Concept: Black market baby trade of Pearlcatchers, within Pearlcatcher culture, where a poor couple might sell their offspring to a higher-class Pearlcatcher who, through some tragedy, lost their own child young. The purchased child has their pearl taken away, and replaced with the dead child’s pearl. For all intents and purposes, it is understood that this child is now the deceased- they are called by the dead child’s name, treated with the same favor as the dead child, and expected to act accordingly. Their own pearl is usually buried with the dead offspring- in essence, a life is traded for a life.

saw my mom (and sister and brother) for the last time before we leave korea. it still kinda shocks me to see how much i look like her, even our tired eyes 🙈 after us finding her and getting to build a relationship for 3 years, i think she is sad at the prospect of “losing” us again. she is sometimes pretty emotionally closed-off, as you might imagine one might be if they lost their two babies after two years of raising them - and that by the hand of her own mother. but since i told her we are moving back to the states, she will tell me sometimes out of the blue (as she did again last night), “you know your omma is not very expressive but you know that the two of you have always been in my heart. you know that i love you, be sure to message me as soon as you get to the states.” which kind of breaks my heart. i want to tell her that even if i’m far away, she’s always in my heart too, but i guess i resemble her right down to the inability to express my emotions 😭

not-a-illuminati-spy  asked:

What team would Sollux pick if he played Pokemon Go?

Oooooo…. that’s a tough one.

I think we’d have to make a few observations about some of the other trolls first, just to get a baseline. For instance, I would fancy Tavros to be an Instinct player, whereas Karkat would definitely be Valor, and Vriska would be Mystic.

Equius would seriously consider Mystic because blue, but his personality traits lean heavily on Valor. Gamzee is most definitely Instinct. Terezi would have to choose between either being with Karkat on Valor or Vriska on Mystic. 

Aradia before her… incident… would probably be Valor because of her outward display of her feelings and not being afraid to act on them. But I could see an argument for Mystic if she chose after her incident. But then again, she might have just stopped playing after her incident.

Which brings me to Sollux. His vision twofold is red and blue, but his blood (presumptively) is a yellowish color. I honestly don’t think he’s light-hearted enough to be on Instinct, and he doesn’t try and build the network in the Veil out of any goodness in his heart–it’s more of a, “alright let’s hurry up and do the thing as quickly as possible, I can’t believe I’m the only one who is stuck doing this” kind of thing. 

I think, if we want to be really true to character, he’d probably either get frustrated with Pokemon Go and stop playing before getting to level 5, he’d never go to a gym to pick, or he’d have multiple accounts for each team so he wouldn’t have to worry about just picking one. But I think, after Aradia’s incident, he’d start over and play on her team, even after she stopped playing because of her losing interest. 

So, that was a bit long-winded, but I’d guess Sollux would play Valor.

When will I get over it #FuruhataNao 2016-10-23

Good evening,
I am Team K2’s Furuhata Nao.

-Comment Replies-
A lot of people
Said that they like seeing
Me play on the saxophone
And that makes me happy.

The Sax World magazine’s survey,
Opinions, photo lottery submission,
And video playback…

All of these are important
And might lead to more jobs,
So please do try them out

Today there will be a live broadcast
Of “Radirer! Sunday” and
I might not be able to update my Ameblog
So I will write it now

I will update again if I can


Today I went to the beauty salon…

But it appears it’s still
Hard for me. (lol)

I wonder why
It makes me nervous

I wouldn’t be able to go
If I wasn’t driven by the sense of mission
To apply hair extensions
Because I don’t like my hair short.

No matter how many times I go
(although I don’t go that often)
I can never get use to it.

I get so nervous and feel like
It’s a place where I don’t fit in (lol)

I think I’ve gotten nervous about it
Since I was a child

I hope I will be able to get used to
Beauty salons someday…

Ah! But it was lovely
To talk and have my hair
Treated thorougly(*´-`)

Please listen to
“Radirer! Sunday"☆ミ
From 21:05~
(It will start later if
The baseball live commentary is extended!)

Thank you for reading my ameblog,
Giving me a thumbs up,
And writing me comments.

You did well today too.

Nao #851

magnus and raphael’s first interaction in the show should be like them seeing each other in public somewhere with some of the others around and them looking at each other super disapprovingly and the first thing magnus says is “that jacket might just be the ugliest thing i’ve ever laid my eyes on, santiago” and raphael is like “heard you crashed a shadowhunter wedding. did life get a little boring again, bane?” and they say each other’s names like they’re curse words and everyone like gets ready to step in…..

and then they both just start grinning and magnus pulls raph in for a hug and raphael rolls his eyes but lets him and it’s obvious he’s trying not to smile as fondly as he does and everyone just stands there like wtf just happened

I just watched Captain America: the First Avenger with my 70something yr old parents

And they asked me what happens in Cap 2, if Steve ever sees Peggy again.

I told them he does, but she’s very old, so they can’t be together. But then he sort of flirts with Peggy’s great-niece, which is kind of weird, though not too weird, since he never actually had sex with Peggy. I said it seemed like they might turn into a thing in a later film.

My parents’ response: ‘Sex with Peggy? Isn’t Captain America gay?’

I shit you not, they both thought Steve was in love with Bucky the entire movie and that this was some kind of gay love story.

When straight people who were born during WWII think they are watching a gay film, the filmmakers have crossed over the line from queer subtext into actual text.


IX  ◦  X  ◦  XI  ◦  XII


+ I need u , prologue and VCR’s 

Omg you guys?!  suddenly the whole concept with these mv’s hit me! 
You know how the butterfly is very prominent in both mv’s and prologue? everyone has been assuming that its because of the song butterfly. 

I’ve been thinking that the I need you and prologue might bee going on a parallel lines concept. The both of the videos contain a possible outcome of a situation.  Like in I need u and the prologue you can see them being happy and everything is fine , but then in other clips they are very sad. these are parallel lines. In the one situation no one killed themselves , resulting in no one being sad. In the other parallel line they commit suicide , and jin is the only one remaining,  and somehow he can se that parallel line via the video camera. 

this is also taken up again in the Vcr shown at the concert , where they are taking pictures together but in the end it only shows jin. so in the one parallel story they are together but in the other jin is alone. get it ? 

how does the run mv fit into this? it’s quite confusing , the video isn’t it ? well Just now it hit me… and it hit me hard.. the whole reason why the butterfly is prominent in all videos.  

The butterfly effect! 
The theory that a single occurrence , no matter how small it might be , can change the course of  the universe.  Or simpler put , that a small change can have a major impact somewhere else. 

Everything makes sense now , in the run mv’ it shows the butterfly effect of what happened in the parallel world when they didn’t commit suicide it created a large butterfly effect that results in them breaking apart. 

instead of dying j-hope gets rescued and gets hospitalized , you can see him in a wheel chair and even in a hospital / mental ward room with an iv. 

Jung kook doesn’t get hit by the car as he did in the mv , but he an suga has a fight. which leaves him alone , all the others gone. 
Tae jumps but he survives it , but in the end he and namjoon gets arrested.  

This is also why the cards fall down and the mirror gets smashed , its because the butterfly effect creates a rift and everything comes crashing down. 

so in the end every member survives in this parallel world but the butterfly effect then ends in them all being broken apart , left alone. 

I’m not certain of this but I think Jin is the one that might have started the butterfly effect too , because ha can see how the effect is happening , he can see the disastrous effect his actions to save them all from dying is having. 

(**update** - guys the lyrics of butterfly even mentions the butterfly effect, coincidence ? ) 

AP Exam Tips


  • Take a ton of practice tests to see what you remember and see what you got wrong
  • Study what you got wrong (look at your notes, crash course videos, online study guides, etc.) (I’m too tired right now to link study materials for you all, sorry, but you can find them, they’re not that hard)
  • Take more practice tests to see if you finally absorbed that information
  • ****take different practice tests just so you don’t get the right answer because the question looked familiar, that helps no one and it just tests how well you remember that specific question, NOT the information
  • If you still got things wrong, study them
  • Take more practice tests
  • Once you’re thinking “oh yeah, I have a good grasp of this,” then go back at some of the questions that you did get right and see if you got them right by chance (like you just randomly picked the right answer and hoped that it was the right one, because chances are, you might not get lucky again on the actual exam)
  • Ways to test to see if you have a good grasp on information:
  • ****try and explain the information to someone (a friend who’s willing (for some reason), a pet, a stuffed animal, etc.) 
    ****weird method I use is a connection map: write down 2 terms, events, etc., then from one of those terms, write down things you can connect to it, explain the connections, and eventually tie it to the second term you put down. This works for exams like history and psych especially. An example (from AP Psych because that’s what I have to study) in which I connect groupthink to PTSD:
  • Groupthink is when we have a tendency to seek concurrence among group members, or form similar attitudes and beliefs based on the whole group. This often leads to people wanting to conform more to the group’s expectations (or what they think those expectations are) so that they are a part of the “in-group.” People often recognize social distance when they are part of an in-group and can distinguish themselves from an out-group, which leads to a whole lotta prejudice, or negative attitude(s) toward and individual based solely on one’s membership in a particular group. Prejudice often leads to violence against another group. Such violence is a major stressor on individuals who are being attacked. If the even is traumatic enough, a person may never really get over the event. A person could develop PTSD, a delayed stress reaction in which an individual involuntarily re-experiences emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of past trauma in the form of flashbacks (common traumas that lead to this include: death, injury, natural disaster, rape, etc.).
  • Practice FRQs because those are more recall than recognition and will help your memory get used to recalling things (just bullet ideas, though, don’t waste your time with paragraphs because:
  •  a) some scorers really don’t care if your paragraphs are the epitome of good writing (e.g. AP Psych), 
  • b) some of them don’t even involve writing (e.g. AP Calculus), 
  • c) content is more important than fluff, and you can worry about your writing style later ) 
  • Study things you still don’t get
  • Take more practice tests
  • Repeat until you make practice tests your master (and eventually FRQs)
  • If you have to speak during your exam, practice speaking. Just get used to it and fine-tune your pronunciation (mainly advice for foreign languages)


  • If you are overextending yourself, stop studying and take a break, you don’t deserve to be so stressed.
  • Remember to eat, drink, etc.
  • Go to bed at a good time 
  • ****use this here thing to calculate when to go to bed based on when you’re supposed to wake up


  • On the morning of the test do whatever you can to make you feel better, even if it means:
  • ****wearing a lucky shirt or any other superstition that might help you
  • ****reminding yourself that this is just a test and that college board is evil
  • ****just saying good things about yourself like “damn I am the best-looking test-taker in this entire room!” or about the situation “hey I get to get out of class to do this!”
  • Because if you feel like you’re gonna do well, you’ll do better than if you think that you’re going to fail. 
  • Read every question because ap tests like to mess with you and give you confusingly worded questions. Do not be fooled, you are better than that.

AND AFTER THE TEST (if you can):

  • Celebrate with a milkshake or whatever (I did that for my AP Euro exam two years ago and it was probably the best decision ever, but you do whatever makes you happy)
  • Take a nap, naps are great (especially if you’re the type of person that gets REALLY tense during the actual exam and gets really tired afterwards no matter how challenging the test was)
  • Just do at least one nice thing for yourself if you can, even if it’s something small like looking at a cat video on youtube


  • Study, try not to overextend yourself as usual, and head to bed earlier
  • ****or calculate when you should go to bed again 
  • Use the same or similar methods depending on the importance and/or ease of the exam (like if one subject is really kicking your ass, study for that one over the one you’re pretty okay with)

Good luck!



I’m extremely happy to present the finished video for the #GMM1000 Fan Project! I completed it sooner than expected but that gave me the opportunity to send it over to the Crew privately weeks ahead so that the guys would have time to watch it (which I hope they do!). So I said: ‘Why not show it to everyone if it’s done?”

I hope you enjoy it! It’s far from perfect in terms of editing but hopefully all the love and beautiful messages from all these amazing Mythical Beasts will make up for it, I promise!

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who sent entries or expressed their support <3

170 Mythical Beasts from 24 different countries put together in one video to say “thank you” to both Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal for making us laugh and smile when we most need to!

[Read the video description for more details and use headphones for a better sound experience :)]

IMPORTANT: Just a reminder that this video will NOT be featured on the 1000th episode, as the Crew’s already preparing to do their own official compilation as of last Friday, but they told me to send it over to them anyway! You guys don’t need to send the link to the video to them (definitely not the guys themselves!) as they’re already aware of it :D

Extra notes for Season 2B

The show gets alot darker (to the point chloroform might be involved, but this is unconfirmed)
   *Storyboarder Matt Braly said he was surprised a certain thing got past censors that has yet to be aired, further raising suspicion on the chloroform idea.

Season 2′s next 2 episodes are confirmed not to be separated by a long hiatus, but that does not mean weeks could not be between them.

Another hiatus is confirmed down the road, most likely I’d believe towards the finale.

Wendy is to get more “interesting” screentime.

Matt (again, storyboarder, etc.) can’t wait to see the faces of the fans when the season finishes.

Mrs. Northwest’s first name is Priscilla, could be brought up in the future.

The director is likely Sunil Hall and is called “fantastic”.

“…things are going to get really intense soon“
*even more evidence the chloroform thing might be real

The big theme of the show is “growing Up” which means that applies to the ending half of the finale in a big way.

All of Season 2 has been boarded.
 *The season is not complete in production

Everyone will eventually “have a part to play” in the series.

-A character who hasn’t been revealed yet is one of Matt’s personal “funny” characters: “funniest character is a toss up between Soos, Stan, Mabel, and a character who hasn’t been revealed“

New animation styles will be used in future episodes, but “it’s not what you’re expecting though”


This wonderful woman needs help now!

Her situation is looking bad and I’m so scared for her children who might get placed back into an abusive home. I’ve known Stacie my entire life (we were neighbors for 14 years and friends up until now). She’s been through so much and she’s always seen the good and bright side in things and even now her faith that the universe will set things right for her children is so strong. She recently had health issues and chemo took a toll on not only her psychically but financially as well.

Donate to help fund lawyers and other legal fees!


The more people that see this, the more chance that someone, anyone might help her even a little. Please do not let any of her children be sent back to someone that has abused them. Please don’t let her children go through that again! 

Please, PLEASE, if you have anything to spare I am begging you to spare it for her. You can read more on her Gofundme page (click show more under the updates!)

Time is running out and I’m so afraid. No child should have to go through that once. Please don’t let it happen again. I know tumblr is a strong community and I’m begging that you don’t let something like this happen!

Since gay marriage is legalized now, what does this mean for Malec? — hunterofnerdfighters

Nothing legally — according to the Codex, same-sex marriage for Shadowhunters isn’t illegal. The Shadowhunters are a small society though, and the social implications have always been so dire that very few Shadowhunters would ever have tried to push through a same-sex marriage. Aline and Helen do get married, as the Shadowhunters — thanks in part to Magnus and Alec, thanks in part to progress made from within — are becoming less socially conservative. (We see Aline and Helen’s wedding in Tales from Shadowhunter Academy.) And others will join them.

What it might mean for M&A emotionally is something else again! Neither are mundanes, but just as we rejoice when love is celebrated and oppression and bigotry receive a defeat anywhere in the world, they would be celebrating in their hearts. They are both generous people, and Magnus especially has seen much darkness and harm — I like to think he’d find light and optimism here.

Dear Cassandra, I just wanted to say thank you. Thankyou because you have inspired me and so many other people. I came out to my parents late last year and although it sounds silly, reading about Magnus, Alec and the other LGBT+ characters helped me so much. You are an amazing woman. Have a great day! -Victoria — malecisbeautiful

My inbox is full of such lovely messages right now, and I wanted to say thank you! That my LGBT+ readers have stopped to hug me on their way to celebrate a huge victory that is finally, finally about them! goes to show a generosity of spirit that leaves me very humbled. I hug you all back, and shower much love upon you.

Sometimes I want to write fic that just completely fixes all the pacing problems in Arrow season 3 - and the lopsided character development too - just to establish that yes, it really could be done and some of the same plots could even still happen.

  • Episode One: Oliver and Felicity are slightly different from where we last left them. We find out Oliver pulled a few strings to get Felicity a job back in the IT department. Despite the tension between them, she’s trying to help him get back the company. At some point, Oliver and Diggle talk about whether or not he meant the I love you and the fact that if he did, he should do something about it, because Felicity won’t wait forever. Felicity meets Ray Palmer when he comes down to visit her in the IT department. He’s not the least bit creepy. Vertigo is still the villain of this episode, except he actually features a bit more prominently this time. He’s also more threatening, and more screentime is spent on finding him. Oliver and Felicity talk in the hospital after Diggle’s daughter is born. The ‘threats and targets’ line happens here. He starts to say something, some confession of how he feels about her, but Barry calls before he has the chance. At the end of the episode, Lance has a conversation with Sara after Laurel leaves, and he’s just watched her walk away when someone approaches him, three arrows hit his stomach, and he falls off the roof and into the alleyway where Laurel is. Sara returns when she hears her sister’s screams.
  • Episode Two: Opens with the two Lance sisters answering questions from police officers about what they saw. Oliver waits in the shadows. Oliver and Felicity do have a talk about how he’s not visibly grieving in order to be strong for these two women he greatly cares about. He does decide he doesn’t want to die in the foundry. One of the secondary plots involves Felicity’s decision to accept the promotion Ray Palmer is offering her. The focus is on the relationship between Sara and Laurel – although Sara and Felicity have a heart-wrenching scene about how it feels to lose a father – but it’s specifically how Sara and Oliver are both easily able to run out into danger to find Lance’s killer and how that makes Laurel feel helpless, sitting behind trying to plan a funeral. She’s wanted to change the world by using the law her whole life, but the law won’t help her catch her dad’s killer. She’s starting to think that their way might be the way for her too. The episode ends with Sara beginning to train Laurel in order to help them both grieve.
  • Episode Three: Pretty close to the original. Oliver, Diggle and Roy go to get Thea. She comes home. Laurel deals with Sara’s return to the League of Assassins and starts training with Ted Grant. Felicity harmlessly interacts with a very nice, considerate Ray Palmer.
  • Episode Four: Nyssa and Sara return with the news that Malcolm is alive and he’s the one who probably killed Lance. Everyone deals with the ethics of killing a mass murderer. While kidnapped by Nyssa, Thea get’s an earful of just how horrible Malcolm was to Tommy–things that happened when she was younger that the boys never told her. In the end, Malcolm is a tricky bastard who escapes. Oliver tells the league that Malcolm is as much his enemy as he is theirs, but that their presence in his city will not be tolerated. Thea visits Tommy’s grave. She tells him she needs him here to make sense of her feelings about their dad, that he was one of the only people who never lied to her, and how she started this to hurt Malcolm because he killed her brother, but now everything is complicated and confusing and she really needs her brother here to help her make sense of it all.
  • Episode Five: Again, surprisingly close to the original. Thea’s managed to liquidate some of the Queen’s assets in order to afford her apartment, but in doing so she found out that she’s got all of Malcolm’s blood money. She doesn’t know what to do with it, so she talks to Oliver. At the end, Oliver gets very close to telling Felicity how he feels - yet again - but he backs out at the last second. When Diggle confronts him on it, he admits that he was terrified when she was taken, but Lance’s death has really opened his eyes to how much danger the people around him are in. She was already taken once just because she was the woman Oliver loved. The more important she is to him, the more danger she’s in. Diggle tells him that’s bull, and Felicity would be the first person to argue with him about it. Diggle says he needs to stop seeing Felicity as a target and instead see her as a person, but it doesn’t matter. Oliver’s made his decision. At the end, Roy dreams he killed Det. Lance.
  • Episode Six: Replace Roy’s panic over killing Sara with panic that he killed Lance, and this episode is about the same. It focuses more on Oliver’s relationship with Roy, and draws parallels between them and Laurel and Grant, but Oliver already knew they were training together, so he’s much less pissy about it. There’s also a scene where Felicity tells Diggle that she’s realized that Oliver’s given up on wanting to be with her, and she’s thinking it’s time to move on from him. 

Help me find my childhood ponies!

This one goes out to all pony collectors. Please help me find my childhood ponies!

Just like so many of us did, I sold most of my pony collection when I was a teen. I was young and needed the money! Now I am desperately trying to find them again, and seeing that there are so many collectors out there that lovingly care for and preserve G1 ponies, I have my hopes up that maybe some of my ponies ended up in your herds and you might be willing to sell them back to me. 

My childhood ponies were usually marked under their hooves with my initials - W. S. - in either a black or a pink permanent marker, sometimes both.

I exclusively had G1 ponies from the years one to seven (1982 - 1989). I grew up in Germany and sold my ponies at some point in the early 90s on a flea market in the suburbs of Duesseldorf. 

If you find a pony in your collection that you think might have been one of mine, please let me know and send me a picture of their hooves. Am willing to trade or pay! 

Please share and spread the word, and help me find my childhood ponies!

     “You don’t see many people of color with freckles, and I got picked on for them all the time in high school. So, I hated my freckles.”
     “How did you learn to accept them?”
     “When I got out of high school, I thought, I’m never going to see these people again, and my freckles are not going to go away. I can’t scratch them off, so I might as well love myself as I am.”

Boston, MA