didn’t have much time to work on a big piece for the game i love so much. just take a drawing of the best family♥

i didn’t think a spiritual sequel to the game that i loved so dearly would be just as good, if not better. combat, music, the sprawling continents, the people who inhabit mira.. even now i seriously can’t decide which xenoblade i love more…

on top of that, this has been the best community i’ve ever been a part of. i made friends, laughed, and fought hard when the nemeses came.. if the time ever comes, we’ll all be fantastic BLADEs ourselves. i just know it.


Happy 1st anniversary Xenoblade Chronicles X!  

I love X so much, it was just about everything I ever dreamed about in a game from mechs to a huge open world. And it was definitely my favorite released that year. My biggest complaint was that there wasn’t as much story as Xenoblade Chronicles, but it’s story was by no means lacking. It just needs a sequel to expand upon everything X set up! A second game on the Switch would be amazing. 

Anyways, I only had time to draw a few of the many characters (and only time to traditionally ink them at that) But I’m just happy I got something done with school finals fast approaching. Elma’s armor is a drawing nightmare though >.> She took me the longest.

Bonus Spoiler chibi below:

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The thing was…she HAD said ‘I love you’ - and Chloe hadn’t said it back…so now what the hell were they supposed to do? Things were starting to snowball downhill and…Beca just…she didn’t know. How could they stop it? How could they fix it - before it was too late? …Before they lost so much more than their romance.

Sequel to ‘I Love You, Awesome Nerd’

Rating: M

Pairing: Bechloe

Chapter: 3 of 21

Links: FF.Net & AO3

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Oh my goodness! Haha thank you so much!!

Unfortunately I don’t really have a sequel planned, but I am definitely planning more klance fics! I’ve had to take a slight hiatus because I am graduating in LESS THAN A WEEK and then moving, but I’m really hoping that this space ranger boyfriend train will resume shortly haha. 

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Can’t stop. Won’t stop. 

regimes fall every day

I like to play this game I call “Love Never Dies as the sequel to other things”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Because you could swap out The Phantom/Christine/Raoul/Meg for almost anybody else and the character motivations would make just as much sense.

For example:

Les Mis: In 1832, Eponine faked her death at the barricade and subsequently fled to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Marius and Cosette come to Coney Island. Eponine has a son who is just Ten Years Old. Cosette is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Marius and Eponine totally banged the night before his wedding to Cosette. In the end, Marius is shot and killed by a jealous (and also not dead) Enjolras, who has fallen in love with Eponine.

Frozen: In 1845, after failing to acquire a crown of his own, Hans moved to Coney Island and opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Anna and Kristoff come to Coney Island. They have a son, who is just Ten Years Old. Kristoff is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Anna and Hans totally banged the night before her wedding to Kristoff. In the end, Anna is shot and killed by a jealous Elsa, who has fallen in love with Hans.

The Odyssey: In the 12th century BC, Penelope’s suitor Antinous was secretly saved from death by some minor deity who owed him a favor and brought him to what would one day be known as Coney Island, where he opened an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907 AD, Odysseus and Penelope come to Coney Island. They have a second son, who is just Ten Years Old. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition in dactylic hexameter informs us that Penelope and Antinous totally banged the night before Odysseus’s return. In the end, Penelope is shot and killed by a jealous Euryclea, who has fallen in love with Antinous.

Gotham: In 2015, Barbara Kean leaves Gotham City, moves to Coney Island, and opens an amusement park. Ten years later, in 1907, Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins come to Coney Island. Barbara has a daughter, whom she has named after herself, and who is just Ten Years Old. Leslie Thompkins is now an abusive alcoholic. Seven and a half minutes of awkward exposition informs us that Jim and Barbara totally banged the night before she left. In the end, Jim is shot and killed by a jealous Oswald Cobblepot, who has fallen in love with Barbara.

Let me tell you a
secret about when
I realized I loved him

it was sometime
after midnight and
we had shed our clothes
and walls like snake skin
and I started believing
in his eyes like I had
found God

I pinched the skin
on my sides, and smiled
with my mouth, but not
with my eyes and I
admitted that I was not
completely happy with myself

(in fact, I have never been
completely anything, I have
always had just one foot
in the water, or half my heart
out in the open)

Shocked, he held and kissed me
and then said (jokingly) that
“Only my opinion matters,
And I think you’re beautiful,
and I love being with you.”

And oh God, how much I do love being whole again.

—  Someone put my pieces back together– a sequel by Amanda Katherine Ricketson

Reese Witherspoon Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of ‘Legally Blonde’

To see more from Reese, check out @reesewitherspoon on Instagram.

Fifteen years ago today, the world met Elle Woods: faithful sorority sister, mother to Chihuahua Bruiser and star student at Harvard Law School. More than a decade later, the legacy of Legally Blonde and its pink-clad character is as strong as ever, having spawned a sequel, a hit musical and its own vocabulary (when in doubt, just “bend and snap”). To celebrate the movie’s 15th anniversary, Instagram spoke with actress Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon) about her memories on set and what playing Elle Woods meant to her.

It’s been 15 years since Legally Blonde came out. What do you remember most about making the film? When we filmed it, my daughter was a year old. I remember her visiting the set and how much she loved all of the costumes and all the pink clothes and the dog. It was a really fun cast and everybody was excited about creating something that wasn’t just confection. It actually had a meaningful story that we had no idea would resonate so strongly with so many people. And it was about female empowerment. It wasn’t necessarily about the girl getting the guy.

You’ve said in the past that you got to keep all the outfits. Did you end up wearing any of them again?[Laughs] No they’re all very finely preserved between tissue paper and in a special storage unit. I keep a close eye on them. I have a couple of costumes that I feel really special about throughout my career, and those are definitely some of them.

One of the film’s most iconic moments is the “bend and snap” scene. Do you have any memories about shooting it? It was actually a full-length musical number and it ended up getting shortened. That’s why when you see it in the movie, everybody is dancing. But it was a fully choreographed number by Toni Basil, and she was awesome. She did the whole dance. I remember just reading it and thinking it was the most hysterical thing ever. That is still the most asked request I get from people. Even this past year, when I have been giving speeches or talking about whatever, they always ask me, “Will you do the bend and snap?” I have a feeling I will be doing the bend and snap until I am 95.

Have you rewatched Legally Blonde recently? No, but a girlfriend of mine sent a video to me recently of her kid watching it for the first time. And her son, who is 7, said, “I liked that Elle was the woman that she wanted to become and she didn’t need a man to do it.” It was so cute that a 7-year-old boy said that. I’ve also had people send me essays their daughters have written to get into school or camp where they’ve said Elle Woods was their hero. And I have had so many women say to me, “I went to law school because of Legally Blonde.”

I think it was a pivotal moment in feminism only because it was like, Oh wait, you don’t have to be learned and boring. You can embrace your femininity, you can love to get your hair and nails done, you can love fashion, but also be incredibly intelligent. And I don’t know why those were two separate ideas at the time. Now it seems crazy to think that people thought that. It was kind of a lightning rod moment. Which was crazy that was 2001!

You addressed this a little already, but what does the Elle Woods character mean to you personally, 15 years later? Well it’s a big piece of my life, a big piece of my career. I owe so much to the creation of that character. She’s a big part of who I am as a person. I put a lot of myself into that — a positive person who is trying not to let other attitudes bring her down. I am really proud of what we created. And it was an incredible effort. It was just a really special moment that I will never forget. It makes me so proud that people watch it and it’s still relevant and it reaches so many people all over the world. It’s very rare you create a character that people know that well.

“You don’t know my name!”

Much as I love the side of Tim that is a precious nerd, I think it’s often forgotten that he is also a badass who will kill people if they get in the way of what he’s doing. Especially at the end of the Pre-Sequel, he’s not the helpless nerd he was. 

To me he’s a tired, somewhat broken man who just wants to keep some of the innocence he used to have over what he’s become.

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This is gonna seem wierd but what anime do you keep reblogging it looks really good?😊


Let me show you:

Yuri!!! On Ice

I’d say it’s the hottest(by means of popularity but i guess viktor dumbassforov is hot too lol) anime this season if we exclude sequels like haikyuu’s s3 and bungou’s s2

Without giving away too much it’s about a guy who feels like a failure because he fell last place in the ice skating grand prix finals and humiliated himself in front of his idol. He’s starting to doubt himself and the future of his ice skating career. Well, at least something happened and the rest is just too good to tell 

I think it’s the most realistic sports anime ever released, dare I say the realest anime ever released; ranging from incredible animation (they actually look like actual human ice skaters it’s almost terrifying) to the most human and well developed characters to a realistic plot that gives you a taste of something like this is what a real relationship is or humans are so flawed.

So the first main guy is named Katsuki Yuuri (often spelt as yuri but yuuri is more correct)

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He’s Japan’s top skater but he fell sixth in the grand prix series due to recent events that caused him stress and pressure. He’s not as pure as you think.looking at you, eros yuuri

Next is:

Trashbag Nikiforov

Viktor Nikifohoe

Victor Viktor Nikiforov !!!

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He looks like a handsome flirty man and he’s considered as Russia’s living legend and he’s yuuri’s idol ever since he was like, a fetus; but he is actually a big dork and kind of an airhead and he loves dogs!!

But - he’s just as flawed as any other human being.

One day he decides to do smth incredible unexpected > ??????? > profit!

(i love him so much you dont’ understand he’s so beautiful i started crying in ten languages do you see how flawed he is he looks so beautiful even in his derpiest screenshots i lvoe him so much i lvoe viktor nikiforov so mcuh)

the next main character is Tsukishima Kei Yurio Plisetsky

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I never signed an adoption paper so fast. Yurio is ur very typical flawed teenager. Moodiness, often grumpy, very aggressive when it comes to winning. but he’s exceptionally talented and skilled, to the point where he became the junior world championship’s gold medalist. 

now for the main character.


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he is viktor’s dog and he is the

most important character in this show

these three people are connected to each other in a way and it shows how dynamic one’s relation with someone can be

it’s also um

gay kinda gay really gay sO FUCKING GAY YOU DONT UNDERSTAND it also shows an extremely natural and realistic portrayal of a homosexual relationship (i wouldnt say whose but it should be pretty obvious lol) that it broke barriers and expectations 

the homesexual themes might put people off but it’s portrayed properly you can almost feel like it’s natural (and it is. any kind of relationship whether it’s wlw or mlm or what, it’s natural ok and it’s perfectly fine) and it actually makes the show tastier.


it’s not queerbait.

all jokes aside

this anime is worth watching by animations and story alone, but the music is phenomenal as well.


(my uncle loves it as well so as my father and tbh almost my whole fam watches it)

The fanfiction list you didn’t ask for, but certainly should check

Sunshine - Not AU, placed after season 1

Autistic!Carmilla - The name says it all

The 13 Lives of Laura Hollis - Not AU, Carm just wants the love of her existence back

Music to my ears - HSAU (really, the most amazing HSAU I’ve read so far and, honestly, my second favorite fic. The first one is its sequel)

Find Me Through The Radio - MTME sequel

White Blank Page - College AU where Laura is just beautifully fucked up

I’m a moth to your flame (and my wings are burning) - FWB AU

I’ll Keep You Safe If You Keep Me Wild - Bounty Hunter AU

Of Carburetors and Creampuffs - Mechanic AU

What the Water Gave Us - “I hate you so much I may end up loving you” AU

Gold Skies - Military AU

Guilty Pleasures - Supernatural universe where Laura is a homicide detective

Secret Craving - Student / Teacher AU

Flatline - Paramedic AU

Emancipation - Slave AU

Love me Harder - Prostitute AU

Room 307 - Supernatural universe with Danny as werewolf

Cookies and Kittens - Childhood friends AU

This is Our Reality - Gamer AU

Strangers - Sexting AU

I’ve Got This Friend - Str8!Laura AU (really, this one is just… *sighs*)

Just Add Ice - Hockey AU

Frostbite - Supernatural universe where everything just got frozen and it all comes down to survival

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also - Hogwarts AU

Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond - Hogwarts AU sequel

I Was Praying That You and Me Might End Up Together - A BEAUTIFUL view of the series from both POVs

The Carter Chronicles - Supernatural universe where they have a baby girl

My Prisoner - Supernatural universe where Laura is one complicated BAMF

Maybe you are the one bright star to my lonely dark nights - HSAU where Laura is not that naïve

I didn’t list any of the ones that are non-updated for too long neither the one-shots I’ve read, but there are some AMAZING ones and you should check the tag on AO3. Also, there are some writers that really should keep up their work because they are some talented people.

If you don’t like any of them, try not to be an asshole in the comments. If you don’t have a constructive criticism to make, then don’t say anything at all. If you don’t LIKE what you read, move on with your life and leave them alone. No one needs to handle hate just because you feel like being an asshole. If you think someone can make their work better, just tell them respectfully. Remember that these people are writing because they feel like it and they enjoy the story enough to adventure themselves on writing a version of their own.

Really, there are A LOT of others that are just REALLY GOOD (I’m subscribed to 150+), but I guess these are the ones I like the most, so I decided to put them here.

Have a great one, people! ;)

I wonder what would happen, if I just…. broke your fingers. The thing is that you wouldn’t be able to play the guitar anymore. And then all your little friends would just leave you alone, and then you’d be just like Umbridge. Except Umbridge can kick your ass.

Dolores Umbridge (A Very Potter Sequel - Team StarKid)


Playtime is over, kids. The adults are back.

I simply cannot express how much I would’ve loved to see this. The parallels are quite interesting too tho. We’ve got the charismatic ones who roped the other two in (Jack and Maxim), the ones who absolutely love robots (Wilhelm and Lawrence) and lastly the sharpshooting gunslingers who ‘never miss’ (Nisha and Alma). Send help. I spent waaaay too long on this. Pretty sure I overdid it. Also an excuse to draw those three younger. Headcanon hair colours ftw.

Sometimes I just… suffer because how much I want Nick and Judy to be canon. My heart hurts, it really does. I love them, I want them to be together forever, but most of all I want Nick to be happy because he deserves it. And I’m sure, I’m deadly sure he loves Judy and I’ll cry bitter tears if they won’t end up together in whatever sequel Disney is planning to make.

Being trash is suffering.

I was listening to the BVS soundtrack again today and I noticed the way the opening theme “Beautiful Lie” is woven into the end of the “Their War Here” piece, and how this highlights what Bruce is experiencing emotionally during that scene, confronted with a child who has just seen her mother violently killed, inevitably reminded of when the same thing happened to him, the world being changed forever, and he feels powerless to stop it…and that’s the moment that he decides he won’t stay powerless. Bruce responds to tragedy and devastation by trying to retake control. Batman is his attempt to impose order on the world, which will only make sense if you force it to.

In his dream, the bats lead him into the light - which is, we are told, a beautiful lie. In the same way, Bruce wants to believe that his actions as Batman will bring him into the light, help him overcome the darkness, but he knows on some level that this is not what is happening.

Others have talked about the love between Lois and Clark being the true “diamond absolute” that Bruce also references in his opening narration, emphasized by the repeated closeups of Lois’s diamond engagement ring in the movie’s final scenes. And in keeping with this, the moment that Bruce is actually able to overcome his darkness, to turn back from his downward spiral into violence and vengeance, is a moment that’s only made possible because of Lois and Clark. Superman’s invocation of his mother’s name triggers the memory of Bruce’s parents’ deaths again, and Lois throwing herself in front of the man she loves to protect him recreates this tableau before Bruce’s eyes. They reveal to him what he has become, what he is about to do.

And that’s when Bruce is truly brought into the light.