Lucille- Negan (JDM) (Smut)

Right, This was just a idea that came to me. You know how knife kinks are a thing? well I thought about something like a Lucille kink and so this was born.

This isn’t meant to offend someone and if it does i’m sorry! <3 


Please let me know what you think about this one :)

Warnings: Smut, Dom! negan, rough sex, lucille kink, light bondage, tieing up, daddy kink, forced (not rape)

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Negan’s boots click against the tiled floor. He’s an attractive man, he’s been told, and he can take any number of willing partners to his bed with a coy look, intelligent conversation and puppy eyes.

Oh, no, he’s not just muscle, but today is not about that. Negan had flirted with you since you joined the saviours, and not to mention the “one off” nights together. Today Negan was going to get what he wants, and he is going to enjoy it. He straightened his shoulders and his eyes glitter with menace as he enters the room you sat in.

Lucille gleams under your rooms dim light. He grips it with long elegant fingers, and casually vaults over the Bed where you were seated. Negan can almost hear your heart thumping in your chest. It’s a hell of a turn-on, and he will get you firmly hooked and reel you in slowly.

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There is a woman who still posts on Meryl's IG that she hopes Meryl finds someone special. Although she did delete the last one she posted last week. Didn't you get from Meryl's response on her IG today "I have 0 concerns about proving my love to anyone except the person I'm with" meant she was with someone, i.e. Fedor? I hope that women understands that. But I guess from Meryl's response it won't bother her if that woman doesn't, lol.

Meryl has made it pretty clear that she is with the person she loves and that’s enough for 99% of the people who follow her.  There are some people who will one day see photos of her wedding and still be wishing that she finds the love of her life. 


Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

you know I actually met someone who asked me why deadpool being pansexual meant so much to me

“ he’s amoral, a murderer, a pervert and a lot of other terrible things. I mean I love his character, I just want to know why he means so much to you.”

I just looked him dead in the eye and went

“he’s all I have”

and I think that was like, a major light bulb moment for him

imagine that’s so raven au yoonmin where jimin somehow develops the ability to have visions and everything’s great for a few days until he has a vision of himself making out with the cool, popular, unattainable min yoongi. from that point on he’s so desperate for it to happen that he keeps trying to seduce yoongi, and even though all of his attempts fail really badly, he still somehow gets there in the end.

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You still support Zayn??? That makes me sad:(

not to get hostile on u but i hope ur sending this exact message to everyone else on here and in ur daily life that stans celebs who have fucked up before (off the very top of my head: rihanna, drake, azealia, justin, janet, zendaya, nicki, gigi, tinashe, bey, coldplay, etc etc) and not just me lmao. i can support zayn n not believe in or agree with his all lives matter bullshit. 

Wait, if Quintessence powers everything magic.

And Keith either has an affinity for Quintessence (that let him sense the blue lion) or has a considerable amount of Quintessence of his own (maybe because he’s Galra and/or Altean?)

And Allura uses her energy (Quintessence) to open wormholes using the castle’s tech.

What if it wasn’t Blue who opened the wormhole to Arus in the first episode?

What if it was Keith?

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Ikki! I was wondering, how do you see/ship Bokuto and Kuroo? Because the other day I was showing a friend your artworks and she told me that they look totally like a romantic ship, or that she perceived them like that in your art. and I thought 'Hey, I'm not sure' I'd always thought of them as platonic-bro ship by you. So, how do you actually see them? :)

It varies tbh, everything depends on my mood and preference for the day I guess haha & I’m fine with any and all interpretations, so i definitely won’t be offended if someone sees them only as bros when i meant romantic etc

In my au they’re just extremely close childhood friends though (I think Kuroo likes Bokuto more than Bokuto likes Kuroo, if u know what i mean, i mean that Kuroo has a major crush on Bokuto but Bo can never know shhh 👀 Bokuto has no idea)

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I came here for the Silmarillion, stayed for the Marvel and am currently enjoying the preciousness of your wonderful Kylux art <3 I was just poking around for some cute cuddles (and found them <33) and then I saw a post with a PS sketch you were working on (looked like Kylo snuggling to someone, likely Hux) - and I meant to say it's so so so cute and I'm so curious to see more of it.

aw, thanks for sticking with me through all these fandoms 😃

I forgot all about that one! I never finished and I no longer remember why I was drawing it but here’s the sketch:

what she says: i’m not fine

what she means: I am 110% fed up with the abuse and murder of hundreds of innocent black people. Contrary popular belief, black lives are not trivial, black lives are not frivolous. Black lives are not immaterial. Black lives cannot afford to be lost. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We matter. I matter. Every single victim that was shot, strangled, and/or abused at the hands of a racist cop was someone’s child. Someone’s best friend, the love of someone’s life. Even if that black person didn’t matter to you, they mattered to someone. Someone’s mother is grieving.  Someone’s child is lost and confused because their world has been turned upside down and it will never, ever be the same. Children are growing up in a world where a dead and mutilated black man is on the cover of the daily paper so often that it becomes normal. I am EXHAUSTED. I am sick and tired of watching the perpetrators of such inhumane crimes go without punishment. I am ashamed that the so-called “justice” system, the very thing that is supposed to be this country’s moral compass, is riddled with such immoral corruption. Unfortunately, I am not surprised. But our community is strong. We have experienced wave after wave of interpersonal and institutional racism over the years, from lynching to microaggressions to racial profiling. We are resilient and we are powerful. We have fought endlessly for decades to achieve basic civil rights. The fight isn’t over.