Holy shit, I don’t even know what to say about this chapter because damn.. I absolutely can’t wait for nationals and I might have just fallen even more in love with all the new characters. And A+ interaction between Kageyama and the others (especially Miya 😆), I hope we’ll get more of this once we see all of them again. Also, I think it’s really interesting that Miya said that Kageyama might be better off as a spiker rather than as a setter because Kageyama LOVES it so, so much. I mean, he loves volleyball in general but do you remember when he explained to Hinata why being the setter is the coolest and best? Because he got really excited about it. And I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do with this information as well as with being called “honest, obedient and diligent” because.. will he try to change his play style or himself in general? Or will he not give it much more thought and it’ll be a problem later on? Who knows..

Sadly I am logging off for a while. I have no time to deal with this fandom as a whole, or Rilucas shippers period… I just can’t. No offense to them but…well yeah. But, I’ll see you guys in a month maybe. (I might still pop into the analysis posts now and again, because I have notifications on for all the analysis blogs I follow, but, that’s pretty much all the extent of my use of tumblr will be)

[ sup y’all it’s ya boi.

just wanted to make a post saying that i may be returning soon ? many of you probably know that bae ( @mcqarden ) has returned and since we’re pretty much a package deal, i’ll probably try again as well. i’m probably going to revamp gajeel’s blog a bit, make it newer and shinier and with new information just to kinda get my inspiration going. might redo my icons but i’m not sure yet – i have… over 800 icons so redoing them all would be hell. so we’ll see.

anyways – you might see me here and there while i work on things and maybe put a starter call up to get things going. maybe not today but perhaps tomorrow, so look out for it !!

it’ll be good to be back. ]

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okay but isn't it a little unfair to say that it's transphobic not to date someone because of their genitals because like maybe you really want sex out of a relationship? I'm actually ace and a trans guy so like idk if what I'm saying is totally false it just kind of seems like it's not fair to be like okay date the person just don't have sex if sex is an important part of a relationship for some people

if sex with specific genitals is important to a person in a relationship then they’re only viewing that person as their genitals

if you love someone romantically and wish to have sex then the genitals won’t matter and you’ll find a way. it might take a lot of time and adjustment but if you wanna date someone and have sex with them then that’s fair enough but to reduce a trans person to their genitals is not cool

but again. this really is just my view
people can disagree and i don’t speak for the other mods. this is just how i see the situation


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legends of tomorrow!!

this might turn salty real quickly

  • the first character i ever fell in love with: this is unfair cause I already love leonard and sara even before the show premiered. so those two
  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: ray. definitely. I didn’t like him on arrow but then i started liking him and i was excited to see more of him on LoT but then after a while I started disliking him again
  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: oh idk. maybe captain canary? i still love them but not as much as i used to. let’s put them under the list of ‘things fandom destroyed’. 
  • prettiest character: sara lance or kendra
  • my most hated character: vandell savage (or ray palmer)
  • my OTP: rip/ sara! 
  • my NOTP: kendra/ray
  • favorite episode: the pilot episode, ep 3 or the star city ep (the star city ep was golden)
  • saddest death: LEONARD’S! 
  • favorite season: season 1
  • least favorite season: season 1 (i’m not even trying to be funny. i love the season but at the same time i hate it)
  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: ray palmer
  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: leonard snart
  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: jax jackson
  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: none? 
  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship’: rip/miranda 

send me a fandom, and i’ll tell you…

Magi 318 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which I still really hate this new spoiler schedule, as now I have to wake up at 5AM two days in a week (and for really short spoilers); meanwhile, Kougyoku ignores my rambling and faces Sinbad. I see many “that’s my girl” posts incoming! xDD

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You look down, and it dawns on you that yes, you are donned in one of his flannels. Again.

“Oh… this old thing?” You feign innocence, playing with your hair absentmindedly. “I’ve had it for years.”

“Oh, cut the crap, Y/N. I know my shirts when I see ‘em. You’ve probably got the rest hidden in your room like some sort of plaid pack rat, huh?” Dean is obviously amused by all of this, only making you feel even more embarrassed.

You feel your face warm. “Do you want them back? I can go grab them. It might take me a bit-”

“Hey.” He gets up, coming to stand next to you, the playful facade dropped. “You don’t need to give them all back. I needed some new ones anyways. Besides,” he chuckles, his hands suddenly on your hips, “you look better in them anyways.”

It’s impossible not to love him in those moments. You reach up to give him a quick kiss before saying, “I bet I look even better wearing only your shirts.”

Dean’s eyebrows shoot towards the ceiling, and just like that he’s picked you up, your legs wrapped around his waist.

“What do you say we find out?”

The two of you laugh, and he carries you towards his room, playful once more.

Request by @justlikedaylightsavingstime​! GIFs edited and found from GIPHY.

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jimim shows his affection again...ahh *sigh* it's hard only see subtle jungkook and oblivious jimim over the years while jungkook is always special with tae "just friends" I can't help not be envious of them so I understand why people leave jikook

I know it might be frustrating but their relationships are just different. 

Just because their relationships are different doesn’t mean one is less than the other. Don’t think like this. Jungkook sees Tae as more of a friend, more of an equal, less of a hyung. That’s why he acts so much more carefree and open with Tae. But with Jimin, Kookie really sees him as a hyung now. Most likely the reason he’s more subdued with Jimin is because he’s trying to show him some respect as he is the hyung. He doesn’t act like he’s above Jimin anymore. I see that as a good thing. 

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Jimin. Kookie cares about him very much. He constantly looks after Jimin (all the staring), asks if he’s okay (”tell me if you get carsick again”), reassures him when he’s down (”no you’re handsome hyung”, “No you look good hyung”), spends time with him (the dance practice video they just released), knows when to pull his teasing (not doing the hidden cam in bon voyage)…

Here are two of my favorite, very not subtle, jikook videos.

Trust me my friend, Jungkook is much less subtle than he thinks he is. Continue to believe in them.

Jikook is love. Jikook is life.

Get to know the blogger night! I’ll answer all questions that come in my ask box!

I have yet to see anyone discuss the fact that Rose looked into the camera while addressing Buddy (and subsequently him looking for a sec, too) and saying:

“Sure all these places have been explored before, but they haven’t been recorded so intimately as they have been in this journal.

It makes them new and special all over again for any reader to experience.

*Looks into the camera like she’s in The Office*

I’m not sure why that happened, does anyone have any guesses or understanding?

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Headcanons for Reaper with an S/O that he was with when he was still Gabriel and then seeing him long after he had become Reaper? And them being scared so he tries to get them to trust him again?

OOOOOHOHOHOHO, that just makes my angsty mind reel. Though it might have not turned out as angsty as I thought it would be. XD maybe more on the fluff side at the end. idk, HOPE YOU LIKE!!

  • He would think that they would have moved on from him, and thus he tries to forget them though most of the time, he can’t. Especially during the nights when he tries to get sleep.

  • His S/O did not forget him, and every day they’d always have one thought about him, and become upset at the fact that Gabriel had died in the Swiss Base explosion.

  • Though when they meet each other on the field and his S/O figuring out that he was still alive, his S/O couldn’t believe it. Gabriel would never turn to Talon, and he’d never attack them.

  • His S/O wouldn’t let him get any closer to them, that was the level of fear that they were in at the encounter, and that seemed to hit a nerve for Gabriel.

  • Though Reaper was grateful that they never forgot him, but their trust bond was obviously severed, and he knew that by his presence on its own.

  • Over time, Gabriel would find his S/O and would try to reason with them. Eventually he makes a truce with his S/O, giving him the ability to get them to trust him again.

  • Every night, he’d come to his S/O and tell them bit by bit on how he had came to be, eventually revealing himself to them under his mask.

  • He’d be flexible with what their S/O would want to do, because Reaper doesn’t want to do anything that might scare his S/O even more.

  • This includes leaving Talon and coming back to Overwatch, though it would be hard for him to do that one.

@1-800-lin-manuel  replied to your post“9x13 Rewatch”

I read this entire meta wondering if you were going to mention Maritza going back to Peru, and I’m so very very relieved that you pointed out she has options. Still, what if she did go back? Perhaps for personal/political reasons the ending left me with a sour taste in my mouth, being told she has to go back where she came from. She did perfectly fine here! Wonderful meta all the way through, I laughed some places and already forgot where. The length of the beast!

She’s now working in Hollywood under an assumed name, I’ve decided is an actual fact since watching this. >.> The Winchesters have no authority to deport random monsters and she was presumably legally an American if she married Larry and was working in the country, or at least whatever paperwork she had would say so. Nothing that happened on the case would affect the public’s perception of her spa running skill as anything other than “maybe could have hired better security, if we’re blaming this on a knife wielding maniac” and she certainly wasn’t in trouble with the real authorities for anything, soooo… As long as she never does anything to make hunters investigate her again, she’ll be fine and even still has job options and it would be very understandable for her to sell the spa and move after everything that happened from an outsider’s perspective, especially potential employers who she’s selling it to as wanting to have less responsibility and just work in a spa, so long as she finds somewhere that does cupping so she can keep on sneakily feeding.


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Will there be more with the dingoes? Cause I love'm already!

:’D aww man really? I’m glad people seem to like ‘em.
They were very much in fact joke characters, though. Similar to how Labrat’s design was just as a little bonus to people who asked “what ever happened to that kid they kidnapped?” You know, I had no idea people would like the goober as much as they do! ;v; i’m very grateful for it.

so uh, we’ll see! if I ever feel like sketching them again, I’ll definitely post it! junkers are my go-to obsession as you might have noticed…..~

Praying Mantis

It’s that time of year again when I see many of these. Ever since I was a child I’ve found them a bizarre critter. Then when I found out the female devours the male after mating, I decided they should always be treated with respect. Afterall, if they eat their mates, what might they do to you! Only the babies make me say “aw” as almost all babies do.


anyway, y'all can @ me about heterophobia when straight 10 year olds learn how to repress their emotions because they can’t deal with the possibility that they might be hetero; or when little straight kids slowly realise that when certain family members tell them they love them, that terms and conditions (of gayness) very much apply; or when little straight kids get sat down and told that if they decide to become heteros that they’ll never see certain family members again because they won’t support that hetero wrongness; or when straight kids have to think about all the countries in the world that order the death penalty for being straight and about how many millions of people literally hate them for that crush they got when they were 12;
when straight kids want to kill themselves for realising that they might be straight, then you can call me a heterophobe. but nah, I think straight ppl can probably survive me saying they smell once in a while

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Hi Rosy I might think that maybe i'm the only one,but i wanna see the delinquents bc this show the100 its about them,but lately reads in a lot of blogs talking about grounders? i think audiences show clear what people wants,i was so happy when i read the CW president talking about intimate histories and they renewed bc season half 3B,that s4 its gonna be small 13 again,sorry but i was so happy when i saw the video where polis its destroyed,i want our show back,last season they almost weren't.

I am also a big fan of the delinquents, and the show really is about the delinquents. However, I believe that they incorporate other people into the delinquents, they join the family. Abby is a delinquent, and so is Kane. Lincoln was a delinquent, and Maya. Niylah and Roan and Emori and even Indra might join the delinquent family. Why? Because it’s not just about the kids who were in the sky box, it’s about this idea of fighting against the establishment, the way the world is, to make a better world for the future. It’s about them putting their own lives and souls on the line to fix humanity. And we have all these characters doing that.

I want to see them all interacting again. They were so separate last season. Each on their own journey of  pain and trauma. Now they are going to be TOGETHER and that is so important. (Please don’t separate our favorites, or if you have to, don’t do it for too long, please.)

Polis was the old world. It was not a better way of living. Maybe we needed to see it, up close, the way we saw The Ark and Mount Weather. We needed to see both the positive qualities and the brutality. So that we could understand that Polis was not the answer to peace. The Ark is gone. Mount Weather is gone. Polis is gone. Old world– gone. All these systems that perpetuated this brutality, this us against them, this idea of expendable people, this concept that the earth was theirs by right, they are all gone. And we are left with the wreckage and a handful of kids trying to figure out a better way to lead. Polis was all distant politics, warmongering and subjects to be ruled. Mount Weather was fascist eugenics. The Ark was classist oppression. Someone who knows more about polisci would be able to tell you exactly what old, oppressive political systems were in place, but they were all pretty ugly. So I’m glad they are gone.

Another reason why I am okay with new people joining the show is that people are going to die. And I would really like it if they could leave our original delinquents out of that death watch list. So, yes please. Let us get to know new grounders or even sky people, and like them, even love them, and when the next person has to get killed off, I want it to be them, not O or Raven or Monty or Jasper or Miller or Harper. Please and thank you. 


She knew that her plan was working, you were becoming distant of James and he has started to notice as well. You were spending more time with her and that’s exactly what she wanted.

“Why are you doing this Elizabeth?!” He was beyond furious with her, yet he was scared. Scared that you would leave the hotel and he would never see you again, he loved you more than anything.

“It gives me so much joy to see you suffer, Y/N is quiet lovely.. I might keep them for myself” 

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Could you please do an Axis (+2p! Prussia only if you don't mind) version of the 2p's reaction of their blind date telling them at the end of the lovely day that they are actually 14?

2p Italy: Would stop everything. You’d might think he was a robot or statue by how still he was. Actually feels like he needs to pray and goes over in his head on what he said and how he touched them, hoping that it wasn’t too sexual in anyway. “Please, I had an amazing time, but you need to go to school tomorrow someday.” After he said that, he is out of there. You never see him again.

2p Japan: Age of legal consent is 14 in Japan. Is super okay with them being young, but honestly he doesn’t really like his countries age consent laws so would be a little put off in general. Since they did have a fun time and a lot of interest he’d stay in touch, but will not do anything in private.“ You’re great, but don’t tell your parents, friends, pet anyone or thing. Not even your plant.”

2p Germany: Has a smile on his face, but is screaming inside. You might actually see a tear or hear of whimper. Honestly wouldn’t know what to do; he will feel like the biggest idiot that he didn’t notice his young they were. Right before they were ready or leaving to go home, he’d say, “Listen frauline. You are too young for any of this. You will be hurt one day and I had a great time, so I don’t want to see you dead. Don’t ever do this again. Have a nice day.”

2p Prussia: So he doesn’t want to be rude and go, “not ever talking to you again.”, because they did make a nice relationship, but might be a slight bit distinct. Of course if he had they’re number already, he’d continue to have conversation, but would answer less.“Oh, well that’s nice? I mean it’s wonderful I don’t care…”

2p Romano: He made a friend, he’s keeping that friend. If he had more of romantic relationship with them he’d just be upset, but still will go out take them places and have a fun time. One, finding someone who does have a lot in common and are both interested in the same things, that’s a keeper in his book. “Don’t worry, you’re still someone I’d love being around. Just don’t grow up too quickly.”

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I can't see some of your videos on YouTube, like Lapis tributes... Will you upload them again?

Sorry, I can’t help it. It might be available on PC instead.