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If Yuzuru stays after next olympics (which I think his comments last year might indicate), do you think that the new rule changes will favour his high quality skating? I mean PCS 88 for Chen's free... I mean please that was not justified. Bit curious also what you think generally of the new rules, removing a jumping pass and +5/-5 GOE's - perhaps jumping will become too emphasized? Personally I just wish the judges would read the PCS descriptions and APPLY them, love this blog btw :)

It depends if judges get a refresh on rulebook or not :) +-3 GOE is fine enough, if they are applied good. But… are they?

Let’s see them again:

1) unexpected / creative / difficult entry
2) clear recognizable steps/free skating movements immediately preceding element
3) varied position in the air / delay in rotation
4) good height and distance
5) good extension on landing / creative exit
6) good flow from entry to exit including jump combinations / sequences
7) effortless throughout
8) element matched to the musical structure

And let’s compare them to what Nathan’s got today:

1. 4Lz+3T -> clearly bullets 1, 2 and 3 are a no. Same for 5. He managed to hit 4 bullets (+2). He should hit 6 to get +3.

Actual GOE = 2.43.

2. 4F -> same as previous combo

Actual GOE = 2.43

3. 4T -> you can give him bullet 1 since there is some sort of spread eagle into it. It’s not immediately preceding it, so no bullet 2. No bullet for 3, 5, 6 and 7 (I’m considering 8 a jolly, so consider it always hit, even if it’s not the case). Bullets met 2/3 -> +1 but he had a step out so you have to apply from -2 to -3. It was pretty evident so, I’d apply a -3, but let’s say it’s just a -2. Total GOE should be no more than -1

Actual GOE = -0.51

4. 4T+2T -> nothing for bullets from 1 to 7 (it was heavily tilted forward losing all good bullets Nathan’s jumps usually get). GOE should have been 0.

Actual GOE = 0.43

5. 3A+2T+2T* (aka how new rules saved Nathan’s here :P) -> no bullets from 1 to 7 again. So combo GOE should have been 0. There is an overturn out of the axel, so you need to apply a -2. GOE should have been -2

Actual GOE = -1.29

6. 4S -> bullets for 4 and 8. GOE = 1

Actual GOE = 1.29

7. 3Lz -> bullets for 4, 8. 6 and 7 are debatable. Final GOE ½

Actual GOE = 1.42 (#miracles a GOE that matches!)

8. 3A -> no bullets bar 8. Step out on it -> -3 (nothing to up it to a -2, imo).

Actual GOE = -1.86

Rules are there. They just need to apply them (:

(Just for the sake of fairness:


1. 4lo -> bullets 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and I would apply also 3 for his slightly delation on first rotation -> GOE 2/3 (Actual 2.14)

2. 4S -> bullets 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 -> GOE 2 (actual 1.43)

3. 3F -> 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -> GOE 3 (Actual 2.28)

4. 2S+1Lo -> no bullet.  It could be argued popping a jump is bad air position -> GOE -1/0 (Actual -0.3)

5. 4T -> 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 -> GOE 2 (Actual 1.86) 

6. 3A+3T -> 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 -> GOE 3 (Actual 2.48)

7. 4T+2T -> 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 -> GOE 2 (Actual  1.14)

8. 3A -> 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -> GOE 3 (Actual 2.48)


What can I say. I see a pattern :D

(GOE for 3Lz, 3F and 2S+Lo have been re-scaled using same coefficient as triple axel and quads)

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Once again, the P4 proved to lack any common sense. I do not buy into Violet's "oh I do not report Bravat's mass murder cult because I do not want my friends to be sad" excuse at all. Just when will they learn that it is NOT OK to murder random people, no matter what their silly little ideologies are? -_- This might be cruel but I kinda expect to see them being put in prison to learn a lesson.

Mmm, yeah it seems like an illogical excuse indeed, but in Violet’s defense, we don’t really know how much and what exactly he knew about Blavat and his crimes^^;

(( Okay, this is my non-salty answer. You can read my honest, very salty answer under the cut. ))

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I have been grading math homework and quizzes for the last couple of years, working with a number of professors and graduate teaching assistants, and I see students making the same mistakes over and over again. I hear the same complaints from other professors, GTAs, and graders. I thought I would throw out some advice that might help your grades, or at least endear you to the person in charge of them.

I think these tips will apply to any class in which you turn in problem sets on a regular basis, and you might be able to apply some of this to things like lab reports, but I am mostly focusing on undergrad-level math, computational or proof-based. I hope it goes without saying, but first and foremost you should do what your instructor, not a stranger on the internet, tells you to do.

So, if I am grading your homework, here is what I would like you to do:


The harder it is for me to grade, the less points you are likely to get. That’s not just me being spiteful - if I don’t see your answer to a problem, I can’t read your handwriting, or I don’t understand how you got from point a to point z, it is going to be very hard for me to award you points. I try to be generous, as do most people I know, but we can only do so much for you.


What are you trying to accomplish in these assignments? How do you do that?

 - You are trying to practice the course material to get a better understanding. So, do all the work assigned to you, and don’t just copy it from your friend (we can tell) or a solutions manual (we can really tell)

- You are trying to communicate to me (and to yourself!) that you understand the course material. I don’t need to see all of your scratch work or first attempts, but I need to see how you arrived at your answer, and I need to know what your answer is. I urge you to type or neatly rewrite your finished assignment before you turn it in. Please highlight your answers with a box, a circle, or some other indicator. If you’re writing a proof, start with “Proof:” and end with “QED” or a tombstone (or even a smiley face!) so I know what I’m supposed to be evaluating. Your work should be readable - in terms of handwriting, spacing, and yes, even grammar. It should follow a logical order so that someone reading it can understand what you’re doing. Explain your steps if you think you need to. And if a problem tells you to use a certain formula, theorem, or method, use it.

 - You are trying to learn from your mistakes. Of course this varies from grader to grader, but in general, we spend a lot of time giving you feedback, so please write something!!! I can’t help you if you don’t even attempt a problem. And for what it’s worth, while this isn’t true of everyone, a lot of people (myself included) will almost never give 0 points if it looks like an honest attempt has been made. If you have no idea what to do with a problem and it’s the last minute, it might be worth it to write down what you’re confused about - “I thought I could do this using integration by parts, but I couldn’t work out what to use for u and dv” is something I can respond to, and hopefully give you some help!


Most of the time, I can and will take off points for style. Some instructors have a certain number of points worked into their grading rubric for style. Here are some suggestions!

 - Staple your f&*%ing homework!!!!! No, do not fold over the corner. Don’t tape several sheets together. Staple it. With an actual, metal staple.
   –> It never hurts to write your name on every page, and number your pages as well. Just make it as hard as possible for me to lose a page.

 - Do not turn in paper with those spiral-bound frills on the edge. Most spiral-bound notebooks are perforated, so tear along the perforation! Otherwise, please use printer paper, loose-leaf binder paper, or really anything else…

 - …anything except neon pink paper. I’m only saying this because it’s in my grading pile right now and I am dreading it. Use conventional paper!!!! I don’t care much about the ruling, but it should be white, or very nearly. Yellow legal pad paper is pushing it. Engineering paper is fine.

 - And on that note, please write in a conventional color. Black, blue, gray, or very near those colors. It should be dark. It should be readable. It should definitely not be red. I personally don’t grade in red, but a lot of people do, and regardless of that, it is hard to read large chunks of red text.

 - I know I said this already, but: rewrite your homework. Seriously. If it is anything but straightforward computations, it is going to get messy, and fast. Do your scratch work on a separate sheet of paper, and then write up a final copy with everything you want me to see, and nothing you don’t.
   –> If you can, type it! Here is a post by @munirastudies to get you started with LaTeX, which is very useful for typesetting technical and symbol-heavy text. The benefit to typing your homework is that it’s easy to go back and edit!

That’s all I have for now! Please feel free to message me with any questions or suggestions you have! I hope this is helpful to someone :)

edit: here are suggestions other people added! [x]


I never realised how much Camila used to gush over her love for Dinah on Tumblr until I put her name into the search bar on C’s page.
Their friendship was so special and uplifting. It breaks me to know that we might not see them together again.
I’m going to miss this so much.
Always in my heart.❤️

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Do you think Clarke is even sexually attracted to him? I feel like we haven't see any indication of that and we need to

lol really? they set that up in season 1. Unity Day. Flat out flirting with him. 

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Look again.

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Checking. Him. Out. Smiling. Those eyes are an invitation. One that he sees, I might add, but does not accept.

And she’s spent an awful lot of time since then checking out his lips and sometimes his chest. 

She’s not SUPPOSED to want him, because he’s her partner. In season 1, they were more casual, and would to touch casually. In season 2, they hugged, but after that, they barely touched at all.  Season 3 though, really had them getting closer and closer… physically. As if they can’t help being drawn to each other. As if CLARKE can’t help being drawn to him. She is orbiting around him.

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I don’t know about how you treat your friends, but this caressing is not platonic. This is intimate, sensual and bordering on sexual. An opening. A possible invitation if someone is willing to accept it. Particularly when accompanied by meaningful eye contact, which this was. (however it went badly.)

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But this is what happened as soon as they came back together. She just shot him heart eyes and he saw them. Watch him swallow.

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She keeps touching him. Intimately. She shot him heart eyes before this one, too.

Originally posted by iconicbellarke

Quick pause to check him out.

Originally posted by bellarke

Back to having no personal space. Is she pressed up against his chest in this scene?

I mean, what EXACTLY do you want as proof? Her to jump him? She’s not ready for that, he means too much to her, things are happening, she’s in the process of moving on. She jumped Niylah. No one’s saying she wasn’t attracted to her. There are constant indications that she finds him attractive. She really can’t stop looking at his lips. She can’t physically stay away from him.  She’s started touching his chest and shoulders and arms and hands. Who else does she touch that way? Hey, you know, she didn’t touch Lxa that way all the time before they made love. I mean there was that time she held a knife to her throat. Is that more of a sign of sexual attraction that standing 2 inches away, maintaining heavy eye contact and holding onto him? 

You want her to make a move?

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What do you think THIS is?

Please consider the fact that-- even while fighting Zarkon and his massive forces, even when they might never see Earth again, even when he suspects he’s Galra and doesn’t know his parents--Keith’s single biggest fear was that Shiro wouldn’t approve of him. That Shiro would leave him.

And yet at the end of s2 that’s exactly what happens.

S3 Keith is going to be a mess, y’all. A. Mess.

and I can’t wait.

Kisses with Pentagon

A/N: I got one request to do ‘first kiss with Pentagon’ and one about making out with them, so I just combined them – enjoy! 

You can find the maknae line here



Okay okay, so – I don’t think he’s an everyday kind of kisser. By this I mean that he will give you little pecks here and there – soft, short kisses when he leaves or you see each other again.

Making out though, he would be a bit different. I think he is a slow kisser, making you feel every part of the kiss. He might also have teasing tendencies, holding your face and smiling when you go in for more.


I think he’s a thief when it comes to kisses, you’ll sit on the couch and read a book or something, and he’ll come over to you and give you a long kiss just to leave the room again, leaving you confused and blushing.

Well, making out. He probably bites your lip slightly, he’s cheeky like that. He’s also slow but even more teasing than Jinho. Honestly I think he wants to wrap you around his little finger (spoiler: he always succeeds)


Hongseok will definitely kiss your cheeks, it will be the sweetest thing. Something like him standing and back hugging you, then deciding to lean forward and plant a soft kiss on your cheekbone, close to your eye.

I can see makeout sessions happen mostly as an act of foreplay, so there will be some faint moans or breaths and it will be incredibly hot. He’s going to want you to sit on his lap while he runs his fingers through your hair.



Faint, the kisses are faint. This might sound weird, but what I mean is that they’re really really gentle and caring. They’re a proper display of affection and care for you – he also looks at you as something very precious and wants to be careful with you always.

I mean except for when things get heated, then he forgets all that and just lets lose. It becomes heavily messy with hot breaths and kisses that are both lazily performed and intense at the same time.



If Shinwon could make out all the time, that’s what he would do, but the everyday kisses have to be tamed. His kisses are always long and lingering though and he takes his time with kissing you properly.

When he gets his way and is able to kiss you intensely, he’s going to run his hands all over your body and wanting to keep on for hours. There’s always some loving at the bottom of his actions though, as when he pulls away just to smile at you before going back in for another kiss.  


Yeo One

Soft soft soft soft. His kisses are so soft and sweet and he smiles into most of them. He always catches you off guard, making you smile or laugh before kissing you.

Since he is such a sweetheart, he wants to show a different side of himself while making out, and he sure does. Have you seen his smirks in the Gorilla performances? Because his kisses are the physical way to describe that smirk, it’s so teasing and the push and pull is insane. He knows exactly how to work your nerves and it’s wonderful.



Yanan’s kisses are also very lingering, I think he likes to hug you a lot and then kiss you whilst in the hug. It would feel very safe and very warm and loving. I also see him liking to kiss your nose.

I think he might have a different side when closed off only with you – I think he would be more comfortable with taking control with having heated kisses and hold you tight and give you all the attention.

how to interview a potential dom

Hi there,

This post is how to interview a potential dom. Now this is tricky because there are alot of fake doms (i made a post feel free to check that out) but there are alot alot of good ones so here are some steps to interviewing a potential dom

Step 1: rule out they’re a fake dom (see my first post)

Step 2: ask them how they would treat you if they start with anything sexual try to rule them out (but not all the way they might be confused). If they for instance say “what do you mean?” then they have potential. That means they dont want to just assume sex they want to assume everything like if your sick ect. Tell them a specific answer like “if i was sad” again if its “well id play with you’re princess (or prince) parts” then rule them out but if its nice like “give you stuffies and cuddles” then they’re doing good

Step 2: ask them how many littles they’ve had if its alot keep that in mind and ask them why. Or even if its a little bit still ask them why

Step 3: ask them to describe themselves then ask for a picture remember if you ask for a picture its probable they’ll ask for one two.

Step 4: talk for a few days and get a feel for them make sure they’re a good person

Step 5: listen to your gut if its telling you that they’re shady then dont do it. You dont need a dom to be a little

Well, i hope these steps work a little at least maybe ill do nother post about this if this get enough notes but until next time you are all magical unicorns💖

[DOWNLOAD] Ensemble stars on stage english sub file

I have finally finished the ensemble stars on stage subtitles!!!!!!

Woah so it was a long path but I got there in the end haha

I didn’t sub the songs as it is a stage play not a musical so they weren’t needed for the story plus (apprently I don’t play the game) they are all songs from the game so when I’ve looked on the wikia for names the songs were already translated so I didn’t see there a need for me to translate.

Again like I’ve mentioned I don’t play the game so some names might be wrong if that’s the case please kindly tell me so I can correct them. Same with any translations or timings too.

This time I had the help of Paocchi_ on twitter who was a great help with the timings so thank you so much there! You were an amazing help!

So without further ado:

Please tell me of any problems and no reuploading. Enjoy ^.^

(Oh and btw I don’t own the raw file SO PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME FOR THE RAW PLAY AS I DO NOT HAVE IT. It can be found on tumblr and on the livejournal tenimyutopia community)

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things Pt. 2
  • When pets come out of anesthesia & they don’t quite have control of their tongue yet so it sticks out of their mouth. 
  • “People names” for animals. A Rottweiler named Phillip. A Chihuahua named Craig. Bulldog named Susan. Sheltie named Clayton. All of it just makes me really happy!
  • Being told “You were made to be a doctor.” I think the first time this happened was the second month of my clinical year & I almost cried
  • Pets that are actually really really excited to see you again! Sure, I might have some treats in my pockets, but some of that excitement is for me, right?!
  • Crawling into kennels to take a quick nap with a boarding patient. Animal snuggles are the best snuggles. Plus, I get to give them that extra love!
  • Saving a life you hadn’t expected to be able to save.
  • Cat’s that boop their own noses when you stick out a finger.
  • Birds wanting to snuggle in your shirt/bra. 
  • One ear has made the journey to being flipped upright while the other remains floppy.
  • Cat’s that love belly rubs!
  • Dog’s that love belly rubs!
  • Squishing pink kitty toe jellybeans.
  • A simple “thank you” & a hug from a client.
  • Eating dinner at the same time as my patients. It’s a bonding moment. Let’s have a chat. How was surgery today, Phillip? How’s that kibble tasting today? I hear it was the special.
  • Not having a parvo case for an entire day!

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I pictur all might and sir meeting up again. They are sitting, and there is a awkward silence. Izuku is sitting next to All Might, and Mirio next to Sir. Izuku and Mirio at like :I because their teachers are just so quiet and mirio tries to break the silence with a funny joke but its still awkward and mirio is like (。• H •。)

Oh my gosh yes honestly this seems like this is how it would totally go down if all four of them sat down to talk about the whole situation between Sir and All Might. And all you just see is Izuku and Mirio kind of like giving each other confused hand signals and eye contact like:

Help these kids why are their guardians putting them in such a confusing situation lmao 

When Tina went to the docks to see off Newt – a man she’d begun to have feelings for, and who she thought she might never see again, or at least not for many years – she didn’t get dolled up in a fancy dress.  She wore same type of shirt and jacket she’d normally wear to work.  I think she might have been wearing some subtle lipstick, but other than that she’s got no makeup on.  I can’t quite articulate why this makes me so happy but it does.  Perhaps it’s because there’s something very strong about not feeling like you need to impress a man visually.  Because despite her vulnerability, she knew on some level that she was dazzling enough to impress him regardless.  Or maybe, it’s that she didn’t know that, but she was brave enough to risk it.

Jihyo: Tzuyu, please keep an eye on Dahyun today. She’s might say something and get herself punched.

Tzuyu: Sure, I’d love to see Dahyun get punched.

Jihyo: Try again.

Tzuyu: I will stop Dahyun from getting punched .

All I Wanted; C.H. 21

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20

A few days had passed. Not many. Although, I’m not quite sure how much time had passed; I had thrown myself onto my schoolwork, leaving the internet and my phone aside. Meredith did ask a few times if I was feeling better and I lied – told her it was a simple bed bug that I needed to sweat out and I’d see her soon. I’m not sure if I were to hang out with them again; I was scared something might’ve leaked, or that I had to explain something – anything.

Of course I had taken the time to think everything over, convincing myself at first that I had overreacted; which, in a sense, indeed I did. But on the other hand, I don’t think any girl would appreciate being toyed with. And I think your reaction to something possibly life changing is a reflection of your emotions. So me reacting that way was an indication to myself.

I never thought I would ever admit it out loud, not even to myself, but there is no denying anymore. I had developed feelings for Calum which had come back to bite me in the ass. All the warning signs, alarm bells - read: Meredith - were there, but I simply chose to ignore them all. And now I had absolutely no idea what to do – to just let it go, to let him go or to let everything go.

So here I am, at one of the bars I completely despise because I can’t go where I want to anymore, all on my own. I wanted Meredith with me, I really did, because I used to always confide in her. This wasn’t about all I wanted anymore, it was about all that I did and the consequences it had carried along with my actions. My best friend didn’t even know what had crawled up my ass in the last few weeks – and I, well, I had done this to myself, after all.

“Another?” The older man asks as he pulls the empty beer glass from my hands, something that sounds like a growl but should’ve been a noise of agreement leaving my lips. I receive a pointed look; I am aware of that. But I can’t be bothered. “You know, Y/n, I don’t know you very well yet, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t you.”

“Oh, what made you think that? My never ending frown?” I laugh humourlessly. This older man, Paul, and I had spoken a few times when I was the only one in the bar. No, no. I wasn’t confiding in him either – but it was nice to talk to someone other than my parents even if he nagged me about the renovations of the back part of the bar that – in his opinion – took too damn long.

I try my best at a genuine smile when a new, filled glass is set in front of me and I’m quick to wrap my fingers around the wet glass. “You seem like a grumpy old man like this.” Luke’s voice startles me so much I always drop off of my seat, nails digging into the wood as I direct a glare at the blonde.

“Deep down inside that’s what I am.” I bark, crawling back properly on my bar seat, bringing the glass to my lips as Luke settles in the seat next to me. He doesn’t say anything else, and neither do I. But it nags at me. I like the silence when I’m surrounded by strangers - if you can call that silence – or when I’m alone. But knowing he’s here for one particular reason, one I don’t want to hear either, aggravates me. I sigh a few times, the volume of the breath escaping my lips increasing as time passes. “How did you find me?” I question eventually, glancing in his direction but facing straight ahead.

“Doesn’t matter. What have you been up to?” Luke motions to Paul for a beer and the man glances at me for a split second to see my initial reaction. I had never brought anyone here, I had never talked about anyone to him, I’m sure he’s quite bewildered as to why someone as handsome as Luke is dropping his scrawny ass beside me. And I wondered the same.

“Crying, sitting in the shower and eat my own weight in McDonald’s. Pretty productive.” I laugh humourlessly, but I know Luke is frowning. He doesn’t say anything to my statement though. I’m not sure if he is perplexed or he knows it’s best not to lecture me. I start to nervously tap against the wood of the bar as my other hand traces the rim of my half empty glass.

“One way or another you’ll have to explain this to Mer. And face Calum. Or are you planning on staying away completely?” Luke questions as he too focuses straight ahead, his own beer glass pressed against his lips. “I didn’t think of a game plan yet, to be honest. Other things have been occupying my mind.” I shrug nonchalantly. I had given it a thought, but I wasn’t ready to face the decision I had to make. I wasn’t quite certain what the right thing to do would be – yes, I did. Tell Meredith everything and eventually beg for her forgiveness – but anyhow, I was planning on taking my sweet time on deciding on which way I wanted to destroy the current life I was living.  

“Why are you even here?” It sounds like I suddenly realize he’s here, and I’m okay with him thinking that. Luke knew what was going on with Calum and I, but that didn’t mean that we had ever spoken more than a few words to one another. Luke didn’t seem like the guy I was going to have deep conversations with, so I usually stuck to Ash and Mikey. It seems as if Luke suddenly wants to become my knight in shining armour, something that had crossed my mind multiple times in the past weeks – mainly when he had seen Calum kiss me or me walking out of Calum’s room and he’d throw a wink in my direction. “I worried.”

“About me? Why would you?” For the first time since he entered I turn my head in his direction and grant him my full attention. I can’t help it; he has sparked my interest. I almost completely discard my drink and the soft radio tunes resonating from a speaker somewhere behind me on my right, eyes almost glued to Luke’s jaw.

“Not just you, Y/n. Calum has been my friend since we were four and shit he feels bad about this.” Luke groans, one of his hands rubbing over his stubbled chin. I think he realises that I’m not interested in hearing how Calum feels about this, because I have my own emotions to get in check. I don’t know why, but I feel the same burst of anger crawl on my back like a leech that Calum had erupted in me and I ball my hand into a small fist as I bark at Luke.

“Stop trying to convince me to talk to him.” Of course Calum would’ve sent one of his mates to do the dirty work for him. Sending Michael or Ashton wouldn’t have worked, and he knew that. I would rather listen to someone I barely know than to my own friends trying to suck me back in.  

“I am not. He doesn’t know that I was planning on talking to you. The others, including Meredith, may be blind but I am not. I’ve seen the way you look at him and even better - seen the way he has looked at you. I’ve known such intense longing as well and I am genuinely worried about your well-being, Y/n.”

This little speech of his seems heartfelt and somewhere in the beginning he has turned towards me, his blue eyes boring in to mine so I would pay attention and wouldn’t miss a thing he had to say. My heart flutters at the intentions of this man and if I weren’t so persistent on being a stoic bitch, I am certain I would’ve thrown myself against him and hugged him – something I had craved from someone other than my dad for days now.

“I’m fine. At least I will be. Give it time.” I feel a blush creep onto my cheeks, shaking my head slowly as I try to suppress my smile. It’s nice to feel loved and appreciated by someone you didn’t expect it from.

“Will you please hang out with us? I’ll promise you Calum won’t try to talk to you, I’ll make sure of it. We’re all missing our mate.” Luke smiles, probably hoping to have reached a break through. Sadly, a woman’s mind isn’t that simple to decipher. I can’t help but feel my stomach constrict at the thought of possibly seeing Calum; I want to avoid confrontation.

“Luke that isn’t a good idea… it would just be a thorn ripping my flesh open.” I shake my head violently, fingers tapping nervously along the by alcohol sticky wooden bar. I have so many of these little ticks, I’m starting to amaze myself. Maybe I should go for Guinness Book of World Records – how many ticks I can do under a minute.

“You’d make him crave you even more if you’d show him you’re perfectly fine without him.” Luke wiggles his eyebrows but he receives an eye roll in return.

“That’s absolutely what I live for. Taunting Calum when I’m desperate to drown memories of him in alcohol.” I laugh loudly, raising my glass once more. I finish the rest of my drink but keep my glass hoovering in the air as I turn towards Luke.
“So, you in?” I hadn’t even seen it, but I had heard it. Luke was smirking as his eyebrow raises in expectance of my answer. “Well?” He crosses his arms over his chest, tapping his foot impatiently. “Guess so.” I try to get the last droplets out of my glass – kind of to drink myself some courage – and slam the empty glass loudly on the counter top. “Well, let’s go.”

Magi 327 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which the “subtle changes” in the characters have the subtlety of a brick. Oh dear, so this is what Sinbad did… . 

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I really think Keith might be mentally unstable and without Shiro, he can’t seem to find solid ground.

In the opening of s3 we may or may not see him completely break down in front of the team, screaming and crying about how he can’t handle losing Shiro again, the one thing in his life that meant everything to him, then probably admits to them how he got booted of the Garrison. He had serious discipline issues – or at least that’s how Iverson and even Shiro labeled it. 

I really want to see the more unstable side to Keith. We saw some of him losing his cool in season 2.
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It’s by accident, the first time John sees them.

yes hello i did a Thing, it’s a redo of a thing i already did and deleted, but i thought it might be nice to share again \o/