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imagine if tamatoa had been voiced by tim curry

I love me some Tim Curry, but Jemaine is just too too perfect. He’s got a good voice for the glam rock song he has to sing. And is also a native New Zealander on his mother’s side, I believe, so it better fit for the culture the movie’s set in.

Tim Curry did and still does (though for a number of reasons, he doesn’t act much anymore) deserve a main Disney antagonist role though, and not just that organ in that damn Beauty & the Beast sequel.

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I also really loved "The treasures along the shoes of Busan" (Not just because Hobi is my bias 😄) I had such a hard time picking between that and "one good purr (deserves another) ". Thank you so much for opening this poll and always posting your amazing writings. Congrats on 5k!!! You deserve it! 😆😆

Ah, thank you so much!!!    ㅠㅅㅠ   It’s so nice to hear that readers were looking forward to the sequel, I wish I had kept on myself more and finished it when I intended to. Thank you for participating!!!! So sweet to me, oh my gosh <3

I’m just bummed that I messed up the poll, but lesson learned X) it’s my first online poll, I’ll know better for next time <3

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(I’m all three of them, laughing at myself)

I like to play this game I call “Love Never Dies as the sequel to other things”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Because you could swap out The Phantom/Christine/Raoul/Meg for almost anybody else and the character motivations would make just as much sense.

For example:

Les Mis: In 1832, Eponine faked her death at the barricade and subsequently fled to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Marius and Cosette come to Coney Island. Eponine has a son who is just Ten Years Old. Cosette is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Marius and Eponine totally banged the night before his wedding to Cosette. In the end, Marius is shot and killed by a jealous (and also not dead) Enjolras, who has fallen in love with Eponine.

Frozen: In 1845, after failing to acquire a crown of his own, Hans moved to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Anna and Kristoff come to Coney Island. They have a son, who is just Ten Years Old. Kristoff is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Anna and Hans totally banged the night before her wedding to Kristoff. In the end, Anna is shot and killed by a jealous Elsa, who has fallen in love with Hans.

The Odyssey: In the 12th century BC, Penelope’s suitor Antinous was secretly saved from death by some minor deity who owed him a favor and brought him to what would one day be known as Coney Island, where he opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907 AD, Odysseus and Penelope come to Coney Island. They have a second son, who is just Ten Years Old. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition in dactylic hexameter informs us that Penelope and Antinous totally banged the night before Odysseus’s return. In the end, Penelope is shot and killed by a jealous Euryclea, who has fallen in love with Antinous.

Gotham: In 2015, Barbara Kean leaves Gotham City, moves to Coney Island, and opens an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins come to Coney Island. Barbara has a daughter, whom she has named after herself, and who is just Ten Years Old. Leslie Thompkins is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Jim and Barbara totally banged the night before she left. In the end, Jim is shot and killed by a jealous Oswald Cobblepot, who has fallen in love with Barbara.


sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”

Y’all need to support this movie so this cast can hang out more for a sequel [Part 2]

(These are just highlights. There’s so much more adorableness from their snapchats on this youtube account)   

I’m totally down for a Carry On book that’s basically a retelling of the entire story but each chapter has reversed perspectives. So instead of Simon’s introduction to the book we’d have Baz’s POV leading up to the Numpty situation, we’d have Simon’s POV during the kiss scene in chapter 61, and we’d also know what Baz was thinking during the “Nobody’s seducing a vampire” scene. Don’t get me wrong I’d love a sequel but I’d love a retelling just as much. 


Remember this show? I have missed this cartoon so much! It brings back so many memories! I love it! Now that I’m older I notice hella stuff I have never noticed before!

They don’t make shows like this no more. But I swear Disney needs to make a sequel to this show because we need more of this today to help black children to become kind, bright, educated, and just worthy persons!


Lex Luthor, Clark Kent, and Bruce Wayne are all victims of senseless violence in various ways. Lex responds by projecting his abuse onto others and seeking vicarious revenge; Clark responds by trying to protect others from becoming victims; Bruce responds at first by trying to stop those who perpetrate violence, but slides ever more towards Lex’s methods until the climax of the movie when he realizes his error and instead sides with Clark.


by: mldrgrl
Rated: R
Summary:  A sequel to Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down. Post-all things, Scully finally catches up to Mulder.  Spoilers for pretty much half of season 6 and 7, but if you haven’t caught up by now, why are you here?

Trust Mulder to tell Scully he was in love with her one minute and then turn around and run off with Diana Fowley in the next.  It stung.  Badly.  Not just that he’d trusted Fowley over her, but that he’d accused her of letting her personal feelings cloud her judgment.  It was a long time before she could forgive him of that.  

She never doubted the sincerity of his confession, but the desertion and the accusation that came so quickly later threatened to dismantle both their personal and professional relationship.  The trust that had been so hard won between them became all but lost overnight.

Whether he knew it or not, Mulder, it seemed to her, turned to outside sources to fill the space she once filled.  His random, late night phone calls stopped, and she assumed it was due to the tension between them, and it probably was, but when she found out about his friendship with Karin Berquist, it made sense to her.  She could see that Mulder and Karin were lonely, kindred spirits, even if he could not.  It pained her to think of him like that, and it became the catalyst of her desire to see them once again on better terms.

Progress was still slow.  He had that same look in his eyes when she’d nearly had her heart torn out of her chest on his living room floor as he did when she’d been shot in the gut.  And though he held her while she cried and she had to reassure him many times that she was fine, the usual overt gestures weren’t there.  He didn’t offer to stay with her, he didn’t ask if she was sleeping okay, he didn’t even crack a joke about it.

Then he had confused her by coaxing her out late one evening to play baseball.  It was the happiest she’d seen him in a long time.  He was relaxed and it made her relaxed as well.  He made her laugh and just for a few hours, everything felt right again.  Not long after that, the return of Diana Fowley changed everything again.

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“You don’t know my name!”

Much as I love the side of Tim that is a precious nerd, I think it’s often forgotten that he is also a badass who will kill people if they get in the way of what he’s doing. Especially at the end of the Pre-Sequel, he’s not the helpless nerd he was. 

To me he’s a tired, somewhat broken man who just wants to keep some of the innocence he used to have over what he’s become.

I’m in Love With a Stripper pt.2

Member: S.Coups
Genre: Fluff, Smut, ANGST
Word Count: 13,249 

part one

The long-awaited sequel to the first I’m in Love With a Stripper. Someone from Seungcheol’s past appears suddenly. What are their motives? What does this mean for your budding relationship with the devilishly charming sweetheart that just so happens to be an exotic dancer?

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Summary: Loki returns to see Y/N, only to be told some surprising news.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (and Loki)

Warnings: swearin’, Loki being a little shit (I actually really love Loki, is it just me?)

A/N: this is just a lil one shot sequel for Brawling Love, I hope ya like it :)

It had been about eight months since you and Bucky got together and you were the happiest you could be. He was always so sweet, telling you how much he loved you and always cuddling up to you. You had him wrapped around your finger.

“Come back to bed.” Bucky whined, watching you slip on some pajama shorts. “C’mon we can go for round two.”

You smirk, shaking your head. “As tempting as that sounds, I’m hungry.” you pick up Bucky’s shirt and slip it on, not bothering to put a bra on. Bucky whines some more and you chuckle, walking out of the room. “Come join me when you’re ready.”

You walk down the hall, hearing Bucky sigh and you smile.

“Where is she?” a voice says from the living room.

“Why are you here?” you can hear Tony question as you near the room.

“For Y/N of course.” the voice replies, now sounding familiar.

“He won’t do any harm, I won’t let him.” Thor says.

“Yeah, and we won’t either.” Clint scoffed.

You enter the living room, being met with everyone - and someone who you haven’t seen in a while.

"Loki?” you question to the man who had his back to you.

He turns quickly at the sound of your voice and a smile takes place on his lips. “Darling.”

Loki walks up to you, arms wide open as he embraced you. “Uh, hi.” you hug him back, looking over his shoulder at the others who displayed confusion as well.

“Ah,” he sighed. “How I have missed you.”

You pull away from the hug and he smiles at you, his arm still wrapped around your waist. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you.” he responds. “It’s been so long.”

“Well that’s what happens when you try taking over the world.” you giggle.

“Ah, yes. Thank you for reminding me of my mistakes, darling.” Loki smirks.

“Shut up.” you smile.

At this time, Bucky enters the living room, his basketball shorts hung loosely around his waist as a grey shirt clung to his body. He smiled upon seeing you but it immediately disappeared when he saw who was holding you.

“Loki.” Bucky grit, walking up beside you.

Loki smiled. “James, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. My brother has told me about you.”

“That’s great.” Bucky says with no emotion at all. “Now can you get your hands off my girlfriend.”

Loki takes a step back, his eyebrows knitting together at Bucky’s words. “Girlfriend?” he looks at his brother. “I was not told about this.”

"You never asked.” Thor shrugged with a smug look.

“What am I supposed to ask for you to tell me she has a boyfriend?” Loki responds.

“Many things actually, for example: is Y/N seeing someone? Is Y/N still single? Does Y/N-”

“Alright, I get it.” Loki interrupts his brother then turns to you and Bucky. “Is this… thing serious.” he gestures between you and Bucky.

“Very much so, has been for eight months.” Bucky answers, the crease between his eyebrows now showing.

Loki gives you a hurt look. “Y/N… You were to be at my side as queen. I-I don’t-”

“Yeah well, looks like that’s not gonna happen.” Bucky cuts in, the jealousy becoming noticeable which was amusing for the others who were watching. “Come on Y/N, let’s go back to the room.” Bucky takes your hand, about to guide you back to his room but Loki held you back, causing Bucky to turn quickly.

“I wasn’t finished talking to her.” Loki smiled.

“I didn’t ask.” Bucky responds.

“We were just getting started.” he says. “I mean look at her, dressed to impress, isn’t that right Y/N?”

Bucky looks over at you, noticing that you didn’t have a bra on underneath his shirt and quickly moved in front of you. “Doll, why don’t you go put something on underneath my shirt, yeah?”

You look down at your chest, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks.

“Aw, come on, Bucky, she looks fantastic.” Loki smirked which made Bucky even more angry.

“I’m not letting you stare at my girlfriends chest the whole damn time.” Bucky says.

You knew what was coming next and you step aside, between Thor and Wanda.

“What, it’s not like I haven’t seen what’s under her shirt before.” Loki responds and Bucky looks at you.

“What’s he talking about.”

“It was an accident. I was changing and he barged in my room like he owned the place.” you say.

“So you lock the door, Y/N. Doors can do that, you know.” he responds.

“People can also knock.” you reply with a roll to your eyes.

“It was quite a sight, if I do say so myself.” Loki smirked over at you.

“Hey,” Bucky shoved Loki. “Eye’s off Y/N.”

Loki pulled a face. “Who are you to be shoving a god?”

“This will be interesting.” Thor smiled, bumping your shoulder.

You give him a blank stare and he wipes the smile off his face quickly.

“You’re not the best god if you ask me.” Bucky shrugged.

“Listen here, mortal-”

“No, you listen here,” Bucky jabs his finger into Loki’s chest. “You may be a god but I can still take you out.”

Loki smiled. “Take me out? Oh, where are we going? Please do tell.” he says. “I’m very fond of Italian food.”

“You know that’s not what I meant.” Bucky rolls his eyes.

Loki steps up to Bucky, so close to the point where it looks as if they were going to kiss but it was actually quite the opposite.

“Understand who you are speaking to.” Loki says lowly and intimidating, but not intimidating enough for Bucky. “I have killed many, you will be nothing.”

“I’ve killed many as well, know who you’re threatening before you miserably threaten them.” Bucky responds.

“I’ll have you know-”

You zone out of their argument and turn to the others who stood watching with smiles on their faces.

“Are any of you gonna stop them?” you question and they all shake their head.

“Thor?” you look at him and he smiles.

“James can handle Loki on his own.” he responds.

“They’re fighting over you, princess Peach. If anyone’s gonna stop them it should be you.” Tony says and you glare at him.

“Shut your iron ass up, Stark.” you snap before turning back to Loki and Bucky.

“That’s it.” Bucky grunts before his fists comes in contact with Loki’s face.

Loki doubles over, holding a hand to his cheek and he stood up straight again. He wipes at his lip, catching blood on his finger as well.

“You’ve made me bleed.” Loki says, glaring at Bucky. It all went by so fast, Loki swung at Bucky, punches were being thrown, grunts were being heard and that’s when Thor grabbed his brother, yanking him away from Bucky. Bucky on the other hand, walked right up to Loki and raised his fist, about to hit him again but you intervened.

“Hey, calm down.” you speak, standing in front of him with your hands on his chest.

His chest rises and falls under your touch, his brows pinched together as his eyes flickered between you and Loki. He put his fist down, wrapping his metal arm around you, still glaring at Loki.

“That’s enough, brother. You promised you wouldn’t cause commotion.” Thor says to the god.

“That was until the giant oaf attacked me.” he motioned over to Bucky, out of breath.

Bucky tensed up. “I’ll show you giant oaf.” he steps around you to assault Loki again but you pull him back.

“Stop it.” you say. Bucky looks at you and sighs. “Come on.” you start pulling him out of the living room.

“It was nice seeing you again, darling.” Loki calls after you.

“Nice seeing you too, Loki.” you respond. You make it to Bucky’s room and shut the door behind you.

Loki turns to everyone with a smile on his face as blood trickles down from his eyebrow. “Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?”

A/N: Thought it’d be kinda funny to write this. Did you like it? I absolutely loved writing it :)


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Did Han and Leia get married or were they just partners forever? Because considering her last name is still Organa in the sequel movie and the two of them clearly loved each other too much to get a divorce it seems likely they either never married or she kept her name. I like both ideas but I particularly like the idea they weren’t married. Like everyone was like “Princess you should marry him” and she was like “nah.”

Review of 13x16 “Who is He? And What is He to You?”

So, this is the first time I have written down my analysis of an episode.  There was just so much to think about in this episode because of how well it was written, directed, and performed that I needed to write it down, even I am the only one who ever reads it.  

Thoughts on the opening scenes:First, I love that Jackson had the narration and that he talked about being unable to say what you really want to.  This has been a recurring issue not only with Japril but across the show.  So many times I yell at my screen, “Just talk to each other!” So at least the lack of communication was somewhat acknowledged.  

It seems that Catherine knows Robert Avery is in Montana which surprised me a bit.  I would like to know how long she has known, but I doubt we will ever get an answer to that.  Either way, she knew and sent April because as controlling and manipulative as she is, she is also wise.  I saw a lot of people wondering why April came in a cab and if Japril are still living together.  To me, this was just another way to show how divided they are going into this episode.  

I also was surprised to see the ongoing theme of April replacing Meredith was still present in this episode.  I like that April is getting more recognition and credit because she deserves it, but I expected them to drop this story once Grey came back from suspension.  I will be interested to see if it continues.  

Jackson’s snarkiness with April caused a lot of eye rolls as well, and as much as I would prefer he not be this way with her, this allowed us to see that April chose to put up with it.  She easily could have said, “You’re being a jerk.  I’m out.”  several episodes ago, but she knows him well enough to get that something more is going on.  She lets him be angry because he needs to be and she deals because that is what we do for the people we love.  We love them even at their worst.  

The real story: In my opinion, one of the most impressive things about the writing of this episode was how well Elisabeth Finch paralleled Japril’s story with the surgery and Jackson meeting his dad.  This story has two children in it, one boy and one girl.  Let’s start with the boy.  When we meet Dr. Cordon he seems cowardly for forcing Jackson and April to tell that father his son has no chance and they want his organs.  I think this scene is supposed to parallel losing Samuel for Japril.  They were, in a way, forced to lose Samuel.  They could not save him, and although they didn’t want to, terminating the pregnancy was the best thing to do.  So, although they don’t want to tell this father they cannot save his son, they must.  And then they must convince him donating his organs is the best thing he can do.  Jackson bringing up Samuel in this scene was the first time we have really heard them mention him besides JTM.  This loss is still very real and present for both of them.

Then we meet the girl.  To me, this girl, Caroline, represents Harriet in a way.  Caroline needs her parents help.  She cannot speak so they must be her voice and try to make things better for her.  Of course, Harriet is too young to speak and completely depends on Jackson and April.  She needs them to make things better for her as well, but in both situations, they don’t quite know how.  Again, this is why Jackson mentions to her mothers that he is a dad.  He understands needing to advocate for his daughter and wanting the best for her.  He doesn’t always know what that is, but he will always try to figure it out.

 The “I don’t make promises that I don’t keep” line is of course a reference to April telling Jackson, “You are not a person who makes promises he doesn’t keep” in JTM.  And for the most part this is true. Jackson keeps his word to everyone, except April.  Regardless of whose fault the divorce was or whether it was right or not, it happened because Jackson pushed for it.  And even though the show has done a poor job of showing him acknowledge that he realizes this, I believe he does.  From big things like April and Harriet almost dying in 12x24 to little things like his loss of appetite when April went on her date, he still feels that pull to April and he must at least consider that he made the wrong choice.  

Caroline’s first plan of treatment is a throat transplant.  This will get rid of her biggest problem, the tumor, and still allow her to speak.  But it falls through.  In the scene where April talks to the mothers alone, she says, “The best way to help your daughter is to do the laryngectomy…At this point, I really think it is her best chance.” So here is the thing about fixing major issues in our life.  No one can do it for us.  Caroline losing her donor throat represents the idea that no one can fix the issues Jackson and April are dealing with besides Jackson and April.  Caroline will survive with the laryngectomy, but she will be no better off really.  The tumor would be gone but she would lose her voice.  Trading one awful thing for another.  Just as Japril would survive if they didn’t deal with their issues.  If they just left things as they are, they would both survive, but it would leave them with a permanent whole in their life just like the one Caroline would literally have.  

(Unimportant Info - beautiful scenery, loved April’s breast pump scene, loved the Chinese food with extra fortune cookies)

Jackson finally sees his father.  This demon has been haunting him for years.  We have seen hints of it, but I am so glad Jackson finally confronted him because he was projecting all of his abandonment issues on to April.  The scene where April finds Jackson at the diner is so good.  Jackson is so hurt and Jesse played that perfectly.  April, of course, takes his anger because she knows him so well, and above everything she is just worried about him.  It is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.  And then that line, “I didn’t bail on anyone!”  That is really what this is all about for Jackson.  As much as he wants to know his dad, he is also scared as hell that he might be like him.  And here is the one person he thinks he might have bailed on telling him he is bailing on a patient.  Like I said, heartbreaking and beautiful.  

I like that we got the small moment between Robert and April.  Of course it was put there so April could realize that he is Jackson’s father, but regardless, I like that they met.  They are both incredibly influential to Jackson for very different reasons and they should know each other.

In the scene where Jackson wakes April up early, the first thing he says when she opens the door is, “We still need to find a way to help Caroline.”  The first thing he thought of that morning is that he and April have things they need to fix.  He says they need to figure out how to fix Caroline, but again I think this line is about them still needing to find a way to fix their relationship.  And I also love that even though he knows he was pretty awful the night before, he doesn’t even hesitate to knock on her door.  He knows she will answer and help him.  Because she is April.  He knows her as well as she knows him.  And I actually love that he walked into her room as he told her to get dressed.  It shows that their comfort level with each other is still there.  Maybe she changed in the bathroom or maybe she didn’t.  I’m sure she probably breastfeeds in front of him, especially right after getting out of the hospital.  She would have needed his help for absolutely everything, so maybe undressing is not a big deal to them.  Either way, the fans certainly caught this moment.

Let’s move to the first scene in the lab where Jackson and April are bickering.  It starts with Jackson saying “I hate this.  I don’t see how we can do anything but the laryngectomy, but I hate the laryngectomy.”  Of course he does.  With the laryngectomy, Caroline loses her voice and the parallel here with Japril is that the laryngectomy means they don’t figure out a way to really heal or fix things.  They settle.  They take the easy way, probably stay co-parents, maybe friends, but really they hate this option - they hate the laryngectomy.  But there don’t seem to be any other options.   The scene in the lab, to me, was them going over the obstacles in their relationship.  They start by acknowledging that they do not want to do the laryngectomy, but also, they are running out of time.  Jackson saying he was drunk is a substitute for him saying he needs to deal with his dad, which is a huge obstacle for them.  April says that Jackson doesn’t want her there, which I don’t think is true, but her saying this acknowledges the divide that has strengthened between them recently.  Then Jackson brings up April’s friendship with Catherine, and we all know Catherine has created many problems for them.  She may be helping now, but that has not always been the case.  April argues that her relationship with Catherine started before Japril became romantic, but even when they were friends Jackson wasn’t comfortable with April and his mom’s relationship.  "Stop facebooking my mom!“  Then their differences in financial status and upbringing are brought up. "Your mom says the difference between you and I…” As much as these two are meant to be together, they come from very different worlds and see things differently.  This line reflects those issues..  But the conversation is cut short because of the 911 page.  Time is almost up.  If they are going to fix this, they must do it fast.

So Jackson gets the 911 page.  Caroline’s parents want more.  They want their daughter whole and healed and not just the easy fix.  April tries to tell them, “We’ve gone through every possible alternative.  There comes a point when you have to hear…We’ve been down every road.  Every one.  There are no other options.  We do the laryngectomy, Caroline lives.  It’s that simple.”  I can only imagine how many times Jackson and April must have went over every alternative for their relationship in their own heads.  But since they refused to talk to each other, none of the options seemed like they could work.  The easier choice was to choose to settle for less than what they really wanted.  Luckily Caroline refuses to do that.  She wants her voice, and Jackson promises that he and April will find a way to get it back for her.  

Outside of the hospital April finally tells Jackson he made a promise he can’t keep.  Jackson can’t possibly come up with an idea to save her voice and they should do the laryngectomy.  He is confident they can until April tells him she knows about his father.  “He’s the whole reason we’re here!”  And she’s right.  Not just in Montana, but in this frustrating, difficult place in their relationship.  Jackson’s father and his trust issues and inability to let go of his abandonment are what led them to this moment  - completely in love but so alone.  He is the whole reason we are here. 

The transition from Facetiming with Harriet to sitting in silence could not have been directed any better by Kevin.  The shift in tone was almost tangible.  I felt physically uncomfortable watching them sit in silence.  And then finally Jackson told April everything that he had been holding on to for years.  And she responded perfectly.  She listened, which was all he needed.  And then she pushed him to go confront his father.  No one else could have done this for Jackson.  No one.  

Jesse’s acting in the scene where he confronts Robert was some of his best.  His little decisions like not lifting his arms to hug him and the absolute shattered look in his eyes when Robert says he couldn’t be torn away from his diner in Montana were fantastic.  There was no remorse or apology.  Jackson had waited years for this moment, and this man was still able to let him down even more than he already had.  But he also gave Jackson some things to think about.  “Are you happy?”  “I was born into this life, but she was born for it.”  There is no way those lines didn’t instantly make him think of April.  

One of my favorite scenes of the whole episode begins with the coffee apology.  Kevin’s camera angle was perfect.  We hear Jackson say, “Hey” in that voice he only uses for April.  The camera focuses on the coffee in Jackson’s hand and then transitions to April smiling up at Jackson.  While we all would have loved a great speech from Jackson, somehow this was enough.  It has been awhile since we have seen such a sweet gesture from Jackson to April but this was all she needed to know he was sorry.  The way the writing weaves the discussion of Caroline’s surgery seamlessly with Jackson’s explanation of what happened with his dad is some of the best writing of the entire series, I think.  The two are completely intertwined. Jackson must let go of the past in order to move forward, as the tagline said.  He must let go of his anger with his father to move forward with April, but how do they get there?  How do they fully heal Caroline without just settling for the laryngectomy?  “Her guts for her throat,” he realizes.  “Then she’d be her own donor…You think it will work?”April asks.  “No, maybe, yeah.”  “Well which one do you wanna go with?”  They have to heal themselves.  Not even Jackson meeting his dad can heal them.  They have to fix things from within, together, just as Caroline is essentially fixing herself. Will it work?  They aren’t entirely sure, but they decide to go for it.

Dr. Cordon argues that this has never been done before.  And it hasn’t.  When Shonda wants to end a couple, she ends them.  Japril are divorced.  The papers are signed.  So to put them back together is new and different and never been done.  And we all love it. 

Jackson steps up and accepts the Avery name.  The shadow of his father not being able to handle being an Avery is not looming over him anymore.  He is not his father.  He does keep his promises, and he certainly doesn’t bail on his family.  He realizes that now, even if it took him awhile to get there.

The surgery scene.  The music.  The looks.  The silence. “I’ll see it.”  Jackson and April are literally healing Caroline and figuratively healing themselves.  They work together to use Caroline’s body to heal itself and they work together to heal their relationship as well.  And that camera angle over April’s shoulder where Jackson is watching her.  That moment is when he realizes that he could not have done this without her.  Talking to his dad, saving Caroline - it all happened because she was there.  She is and always has been exactly who he needs.  At the end of the surgery, April ask, “This is gonna work right?” And Jackson confidently replies, “We did it.”

The hotel scene.  The parallels to the hotel scenes in San Francisco were perfect here.  As a fan, I appreciate that they put in details they know we would catch.  I also appreciate that neither Jackson or April show any hesitation.  They have both grown so much that they are completely sure at this point of what they want.  And those looks. The chemistry with these two is unbelievable.  I can’t say enough about how great this scene is.

The next morning was almost more satisfying to see as a fan than the hallway scene (almost…).  Again we saw that they had no regrets with their choice to be together.  The lighting, the bed sheets, their emotions - everything is light and bright.  Everything is hopeful and positive.  And this is April’s apology scene the way the coffee cup was Jackson’s.  April telling Jackson he is a good father and that he never bailed on her and Harriet, is everything Jackson needed to hear to 100% let go of his fear of becoming his father.  These few, important lines allowed Jackson to go back to Robert and tell him that he doesn’t need him.  He met him, and now he can move on.  The shot of Jackson’s back walking confidently out the door of the diner into the sunlight was another really nice addition from Kevin.  Jackson is literally leaving the past behind him and moving toward his future.  

In case they had any doubts about their decision, Caroline is completely healed.  They go to check on her and she has her voice.  And we get another adorable scene of them communicating with only their eyes.  

The episode ends with Jackson narrating, again, about how important it is to speak up.  “We lose our words because the stakes are so high”  The camera shows Jackson and April looking at each other.  “And we have so much to lose” And we see the Avery family, Catherine, Jackson, April, and Harriet, reunited.  April asks for a ride home, to her home with Jackson, to signify that there is no more division between them as there was at the beginning of the episode.  

And this is why when Jesse and Sarah have been giving their scripted answer that Japril could go in several different directions, I don’t believe them.  If they were going to just stay friends after this episode, Caroline would have had the laryngectomy and lost her voice.  If they were going to split up completely, Caroline probably would have died.  But she was healed completely, and so were they.  And it wasn’t just their friendship that was healed.  That was not a good-bye night together.  So, when they tease that it could go any way, I think that is just to keep us on our toes until the end of the season where something else is waiting for us.  Could I be wrong?  Of course!  Shonda has definitely surprised me in the past.  But if they stay true to the writing and meaning behind this episode then I believe I’m right.