice was raspy as I couldn’t look up into the camera to face yixing’s eyes.

“I love you too baby girl.” He spoke as end hesitantly ended the call.

I got up to grab a tissue wiping my eyes of any excess tears that seemed to be running down my tears why my phone vibrated.


Hey baby I want you to remember that I love you and I don’t want you to be sad, I’ll be back soon. Goodnight, get some rest i’ll talk to you when I have chance.

You simply smiled and slipped in bed, emotions running through you that you seemed to ignore as you fell asleep.


“Y/N” You’re name was called as you looked at a tired looking Yixing.

His hair fell over his forehead as it was still wet seeing how he must of just gotten out of the shower. His shoulders were broad and clothless meaning he wasn’t wearing a shirt as he laid under the covers. His head was propped up on a pillow, as he held his phone in his hand.

“You look tired, why did you agree to facetime if you’re exhausted?” I questioned him.

“Because I miss you.” He spoke out as his eyes drooped.

“Do you ever think this wasn’t meant to work out?” I asked him making his eyes shoot open.

“What?” He said as he sat up in his bed.

“Don’t you get tired of it all? The long distance?” I questioned him.

Even though we sent ‘Good Morning’ and Good Night” texts every day the little communication, between us was torture. Three years of dating was mostly away from each other. I hated going out with friends and watching them with their boyfriends and me not being able to have Yixing around.

“Y/N no you can’t give up on us.” Yixing pleaded

“It was just a thought.” I trailed off feeling bad for bringing up the topic.

“Listen we gotta talk about this.” He said as Xiumin appeared in the corner keeping quiet as he just came out of the shower.

“Listen Yixing I have to go.” I said as I didn’t want to continue the conversation with Xiumin in the room.

“No we have to-”

“Good Night Yixing.” I spoke.

“I love you.” He whispered softly before I hung up.

“I love you too.” I whispered only realizing it was too late and he couldn’t hear me.


Can we talk about this tomorrow?


Yixing I said it was just a thought


Great we’ll discuss this tomorrow Goodnight love.

A steaming cup of coffee.

A delicate, pale hand grasps its handle and brings it to a thirsty mouth that promptly sips from its dark depths.

Black eyes scan the words on an oddly colored book, its pages worn from constant attention.

Black nails scratch at the boy’s pale cheek. His eye brows furrow in contemplation.

A shift of weight causes him slight alarm. Blue hair falls upon long eyelashes, a sigh is released from two beautiful lips.

He readjusts to accommodate the other. The head in his lap remains limp.

He sighs with a smile and returns to his book.

poetry and art by me :3c

OKAY BUT its the morning of the day he’s going to cut his hair.  And you’ve both just woken up.  You’re laying beside one another, just smiling and sharing sleepy kisses and not really saying a whole lot of anything.  There’s just an overall feeling of warmth and comfort and happiness, even though you’re both still so sleepy and you keep letting your eyes close for just a bit longer.

You start running your hands through his long hair, and he sighs.  “Going to miss this feeling, baby,” he says, a sleepy smile spreading from cheek to cheek. 

You let out a small yawn.  “Going to miss playing with your hair,” you say, picking up a loose curl and twirling it in your fingers.

He giggles, watching you while your eyes travel all over his sweet face.  “S’just hair.  It’s going to grow back.”

“I know.  But it’s going to take a while.”

He laughs, taking your hand that’s running through his hair and kissing your palm.  “You’re only with me for my hair, aren’t ya, y’little shit?”

You giggle.  “Nooo, but it certainly does help,” you tease.

He rolls his eyes, and rolls over slowly so he’s on top of you.  He takes your hips in his hands and presses slow, sleepy kisses all over your face and down your neck. He doesn’t bother pulling his hair back like he normally does, instead he lets it curtain his face so the ends drag slowly across your skin.  With his lips, he makes his way slowly down your body, thankful that you’d elected to sleep in only a t-shirt and panties last night.  

With warm, wet, and slow kisses to your hips, he lowers your panties.  He’s about to go down on you, and you expect him to pull his hair up in a bun as usual.  But instead, he looks up at you from under his lashes and grins.  “I know you love the way my hair feels against your thighs.  And…” He presses a kiss to your inner thigh before continuing.  “You know I love when you tug at my hair when I’m making that pretty little pussy feel fucking incredible.”  He squeezes lightly at your hips. “So lets have one last go ‘round.”  He kisses your thigh one last time with a smile.  “Shall we?”

Car Sex (Sam Winchester X Fem!Reader)

Car Sex: Sam Winchester Smutt!!!

Summary: Sammy entertains you while you both wait for Dean.

Word Count: 765

Warnings: Sexual content, sex, heavy petting.

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Young and free {8th Doctor/Fitz}

The Doctor had been ejected from the tardis so she could fix her current predicament. She was temporally unstable inside and as a result the Doctors body had regressed. He sighed as he stood in lose baggy clothes the only things that fit him. He looked like a teenager or close enough to 20 as he could. He walked away from the tardis by some apartment buildings and as he was walking some others noticed him. He missed his long hair and his other clothes.

He suddenly noticed a group had formed around him and he looked up. “Uhm….can I help you?” he asked his voice that tiny but higher pitched “I was just walking…” he smiled. Without warning they surged on him in an attempt to get money off him or something valuable.

(reference image: #)

Truly Yours

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Cas
Words: 1265
Requested by Anonymous: Ok so could you do something like y/n was with Dean but then he cheated and she goes to Sam bc he’s her best friend and then later Cas tells Sam that they’re soul mates and he goes and tells her and basically he’s loved her his entire life (she was taken in by them when she was younger) and then a lot of fluff? You can have Dean react however you want I just thought the Sam thing would be cute 

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

          When you walked into the diner, you spotted him right away. You had missed his long hair, sweet eyes, and adorable smile. You had missed how tall he was and how big his hands were. You missed him.

           He looked up and smiled, standing up from his booth, “Hey, Y/N,” he held his arms open to you.

           You stepped into his embrace and sighed happily, “Hi, Sammy,” you smiled, hugging him around his waist.

           “I’ve missed you,” he said.

           You looked up at him, “I’ve missed you too,” you said. You didn’t want to bring it up right away, but you knew it would be on your mind, so it had to be done, “Does he know you’re here?”

           Sam nodded, “Yeah. He saw our text messages. He found out.”

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➸ hair stylist/make up artist and actor/model AU

Clint sighed, the brush twirling carelessly between his fingers. Most of the time he liked his job, he really did. Being the makeup artist on sets of actors and models, making them gorgeous enough to be worshiped, flirting casually with some of the biggest names in society, definitely had its perks.

Today, though… Today was the special kind of hell that made him question if the others had been a hallucination. He’d been hired out for a men’s fashion magazine shoot. Men were even more particular about their makeup, because unlike women who were going for a certain look or effect, men wanted all the benefits of makeup without actually looking like they were wearing any at all. Today there had been a steady stream of haughty men who had either not spoken a word to him, or done so only to tell him what a terrible job he was doing.

And the very last model he was supposed to work on before he could get paid, pack up, and go home, was late.

Of course.

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Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Warning: Contains explicit content. 

I was kneeling in front of him as he towered over me with that smug, dirty grin that had my core burning and aching. I loved him when he tied his gorgeous long hair in a tight but messy bun. It made him look so dominant in a more stern way. I looked up to his face and studied his perfect features closely, his jaw was set tight and his huge, insanely blue eyes stared right back at me. “Look at you being such a good little whore. How bad do you want it, huh? Tell me.” I swallowed against my dry throat and tried to ignore the shiver his husky voice sent down my spine. “I want it so badly, Sir.” He snickered deeply at my whimpered words and his hand slowly wandered to my face, his long, delicate fingers brushed the hair out of my face. His thumb swiped across my bottom lip and I hungrily tried to get any part of his body into my mouth. Once again a deep laugh left his throat and he shook his head at me. “Tsk tsk tsk. You want me to fill that greedy little mouth?” Once again I had to clench my thighs and damned him for having this effect on me. “Yes please. I’m begging you, Jared.” With puppy eyes I looked up at him and opened my mouth, ready to take anything he was willing to give me. “Oh look who can behave for once.” He smirked like the asshole he was and in my head I clapped like a child cause I knew that he couldn’t resist my willing mouth.

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Preference #5: Visiting Him On Tour. (Surprise)

A/N: As usual I suck at writing but hey, I like doing it just leave replies so I know if to carry on doing this or what thanks:)

Requested: Si

Word Count: 453

Michael: “Miss me?” You’d whisper, pecking Michael’s cheek, his facial expression showed nothing but shock and happiness. “Y/N you’re here?” He smiled, picking you up, you’re legs enclosing around his lower waist. “Surprise!” You cheered, pulling him in as close as possible. Michael couldn’t believe that you came all the way from England just to be here with him. He sighed, brushing his hair back with his hand, “I’ve missed you so much,” Michael muttered, smashing his lips onto your’s.

Calum: started jumping about, as soon as he seen you walk through the hotel doors, his biceps flexing as squeezed you. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to see you face to face again, please dont ever stay away from me for that long, you almost killed me Y/N,” His mouth was pressed against you forehead, grinning like a little child. “I won’t ever go six months without you again,” You replied, gazing up to look him in his brown marbled eyes. “I swear,”

Luke: It was boiling outside in LA, everything that was touched would felt like you where getting a severe burn. Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum where somewhere in this street. Ashton was the only one that knew about your surprise visit, texting you their location and telling you that it wasn’t crowed by fans. You spotted the group of childish boys sitting outside at a picnic table, messing about by throwing straws and there wrappers. You jogged over taking a seat next between Calum and Michael, smirking, “Hey guys, It’s been three months since I’ve seen you. Talk about long time no see.” Luke’s face broke out in a wide smile, pushing out his chair with his thighs. “When did you get here? I thought you weren’t visiting for another month? I don’t even care you here now, give me some kisses baby!” He rambled, nearly climbing over the table just to get you beside him.

Ashton: washed all of the remaining shampoo and conditioner from his curly hair. You prevented yourself from laughing, known that Ashton had no idea that you where visiting him on tour. His head was hung low, the fog misting up the shower glass, so you could only see a faint shadow of him. You clothes and his where scattered on the sleek tiles. You stepped inside, Ashton twisting around with a scared look plastered on his face. “What the hell Y/N how did you get in?” Ashton beamed, the petrified look disappearing. “I got a spare room key, do you know how much I’ve missed you?” You murmured, going on your tiptoes to kiss him. “Not us much as I missed you,” He giggled, dragging you under the shower head with him.