I can’t keep my thoughts to myself anymore...

So now I am going to post what will probably turn in to quite a long discussion about certain points regarding the current ouat story line and one ship in particular. And to be quite honest, I’m not putting this one under a read more because I just don’t care if people get mad at me right now. So here we go. (and thanks to bbypiratebunny for helping me fill in a couple gaps in my memory of this ship’s timeline)

I have been growing increasingly frustrated with one of the fandoms that is a part of larger Once fandom. Those of you who have been following me for a while may remember the days when I used to fangirl hard over Rumbelle, but those days are long gone. I now see that relationship for what it is, abusive and unhealthy. There I said it. And i stand by what I said. Rumbelle is not a healthy relationship and as such, I can no longer support it.

But there are some people that still do. I do not understand how these people can not only support but love and miss a ship like that, but they do. And I don’t mean miss what it used to be. There was a time that this was something I could support and encourage and in a way, I miss that time. But that time has long since ended. I mean the people that are still so in love with this couple and still long for the moments when it gets screen time.

I do have a lot of problems with the writing of this relationship as well as with the writing of the two people involved. Belle has never been given the writing or character development that she deserves. Time and time again, the strong woman that they keep telling us she is has been ignored in favor of the helpless damsel in distress. I hate all of this, but what bothers me more is the continuing devotion to a toxic relationship and a character that has shown over and over again that all he cares about in the world is his power.

I still follow a few Rumbelle fans and to be quite honest, I don’t know why. All that their posts cause me is frustration and annoyance. They have stuck with this ship through far too much. I understand sticking by through hardships. That’s one thing. I am right there with CS right now. But Rumbelle is not just going through hardships. Their relationship is toxic and unhealthy. If you don’t believe me, take a look at some of the things that have happened so far.

  • Rumple refused to let Belle break his curse the first time she tried TLK because he was too attached to his power
  • He then banishes her so that she can’t try to defeat him again because that’s the only explanation he can see for her actions-that she was trying to destroy his power.
  • When he went off to Neverland, he refused to let her go even though she want to help. Yes you can say that he was trying to protect her, but honestly, that’s bullshit in my opinion. Belle had completely proven by that point that she could take care of herself and that she could also be a valuable asset on that mission. He just wanted to be able to use his power as he wished without her being involved.
  • When Belle got shot and couldn’t remember Rumple, he basically forced himself on her again and again even though she told him she wanted him to stay away from her because he scared her. I get wanting to help someone you love remember you and remember who they are, but he took it too far. If he really loved her, he should have given her space to recover and slowly reintroduced himself back into her life over time so that she could grow comfortable with his presence and her real identity.
  • When Regina caused Belle believe that she was actually Lacey, Rumple again took things way too far. He was once again relentless and continued to force himself into her life when she clearly told him that she wanted nothing to with him. And when she continued to refuse him, he quickly reverted to his dark ways to try and impress her even though he knew that Belle would never approve of his actions.
  • He proposed to her with a fake dagger, a LIE.
  • He made himself look like Hook, a person she had finally come to trust, so that he could lie to her and manipulate her again in order to steal back his dagger.
  • And the end of that string of lies, he made her swear an oath not to tell, an act that made her visibly uncomfortable even ignoring the way in which he used it as a way to get physically closer to her in a way that she would never have allowed him to do if she had known it was him.
  • And there is more, but I think that this is enough for now.

And these are just the things that he has done directly to her, not even all of the terrible things he’s done to others, the lies he’s told, deals he’s used to manipulate and destroy people, and so much more.

And yet throughout all of this, I still see people beyond excited and devoted to Rumbelle’s relationship and to them getting back together. I can’t even tell you how many times I saw their kiss show up on my dashboard after last week, even though it wasn’t even Belle’s choice for that kiss to happen. I have seen nothing but continued, blind devotion from most of the RB fandom (I think i have seen one or two shippers that can admit that it is problematic). Most of the fandom still wants RB to get back together more than anything (at least from what I’ve seen) and that is something I don’t know if I will ever understand.

And finally I want to address one comment I saw today from a RB shipper that I am not going to call out. She said this as part of a larger post on her blog but this is the part i want to address. “ Will didn’t even realize her heart was missing. That’s how invested he is in Belle as a person. And when he did find out it was missing he seemed unperturbed by the fact and only went to get it because Rumple threatened him (and devised the entire plan). If not for Rumple, Belle would still be heartless and Will would be none the wiser.” First, it’s been shown that people can still function and act almost exactly as they normally would without their heart. Just look at Cora and even Regina for that short bit of time. You cannot really blame Will for not noticing within less than a week (at the VERY MOST) that something was slightly off with Belle. And the only reason Rumple knew was because he had been told by Regina that Belle was missing her heart. There is no evidence that Rumple would have been able to figure it out if he hadn’t been told.

Wow that got a lot longer than I’d even expected. And I feel like if I didn’t have so much school work to do that I could keep going. But that’s basically a rundown of why I have such a problem with Rumbelle and RB shippers.