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Ok, so I don't really know how requests go cause I never know how to ask. But I super super love your obiyuki stuff! Could i request a Obiyuki family fluff maybe something along the lines of their kids saying "Daddy's home!" or maybe even vice versa "Mommy's Home!"

You’re fine! Just send me a message with an idea or prompt and if I want to do something, I may get to it. However, I’m very sorry, but I don’t really enjoy doing family fics. But here’s this thing, so I hope it’s to your liking and is not awful. 

“I was asked to come back to the orphanage to do some checkups after the outbreak we worked through last month. We’re just making sure the medicine worked for everyone.”

Shirayuki was packing her medical bag, looking over her worktable as Obi lingered near the far window. He was watering one of her plants, stroking the broad leaves and whispering to it. Shirayuki felt her chest tighten, and something dizzying and new swarm around in her head. Her face grew warm as she watched him, unable to turn away.

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Letters to Mommy. (JoshxReader)

Warning:This one involves death. Oh, and let’s pretend that your kids name is William.

The plan was simple. I was just going to the bank to get some money for William’s Birthday party. Josh was taking care of him and trying to make a cake at the same time. I offered to get a store bought cake but he said it wouldn’t be as special. I got out of the car and made my way towards the bank. The day was bright and sunny. Not a cloud in sight. It was warm yet breezy. I opened the door and went to get in line.

The line was short so this shouldn’t take long. I waited while checking instagram on my phone. People were wishing Will a happy birthday and making edits. I liked a few then turned my phone off before putting it in my pocket. I was the third person in line when my phone vibrated.

I got my phone out once again and saw that it was a text from Josh.

“Someone got into the can of frosting before I could use it.”

It had a picture attached. The photo was of Will covered in white frosting and his hands in the can. With big puppy eyes. I smiled shaking my head. Then another text came in.

“Okay, maybe I did too….annnnnd then we had frosting fight.”

This time there was a video attached. I clicked on it.

“Hey, babe umm….we kinda made a mess. Sorry!” Josh said chuckling.

“Yea, we’re sorry mommy.” William said pouting.

They were covered in Frosting. Bits of Josh’s face were smeared with the white frosting. William’s hair was up in all directions as if Josh was trying to style it.

“Love You Mommy! ” The boys shout at the same time causing people to look at me but I don’t care cause I love them . Then the video ends with them both laughing. I took a screen shot and posted it on instagram with the caption “Love my boys. :)” I texted them back saying that I loved them but they needed to clean up after.

I was the first in line when I heard it. Glass shattering and people screaming. I looked up to see two people in masks. One had a gun and the other was holding a knife.

My mind was racing too much for me to think. I started to panic and soon I couldn’t breath.

“Get on the ground. Give me the money.” One Man shouted. “Hurry Up!”

The other man was walking around trying to get everyone to stay on the ground. I was right next to the door. I had to think carefully. Should I die trying. Maybe I could get out. Josh. William. I might not see them again. Then there was black.

September 1st
Hi Mommy, I’m 5 now. I joined the soccer team today. The coach said I might be the best on the team. It’s been 1 year. I haven’t seen Uncle Tyler for almost a year. I miss him a lot. Daddy has been crying a lot lately. After I asked him when you were coming back. I still don’t understand why you left. I’m hoping that one day you will come back and read these letters. Do you remember Uncle Tyler’s baby Sophie? She’s 4 now She has Jenna’s eyes and Tyler’s Hair. She’s beautiful.

October 3rd
Hey Mom, I wanted to say that I love you and that i always will. Anyways, I’m 14 now. I’m in 8th grade and about to graduate. I wish you could be there. I miss you alot. I’ve been at Uncle Tyler’s house a lot. He seems well. Dad has been trying to see people but it’s not working because he hasn’t took off his wedding ring. I really don’t like him seeing someone’s else other than you. I just think that other girls think they can step right in and take your place. I’ve found pictures of you the other day. I could tell I had your eyes. Mom you were truly beautiful.

May 15th
Hey Mom, I’m in love. She is amazing. I want her to be the one i marry. I’m 20 now and have seen this girl for years now. I’m the luckiest man alive. Well besides Dad.

December 17th
Well Mom, I’m getting married. I’m happy. She said yes of course. I wish you could be here. Dad is walking her down the aisle because her Dad is’t here to do it. I love you mom but this is hard. I miss you so much and it’s getting really hard. Mom, sometimes i want to know how different life would be if you hadn’t went to the bank that day. Oh, and i forgot to mention much about who the girl was. Well, it’s actually Tyler’s daughter. I’m in love.

July 7th
Mom, you would have been a grandma. Sophie had a baby. We named her after you. Mom you would have held her in your arms today. You could have helped me with her. Given me tips maybe. I miss you alot.

That was the last page. Josh sat the journal down on the table. His eyes were red and sore. He remember all the times he had with you and Will. He missed you and he missed Will.


“Beating up a kind man is violence, but beating up a bad guy.. that’s justice.”

“Now, as I look at my family’s faces, I wonder if I’ll see them again. When you become a police officer, sometimes there are criminals like this, that you will risk your life to capture, because he’s not the usual bastard out there. Right now, I see in my mind my son and my wife’s faces. I know I might not see them again… If we die, who will protect our families? Who will protect them?”

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Hullo again (wanted to put this in a separate ask) but how do you deal with mutual friends with your emotionally abusive ex? Particularly ones that are good friends with ex? I've gotten a message from one telling me I should talk to my ex again for 'closure' (which I've already refused) but now I'm tempted to unfriend them? To be honest they're more like acquaintances. Would it be okay for me to unfriend/cut contact, even though we have the same social circles and I might see them again?


This is a very good question! As a general rule for myself, I try not to use my friends to communicate with my ex. It complicates the situation and furthers the chance of manipulation AND miscommunication. This means that I don’t ask them questions about him, tell them about the things he’s done etc, but in exchange I ask them not to bring him up or try to interfere… this includes, the type of situation you are in.

All of this being said, sometimes it is just too hard for people to balance their two friendships and they end up having to pick a side. That’s ok. If you explain to your friend that you don’t want them to interfere and they can’t respect that they’ve made their choice and you can let them go. I think it’s perfectly okay yo unfriend/cut contact with someone for that reason. 

You do what you need to do to recover and don’t let anyone or anything make you feel guilty about that, okay? :)

Hugs, B

man…. i really, genuinely like Meme Game 3000 so much i so badly hope they continue the characters story in the next game because theres so so so much potential with them all and im really fuckin sad thinking that i might not get to see them again

its getting to the time of season where the christmas shop is giving less shifts so today was the last time i will have a shift with 2 of the people ive been working with and the day before i said bye to another and its kinda sad like even tho ive only known them for a few months its still weird that i might not see them ever again and i didnt even get their facebooks wtf its like where did i go wrong i lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness and i would have stayed up with you all night had i known how to save a life