@heroexxs added a fluff one for good measure lol

“Day!” she laughed, launching herself into his arms as he opened up the door, hugging him tight and not planning on letting go any time soon.  “I missed you so much- Dad says hi, he misses you too.” she giggled a little, moving to press her lips to his in a long-overdue mess of a kiss, fingers tangling in the boy’s hair without care, “Oh my god I love you so much.  Next time I want you to come with me please?  As much as I love being home, it’s not the same without you.” she sighed, resting her forehead against his, unable to help but to press another searing kiss to his lips yet again.  “Now I say we go have a ‘Welcome back, I missed you’ makeout session in your bed and maybe I’ll let you touched my boobs a little.” she laughed with a wink, honestly not able to help how much she was smiling considering how much she missed him.